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Published on March 25th, 2017 | by William Charles


BMO Harris $200 Checking Bonus – Available Nationwide & Online

Application page now clearly states it can be opened online, thanks to reader Todd.

A lot of us reported issues opening the Signature Card pdf during account opening requiring bank contact to mail a copy. Per BMO this is Google Chrome compatibility issue and should work fine in other browsers. You can fix this by using another browser or using this trick.

Offer at a glance

  • Maximum bonus amount: $200
  • Availability: Nationwide, can now be opened online
  • Direct deposit required: Two direct deposits of $300+ required
  • Additional requirements: None
  • Hard/soft pull: Soft
  • ChexSystems: Yes
  • Credit card funding: Up to $1,000
  • Monthly fees: $12, waivable
  • Early account termination fee: $20 if closed within 90 days, you’ll also forfeit the bonus if you closed the account within six months.
  • Expiration date: April 28th, 2017
  • Household limit: None mentioned

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Receive a $200 bonus when you open a new BMO Harris everyday, select or portfolion checking account and complete the following requirements:
    • Receive two qualifying direct deposits of at least $300 or more within 90 days of account opening

bmo harris


The Fine Print

  • You must mention the promo code in the email sent to you at account opening and your account must be open and in good standing when the bonus is paid approximately 120 days after opening.
  • Not available to existing BMO Harris personal checking customers (including signers on joint accounts) or those who have closed a BMO Harris personal checking account within the past 12 months.
  • To receive the bonus:
  • 1) Open a new BMO Harris Smart MoneyTM Account, BMO Harris Everyday Checking®, BMO Harris Select Checking® or BMO Harris Portfolio Checking® account between February 19, 2017 and April 28, 2017 in a BMO Harris Branch, by calling 1-866-362-1166, or by clicking “open now” above.We’ll automatically apply the $200 offer promo code when you apply online
  • 2) Have at least two direct deposits of any combination of a paycheck, pension payment, Social Security payment, or other government benefits payment of $300 or more each electronically deposited into the account from an employer or outside agency within 90 days of opening. We reserve the right to request documentation that the direct deposits qualify.
  • Cash bonus is not considered part of the opening deposit and will be reported to the IRS for tax purposes. You are responsible for any applicable taxes. Offer cannot be combined with any other offer, is non-transferable and is limited to one per account.

Avoiding Fees

Your best option is to open the BMO Harris Everyday Checking ($10 monthly fee), the monthly fee is waived if you meet any of the following requirements:

  • You have Incoming External Deposits into this account totaling $500 or more during the statement period
  • The minimum daily balance is $1,000 or more
  • You’re a college student and you request a fee waiver. This will result in the account being fee free for a period of four years
  • Your BMO Harris Select Checking® account meets its $10,000 minimum Combined Balance requirement, and you have requested we link this account to your BMO Harris Select Checking account to receive benefits under Relationship Waiver. (Monthly maintenance fee waiver is limited to one (1) BMO Harris Everyday Checking account.)
  • Your BMO Harris Portfolio Checking® account meets its $25,000 minimum Combined Balance requirement, and you have requested we link this account to your BMO Harris Portfolio Checking account to receive benefits under Relationship Waiver. (Monthly maintenance fee waiver is limited to a total of two (2) BMO Harris Everyday Checking accounts.)
  • Your Wealth Checking account meets its $25,000 minimum Average Daily Balance requirement, and you have requested we link this account to your Wealth Checking account to receive benefits under Relationship Waiver. (Monthly maintenance fee waiver is limited to a total of two (2) BMO Harris Everyday Checking accounts.)

Early Account Termination Fee

There is an early account termination fee of $20 if the account is closed within 90 days. In addition the account needs to be open at the time the bonus posts (within 120 days). You also need to keep it open for six months or the bonus will be forfeited (this might not be the case anymore).

Our Verdict

This bonus is significantly better now that you can open online rather than having to deal with a phone or in branch application. They have offered a bonus as high as $250 before, but I don’t know if we will see that again. We’re going to move this up much higher on our best bonus list due to the online application and the fact that it can be churned (just can’t have had an account open in the last 12 months).

Big thanks to reader, Josh who let us know. Please consider sharing bank bonuses with this site so we can make it even better.

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456 Responses to BMO Harris $200 Checking Bonus – Available Nationwide & Online

  1. Sam says:

    Watch out with the credit card waiver. I had 1 for 3 bonus years and even though I requested it numerous times I always got a fee. Of course it was corrected. But still ridiculous.

  2. Dave says:

    Expiration is showing as 28th, not 8th.

  3. Harold says:

    If you open the account by phone, how does the initial account funding work?

    • Not sure, I guess they take the details over the phone?

      • JT says:

        When I did this promotion last year, initial deposit was done with a check. They mail you some stuff that you fill out and then mail it back including the initial deposit.

    • Jake N says:

      Just applied over the phone. They were able to take the initial deposit from either an external account (give acct / routing #) or send in a check. I chose to do the transfer over the phone.

      Debit / credit was specifically prohibited.

  4. bob says:

    your first acct with BMO must be opened in-branch, and you won’t be able to use a CC. BUT: you can open Savings accounts online after that, and you can use a CC (including AMEX) for up to $1000 per account.

  5. Ariel says:

    I applied for this the last time they had it sometime last year. They approved/opened my accounts, I sent all the paperwork (signature card) in, then two weeks later I got an account-closure letter. Not sure why.

    • Superchurn says:

      Bank of America did the same thing to me…”for business reasons”. I suspect they actively filter bank account bonus chasers like us.

      • dizzy says:

        I had that with the Poplar Bank bonus. I have to send in the paperwork now for M&T, I have 2 accounts open with them already tho 😛

    • MJG says:

      What was the result here? How did you get your money back? I did this deal a couple weeks and just got a “termination” letter today. Thing is it doesn’t say how the funds already in my account will be handled. Hoping they just mail me a check (since I opened the accounts partially to get $2K in CC funding to meet min spend).

      Not sure why this happened but probably just a ton of Chex inquiries.

  6. barrytuneup says:

    I did this 6 months ago. had DD from work of 301 biweekly. (I get paid 2x month) Opened via phone and mailed check for opening deposit. After mailing back and forth all went well, but took about 7 weeks to get started. Got the bonus when promised.

  7. Evan says:

    Wondering if I would be eligible for the bonus as I closed my last account with them on February 17th 2016. If I applied after the 17th, I wonder if they would still consider this as twelve months as it falls in the same month.

  8. Laura says:

    Opened via phone. First BMO account. Offered to fund via ACH or I could mail a check once I receive my welcome packet. I decided I’d rather mail a check in. They did state it will take awhile to open the account as it is done via mail, just as others have noted. The verification questions were odd, one had no right answers and no “none of the above option” so I guessed and everything went ok. Also of note the email coupon I got from BMO yesterday left the promo code blank. I went online and had another sent today and they’ve filled in the promo code which is required for this to work. All in all 25 mins, would have been 20 without the promo code mishap.

  9. Superchurn says:

    Recently closed my first BMO account. Cant wait to become eligible for their bouses again!

  10. Roberto says:

    Just opened via phone, no issues, rep was friendly.

    -took 25 mins
    -needed promo code from emailed coupon (flexcode06)
    -need driver’s license info, last 4 of a major cc and exp. date
    -soft pull with odd security questions
    -no cc funding via phone
    -I provided account & routing #’s for another bank account
    -rep said she’d mail a packet to me, when I send it back, they will debit the $1,000 from my bank account I provided. (I chose $1k to meet min. deposit requirements)
    -many compliance / industry / KYC questions (kinda annoying)
    -selected my user ID via phone for online banking
    -confirmed bonus details (two $300 DD w/in 60 days), bonus paid 120-150 days

    Any DP’s on Fidelity ACH pushes counting as DD w/ BMO? Didn’t see any in DoC’s thread.

    Thanks DoC & Josh!

    • Welcome :), thanks for the detailed comment.

      • EXACTAMUNDO says:

        Yeah! Everyone else, STEP YOUR GAME UP! Keep the comments THOROUGH and PRECISE. This person probably saved an additional 40 comments that would normally materialize after most of the weak, vague and confusing comments. William, I authorize you send Roberto a gift card. 😉

  11. Marco says:

    My call took exactly 25 minutes, and the rep was friendly. It was a soft pull. Credit card funding was unavailable. I was asked really weird questions.

  12. Chris says:

    I keep requesting a code on the BMO Harris webpage, but it’s not sending? I’ve tried several different email addresses over the past couple days. Anyone had this problem?

  13. lingua says:

    Was following DP thread for DD push from Discover and found one report of CSRs following up asking for proof of employer DD.

    • Dave says:

      He calls BMO Harris a “dirty bank” for ensuring that he followed the rules of the offer.
      The bank is certainly within their rights in doing so.

    • Roberto says:

      Thanks for pointing this out, saw it in the above post too. Going to do an actual employer DD for BMO! Oh my 🙂

      Applied on 1/4 via phone and still waiting for my paperwork in the mail. C’mon guys!

  14. Laura says:

    Got my paperwork in the mail today & turned it around today, we’ll see what their processing time is until the account is opened.

  15. Curmudgeon says:

    You have the offer expiring in 2016 in the “Offer in a glance” section but 2017 in the fine print section.

  16. PandakA says:

    Just opened an account over the phone, the process took about 15 minutes. The customer service rep was very pleasant. We will see onece I receive the paperwork sometime next week.

  17. C J says:

    My call took 20 to 25 minutes and included a soft pull. No credit card funding. I said I would mail a check in when I return the welcome packet (signature card and copy of drivers license)

  18. Roberto says:

    How long did it take folks to receive the BMO welcome package and forms? I’m at +17 days and nothing yet in the mail…wondering if I should call them. I did receive a letter welcoming me to online banking, so I know my address is correct w/ them.

    • Dave says:

      Absolutely call them. The US mail (and UPS) deliver things to me
      which are meant for my neighbors a lot. Your packet may have
      gone off course as well.

