Marriott Updates Terms To Allow For Select Properties To Cost In Excess Of Category 8 Award Pricing

Marriott has updated the terms & conditions to add the following:

Select properties may have redemption rates in excess of the Category 8 Redemption Rates.

Currently category 8 is the highest category and that costs either 70,000 (off peak), 85,000 (standard) or 100,000 (peak) points per night. This update indicates that Marriott either plans to add new properties that they want to charge more than 100,000 points per night or plan to make existing properties cost more. I suspect at least to begin with they will only be using this in excess of category 8 pricing for new high end properties such as the North Island in the Seychelles. I guess it’s better than what Hilton is doing where they promised the maximum price would be 95,000 points per night and now regularly charge 120,000 points per night for properties.

Hat tip to OMaaT

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  • marriott has been charging more than 100k points per night (JW Marriott in Beaver Creek CO was 195K/night). it disgusts me what they have done. The new bonvoy program is TRASH compared to the SPG program. I honestly dont stay at marriotts anymore because of this.

    • Well the other party didn't have a say in the creation of said 'terms' anyways.

      They can only choose to walk away (which I probably will after burning up the points, won't take long at over 100,000 per night...)

  • Why is it that every announcement is a REDUCTION in benefits or DEVALUATION of points or COST/FEE increase??

    The shocker will be when someone does something in the favor of the CUSTOMER for a change.

    If you follow the financial markets, then you already know corporate profit margins are already unusually high. The level of greed is getting WAY out of hand. These corporations are supposed to LEVERAGE cost SAVINGS of mergers and acquisitions to provide more VALUE to their customers while growing their own profits via streamlined operations.

    • No they don't, they are supposed to provide more value for their shareholders, by leveraging their customers.

      Thus "a change" would only happen when the financial markets take a plunge :(

      What's more sad is most won't be that sure if a few 'free nights' and 'upgrades' or 'thousands of points/miles' are worth the possible financial ruin/job security issue/etc that said plunge can also bring.

      Be careful what you are hoping for and burn the points when they still worth something :)

  • And here I am struggling to use a Cat 5 CC award night at LAX on a Wednesday Night due to peak pricing and this is the next CF coming down the Bonvoy Sewer Pipe?

    • I'm definitely not defending Marriott (I'm probably 70% Hilton and 30% Hyatt), but didn't Hyatt just do this exact thing with a few of their properties?

    • Never used them, priced a to airport trip on which uber/lyft would charge about $20 for the lowest non-shared tier, super shuttle wants at least $55 instead.

      Not sure if the likes of Marriott are heading the same way with the likes of airbnb taking over more and more customers, at least the non-business ones.

  • Marriott has been very stingy with points ever since they bought SPG. So I just use their points for airline transfers.

  • Eventually, the 11-year bull run will run out of steam and Marriott will be wondering where they chased all their "loyalty" program members away to.