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Published on September 18th, 2017 | by Chuck


Merrill+ Card to be Discontinued on September 18-19, Existing Cards to Remain [No Longer Available]

This card has now been discontinued and is no longer available for new sign ups.

Update: The Bank of America Premium Rewards Travel Card has now launched but the Merrill+ is still available for phone sign ups according to Frequent Miler. This is your last last chance to get this card so I’d recommend going for it right now if you’re at all interested.

Someone with inside knowledge gave us a heads up that the Merrill+ card will be discontinued for new applications on September 18th or 19th. This is consistent with what Frequentmiler was told that it’ll end mid-September.

The source also said there are no plans of product changing existing Merrill+ cardholders to another card. Of course that could happen at some point down the line, but there are no imminent plans of doing so.

Brief details about the card:

To apply for the card call them on 866-751-1257 and mention the offer. If necessary mention the offer code BAABZX.

361 Responses to Merrill+ Card to be Discontinued on September 18-19, Existing Cards to Remain [No Longer Available]

  1. Brian C says:

    Just got approved yesterday. Fiance approved last week 🙂

  2. Sam says:

    How do you people get approved for second card? Won’t the reps see that you already have one card? Or even the recon CSR say you already have it?

    Also any luck them pulling another CR if EX is frozen?

    • V says:

      they called me about 30 minutes after I finished the application and asked if I would rather them pull TU or EQ. They were really nice about it and I was approved after a brief < 5 minute hold.

    • Aubrey says:

      This was my first Merrill+ card, but they were happy to happy to pull another bureau. I called immediately after hanging up from application and asked.
      He commented on my excellent credit, despite 13 new accounts in 12 months.
      🙂 Seems like they are focused on inquiries and income.
      If your EX is frozen, all you have to lose is a pull on TU or EQ, so I’d give it a shot!

  3. J says:

    I should probably reach the min. spend on this card ASAP just as a precaution then cash out the points.

  4. Justin says:

    Closed this out last week. Does anyone have a DP on receiving bonus again after closing and applying within a month?

  5. jamesheine says:

    If I currently have the card, I won’t lose my points or anything will I

  6. Matt says:

    If I hurry up and grab this card, will I be okay? Or will I need to cash out ASAP? No particular flight redemption in mind right now.

  7. A M says:

    I got this card three months ago and just got my $500 statement credit last week.

    Have people had luck with getting a second one? I don’t want to waste a hard pull on what may just be a denial.

  8. Bob Newbie says:

    Wow.. so I applied for 3 BOA cards last week. All 3 were approved, including the Merril+, the Merril+ card is already on it’s way to me, but then I just received a phone call saying that one was not supposed to be approved & the account has been closed.
    I can apply at a later date apparently, but then I see this post… so I will not be able to apply for the card again most likely.
    Very frustrating.

  9. Eric says:

    I had two of these open at once. Getting the second was a little tricky. So for #3, I cashed out all my points on the first 2 then closed them. Applied same day to get the bonus a 3rd time and was denied then approved by reconsideration department.

    • Liz says:

      Do you recall where you called for reconsideration? I was just told that I needed to request reconsideration in writing and that I could not call them. Going to HUCA, obviously, but would help to have a specific number that worked.

      • Eric says:

        I called 1 (888) 503-6091 and they told me I was denied. I asked them if I could talk to someone to be reconsidered and they transferred me.

        • SamSimon says:

          Please tell me did you freeze Experian when you were applied for second card, and/or for Third one (latest new one)? thanks

      • Bob says:

        Don’t call regular front-line reps for recon. The master list is on myFICO forums under “Backdoor Numbers.” Google it, it’ll come up

  10. A P says:

    How long should I wait before re-applying? Was denied for too many inquires and did not freeze EX. Plan is to freeze EX and re-apply.

  11. Shawn says:

    I applied 8/19 and was rejected 8/21 since I forgot to freeze Experian. If I apply again within 30 days (like on 9/17) will it be marked as a duplicate?

  12. CM says:

    I’m at 6/24; had Fleet Fusion, which was acquired by BofA, but mine was closed for inactivity a long time ago, no BofA cards.

    Which cash-specific cards should I apply for? I understand BofA is known for randomly cancelling any card if they think they got you too many — does it mean I should limit myself to two cards? Can I get two M+? Or what’s the next best cash bonus?

    If you apply one online, one phone, how many pulls you get? Which one should you apply first?

    • Anthony says:

      If you want the Merrill+ you should limit yourself to just the M+. There are tons of reports of almost everyone who tried to get this card + anything else (for 1 hard pull) having the Merrill+ closed after approval. BoA cites “Approval in Error”. In fact just scroll up and look at Bob Newbie’s post.

      • Abelian Grape says:

        I got the M+ and VS on the same day. No shutdowns.