  19. Kristie Hazlett says:

    Question – overview of this offer states you must leave account open for 6 months or they can negate your bonus, however, in the detailed post, it states you must keep the account open for a minimum of 120 days to receive the bonus. Which is correct? Thanks in advance for your reply!

  20. Matthew says:

    As far as the household limit is concerned with BMO, I was told by a personal banker that – at least with my targeted mail offer – anyone in the household could sign up, in fact he brought it up so I’m guessing they may encourage it?

  21. Blake says:

    Has anyone tried using the promo code when applying for an account online? It accepted it, but I’m not sure if it’ll attach to the application.

    • Mimi says:

      I read the terms on fine print of email sent to me and since I didn’t have a BMO Harris branch near me, I did the phone application where the rep assisted in opening the account. She asked for the code that I received and although she gave me info to access my account online, I still have to wait for the welcome packet in the next few days for me to see the routing number and my account number. Only then will I be able to fund my account according to the rep. Rep also asked for my DL#, issue date, exp date plus last 4 of a major CC plus exp date. She also sent me email where I can send the scan of my DL, front and back so she can add notes to my account that my IDs have been submitted.

  22. mangoceviche says:

    call took 29 minutes, including the prompts and hold time

    application questions were very similar to HSBC online application questions – what do you plan to do with account, will you be doing wire transfers, do you have any investments in high risk countries, etc.

  23. Brian says:

    This was so easy. Yes, a lengthy call (mine is currently at 17 minutes, I’m on hold waiting for the promo code to be added), and a lot of questions, but the rep was super fast and knowledgeable.

  24. Ferris says:

    anymore DP’s on DDs? anyone tried ally yet? if not what kind of fidelity accounts do you guys open? I might need one

  25. John G says:

    I called to open an account today and the CSR said that they would mail me the materials and I would need to return a check for the opening deposit. They said the effective open date of the account would be the date the check is deposited by BMO.

    So it is likely at this point that if you have to open the account by mail that the offer will be expired by the time they open your account. The CSR just recommended waiting until the offer expires and a new one takes its place soon after.

    • Ryan R says:

      Interesting. I called last week to apply. The CSR took down my account info and said they would ACH the money once I sign and return the papers that will be mailed to me. I asked about issues with the timing of the date the account actually opens for getting the bonus. He checked with his supervisor and informed me that the continually extend this offer so it wouldn’t be an issue. I hope he wasn’t wrong. We’all see.

      • sam says:

        It’ll be an issue when you qualify and they say the latest promotion has a different promo code you didn’t register with at the “time” of your account application. Press them to confirm in writing via SM as soon as your account is opened and complain to the CFPB if there are issues.

  26. rick says:

    Where does it say that the bonus is forfeited if account is closed before 6 months? I couldn’t find this language anywhere, either on website or in the coupon email.

    I know the CSRs are clueless, but all I was able to get from them is that if you’ve had the account for 90 days, you’re fine to close.

  27. NN says:

    expiration date has been extended to 4/28/17

    • Ryan says:

      Thanks for the notification. I had applied for the account a couple weeks ago, and it’s still in the process of being opened (received my signature card in the mail and mailed it back about a week ago). I was wondering if I was going to have to call them to make sure I’ll still get the bonus even if my account doesn’t actually open until after 2/28. Hopefully the extension resolves that issue.

      • sam says:

        I would make sure it is the same code and that they do not say they opened your account the 1 day between original end date and new extension begin date….

  28. Schmekel says:

    The extension has the same code:


    • sam says:

      I’d get a coupon for that one too then to preserve that its the same code, and press them through SM to verify it. Good luck!

  29. Curmudgeon says:

    Opened an account in branch today, since I thought it was the last day. Rep told me that the promo had been extended like others are saying.

    After everything was set up, he told me I was preapproved for one of their credit cards after the soft pull for the account open and that I wouldn’t incur a hard pull to get the card. They have a cash back card with a $100 bonus on $1000 spend which I normally wouldn’t go for but since it wasn’t a hard pull, I couldn’t turn down a free $100. 🙂

    Rep also told me about another promo they had that pays $500 with a checking/savings combo, but the savings required $10k for four months. I can’t find anything about it on their website, so I’ll email my rep and see what I can find out, then report back.

  30. John G says:

    I opened an account using the application on their website on 3/1 after being advised by two different CSRs that it would now work for the promotion. The online application was very straightforward and allowed me to deposit up to $1000 via credit card. It did not code as a cash advance on the MERRILL+.

    Today I called BMO to finish setting up the account by answering a few questions over the phone. While on the phone, I again verified that the promotion was active on my account. Additionally, they said they would send me a signature card with a return envelope (saving postage). I also asked about the waiver of the monthly fee for college students and they said to simply send a photocopy of my school ID and class schedule with the signature card.

    The CSRs I’ve spoken with over the past few days have been very courteous and knowledgeable. I’ll follow up after receiving the bonus in a couple months.

    • Gmoney says:

      John G, did you have to call them or did that speed things up? Looking to open for my wife so don’t want her to have to call if not necessary.

      • John G says:

        You have to call to answer their questions after the account is set up. Don’t think there is a way around this. I mainly wanted to open on the website to take advantage of the credit card funding.

    • Dave says:

      They should update the page to show that an online app will qualify then.
      I’d hate to apply and end up bitten by that.

  31. Daniel says:

    Approved by phone, call took 32 minutes for me

  32. Zachary says:

    I just opened account online, funding 1000 with amex.

    • Ferris says:

      whaaat? you can do it online now?

    • Chris says:

      Can you let us know about the bonus but also whether Amex codes as cash advance? Thanks!

      • Zachary says:

        This is the amex transaction.
        Doing business as:
        700 E LAKE COOK RD
        Additional Information:
        Category: Business Services – Banking Services
        I think it show as purchase.
        I just opened account on Monday. I will let you know if I get bonus after 2 DDs.

        • Chris says:

          Thank you! Is that transaction posted or still pending? Sorry for the 21 questions, just have been bitten in the ass with this before.

        • Frito Pendejo says:

          I’m interested in this also. I just called Wells Fargo to try to drop the cash advance limit on my Propel World and they said its not possible.

  33. Curmudgeon says:

    Fun fact: Apparently the name of the bank is not “Bee Emm Ohh” it’s “Bee Moe” Harris Bank. Both the automated system to activate my debit card and some woman who called me for a survey pronounced it this way.

  34. Joe says:

    Since more and more people are probably interested in this now that it seems that you can sign up online and credit card fund,
    can we compile some more recent Data-Points of what seems to count as (inofficial) direct deposits or at least what you are guessing yourself?

    Thanks in advance…

  35. Zane says:

    Online sign up link:

    This link allows for $1000 credit card funding. Used AmEx Everyday. Posted as purchase. Datapoints above suggest that Fidelity cash management ACH transfers register as DD. I’ll try this and see how it goes.

    • Zane says:

      20 fee to close within 90 days. Source:

      120 days language on the email coupon was “You must mention the promo code in the email sent to you at account opening and your account must be open and in good standing when the bonus is paid approximately 120 days after opening.” This suggests that closure can happen after 90 days for free, provided that you have already met the bonus criteria, and that you don’t have to chase them down (as some reported having to do back in 2014/2015 on FW forums).

  36. cf says:

    “Thank you. Your application is pending approval. BMO Harris Bank may contact you for additional information.” Huh. I don’t see any reason that they’d do this. I even doublechecked my 4 identity verification answers.

    • Gadget says:

      My SO’s account went through via online application, so something in your file must be askew.

      Did “e-mail coupon” option, then applied online using “flexcode06”. $1000 CC funding Chase FU, pending purchase. Confirmation at end of app shows rtn & account numbers. Still do have to call “to complete your bank profile” within 30 days. Was able to setup website online banking right way, which is nice. You choose the username, and they e-mail you a temp password instantly. No waiting almost a month like Santander!

      I wasn’t able to print her signature card, which has to be snail mailed back in. To print it, it apparently requires adobe acrobat reader and I have an alternative PDF viewer installed. Tried to right click/download form and ended up refreshing the page – fail! Have to call a different number to get the form, so that is a pain.

      I was going to try flexcode12 from a past $250 promotion from last year. The web application does accept the code as valid, but was afraid it would get denied later on. (Web form would not take made-up code flexcode99, but would take made-up flexcode11 and 13, so I decided it wasn’t worth the risk) Thought about e-mailing a CSR to ask if “12” was still valid, but we all know they aren’t reliable.

      • Let us know when/if the bonus posts.

        • Gadget says:

          Will do. It will be awhile though. From my spreadsheet last year for my account (not S.O.), it took them about 60 days from opening, or over a month from meeting reqs. I can’t hit them up again until at least November per the terms.

          Also, I saw someone posted a solution on Reddit for printing the signature card. They said it’s a Chrome issue – you need to disable the Chrome internal PDF viewer. Too late for me to test it.

    • garaged says:

      Did you ever get an update from them after this? I tried to open the account online and right after the verification questions, I got this exact message.

      It didn’t even ask me for funding information before going to this message.

      Is this basically a denial/rejection?

  37. rubixx says:

    DP: Funded 1k with Chase Fairmont. Posted as purchase

    • HoustonRobert says:

      I did the same today after first calling Chase to set my cash advance limit to $100 (the minimum). Thanks for the tip!

  38. AD says:

    I failed the online security questions (timed out while googling which street was closest to me) so apparently now I have to open an account over the phone. Was anybody able to fund with a credit card when opening over the phone?

    • DN says:

      Same here. One of the security questions asked which street was closest however all of the streets listed are unknown to me. I even used google maps and did not see any of the streets listed nearby!

      Were you able to reapply and fund with a CC?

      • AD says:

        I tried again online. I got rejected before the security questions part of the application. I’m pretty sure it was because I had a previous application. I think the only option now is to open an account over the phone but I haven’t bothered calling them yet.

