Best Current Credit Card Sign Up Bonuses & Offers For June, 2021

A list of the best current credit card sign up bonuses & offers for June, 2021. We update this page on a daily basis with any new deals and include all bonuses (we don’t use any credit card affiliate links so we can remain unbiased unlike other sites).

Given how popular our best bank account bonus page is, I thought I’d try my hand at something similar for credit card bonuses. This page will be updated regularly, so feel free to bookmark it and share it on social media/forums (I’ll also add it to the header under credit cards to make it easily accessible). Keep in mind we do not use credit card affiliate links, so this is an unbiased list.

A few final thoughts before we get to this list:

  • There will be a random amount of entries on this list at any one time dependent on how many cards I currently think are worth signing up for.
  • I’ll be taking into account whether a bonus is at it’s highest level ever or not (mostly because I don’t think an offer is truly the best if it regularly goes up to a higher level or I suspect it’ll go to a higher level in the near future).
  • I won’t be taking into account special application rules (e.g Chase 5/24 rule or American Express once per lifetime rule), but I will mention them clearly on the individual review pages.
  • If there is a card that is popular and I haven’t included, I’ll put it under “Not On The List” and explain my reasons why.

Keep in mind that having a clear goal will help you decide what the best cards for you are! If you don’t want to travel and just want to earn cash back, then the best card for you will be different than somebody that wants to fly first class to Paris and stay in 5 star accommodation.


Personal Cards

These cards are listed in order from absolute best to best (e.g the better cards are at the top).

American Express Platinum 100,000 Points + 10x On Gas & Grocery

Read our full review

There is also the same deal but for 125,000 points that some people are eligible for. Obviously an incredible offer.

Chase Sapphire Preferred 80,000 Points + $50 Grocery Credit

Read our review

The annual fee is also waived if you apply in branch as well.

Chase Sapphire Reserve 60,000 Points

Read our full review

Might not be as good as the 80,000 point bonus on the Sapphire Preferred but if you prefer the features on this card then it’s still a strong offer.

U.S. Bank Altitude Reserve 50,000 Points

Read our full review

Applications were removed for a bit, but they are back now. 50,000 points are worth up to $750 in travel. There is a $400 annual fee but you also get $325 in credits.

Capital One Venture 100,000 Points

Read our full review

Huge bonus, but this requires $20,000 in spend as well. More valuable now that Capital One added new transfer partners and improved the transfer rate.

Chase United Quest Card – 100,000 Miles

Read our full review

This is a launch offer and the card does come with a hefty $250 annual fee but comes with some credits to offset that fee.

Citi Premier – 60,000 Points Or 75,000

Read our full review

$95 annual fee isn’t waived on this one, but it’s still a pretty good offer. Can be transferred to travel partners or used for up to $750 in air travel. You can get an additional 15,000 points by applying in branch.

U.S. Bank Altitude Connect – 50,000 Points

Read our full review

Points are worth 1¢ each, so this is an easy $500 bonus. Better option than the Altitude Reserve card  for people that don’t want the huge annual fee.

Bank of America Premium Rewards 50,000 Points + $100 Travel Credit

Link to our review of this card

Card comes with a 50,000 point sign up bonus worth $500 towards statement credit. In addition you get a $100 travel credit each calendar year, downside is that this can only be used on domestic originated flights (not sure how or if this is actually enforced yet) and a $95 annual fee.

Bank of America Alaska 40,000 Miles + $100 or 65,000 Mile Offer

Read our review (40,000 miles + $100 or 65,000 miles)

Previous best on this bonus has been 40,000 miles or 30,000 miles + $100. Really strong offer if you highly value Alaska miles.

Lafayette Federal Credit Union Mastercard – $600 or $650 In Flights – MD, D.C., VA

Read our review

50,000 points after $5,000 in spend. Worth $600 in gift cards or $650 in flights

Barclays Aviator 60,000 Miles

Read our review

This offer does require paying the $99 annual fee.

