$3 For Redeeming Any BankAmeriDeal Offer + Current AmeriDeals (10% At Office

The Offer

Via reader Mohammad and blogger Single Flyer

  • Receive $3 cash back when you redeem any BankAmeriDeal, valid until May 31st, 2015

bank amerideals

Other Deals

There are a number of good deals that can be found with BankAmeriDeal, here are some that I’ve seen recently (share yours in comments please). Basically all 10% cash back offers.

  • Receive 10% cash back at Office Depot or OfficeMax (limited to $15 or $150 in spend, could be combined with $20 off $300+ in gift cards deal if you still have gift cards left at your local)
  • 10% cash back at Radisson, Jamba Juice, Panera Bread, Starbucks & Bristol Farms

Our Verdict

There have been some profitable AmeriDeals in the past (Chasing The Points usually does a good job of letting people know about these as I always seem to forget to check), so it’s always worth checking to see what’s available. An extra $3 won’t make any of these deals amazing, but you could probably grab a free juice or small item at any of the 10% cash back stores with the $3.

You can find out more information about BankAmeriDeals here.

Again thanks to reader Mohammad & Single Flyer for letting me know about this deal.

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Aw, man, the offer I have is only for $1, not $3.

Jan B
Jan B

If only I had gotten the OM/OD promo. I bought at OD just two days ago and used the BOA TR card. Sure would have helped the bottom line…

Wonder how I can be targeted for OD instead of FIVE GUYS?!!! 😉


My wife has a $5 bonus offered.


I don’t have any offers you mentioned for the past week: I didn’t have receive $3 cash back when you redeem any BankAmeriDeal. I didn’t have Radisson or Jamba Juice. I only have 5% cash back at Office Depot or OfficeMax (not 10%).

It probably because I have redeemed two 10% cash back at Office Depot or OfficeMax & several other offers for the past 6 months. BoA didn’t think I need a $3 incentive or 10% from Office Depot or OfficeMax. All I have are lots of restaurant offers.

I got almost exactly the same deals from PNC bank all the time though cash back percentage might differ.


I can’t see this one on my Alaska card, so it must be targeted. I’d definitely use it if I had it though, there’s a couple restaurants near my work that have Amerideals right now.


Interesting; I didn’t have Radisson or Jamba Juice. I wonder how they select which offers you will get. Seems like the $3 deal might be for everyone though.