  39. NoonRadar says:

    From my experience, don’t bother applying online. Application got stuck on errors, had to call and do the app over the phone anyhow, they couldn’t access the online app to finalize it, had to start fresh over the phone.

    Reason why I wouldn’t recommend risking the online application is that I am not sure how many ChexSystems inquiries I had the other day due to this. If I had more than one from BMO Harris, it costs me a lot more than what I’d gain by funding $1K online with a credit card.

  40. Schmekel says:

    Phone support told me today that for new accounts – ACH is not permitted for the 1st 90 days.

    • Sam says:

      I ACH’d money in using an external account almost immediately after opening. Maybe they mean using their transfer system.

    • Gadget says:

      Yes, I recall my account last year… you could not access ACH transfers from within the BMO website for the first 3 months.

      But, your external bank ACH’s, in or out, work just fine. Or, you probably can use bill pay to move money out, and they give you those old fashioned paper checks to use for free.

    • niiiz says:

      Just add BMO as an external account from another bank and push money in. They are just talking about ACH function using your BMO account.

  41. NC says:

    DP: Opened 3/13. Funded $1,000 with Citi(still waiting to see if post as purchase). Called today 3/15. 15 minute convo to finish up bank profile. Typical questions you would see when opening up accounts online. CSR was rather pleasant. She kindly confirmed the bonus code applies.

  42. Ben Holden says:

    DP: Opened online on 3/11, took less than 15 minutes. Funded with $1,000 consumers credit union credit card (posted as purchase). I did have trouble printing the signature card and had to send a chat request to get a new one sent to me. I also had to call in to finish account setup today, like NC mentioned typical questions and it took less than 10 min. I will follow up with a DP on my ACH transactions and when the bonus posts.

  43. Mark Jackson says:

    FYI: AZ resident, received a direct mailer for a $500 offer ($300 checking, $200 savings). Signed up in branch, as that was what the instructions required. Took a little time, wasn’t able to fund with a credit card in branch, but YMMV.

  44. garaged says:

    Anyone that’s not a US or Canadian citizen able to open this (say a resident / visa holder with an SSN or anyone that’s a resident for tax purposes)?
    Their page seems to say one needs to contact them but they don’t seem to reply on email within their 48 hour SLA.

  45. cf says:

    I opened the account online. They never presented me with the chance to fund my account with a credit or debit card. Then I had to call in to do the whole “complete your bank profile” process, which took a while. The representative told me that I was automatically opted in to “mail a check” as my form of initial funding, and after checking with her manager, she was unable to change it to any other form. I’m sure glad there’s a BMO near me. This process is convoluted and I’m not even getting credit card points out of it.

    • sam says:

      This is really a bank where its best to apply in person and forgo the points. They didn’t have cc funding for a few years for a reason-they don’t like it.

  46. 10g says:

    Does the bonus really takes 90-120 days to post. I was reading one from last year and they post within 2 weeks after the direct deposit was completed.

  47. Marco says:

    Does anyone know if I can just set up a monthly transfer of $500 from my Chase checking account to continually waive the fee for the BMO Harris checking account?

  48. 1tym says:

    Called to open late December. Received all the documents in the mail and sent back mid January. Account opened a week later. 2 direct deposits of 300 from payroll (01/31 and 02/15). Bonus posted today.

  49. Ender says:

    Just want to share dp that my 200 has just posted. Did 1 Huntington billpay, 1 discover sav transfer and 1 payroll. opened via phone

  50. Chris says:

    Just to ease the concerns of some applying in late March: Applied today, funded $1000 via Amex, and applied the Flex06 Code online – everything went fine and it only took 10 minutes…. Plus 5 minutes to download and install Adobe ‘QuasiSpamWare’ AcroBat Reader 8 cuz nothing else can read the Signature PDF, and then Uninstall that PoS.

  51. niiiz says:

    Be careful! Make sure they do not enroll in online banking for you. They did this without my consent or knowledge. They apparently chose ‘fund by check’ for me. I’m not aware of this, so I ask how I can fund my account. They say, “Well, when you enrolled, you chose fund by check, so that’s what you have to do.” I tell them, that it was not me who enrolled, someone there chose that for me. But I don’t use or even own checks anymore, so I would have never chosen that method. They tell me that once I choose, it can’t be changed.

    A side note, getting my username and password from them seemed a little too easy.

    • Rene says:

      > A side note, getting my username and password from them seemed a little too easy.

      US Banks seem to generally not care about security at all — in comparison to European or especially german banks. Basically, every CU and smaller bank had a mandatory ‘mothers maiden name’ security question — which seems only slightly more secure than ‘what day is today’.

      I obviously never actually enter my mother’s maiden name there, but make something up. Which occasionally leads to confusion: “you don’t know your mothers maiden name?”.

      At another bank, I forgot my security question and couldn’t find a way to reset it. I called and the nice lady just told me the answers — which raises a ton of questions: starting from why the answers are even stored, why a first level support employee can see the answers or what’s the purpose of those answers if anybody can retrieve them by calling.

      We all should be aware that most daycares have higher security standards than small banks and credit unions.

      • sirtheta says:

        Speaking of US Bank and security issues, I am continually stunned at how badly US Bank generates the numbers for their Visa Gift Cards. No wonder they’re *plagued* by fraud — you can buy a stack of 4 $500s with the first 14 out of 16 digits the same!

  52. PandakA says:

    I opened my account mid January did 2 transfers from Cap One 360 checking of $300 each, did a couple of bill pays. My bonus just posted 3/20/17. My regular DD from payroll had not even kicked in yet.

  53. Todd says:

    These can definitely be opened online. Their web page says it! not sure if I am allowed to post the link? So I wont until I get approval from Dr. Credit.

  54. Shawn says:

    Data point: Opened account 3/20, funded $1000 with Wells Fargo Propel World, posted as purchase.

  55. Adrian says:

    For those of you that have received the bonus already, 2 DD’s of $300 each for a total of $600 was sufficient?

    Just got off the phone with a rep to confirm profile and security questions and she said the language on the website is incorrect. The requirements are supposed to be 3 consecutive months of 2x DDs and not just once.

    I’m a bit confused on what is needed but if you guys are getting your bonuses following the above advice then that’s what I’ll do as well.

    • The CSR are absolutely clueless, stick with the fine print on the actual offer. They used to say the offer didn’t even exist. You can also see above somebody getting bonus with 2 x $300.

  56. R says:

    “….account between December 19, 2016 and February 28, 2017” ??

  57. M says:

    Is it still the case that your first BMO account cannot be opened online?

  58. Jake N says:

    Just applied for this, got to the Chex questions and either got one wrong or they are strict on inquiries. Anybody else have this happen?

    “We are unable to open your account online at this time.You will receive a Declination Notice regarding this decision via email. Thank you for your interest in BMO Harris Bank.

    • Gadget says:

      They are not “strict” on Chex inquires in my experience. I opened my account last year without issue, and my SO’s account went through no problem, and she has about 6 new accounts in the last 6 months. Also, nobody else in this blog has cited Chex denials.

      Probably like you said, an issue with one or more of your answers. Recommending having Credit Karma Equifax report up on another tab when applying, to sanity check your answers (loan payment amounts/account opening dates/etc.). Recommend calling for details, and maybe applying by phone.

      • Jake N says:

        Thanks Gadget! I just received the email that said to try calling, so I’ll give that a try on Monday when they’re open.

    • DN says:

      Same here. One of the security questions asked which street was closest however all of the streets listed are unknown to me. I even used google maps and did not see any of the streets listed nearby!

      My question is: how many days until our application drops in their system so that we could reapply online to fund the $1k via CC?

      • rq says:


        I had the same issue. None of the streets are near to me or even remotely known to me and how do they expect one to respond to. I did Google maps like you did, but got the ‘..Declination ‘ garbage.

  59. MarcoPolo says:

    @ DoC
    According to PandakA above ACH from Capital One in Jan 2017 counted as DD but I am seeing Capital one listed as not counting according to “list of methods banks count direct deposits” ?
    Also, should add in the OP about the warning from niiiz that “Be careful! Make sure they do not enroll in online banking for you” –not really sure what is happening here since others were able to fund their account with CC online.

    • It’s listed as not counting, but there is an addendum saying it recently worked. Niiz is talking about opening by phone and then not being able to fund with a credit card I believe. Don’t think it’s really an issue worth mentioning anymore

  60. MarcoPolo says:

    Do you still have to call in to do the whole “complete your bank profile” process ?
    They still have one foot in 20th century it seems 🙂

  61. Yu says:

    Is this offer targeted? It shows the following text on the site

    You must mention the promo code in the email sent to you at account opening and your account must be open and in good standing when the bonus is paid approximately 120 days after opening.

  62. Iz says:

    Do you need to enter the code if you apply online? The first screen says you don’t need it, but then later there is a box asking for it.
    Also, it seems that transfers from Cap One and Discover are working for DD, correct?

  63. James says:

    Can you get a student waiver if you’re over 24? I know that’s the cut off for most banks, the small print doesn’t really say. Regions let me get a student account at 25.

  64. Raj says:

    Only Citizens can apply…:(

  65. Rene says:

    Online account opening only for US or CA citizen. Any experience whether this is just a limitation of the online application or if they generally don’t accept green card holders (which would probably we unlawful, but you know … like in reality).

    • Tom says:

      Similar question has been asked multiple times throughout the thread. Never been replied to.
      Would really be helpful if one of the admins could share some of his vast knowledge or at least give an opinion on what to do as a green card holder (who also would prefer to credit card fund).
      Thanks in advance…

      • Rene says:

        I don’t see how any non-greencard holder could respond to that matter, or why they should or would make any attempt to figure it out and I especially don’t see the admins in any particular debt to deliver that information. I’d say it comes down to us to try it out.

        I was going to figure it out and report back until I noticed that BMO Harris is a fairly local bank (while apparently a big deal in the midwest) and the next branch is 350 miles away.