PenFed Pathfinder Rewards – 50,000 Points + $50

Read our review of the offer

Card also comes with a $100 airline credit, honors members don’t have to pay any annual fee making the card worth keeping long term.

Barclays Choice 75,000 Points

Read our review of this offer

This is the highest bonus we’ve ever seen on this card before, good offer but just make sure you have a plan for the points.

American Express Gold 35,000 Points + 20% On Restaurants ($250 Max)

Read our review of this offer

High on this bonus is 50,000 points so it depends if you prefer the extra 15,000 points or the 20% on restaurants.

Bank of America Air France/KLM FlyingBlue 50,000 Miles + $150 Statement Credit

Read our review of this offer

Previously this was 50,000 miles, but now coming with a $150 statement credit as well.

American Express Delta Gold – 90,000 Miles

Read our review

This requires doing a dummy booking and there is also a 70,000 miles + $200 statement credit offer for those that prefer some cash than the miles.

American Express Hilton Various Offers

Read our review

Offering up to 200,000 points, also available via referrals.

Barclays Silver Emirates 50,000 Miles

Read our review

Gold card is 60,000 miles, but that has a huge $499 annual fee whereas the Silver card only has a $99 annual fee. Unfortunately not waived first year.

Barclays Hawaiian 70,000 Miles – Annual Fee Not Waived First Year

Read our review of this offer

Only requires $2,000 in spend and points have some flexibility as well. Previous best offer was 60,000 miles with the annual fee waived.

FNBO Best Western Rewards 80,000 Points

Good deal if you can use the Best Western points, especially international as that is where the better properties are for the most part.

SkyOne Platinum Elite Credit Card – $300 Bonus

Read our review of this offer

$69 annual fee is currently being waived for the first year and starting January 2021 you’ll be able to choose a 3x category to earn in.

American Express Cash Magnet – $300 Bonus

Read our review of this offer

This is the biggest bonus we’ve seen on this card so far.

American Express Blue Cash Preferred $300 Bonus – Annual Fee Waived First Year

Read our review here

Requires $3,000 in spend.

Star Trek – $300 Cash Bonus – $39 Annual Fee

Read our review of this offer

Requires $2,000 in spend and the annual fee is not waived the first year.

Capital One Savor $300 Cash Bonus – $95 Annual Fee

Link to our review of this offer

Card comes with a $300 cash bonus. $95 annual fee is no longer waived the first year. At launch the offer was $500, so might not be worth getting right now.

Discover it – $50 + Double Cash Back

Get bonus here | Read our review.

The sign up bonus on this card is low ($50 when you use a referral) but the real bonus is that after the first year you get your cash back doubled for that year (not including the $50 referral bonus). This card has 5% rotating categories (up to $1,500 in spend per quarter), this means you’ll get 10% cash back on those categories. This card really only makes sense if you’ll be able to max out those categories at least some of the time.

Ridgewood Savings Bank $500 Bonus – NY & CT

Read our review

Nice big bonus, spend of requirement of $5,000 is required. They also offer business cards now as well (see below)

Barclays Choice Privileges 50,000 Points

Read our review

We’ve seen an offer for 64,000 points in the past so might be worth waiting for that bigger bonus to return.

Bank of America Spirit ‘Free Spirit’ – 35,000 Points + $100 Statement Credit

Read our review

Standard bonus is 40,000 points, this is 5,000 points less but also comes with the nice $100 statement credit as well. Spirit recently relaunched their rewards program, so might be worth considering as it has been improved.

FNBO FordPass – $100 + $200 Annually

Read our review

This card has a $100 sign up bonus, you can also get $200 annually when you spend $6,000 or more.

Capital One Quicksilver $250 Bonus

Read our review

Only requires $500 in spend, good option for those that are looking for a simple cash bonus with no annual fee.

Discover it Miles $100

Read our review

Offer only available via a referral. The nice thing about this card is cash back earned is double the first year (unfortunately the sign up bonus doesn’t double), meaning this card earns 3% cash back on all purchases during that first year.

