Posted by William Charles on July 7, 2015

Published on July 7th, 2015 | by William Charles


eBay Bucks Recap, Maximizing Discover Categories, Is TripAdvisor Flawed?, Golfmiles & Much More

  • Bought a Gift Card on eBay and Selling Price Went Down? Wait it Out by Oren’s Money Saver. This doesn’t always hold true (e.g sometimes a merchant will continually give deep discounts on gift cards in which case the price is unlikely to rebound), it’s still something you should keep in mind for most circumstances though.
  • Emotions and Manufactured Spend by Saverocity Travel. This is something I do far too often, sometimes I even triple count my earnings (e.g when I first purchase the gift card, when I unload the gift card and at the end of the month/year when I’m calculating my profit).
  • GiftCardWiki Taught Me A Lot Starting With Transparency In An Opaque Market by Chasing The Points. I love GCW and think it has really innovated while the incumbent gift card granny has stood still. I don’t have the same worries as CTP in terms of shut down, but we will have to see what happens.
  • TripAdvisor Flawed? Fake Restaurant Tops Rankings in Italy by Danny Deal Guru. I don’t really think TripAdvisor is flawed, this experiment was done in Moniga del Garda which is an exceptionally small market (30 restaurants and 1,400 reviews). If you tried to do a similar experiment in a larger market then you’d need a lot more reviews and you’d quickly receive natural negative reviews to counter balance the fake reviews. There is no doubt that seeding a new place with fake reviews works to get customers in the door, but at the end of the day it won’t last long if your food or lodging isn’t up to scratch. The easiest way to make sites like this more immune to this sort of abuse is by making sure you leave legitimate reviews whenever possible.
  • Introducing Golfmiles: Earn Thousands of Miles for Booking Rounds of Golf with Golfmiles by PointsCentric. If you’re into golfing, check this out. Just make sure you do a comparsion to booking directly/through other golf booking websites to ensure you’re getting the best deal. For now I’ll just stick to the free rounds of golf with the Citi Prestige.
  • How to Claim Your eBay Bucks & What to Spend Them On by Miles to Memories. Nice introduction to eBay bucks, if you’re not familiar with them then this is a must read post.


  • Double dipping Discover’s 3rd quarter categories by Frequent Miler. Really great post for people looking to double and triple dip on Discover’s 3rd quarter categories. Personally I’m hoping the Amazon Prime Day sale has some good deals that I can pick up, I’ll be able to get 5% CB doubled to 10% and then whatever the portals are offering as well.
  • Amtrak complaints? How to get compensation for Amtrak delays by Points With a Crew. Compensation seems to be fairly generous to me, although if I had paid cash for the tickets I’d be less than impressed. Shame it’s not possible to resell the compensation, otherwise it might be worth booking trips with frequent delays just to unload Chase UR points.
  • Starwood’s SPG Pro by Mile Nerd. If you’re frequently booking paid stays for others, you should look into this program.
  • Putting the brakes on SyncAssist by Wandr Me. First OffersBot and now this, I’ll have a work around for this issue later today, hopefully it doesn’t get shut down too quickly.

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Dan at Pointswithacrew

You can get physical vouchers which I guess you could resell. The downside of those is you have to take them physically in to the station to use (not online or over the phone)

Even with these ones I think although I have to be the one to book the ticket that I can use them for others travel. So some potential for reselling but more risk.

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