        I’d assume that green card holders are concentrated in certain areas of the country and BMO Harris areas don’t seem to serve those areas. From that perspective it might be a no for many green card holders anyways.

      • How are we supposed to know if it will work for greencard holders or not? Sometimes you need to do your own research.

    • MarcoPolo says:

      What I understand from reading various forums is that only few banks specifically want you to be a US Citizen or Permanent resident (Resident Alien).
      However, most banks actually mean a US person which means if you are a US person for tax purposes i.e. have a SSN, US Driver’s licence and work/live in US lawfully then you are a US person and therefore can open a bank account online.
      Best way to find out is to fill the application truthfully and their “system” will tell you if you are eligible or not. Remember, your CHEXsystems report doesn’t get pulled until you agree to CERTIFICATION.
      So, if it say US Citizen or Permanent resident then you can’t apply and
      if it says I am a U.S. citizen or other U.S. person then you can proceed.
      I hope this helps someone but verify the facts yourself as I may be wrong in my interpretation.

      • Rene says:

        > So, if it say US Citizen or Permanent resident then you can’t apply and
        if it says I am a U.S. citizen or other U.S. person then you can proceed.

        I am obviously no immigration attorney, but I don’t think that is correct. As far as I know, a green card holder IS a permanent resident. A VISA holder is a non-permanent resident. A ‘US Person’ does include permanent and non-permanent residents, but the major difference is that it includes — additionally to naturally persons — us-based trusts, partnerships, and corporations.

        I agree most banks got their online application process lined-up. I used to see many banks allowing online applications only for us citizens. Even Chase made me go to a branch as recently as two years ago.

        However, this is the first time in 1+ years that I see a bank not accepting permanent resident account applications online. Given the overall ‘dated’ appearance of, I give them the benefit of the doubt that they just didn’t update their system yet.

        My question was less whether or not green card holders can apply online (they can’t), it was more towards any experience whether or not they open accounts for green card holders. I’ll call them next week and will report back. I do expect them to send me to a branch, though.

        • Sini says:

          Any update on opening this account online for green card holders?


          • Rene says:

            Yeah, surprisingly and annoyingly hard to get somebody on the phone. I made them call me back … and they said I’d have to go to a branch to open an account.

            That’s about what I expected. I guess that breaks the deal for the vast majority of green card holders, but if you have a branch in your area it might still be worth it.

          • Rene says:

            I noticed a new paragraph on the application page:

            “If you are not a U.S. or Canadian resident or citizen, or you wish to open accounts with an ownership other than individual or joint, please contact BMO Harris Online Services.”

            Not sure if the lady on the phone was misinformed or if they got some backlash for not allowing remote account opening for non-citizens, but I’ll try again.

      • Boozi says:

        FYI, permanent resident and resident alien are 2 different things. I for example, am a resident alien but not permanent resident.

  66. Richard says:

    On your page: “You receive an external deposit of $500 or more,” but BMO says “You have Incoming External Deposits into this account totaling $500 or more during the statement period.”

    Therefore, having 2 direct deposit of $250 per month should keep the account free. Correct?

    • Joshua H says:

      >Incoming External Deposit refers to a deposit from an account
      maintained somewhere other than with the Bank or an account not
      owned by you and deposited to your Account. This includes ATM deposits
      but does not include any other credits received through a Card.

      Sounds like it should

      • Richard says:

        I hope so! I’m stretching it thin with all these banking bonuses LOL! I can only split my paycheck up into 4 banks.

        Doc’s pages are misleading I think (not intentional) but for instance, here on BMO’s post, he says “You receive an external deposit of $500 or more.” That makes it sound like it MUST be $500 or more.

        I read it on BMO’s page as “You have Incoming External Deposits into this account totaling $500 or more during the statement period” which I take as you can have multiple direct deposits, they just have to add up to at least $500 by the time your statement closes.

        • Joshua H says:

          Just remember that your DD for the bonus needs to be $300 each

          • Richard says:

            Yup! Thanks. I think what I’ll do is just setup my paycheck to have $300 go in. That will cover requirements, plus be over $500 per statement to keep the account free.

        • That’s copy pasted from their website…

          • Richard says:

            So here on Doc under “avoiding the fees” you guys state that you have to receive an external deposit of $500. You often word it like this on the blog. If I’m reading it correctly, it’s a little misleading (not intentionally, I know.) The way I read it is you guys are saying it has to be a single $500 direct deposit.

            On BMO’s website they say “You have Incoming External Deposits into this account totaling $500 or more during the statement period.” So i read this as I can do a $250 direct deposit twice a month and this equals $500. So I’m fine. I will avoid the account maintenance fee 🙂

            Your wording is a bit off too on the PNC post too, as I imagine others as well.

  67. Zack says:

    Any DP’s on whether Chase, Citi, Serve, WF count as DD? The DD page list for BMO is pretty short. Thanks

  68. Joshua H says:

    I had one Account Verification question that was ridiculous. Asked which of a set of roads I had never really heard of was closest to my address. None of the above wasn’t an option available, so I resorted to Google Maps and apparently guessed incorrectly.

    I wonder if it’s worth calling in since they should already have my info.

    • DN says:

      Same thing happened to me. I’ve done many Chex applications in the past and have never had that weird question. I double checked on google maps and still could not find any of those streets nearby.

      Only downside to calling is no funding via CC I assume. I wonder if it’s possible our application drops after 30 days and then we could reapply online?

  69. Jeff G says:

    When applying online, do we not need a promotional code?

    • Correct, it’s automatically applied as mentioned on the landing page.

      • CHICKA says:

        So, can anyone confirm for sure, because it stays BLANK on the online app. Are to just assume it “automatically” is applied as it is stated? Then why can’t we see it? Unless anyone has called in to CONFIRM it was added or does at the end of the app, it actually tell you it WAS indeed “added”. Can anyone confirm specifics? Thanks!

        • When you’re in the application it shows as blank, if you hit the back button and then proceed again it’ll show the promo code. The terms on the page are pretty clear that it’ll be automatically added. Calling is pointless because their reps are not reliable at all (e.g they have said things like this promo doesn’t exist, that’s on a hacked website etc).

          • Rob says:

            It didn’t show when I hit the back button and went forward again, but “flexcode06” shows as part of the URL, so I’m confident (fairly) that its applied.

  70. Jeff G says:

    Thank you. I got to the page where it had the promotional code field and I was too nervous to leave it blank and click through. Appreciate the response.

  71. Panda says:

    Any DPs on funding both checking and savings with 1000 each on CC?

    • irshad says:

      Funded both checking and savings with Amex starwood. Seems they both went through.

      • Zack says:

        Did you get 2 or 1 chex inquiry? If 1, did you have to ask them to consolidate or was it automatic? Thanks!

      • Zack says:

        Also does that count as min spend for your amex spg?

        • irshad says:

          Both payments went through as sale. I dont see why they wont count towards minimum spend.
          I would believe they will count, but I wont know for sure for next couple of months till I complete my minimum spend.

          • Adam says:

            did you have an option of splitting which CC you could use for each acct? or if you open both at the same time you can only use one card to fund a lumpsum of $2k total?

          • JuicyJosh says:

            Yeah you can split it between multiple cards. Fund checking with one input and fund savings with another. Even if using same funding source you still have to enter it twice.

  72. Frito Pendejo says:

    I signed up for a similar BMO Harris $200 promo in Oct 2015 and never received the bonus. I used either Ally or Discover ACH to meet DD, and I suspect it was not accepted as legit. I still haven’t closed the account because that one was fee free and I hated talked to the employees there.

  73. Geo says:

    Funded Checking, Savings, and Money Market for $1000 each ($3k total). Coding as a purchase on AMEX Biz Plat.

    • anthonyjh21 says:

      Interesting data points. Do you know if you had additional chexsystem inquiries for the savings and money market?

    • Zack says:

      yea I have the same question. Are all 3 accounts based off 1 chex inquiry? And if so, how did you go about doing that? Did you call them or send message or is it automatic? Thanks!

    • Chris says:

      How did you fund all 3 (x$1000) at once? I tried to open a Savings account the same day as checking and it wouldn’t go through. CSR told me on phone that I can only do 1 app online every 30 days.

  74. ChaseJuggler says:

    Data point: Funded $1,000 from my Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select World Elite card. Still shows as pending, but BMO shows a $1,000 balance and my cash advance limit was set to $750 so it looks like all is well!

    Great bank so far. They give you the login, routing #, and account # right after you apply!

    • MarcoPolo says:

      Thanks for the DP.
      Did you still have to call in to do the whole “complete your bank profile” process ?

      • Chasejuggler says:

        It said that when I completed the app. But I have online access ND the account appears to be fully functional. I’ll do an online chat tomorrow and get to the bottom of it I guess. (I try to avoid human contact if at all possible with these!)

        • anne says:

          Applied all three accounts for my husband and funded $3000 total with his new Citi business Aadvantage. Got the account numbers at the end but still asked him to call in to complete “bank profile”. What should I tell him to expect during this call? TIA. Also it seemed that the signature card cannot be downloaded.

          • Daniel says:

            Strange, I also have a Citi AA business card and I got denied — cash advance set to $0 — I wonder why?

    • WS says:

      thanks for the precise dp CG…. Happens my spouse has exactly that Citi /AA card — and if she opens this checking account, that’s cool for crossing min spend line.

      Anybody have any dp’s as yet on funding BMO via Bank of America cards. (amtrak for ex.)

  75. WS says:

    Thanks for this updating posting…. Have never had a banking relationship with an “out of state” bank…. with no local branches in my area…… Yet this one looks quite promising — esp. given no fee access to widely available AllPoint atm’s. Anybody have experience with depositing MO’s via such ATM’s? (With my current “local” bank, a WF branch, the Monegram MO’s often aren’t read right by the atm scanner…. and need to be verified by hand. Will that be a problem with BMO?)

    Also, am thinking this would be a great bank for ACH transfers “in” from places where I’m doing growing amounts of business/re-selling, like TPM, and have 1k/mo+ proceeds to deposit. Presume that would count towards avoiding monthly fees.