Chase Freedom/Chase Freedom Unlimited $200 Bonuses + 5% On Grocery

Read our review

5/24 does apply to this card, I’d recommend getting the higher value Chase bonuses first. Standard bonus on these cards is $150, so this is only slightly higher than normal. Still might be worth doing for people under 5/24 that have already done other Chase bonuses and looking for something with a low minimum spend requirement. You also get 5% cash back on grocery purchases for the first year, up to $12,000 in spend.

Disney Premier $300 Bonus

Read our review

Previous best bonus was $250. Keep in mind there is a $49 annual fee and that this would take up a 5/24 slot.

Citi AT&T Access – 15,000 ThankYou Points + $100 Statement Credit

Read our review

$100 statement credit is in addition to the 15k points you normally get. You do need AT&T service to get that $100 statement credit (or ability to spend $250 within three months with AT&T).

Business Card Bonuses

Chase Ink Preferred 160,000 Points (In Branch)

Read our full review

Huge offer, broken down into two 80,000 point chunks. The first part requires $15,000 in spend and the second requires $50,000 in total spend within the first six months.

American Express Business Platinum 150,000 Point Offer

Read our full review

Doesn’t show up for everybody, but if you keep trying in incognito mode then you should be able to get it to show up eventually.

Chase Ink Preferred 100,000 Points

Read our review

The biggest of the Chase Ink bonuses, but does require $15,000 in spend within the first three months.

Chase Ink Cash – $750

Read our review

Standard sign up bonus was only $300, then $500, and now it’s up to $750. Keep in mind this card does not count towards your Chase 5/24 total, but the Chase 5/24 rule does apply.

Chase Ink Unlimited 75,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards Points

Read our review

Standard bonus on this card was always 50,000, and now it’s bumped to 75,000; never been higher far as I’m aware. Similar to the United card above this does not count towards your 5/24 status but the 5/24 rule does still apply to this card. As long as you already have another Chase UR earning card with an annual fee you can transfer these points to Chase’s travel partners.

U.S. Bank Leverage Business Card – $750

Read our review

Requires $7,500 in spend, but still a nice big cash sign up bonus.

American Express Business Gold 85,000 Points

Read  our review

The 70,000 points requires $10,000 in spend.

Barclays Aviator Business 75,000 Mile Offer

Read our review

Requires adding an employee card for 10,000 miles of the offer, but still a fantastic bonus even without that portion.

Bank of America Business Cash Rewards $750 Bonus

Read our review

Normally this is only a $500 bonus, so this is an extra $250 than standard.

Bank of America Alaska Airlines 40,000 Miles + $200

Read our review

Previous best deal was 42,000 miles + $100, this is 2,000 less miles but an extra $100.

Chase Southwest Business Performance 100,000 Points

Read our review

Requires a massive $25,000 in spend but the points from that spend and the sign up bonus are enough to get a companion pass.

PNC BusinessOptions $750 Bonus – AL, DC, DE, FL, GA, IL, IN, KY, MD, MI, MO, NC, NJ, NY, OH, PA, SC, VA, WI and WV

Read our review

Nice big bonus, downside is that it requires spending $25,000 or more in the first three billing cycles.

Barclays Hawaiian Business 70,000 Miles

Direct link to offer

Requires adding an employee to get the full bonus, but a great bonus if you value Hawaiian miles highly.

AmaZing Business Credit Card $1,500 Bonus – CA, CO

Read our review

Huge bonus but requires a huge spend of $50,000 for the full bonus.

HSBC Fusion Business 50,000 Points

Read our review

Requires $10,000 and might be in branch only, but there is an open remotely option currently.

Ridgewood Savings Bank $500 Bonus – NY & CT

Read our review

Requires $5,000 in spend, they also have a personal credit card offering the same bonus.

American Express Blue Business Cash $500 Bonus

Read our review

Deal requires $15,000 in total spending for the full bonus, but the upside is that this card earns 2% cash back on up to $50,000 annually.