      • cm says:

        The Bob you cite has clearly stated he was applying for 3 cards in total, so, his shutdown of M+ is a bit more understandable, hence my intro of only trying to do 2.

        Haven’t seen any other DPs that combining the pulls resulted in adverse action. Links?

        • Saturn says:

          I have also seen DPs of people with 2 apps being denied the M+ after initial approval. Your risk of the M+ being revoked is certainly higher with a double app.

          Personally, as much as I can understand trying to hit 2 birds with one stone one should not get too worried about a hard pull in the long term.

  13. fxh says:

    i just applied for my second M+ via phone with the code. went into pending. hope it will be approved soon! one of the best cards IMO, shame it is being discontinued

  14. Frankie says:

    So, are you saying that even though I have one of these cards already (earlier in the summer) – I can call and get a second one and still meet the spend and get a second bonus?

  15. SamSimon says:

    CAN someone PLEASE confirm, do I need to close my current Merill+ in order to apply for new one? Or I can still keep it and apply for new one?
    Is it good idea to freeze Experian before applying? Why people do that? Or it’s not a big deal?
    Thanks a lot!

  16. Saturn says:

    As a PSA of sorts which should be able to address many of the questions:

    1) The Doublettes
    There are a good number of people being approved for a second M+ with the first one still open. (I personally would cash out the points of the first M+ before applying again, although even that seems not necessary.)

    2) The “Secret”
    The card is officially not open to the general public, according to one report. This is not surprising given that the web page was pulled. The CSRs may not mention this, but you could always say you know someone at BofA who recommended the card to you.

    3) The Details
    Knowing the code is not necessary but may be helpful. They will mention the 50k points and read out disclosure statements. They like to ask for personal, not household income, as well as for other assets + length of employment. Rumors of minimum 50k income cannot be confirmed, lower figures may work too. (But why would you say that over the phone?) CS should *probably* not be lower than 710.

    4) The Report
    I consider this the crucial criterion: They prefer to pull your EX and focus on number of inquiries in the last 12 months (in most cases). If you know there are more than 5 hard pulls, it is a good idea to freeze EX before you apply. The good thing is BofA will simply ask you to use a different bureau, so pick the report you think looks cleanest.

    5) The Oddities
    DPs show a lot of variety of success which indicates that credit analysts seem to have latitude in evaluating applications. AAoA, CS, income etc. appear less important than number of inquiries on Experian. They can see the M+ you already have, along with other BofA cards. But this will not prevent you from getting a second M+. (Conversely, a high CS and high income may not be enough if you applied for a lot of cards in the last year. Having a banking relationship with BofA is also no guarantee to help you.)

    Previous DPs of the “Approved in Error” variety, or no more than 4 Personal cards with BofA are outliers, most likely also due to personal whims of the analyst. There are DPs of denial over a high CL, but this could be HUCA’ed. Be prepared for denial and HUCA anyway, but don’t be pessimistic over a second M+. I would resist the temptation to apply for more cards on the same day as there are also reports of approvals that were overturned, effectively replacing your M+ with the second BofA card.

    – Know your credit reports, be ready to pay the $10 to freeze EX.
    – Call and apply, ask them to use TU or EQ.
    – Don’t apply for another BofA card later.
    – HUCA if denied, kiss their rectum and plead your case

    • ZipZapKaZoom says:


    • SamSimon says:

      Thanks – Boss – Saturn
      Last important question! Do you think it’s good idea to keep first card open and apply for second, or close it and then apply for new one? I’m trying to figure out which way has more chances to get the second card.

      • Saturn says:

        Judging by DPs it does not seem to matter. Your first thought should be number of inquiries, in particular on EX, second should probably number of BofA cards. If you overall CL with them seems like a concern you may be tempted to cancel a card. But immediately the trade-off raises its head: You are closing an account, and you cannot be sure they cancel its CL right away.

        I would not overthink the part unless you have a lot of credit with them. The M+ is a Signature and has a 5k minimum. I do think trying to open a lot of cards is the dominant issue for them.

        If you have spent the bonus of your M+ closing it may not matter to you. However, they would still see that you had it, so hiding it will not work.

        • SamSimon says:

          Saturn, I only have one card with BoA (Merrill Lynch +) and that’s it! Ok, I will freeze EX (it has 5 total inquiries within 2 years), and I won’t close my current Merrill as you suggested! Fingers crossed! Thanks!

          • Saturn says:

            You can probably save yourself the trouble with freezing EX. 5 inquiries is nothing. Have you opened a lot of other cards recently?

          • SamSimon says:

            Saturn, too late, I just froze it,) It’s free to freeze it, and to un-freeze it’s $6, I’m NYC. No, I don’t apply much for credit cards, I only apply for the highest bonuses – should be nothing below $250 bonus back!) The last card I opened is Merrill+ 6 months ago.