  76. ivy says:

    Should we leave the promo code blank when apply online? thanks

    • Dave says:

      It is mentioned at the top of this page in bold:

      We’ll automatically apply the $200 offer promo code when you apply online

  77. Mike Miller says:

    – Just opened two accounts online (Me and spouse).
    – Total time just under 30 minutes
    – Weird challenge questions but since I do all the money of the family I knew them
    – Used Chase Reserve to fund for $1,000 each. Lowered cash advance line to $20. Shows pending online under chase.
    – Seems pretty basic, read that I must call and send in a signature card. I was unable to open it so will call and ask them for it again.
    – probably the easiest one I’ve done online so far yet…will update post when chase posts.

    • James B. says:

      I had the same issue with trying to open and print the signature card. I called in and they are going to mail a signature card.

      The BMO rep also said to call in after 2 business days (but no later than 30 days) to provide additional info related to intended use of the account and employment.

  78. Jeff G says:

    – Just opened an account, took 10 minutes online.
    – I did get the question of “what is the nearest street to your address”
    – Also “what state did you live in 1984 to 1985”
    – Used AmEx SPG to fund $1000

    • Jeff G says:

      Called in today to “complete the profile”. They told me to call back in 48 hours since I just opened the night before. They also offered to send me the signature card info, seems they are aware that not everyone could download online.

      Very pleasant experience, CSR was in a very good mood.

  79. JuicyJosh says:

    Spouse applied online tonight. Including Ally and 360 joint hub accounts, this is 9th bank account opened in 6 months. Also had signature card viewing issue as pointed out above. Promo code thing is a little ridiculous. If they are going to auto apply it, why have blank input boxes asking for it? Definitely not reassuring when all we (I) care about is the bonus.

    Also, went out on a limb and funded checking and savings account with $1,000 each on CSR. Hoping old DP on in person application proves invalid. CSR cash limit $100. Will update soon.

    • Jame B. says:

      Do you know if opening both the BMO checking and savings account is an 1 or 2 soft pulls in chexsystems?

      • JuicyJosh says:

        Not sure but this marks the 13th account (not counting checking & savings combos at a single institution) I’ve opened in 9 months. Went through and funded both with no issues.

  80. Jeff G says:

    Has anyone found the place to enter external bank info, for transfers?

    • JuicyJosh says:

      If going for bonus, you should push to this account from another one. No need to setup transfer info with BMO. But…. while logged into BMO, I went to help and searched external transfers. Looks like a total pain. They need to call you to confirm its you and also some other garbage.

      Hey at least they have online applications now. Online transfers?!? What were you thinking? haha. Setup with your other bank(s)…

      • Jeff G says:

        Thanks JuicyJosh.

        Dumb question – If I am pushing into BMO, how do I get the money back out so that I can push $500 in the next month to get around the fees?

        • MarcoPolo says:

          @ Jeff G
          Use the same bank to pull out the money out of BMO you used to push money into BMO.

        • JuicyJosh says:

          You should be able to do the same transfer from your other bank, just flip the to/from accounts. Odds are you will have to verify 2 trial deposits into your BMO account. Once thats done you can control the flow both ways between accounts from your nonBMO account.

          We have 2 hub accounts (online banks) that seem to cover most DD requirements. Ally and CapOne 360. The DP list is pretty small for what works so its best to check all comments above for feedback on successes. Worst case scenario your employer DD.

    • Adrian says:

      I’ve spoken to three different BMO reps about this.

      External transfers are not available until after 90 days.

      You can use Bill Pay to a brokerage account (Schwab in my case) but a check will be mailed and may take several days. I linked the BMO account to my Schwab external accounts and then did an ACH pull. Takes 3-4 days vs normal 1-2 for funds to clear. Pulled on 3/27 and it will be delivered 3/31.

      • Jeff G says:

        Can you explain this more? It sounds like you may be saying that if I ACH money it I cannot access it for 90 days? I must be misreading.

        • Fish says:

          I think he’s saying that you can’t ACH money at all for the first 90 days

          • Richard says:

            I think he meant to say that you cannot ACH out of BMO account for first 90 days. I was able to ACH in from my PNC checking account within the first 30 days, so it must be one-ways in only until account is established.

  81. Ashton says:

    This is interesting. Application page errors out to enter a valid ssn for my spouse. Never had that issue before elsewhere. What is wrong ? System maintenance at 12.05AM ?

  82. CL says:

    Just tried to open it online now–got a message that my application was pending and that BMO Harris would contact me for more information… didn’t even get to the funding screen 🙁

    Will update as the situation changes, however.

  83. Dale says:

    Tried to open online. Received the following message.

    “Thanks for your application. We cannot open online. Please call us.”

    Any idea why?

  84. Kyle says:

    Started online application, entered personal information, got to step 3 questions and answered confidently on each one. Then,

    “Step 4: Your request cannot be processed at this time.
    Please try again later or contact BMO Harris Online Services at 1-877-563-3736 for assistance.”

  85. captainsave says:

    Just applied online but say i must call in to complete my banking profile.

    • Mike Miller says:

      Just did same, they said it would take a few days before. So I suggest waiting about 3 days before you call in to complete profile. But you should have online access now.

      • anne says:

        Do you know what they will ask when we call in?

        • Phil says:

          I applied and was approved on Sunday. Called on Monday, they asked to call back in 48 hours. Called in this morning and completed the bank profile.

          It was about 10 minutes of questions asking about standard personal info and a bunch about my employer. The questions were pretty ridiculous and I’ve never had to answer any similar questions for other checking accounts from other banks.

  86. Daniel says:

    Garbage. First time the application had an error and I had to restart from the beginning. Second time it completed and said I was declined or something.. the verification questions were ridiculous (asking about roads I’ve never heard of, people I’ve never heard of) so maybe that was part of it. Never had an issue opening an account with any other bank.

  87. James says:

    Opened account no problem. Apparently to get the student waiver you need to go in a branch…which none are near me. I called up and the lady claimed she can send me some forms to get some sort of fee waiver. If not, tying up $1000 for 4 months isn’t too bad.

    Also I’m kinda concerned about the promo actually applying. When I filled in the application the field was blank, even tried opening it in a different browser and it was still blank. Hopefully it’s just an automatic thing to all new accounts.

  88. Anony Mouse says:

    DP: Opened BMO Harris Everyday Checking 3/25/17, funded with Bank of America Cash Rewards Visa, transaction posted 3/28/17 as a purchase, not a cash advance.

  89. Dillon Welch says:

    I already had an online account with one opened savings account, one closed savings account, and one closed checking account (opened during the promo beginning of last year).

    Yesterday, I went to open both a savings account and a checking account. Savings account went through fine, checking account got stopped before I got to the funding stage. Got this email today:

    Thank you for your recent online application with BMO Harris Bank.

    Unfortunately, we are unable to approve your application online. If you are still interested in opening an account, you may visit a nearby BMO Harris location to reapply in person.

    For a listing of branch locations and banking hours please visit

  90. boop says:

    funded $1000 from citibusiness aadvantage platinum. just posted as purchase, with Merchant Category: MORTGAGE COMPANIES-FINANCIAL INSTITUTION

  91. Brian K says:

    Is there a risk of Amex clawing back the bonus / disallowing the spending if we are using an Amex card (ex. Business SPG) to meet the minimum spending requirement for funding a bank account such as this?

  92. Gibunono says:

    Something weird happened during my application process. The page said please input a valid Social Security Number and highlighted the blank. I double checked there is no problem with the social. Does anybody know the reason?

    First time to bank with BMO Harris.

    I don’t think the bank has a database of people’s SSN. Where is the problem?

    • Arl16 says:

      Same problem with me…. Dont know why its happening. Pretty sure I am putting it in right… Were you able to get around this??

      I tried Chrome as well as IE…

    • al16 says:

      Okay. I get it now… Any SSN starting above with number about 7 indicates person is non-US citizen. And hence this system recognizes that and terms it invalid for applying online. So we’ll just have to apply via phone.

  93. Dusty says:

    Verification questions really are ridiculous on this one, and got me. “What street is closest to where you live” and “With whom are you associated?” were both pretty silly. Two streets were close to me, apparently I chose the wrong one. Or maybe I’m associated with one of those people I’d never heard of? Unless there are DPs of being successful on doing a second online app I’ll have to pass.

    • Sean says:

      Same here. I’ve never failed verification questions when opening up a bank account. Asked me names of people I’ve never heard of and street names that aren’t in my town.

      I will only reapply if it can be done online. I don’t have the time or patience to apply over the phone.

      Any DPs on a 2nd online attempt?

  94. Vince says:

    DP: Successfully funded $1000 to this checking account with Barclay Arrival+

    Screenshot of transaction:

  95. Ruben says:

    Message with “Cannot open your account at this time online. You will receive a Declination notice via email.” Tried twice. No other reason given.

    • SouthFayetteFan says:

      I think I screwed up the street question – I got this message too. If I try to reapply it just auto-denies…so frustrating. I wonder if it will ever reset to let us try again??

    • Daniel Kirschenbaum says:

      Same.. called and they said it didn’t recognize my information or something.. trying multiple times locks the account out so you gotta do it over the phone.

  96. JuicyJosh says:

    DPs – spouse and self both open checking/savings and funded $2k each.
    CSR posted as purchase.
    Citi TY Primere posted as purchase.

  97. CharlesHatfield says:

    Opened account online today 3/29, took about 5 minutes, funded $1,000 with Sapphire preferred, haven’t checked yet but not worried about it coding as purchase with cash advance at 100$. Will have to sign account card and mail it back to complete account, I had trouble downloading it so I logged in and did chat to get a new one sent, I also asked about fee being waived for student (which i am not) and he said to call in a week after sending the signature card back, I inquired if I needed to provide any documentation to prove it and he said no, which I took a screen shot if. We shall see, but looks like i might get the fee waived without sending copy of id and schedule. Ill report back.

