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Ric Garrido

To clarify, I scroll to the end of a piece to see if it is a press trip when the piece reads like it is from a destination marketing organization.

I have never been told what to write about on a press trip and I don’t know anyone else who has been told what to write about. That would be a real drag.

The absolute best part of a press trip with a whole heap of other bloggers and writers is they are generally very cool and well-traveled people. Check out,

I have been on press trips with photographers who work for National Geographic and journalists who write for USA Today and LA Times. Made lots of good connections and met some very talented writers, several who authored books. You get plenty of time to know people when you are together 15 hours a day and having 3 to 4 hour dinners. I don’t think I have ever been on a press trip where there was not copious amounts of food and booze and great company.

The hosts are generally very interesting people too.