YMMV/Targeted Offers

We’ve decided to create a new section for YMMV or targeted offers. These are all great offers, but they either require being targeted or have some other restriction in place. We haven’t listed offers that are only available in certain states, those will still be listed above

American Express Platinum 100,000 Point Offer

Read our review of this offer | Another way to get this offer

Not everybody is able to get this offer to show, but if you are then it’s a great offer. Just keep in mind it does have a massive $550 annual fee, but for that you get good lounge access, $200 in airline incidentals per calendar year (so you can get it twice and only pay the annual fee once) and $200 in Uber credits per card member year as well. Obviously not for everybody, but if you can maximize those airline incidentals then this is a really great offer. There is also an upgrade offer of 60,000 points without the lifetime language, unfortunately that is targeted.

AmEx EveryDay 25,000 Points + 0% APY For 15 Months With $0 BT Fee

Read our review

Standard bonus is 10,000 points. We’ve seen the 25,000 point offer via incognito mode for some time but the 0% APY + $0 BT fee offer is new. Could be using for floating money to put into a high yield savings account.

Various American Express Delta Offers – No Lifetime Language

Read our review

It’s currently possible to get up to 75,000 miles and up to $200 in statement credits on the American Express Delta co-branded cards. These offers don’t have the lifetime language present, meaning you’re eligible for the bonus even if you’ve had that specific card before.

American Express Business Gold 35,000 Point Offer – No Lifetime Language

Read our review

Relatively weak offer, really only worth considering due to the fact that it has no lifetime language.

Not On List

This section explains why some popular cards/offers aren’t listed.

  • None currently 

Recent Changes

I thought it would be useful to list when and why I make changes here.

Final Thoughts

I’m looking forward to the comments on this one, what do you think I’ve gotten wrong? What should be higher and what should be lower? What missed out and what should be removed from the list all together?

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I dont see a review of the bank of america business advantage travel rewards world mastercard. Spend $3000, get 30,000 points. No annual fee. 1.5 points/dollar which you can boost up with the right checking account. I know its not the best, or even the best bank of america business deal. But its pretty good, worthy of a review I thought.

Tanzania safari

Nice post, Thanks for sharing!


I just got an offer for 20k points and a $200 statement credit with $1000 spend on the Amtrak card while booking a ticket, seemed notable. Also came with instant card number.

Logan Jung
Logan Jung

This is probably a dumb question but can you have multiple Hilton Honors cards? My guess is I can have a business and personal but what about a signature / aspire / surpass? Given I was pushed onto the AMEX Hilton Honors from the Citi Hilton HHonors Visa Sig. I haven’t technically received a promo so I’m just trying to figure out what I’d actually be eligible for.


If you are going to repost this, how about removing expired offers, of which there are several? Among those now expired are Marriott Brilliant 125k (dead since 5/13), Manchester (dead after 1 day), etc.


Might need to remove the following offers that are no longer available: Cardless Manchester United, VantageWest Connect Rewards, and Schwab Investor


Also the Choice card is on here twice. Really appreciate this page though!


You should list United Quest here with 100k bonus


Rough_Value = ((bonus*worth_multiplier) + extra_value – fee)/spend_required


Rough Value of Chase Sapphire Preferred card
=((80,000*1.25) + 50 – 95)/4,000
=(100,000 + 50 – 95)/4,000
= 25.01% back, not counting other values and costs that might be meaningful to others.


Your numbers are off.

100k points are worth $1k
The grocery statement credit + AF don’t total $45 but -$45
$955/$4,000 is a 23.9% return


yea i screwed that up. My intention was to post a formula people could use to determine deal values. My formula is correct i think, but my example is messed up.


I didn’t see the Marriott Bonvoy Visa card offer for Marriott Rewards with 100,000 bonus points with a free night certificate for $95 annual fee and $3000 spend in first 3 months. It seems like a pretty good offer to add to the best credit card bonus offers list, as a suggestion.


hi – any recent DPs from Elements? I see they have a couple $200 CC sign up bonus offers for $1K spend: i searched DoC threads and saw comments (circa 2018) they were pretty selective on credit card applications.