  98. Mike Miller says:

    Successful with funding coding as purchase on Chase Reserve. For $1000.

  99. Credit says:

    For those that opened the BMO Harris account, did you complete the account profile?

    They say they will close the account if I don’t do it but it sounds like information fishing to me. They already have all the data they need for opening the account, what else can be need. Can they legally close the account if I don’t do this?

  100. DirtyLilRat says:

    Can we fund with Fidelity Visa without fees?

  101. SouthFayetteFan says:

    Screwed up the closest street question – blah! Does anybody know if this will reset and let me try again at any point? I tried again immediately and it wasn’t having it.

    • Daniel Kirschenbaum says:

      They told me it locks you out permanently after multiple attempts.. just a terrible bank honestly

  102. captainsave says:

    What’s the address to send the signature card form to?

  103. Matt says:

    Is sending in the signature card absolutely necessary to get the bonus?

    I opened the account online and got the welcome page informing me I need to print out the page and send it in. But I was unable to download the signature card page at that time and it is not appearing anywhere in my online account now.

    I chatted and called in and the reps want me to visit a branch to get the signature card, which won’t work. I’m wondering if they’ll yet be able to mail me a signature card or if this stuff even matters for our purposes…

    • Adrian says:

      BMO is having system wide issues with the digital signature card process.

      They are supposed to mail you one to sign and return.

      I don’t know how strict they are, but Federal law requires them to have it or they may close your account. Considering the bonus will not post until after 90 days it’s best to just do it.

  104. James B. says:

    It is not clear if the signature card is absolutely necessary to receive the bonus.

    BMO Harris is having issues with printing the signature card online, so I called to request for it to have one mailed. The bank rep said a signature card is on the way. Call again and request a card from a different rep.

    I would recommend completing all the requirements to avoid not receiving the bonus.

    New customers are also required to call in (after 2 business days, but no later than 30 days) to complete more information about the use of the account and employment information.

  105. Matt says:

    Can anyone confirm the correct routing number for the direct deposits? My account number is viewable online but I couldn’t find the routing number in the emails or on their website

  106. JuicyJosh says:

    DoC, can you please add this in your description up top.

    A lot of us reported issues opening the Signature Card pdf during account opening requiring bank contact to mail a copy. Per BMO this is Google Chrome compatibility issue and should work fine in other browsers.

    • James B. says:

      Good point. New customers should use a browser other than Chrome to print the signature card.

      • Peter says:

        Hey folks, here’s what you need to do.

        1) Go here: chrome://settings/content
        2) Scroll to the bottom and check the box for: Open PDF files in the default PDF viewer application.
        3) Your file should download automatically.

        • Matt says:

          Is there a way to access the page after the initial signup? I can’t find a link on my account.

          • Peter says:

            Unfortunately, I haven’t seen a way to do that from within your account. I believe you’ll need to call or e-chat with them and request a new one.

    • James says:

      I had problems opening it in firefox when I applied. I had to install adobe acrobat to get it to work

    • Albrecht says:

      Chrome was not at fault in my case. The signature card was simply not in “Messages” so I had to call them to ask to mail me one. Chat works too but their reps are very impatient and any slight delay in chatting with them and they disconnect.

      • sam says:

        Anytime I chat online, I always say “k” etc. even before an actual response. They won’t just disconnect if you were the last one to respond. They hate that lol

  107. David says:

    Any update to apply online for US permanent resident?

    • Rene says:

      I had called and they said I’d have to go to a branch.

    • Frito Pendejo says:

      I just tried to apply for my wife who has a green card, but it the BMO harris application page says her SSN is invalid. Her SSN may be an EIN or ITIN as it starts with a number >800 and it seems SSN numbers only go up to 799. So, no go for BMO. Perhaps she will be issued a new number soon.

      • Yu says:

        Online says you have to be either a US citizen or Canadian citizen. How did you start from the first place if your wife is a green card holder?

  108. Laura says:

    Opened 1/5
    DD Paycheck 2/15
    DD Paycheck 2/28
    Bonus Posted 3/20

  109. Steven says:

    DP: SPG Biz funded $1,000 posted as a charge.

  110. tinker25 says:

    Is it too risky to use a brand new Amex card, just received/activated BRG yesterday (need to spend $5000), used ~ $60 in store today, hope to use it for $1000 or $3000 tomorrow, too soon?

  111. Ed says:

    FYI, if the signature card won’t print, you can contact them via chat and they’ll send a copy to your secure message inbox. (Takes 1 day to appear.)

  112. Daniel Kirschenbaum says:

    Tried 3 times to open online.. had error messages and decline notices then I was locked out.. called in and got transferred 3 times with each one contradicting the other was told I could only open over the phone but the specialist hung up on me when I asked to do so. I think this deserves new award for worst bank I’ve ever dealt with.. feel sorry for Canada.

  113. Justin says:

    Tried to open online 3/31 @~11:30pm. Got through the process to the funding stage, denied 6 different amex cards but accepted a visa. I canceled application and will try again tomorrow as I have seen other DPs of accepting amex without issue.

    • Justin says:

      I had the same problem this morning, I was able to use my card at the gas station however so was not an issue with the card. Anyone able to fund with Amex since the 31st?

      • Justin says:

        Just because I loving adding confusion. I tried it again tonight, the first two amex cards denied, but the 3rd took…I am beyond lost at this point….

    • tinker25 says:

      I was able to open a new w/ Amex 3/31 ~9:30am.

      Just tried to add accts to one opened earlier with only Checking. Message says ‘New account service is currently unavailable…’

  114. garaged says:

    New DP. I’ve never seen anyone fund a new account over phone with CC, but it seems to have worked (well, most probably).

    I started the checking account application online, got a bunch of verification questions (3rd step, I believe) and then the application went straight to the application-pending stage (6th stage?) saying the bank would contact me, without getting into the funding page at all!

    When the bank did call (phone) a few days later, they asked me the same verification questions all over again. Then at the funding stage, offered to use a credit card for funding (debit and check being the other options mentioned)! It seems to have taken on my Amex SPG – the purchase is pending but shows up as “Business services – Banking services” and my cash advance limit is turned all the way down. I’ll be keeping an eye on it to make sure it posts as a purchase.

    Now I just wait till the signature card shows up in the mail.

  115. anne says:

    I just opened all three accounts and funded with Citi Aadvantage. I tried with Citi Aadvantage Business and the card could not be veryfied. Weird! At the end I could not still open the signature card despite of using IE. Even worse, I did not save the final page with all my account numbers and the stupid error signature card just took over the page although I hit close. I closed my checking account last year when I did not get bonus using Discover ACH transfer and the system still recognized that I am already enrolled in online banking.

  116. Darius says:

    Another DP that it posts as a purchase for the Chase Ink Preferred. I hadn’t bothered to lower my cash advance limit – worked anyway.

  117. MaLaCoiD says:

    It looks like Wells Fargo will work for DD, as it shows PPD:

    • Bob says:

      Just to let you know, trial deposits are different from regular deposits. This is because Wells Fargo initiates the trial deposits but you initiate the external transfer (and it could show as you sending the money instead of them). Still, it might work! We won’t know until you do an external transfer.

    • Nicole says:

      Please let us know if WF works for DD when it posts. Thanks!

      • MaLaCoiD says:

        Looks like it will work for meeting direct deposit requirements:

        • sam says:

          I would be careful relying on that as BMO has something to the effect of “can require documentation” for direct deposits in their ad, I believe. Which means, if you’re counting on it, and they are as a rule going to not pay until people complain, they’ll say you didn’t have any. If people start asking them if Wells Fargo counts before bonuses hit, there is a chance they’ll stop the automatic posting for those kinds of transactions.

  118. JuicyJosh says:

    Anyone know if the saving account carries any fees or requirements? Im ready to payback the MS but wasnt sure. I cant seem to find anything on their site.

  119. Frito Pendejo says:

    Ugh. I just realized I never closed my old BMO account from which I never got the bonus. Its been sitting at zero balance for a year or two now. So because I have an account I probably won’t get the bonus again this time. Oh well, it was worth it just for the amex funding.

    • Matt says:

      Why didn’t you get the bonus the first time? Was it that you didn’t meet the terms or they just didn’t pay?

      • Jan B says:

        I didn’t get mine either in 2014ish era and I was eligible for two different ones at the time, got neither. Small print snafu and the branch peeps, though, exceptionally nice, are not interested in getting into the weeds to help make all initial account requirements clear. She put in the code(s).

        Yes, you could say that’s my responsibility. The account was pretty much useless anyway.

        If I am not mistaken, only TWO DD fundings need to be made on the current promo within 90 days. I may be able to gingerly talk my DH into that.

        Does anyone else concur with the two DD requirement?

        • Jan B says:

          Sorry, one more thing.

          Do not accept a CC offer OR an overdraft plan offer while opening the checking, especially in the branch. Just a reminder…HP.

  120. J T says:

    DP: opened and funded with AmEx SPG Business, posted as “business services – banking services”.

    The strange online challenge question I’ve never encountered before was a list of supposed acquaintances, but I answered “none”. Stranger still were some of the verification questions I had to answer when I called in a couple days later, this requirement is spelled out clearly in the welcome email. I managed to scribble down most of the questions the CSR rattled off, so I hope this helps knowing what to expect:

    Call in 2+ business days after applying online:
    Current address?
    Current employer?
    Month/year hired (from acct app)?
    Government or foreign official?
    Any family member government or foreign official?
    Source(s) of income (listed)?
    Employment, biz owner, SS/retirement, judgment/settlement, spouse?
    Occupation (choose from list)?
    Classification (choose from list)?
    Sub-classification (choose from list)?
    Industry (choose from list)?
    Sub-industry (choose from list)?
    Account types opened (from acct app)?
    Reason for opening acct(s)?
    Anticipated bank interactions (listed)?
    Branch, mail, ATM, phone, online?
    Initial funding source (from acct app)?
    Anticipated use of acct(s) for foreign transactions (listed)?
    Offshore, high-risk/unstable markets, other complex investment transactions?

    • anne says:

      Thanks a lot for this summary. I just called in for myself first so that I can tell my husband what he should expect when he has to call for his accounts!

    • Jack says:

      Did you apply online or by phone? Rep told me they were not able to fund the account using credit card by phone. Is that true? I had problem applying online because one of the security question had glitch.

  121. Steve says:

    Any DP on applying and completing phone interview with no earned income/employment? My wife is a full time mom and not sure if I could get her through the process.

    • Sara says:

      I have no earned income right now (all my husband’s) and was able to open one without any problem on 4/18/17.

      • Steve says:

        To follow up, there is an option for “homemaker” under employment status. I had her select that when she opened the account and there were no problems. I’m hoping the follow up questions will be greatly reduced. Unfortunately Citi AA was declined, which was kind of the point of opening this acccount, but I funded $2000 (savings and checking) with CSP.

  122. Daniel says:

    Two datapoints:

    ACH DEPOSIT WEB SCHWAB BANK P2P (guessing will not count)
    ACH DEPOSIT PPD JPMorgan Chase Ext Trnsfr (maybe will count)

  123. Matt says:

    Just as an additional DP, I saw the warnings about Chrome and the signature card and so applied in Microsoft Edge. Unfortunately, the signature card would not load for me in that browser either. So either use the workaround or a browser other than Chrome or Edge.

  124. Matt says:

    I’ve now called a rep and twice chatted reps about getting the signature card emailed or secure messaged to me. No luck (3 and 6 days later).

    I’m losing motivation on dealing with their mostly broken systems. Starting to think I’ll not bother with the signature card, do some ACH transfers from Capital One 360, then close out ASAP.

    • James B. says:

      That is really strange. I had two different reps on two separate phone calls offer sending out the signature card.

  125. dee says:

    Fun DP after calling in: I took too long on the final identity verification part (trying to remember which street I lived on, what year my house was built) and was denied for online app on that basis alone. Told I’m locked out online app for 30 days which takes me beyond the bonus offer time. Maybe they’ll extend it.

  126. John says:

    I did the Chrome trick and downloaded the pdf, but I got:

    The document you are trying to load requires Adobe Reader 8 or higher. You may not have the
    Adobe Reader installed or your viewing environment may not be properly configured to use
    Adobe Reader.
    For information on how

    grrr, no go.

    • John says:

      Actually I ended up downloading Adobe Reader and I was able to open the file.

      I also found that if you didn’t do the chrome trick you might be able to find your signature card pdf from:


      give it a try if you didn’t clear your cache.

  127. Kevin says:

    I needed to MS $3,000 so I opened a Money Market, Savings, and Checking and funded each with $1k on my Citi AA Business.

    I am ineligible for the bonus, however, because I closed my previous account with them in September 2016. Still going to do the DDs and see what happens. Any one have any luck getting the bonus with a previous account that was less than 12 months old?

  128. sybloc says:

    Is Paypal considered direct deposit?

  129. Shaun says:

    This bank is kind of a pain in the ass to deal with. Along with the aforementioned problems with the signature card, you have to answer their verification questions online, then the hundred questions when you call in.

    A week after opening the checking, I attempted to open a savings account online to MS another $1000. At the end of the application online it said it couldn’t instantly open and I had to call in. After finally getting a hold of someone they told me I couldn’t fund the account with a credit card over the phone.

  130. Ken says:

    Can I open a savings account at a later time for $1k spend or do I have to open them at the same time?

    • Shaun says:

      I’d do it at the same time, considering they wouldn’t let me find with a credit card when I opened the savings later.

  131. BHanna says:

    Opened account April 3rd, funded with checking account…

    – Account fee waiver with college ID and Transcript (I am 26 years old)
    – They DID NOT consider venmo cash out as DD.
    – Will try Vangaurd push, and Capital one push as well and try to remember to post back.

    Overall, not happy with their customer support though….

  132. Brian says:

    One of the methods to avoid the monthly fee is

    “You have Incoming External Deposits into this account totaling $500 or more during the statement period”

    It sounds to me like a DD isn’t necessary to avoid the monthly fee, just a transfer from another bank will work. Am I understanding this correctly?

  133. 40 or Fight says:

    Application was going just fine. There were four ID verification questions, and I definitely answered them all correctly, but then the process shut down and I received the following:

    “Thank you for your new account application. We were not able to complete your application automatically. We are reviewing your application and will contact you soon.”

    Presumably this means that, even if I’m approved, I won’t be able to fund with a CC?

  134. Justin says:

    DP: Citi AA Biz card (with $0 cash advance) limit was declined when I tried to use for funding. Amex SPG Biz ran successfully for $1000 funding, appears to have posted as a transaction. I called before to have my SPG limit set to $0 and was told they couldn’t change my $2000 limit, but I had not opted in to cash advances so effectively it was 0, so a little nervous but felt it was worth the shot.

  135. ajpl says:

    For those who opened a Money Market Account for an extra $1k MS, how are you planning on waiving fees?

    $15/mo, waived if any of the following are met:

    1) You have kept a $2,500 or more minimum daily Ledger Balance in this account for the statement period
    2) You have a minimum monthly $100 Auto Save transfer into this account, which will waive the monthly maintenance fee for two years after the Auto Save is established, as long as a minimum $100 Auto Save transfer into this account continues to occur each month during that two-year period.6 Waiver must be requested from a BMO Harris Banker
    3) You have requested to link this account to a BMO Harris Portfolio Checking® or BMO Harris Select Checking® account to receive benefits under Relationship Waiver7 and meet the monthly Combined Balance requirement
    4) You have requested that we to link this account to a Wealth Checking account to receive benefits under Relationship Waiver7 and meet the Average Daily Balance requirement

    #2 seems easiest for people who don’t want to park $2500, but not sure what “requested from a BMO Harris Banker” means. Can I do that over the phone or does it have to be in a branch?

    • Wong says:

      I did this for their Savings account. I just set up the $25 transfer to the savings account from my Everyday Checking and called their customer support. The CSR double-checked that the transfer was in place and applied the waiver.

    • tinker25 says:

      Either call or eChat works, request auto save transfer from Checking to MM

  136. 0xFF810000 says:

    DP: Started app online and finished over the phone with CC funding (needed identity verification).

    • 40 or Fight says:

      Sorry, the following was meant to be a reply. Still getting the hang of this…

      Did you have to mail/email/fax something in?

      I’ve been asked to give them a utility bill (presumably as ID/address verification).

      Also, which credit card did you use?

      • 0xFF810000 says:

        Yes. Had to email a photo ID and utility bill. Funded $1000 with CSP.

        Also, my trial deposits from Ally showed up as:

        ACH Deposit – Credit #########0

        Will see if the $500 push posts as a qualifying direct deposit and update.

        • 40 or Fight says:

          Thanks. Another one if you don’t mind.

          How did you get them on the phone after you sent in your verification docs – did you call them immediately afterwards, or say something in your submission cover about how you wanted to fund initial deposit with a CC?

          • 0xFF810000 says:

            I got to the end of the app and it said I’d be contacted by them and that I wasn’t able to complete the app online. They called a few days later and it took about 4 days of phone tag before I finally got ahold of them to complete the app. They asked how I’d like to fund the opening deposit and I said credit card and gave the number over the phone.

            You can call this number to get any of the reps: 800-249-4339

          • 40 or Fight says:

            Following up on this. When I emailed my utility bill, I asked if it would still be possible to fund with a CC. The answer was no, and that I’d have to send/deposit a check.

            However, someone called a few days later and offered me the ability to fund with a CC – apparently because I’d indicated interest in my email correspondence. So, I was able to fund with a CC after all.

            Funded $1K with Chase SW Plus – coded as a purchase.

        • gina says:

          Yes, would love to get an update when it posts!

        • Nathan says:

          Did this post as a deposit?

  137. 40 or Fight says:

    Did you have to mail/email/fax something in?

    I’ve been asked to give them a utility bill (presumably as ID/address verification).

    Also, which credit card did you use?

  138. churnbabychurn says:

    How long does it take for the bonus to post? I had an ACH post from Ally Bank about 2 weeks ago and no bonus yet.

    • Ken says:

      Did you read the article above? Specifically The Fine Print section.

      • ajpl says:

        I’ve never churned a bank where it took as long as the terms stated to actually post the bonus. OP is clearly looking for DPs, not a snarky comment that doesn’t add to the conversation.

        • Ken says:

          I have. Several. HSBC, Citi, Chase, etc all post the bonus exactly when they say they will in the terms. Here’s a DP from a search I did in the comments. Took me 10 seconds to do and there’s no reaosn the OP couldn’t have done the same instead of asking to be spoonfed.

          March 20, 2017 at 9:56 pm
          Called to open late December. Received all the documents in the mail and sent back mid January. Account opened a week later. 2 direct deposits of 300 from payroll (01/31 and 02/15). Bonus posted today.

          • ajpl says:

            Funny, that DP you found is nowhere near the 120 days specified in BMO’s terms. So your original comment was not just useless but misleading to boot.

          • Ken says:

            Would you like me to search through more comments to find one that satisfies you? OP’s 2 week wait is not in line with other commenters or the terms.

          • JuicyJosh says:

            Im with you Ken. 90+ days is close enough. BMO is def no WF, Regions, Chase, etc. (fast posters)

            A little comment reading does wonders. Also no DPs to indicate Ally works although there are not many reports. Just sent my second Cap One 360. Ill be counting that $200 soon enough.

  139. Dan says:

    Opened in branch… can’t create online banking… BMO is a PITA.

  140. Cristi says:

    Funded with Bank of America Alaska business which coded as a purchase.

  141. Shaun says:

    Anyone else having problems transferring to BMO Harris? I’m having a hell of a time. First, I used the routing number the rep gave me over the phone and all three transfers failed. The initiating bank says “R03 No Account/Unable to Locate Account.” Next I tried the routing number at the bottom of the checks they sent me and only one transfer was successful. The other two giving the same error code as before.

    • Flea says:

      Ditto. I can’t 100% say what is happening because it seems like my company has a rather antiquated form of DD software/payroll, but the auto-system says/thinks it applies to “Harris Bank N.A.” (maybe that’s its actual incorporated name without the BMO, but if there’s a discrepancy, who wins? from my experience with ACH bill pays on the accounting-department side, everything on the account name has to match down to the punctuation or it will fail); and when it came time to do final approval/upload of my paycheck into the bank, the payroll software all of a sudden termed my account of “Unknown” origin/etiology (when setting it up, I chose “Checking” from the pulldown menu, of course). Now I won’t know until the 30th, if the new attempt at a routing number was success or failure… I’m adding Capone 360 to the roster in the interim, see if I can get this done.

      • TJ says:

        My HR direct deposit system also says Harris Bank when I type the routing number in and my system and very sophisticated. Everything is done online. Here’s hoping to no issues.

  142. TJ says:

    DP: Funded 1k from Amex SPG. I didn’t lower CA limits and it went through as a purchase.

    Thanks DoC!

    • Max says:

      Same! Opened last night with spg personal and tried calling today to verify – this was mentioned above, but I was told it takes 2 days before the system can update with my info, so I need to call back tomorrow. Doh!

      Did you see where the sig authorization needs to be sent? There is no address on the form that I downloaded.

      • TJ says:

        I used an iPad to sign up so the signature cards didn’t load. I had to call and they’re going to snail mail them to me. 🙁 It opened all the other PDFs, so I don’t get why it couldn’t handle the signature card.

        • TJ says:

          Yesterday I got the signature card in the mail with a return envelope. I had to call the night I opened it to request it.

      • JW says:

        The address was on the next steps page below the download signature card link:

        BMO Harris Bank N.A
        P.O. Box 94006
        Palatine, IL 60094-9903

  143. Sara G says:

    Opened with $1000 from SPG Amex. Coded as a purchase without lowering CA limit. The Chrome trick worked to access the sig card. Will call in tomorrow for the remaining portion of the account opening.

  144. Dan says:

    DP: funded the account with Chase freedom unlimited for $1000. It posted as purchase !!

  145. ThanksDoc! says:

    DP: funded with Citi Prestige for $1000 and posted as purchase

  146. Dd says:

    Does the savings account also have a bonus? And does it safely allow credit card funding from an Amex like the checking account does?

  147. jz says:

    I think i failed the security questions and got declined. Anyone knows when i can apply for it again?

  148. rb says:

    Since I am not a permanent resident, I cannot open the account online and will need to call them to open the account. So, my question is whether I can fund the account with my Merrill + credit card on the phone? Also, will this code as a purchase?
    Please help, planning to open the account this weekend.

    • jz says:

      Since my online application didn’t go through, I was told I’ve to wait for a welcome package when I call them to do it over the phone. The account will be open when the check is received by them. I don’t think they take CC over the phone per comments from other.

  149. Phil says:

    My transfers to BMO Harris from my Discover Savings coded as:

    I’m guessing that these don’t count because of the P2P language? The description of the transfer says ACH Deposit though.

  150. eclipsor says:

    DP: $200 bonus pending exactly 6 days after 2nd payroll DD

  151. 0xFF810000 says:

    DP: Ally did not qualify as direct deposit after confirming with CSR. The trial deposits coded with PPD, but the actual ACH transfers coded as P2P.

  152. Arny says:

    DP: USAA Checking did not work as a DD

  153. sam says:

    After seeing comments, I had done my 2 employer DD’s by the first week of April. I messaged them yesterday asking when I would receive it and WOW. They actually credited it yesterday. Way better than their last bonus cycle. I woudn’t have hounded them though if trying an ACH….

  154. eclipsor says:

    As a DP: I added a savings account and funded with my SPG personal, coded as a purchase

    • tinker25 says:

      How did you add the savings?

      I did add savings online, selected already have login… a day later received email – Unfortunately, we are unable to approve your application…

      • eclipsor says:

        weird, yeah It let me add it just fine and showed up with the funds available instantly. They sent me an email saying I still needed to call them though which I did the next day so they can ask me some identity questions and send me more sig cards

  155. Tina RB says:

    I’d like to open up an account for my DH, but it’s incredibly hard to get him to do any of the paperwork business himself. Do banks care if the direct deposit is from a spouse’s paycheck? I can change my dir. deposit online and if I can a chunk of my check to his account and still earn bonuses, that makes life quite easy. Thanks for your help.

  156. 10g says:

    It looks like they post the bonus on the 20th of every month. Me and my wife both recieved our bonus with the same address.

    Account open 2/16
    1st tax return DD 2/28
    2nd tax return DD 3/3
    Bonus post 4/20

  157. Ryan says:

    Bonus was just posted. I seem to have been able to get the bonus with only ONE direct deposit. Either that or my opening deposit counted as a DD.

    These are my only transactions in the account:

    2/28/17 – $1000 opening deposit (coded as TELLER DEPOSIT)
    3/31/17 – $300 DD via payroll
    4/3/17 – $300 transfer to Ally
    4/20/17 – $200 bonus posted

  158. james says:

    In case you don’t have a branch nearby and want to ACH your deposit out, you have to wait 90 days…

    “I notice that you are a new customer and I would like to welcome you to BMO Harris! I apologize for any inconvenience, however the external transfer feature will not become available for you until your account has been open for 90 days.”

    • sam says:

      I ach’d my bonus deposit out well before the account has been opened 90 days. Link your BMO account from another external checking account.

  159. th0r0bred says:

    Obvious Newbie here , so kindly skip if this request annoys you and thanks for the more experienced ones here for reading and helping… Tried to apply online and got this message:
    Thank you for your new account application! Unfortunately, we are unable to approve your application. You may be able to open an account by visiting a branch or applying over the phone at 1-877-563-3736………………….
    Not sure if I would get approved by phone or not, but my #1 bmotivation is to MS Amex on my new Plat card and could have for 2k. The promo runs until the 28tt. I just opened a PNC yesterday and a Bluebird and Serve last week so maybe I am maxing my Check Auths? I am MOST Interested in finding a convenient way to MS AMEX, but getting the $200 bonus is of course nice, which is why I applied for this particular offer.. What would you do in my situtation– 1) try again on 4/28 with a different browser, maybe better results? 2) just call the number and see if they’ll open my account and smile that I get the chance for $200 and wait a few weeks to apply to another bank that has a good fund with Amex offer? 3) Skip 1 and 2 and wait (x time– and please give guidance on x) to apply again for a different offer since my most important criteria is to MS for Amex. Again thanks for the read and the consideration. Cheers and good luck to you.

    • EO says:

      I would try applying over the phone. It was only recently that BMO even allowed online applications at all, so it may be that their process is still finicky. I also don’t see any risk in trying to call. As someone who has opened 25+ bank accounts in the last 12 months, I am very skeptical of the effect that chex systems inquiries have on being able to open future accounts.

    • JuicyJosh says:

      +1. Keep in mind credit card funding may not be available over the phone but I think at least one DP has come back positive on that.

      • th0r0bred says:

        EO/JuicyJosh Thanks. I should have included that I did call, but the person I spoke to had to transfer me to another number and assured me that CSR had no capabilities to do CC funding via phone. I also learned this the hard way dooing a PNC account open at bank yesterday where I requested CC to open and they told they could open and I could then complete at home– werll, no, oh well… Also, I know from prior work experience that businesses will intentionally limit the capabilites they provide CSRs to “limit the damage”, if you will, so it’s no surprise to me that CC capability is not something CSR can do, which makes you wonder how the other person with the PP did it– Mgr Override? who knows. Still it helps for me to know that with your experience doing the # of chex inquiries you do, that regardless what happens with this transaction, it should really be a non-issue for me for my future Bank Acct Opening? MS endeavors. Thanks again!

  160. Jeff G says:

    Any other DP’s on whether Capital One 360 triggered the bonus? I see that it worked for one person, but not for the other. Also if Wells Fargo triggered, no DP’s on that yet.

  161. Phil says:

    Noob question, but how do you know if an external transfer counts toward the direct deposit credit?

  162. Cicero says:

    Amex Hilton Surpass coded as a purchase.

  163. Mackensie Larson says:

    Anyone confirmed that Discover works?

    • QT says:

      I pushed two from Discover Checking with the last one completed 4/12 but have yet to receive bonus. I’ll wait a couple more weeks and if not posted probably will try something else.

  164. kingoftheblues says:


  165. Johnny says:

    Just opened my account. Definitely one of the easier account opening processes I’ve experienced. The UI was a bit laggy but did everything in Internet Explorer as recommended and it was seamless. Approved right away, funded $1k with the AMEX personal plat and money was credited right away to the new account. Already have access to online banking and access to the account number.

    Using 071025661 as the routing number so already have the information needed for direct deposit.

  166. kt says:

    Tried to fund with US Bank Business Edge Cash, got declined because it was posted as Cash Advance.

  167. Srini says:

    Any update/input on how non-citizens can open this account, please?

    Thanks in advance for your kind inputs

  168. Jags4186 says:

    Coded as purchase AMEX Blue Cash Preferred. Before I get yelled at I took an upgrade offer for $150 after $1000 spend. Got $150 bonus and downgraded back to Blue Cash Everyday.

  169. Gina says:

    Has anyone been able to open an account. I’ve been trying since yesterday, different computers and different browsers, and the page just keeps erroring when I click on open account. “This site can’t be reached”

  170. ajpl says:

    DP: tried to open a second Statement Savings to MS another $1k on 4/27. Checking/Savings/Money Market originally opened and funded on 4/10.

    Received this email this morning:

    “Thank you for your new account application! Unfortunately, we are unable to approve your application. You may be able to open an account by visiting a branch or applying over the phone at 1-877-563-3736.”

    I plan on closing my Statement Savings and trying again after 30 days from the original account opening. Will report back.

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