        • SamSimon says:

          Saturn, getting highest outcome bonus by following this method? “to get $1000 effectively out of 50k points, Involving getting a flight as close as possible to 25000 points and then cancelling it and getting a gift card balance or something like that?” that’s what you do too?

          • Saturn says:

            I haven’t redeemed yet and will wait until I can find 2 decent economy tickets in the $500 range.

            The method you mention has been described in detail on this blog, look for the link somewhere below. It does not involve gift cards but your booking a *refundable* ticket worth $500, buying the desired more expensive ticket (possibly for $800) with your remaining points + cash, then go back to your earlier booking and cancel that.

            The points for this first ticket should be credited back to your M+ balance, meaning you could now make a third – and serious – booking with the entire remaining points balance.

    • Superchurn says:

      no HPs on my EQ in the last year…now i’m really tempted to go for #2

    • Desert Dragon says:

      Saturn, damn you’re good! Thanks much.

    • WR says:

      Do you know if signing up for free trial of Experian CreditWorks and doing a “CreditLock” is the same thing as freezing?

      • Saturn says:

        I haven’t even heard of this service, but a credit lock is the same as a freeze.

      • Captainsave says:

        If ur talking about the 7 day free trail but still charge u $1. Yes that will work

      • VL says:

        Seems like it allows you to achieve the same goal. It is $4.99 for the first month. Need to call to cancel. Then it is 19.99 or 24.99 depends on what prodcut you choose (IdentityWorks or CreditWorks)

        See from Experian site:

        “With Experian CreditLock, you have greater control over who can view your Credit Report. CreditLock offers similar protection to a Security Freeze, but with additional advantages.”

        … and more..

        “Experian CreditLock allows you to block access to your Credit Report. But unlike a freeze, you can lock and unlock your report easily, in real time….

        … When you’re ready to apply for credit or financing, you can unlock your Credit Report with the touch of a button, without delaying the application process.”

        Seems like with only downside that you need to call to cancel it is a better and cheaper option. $4.99 vs $20 (in CA – 10 to freeze, 10 to remove)

      • VL says:

        Well, need to correct myself… it is even better then I thought.
        You can switch back to the Basic membership without calling them.

        Just go to Profile -> Membership, and you will see the option to switch. They even notify you if your CreditLock is on, that it will be unlocked as you switch… which makes sense.

        They do not prorate monthly fees, so make sure to switch to Basic before your month ends.

        Good Luck.

      • VL says:

        I just applied and CreditLock worked perfertly fine. The request was blocked and I immediately received an e-mail from Experian… will be waiting for the analyst call now.

        • Andrew says:

          Could I ask how quickly the credit analyst called you after the application? Thanks!

          • VL says:

            @Andrew, sorry I saw your question, but did not realize it was addressed to me. So apologies for not replying sooner.

            I applied on Fri 9/8 mid day (around noon Pacific)… as soon as I saw the comment that the offer supposedly ended 🙂

            I received a call back on Monday morning (around 9 am Pacific)

    • VL says:

      Thank you so much!!!

      Great straight to the point instructions on just for M+, but to BofA in general. The comment which should be really a post. This is a first comment I am bookmarking for my future reference (bookmarked quite a few posts, but not comments so far).

      Again, thanks!

    • VL says:

      Which tool are you using to block specific CR?
      Or that can be done directly on the specific bureau website?

      I started this hobby a year ago, so I did not need to get to CR management as of yet, but now it is probably going to be useful (have approx 10 HPs over the last year between all reports).

      Which tool would you recommend for
      (a) monitoring all 3 CRs
      (b) managing (freezing/unfreezing) the reports.

      Thanks in advance!!!

    • VL says:

      A couple of questions.
      It turned out that I am not an exception, and EX has most of the HPs (6/12 and 9/24).
      a) I am planning to follow your advise and freeze EX, would you still advise that with the numbers mentioned above?
      b) Never done that. Should I just do that on EX webiste, or people are using some tools?
      c) What should I say to BofA rep on the phone when they are not able to pull EX report? Any explanation is due? How would I explain that I frozen EX and not other reports… to not look suspicions.

      Any advise is greatly appreciated… and again, thank you for such great instructions.

    • VL says:

      Hi @Saturn, just wanted to say Thank You for that comment. At the end of the day it was extremely useful for me.. not just in getting the card (which I did by locking EX), but also it started me on reading a lot about CR and now I know about it way more than I did few days ago. Now I have security alerts set up on all of them for the whole family and able to even educate my friends. Thank you again!

      Obviously, thank you to @Will and @Chuck, and the whole DoC team. Amazing blog. I can not believe that this card is not even mentioned on other blogs… and just because they do not get commissions form BofA (!!)… this just drops my trust to other blogs in times, and raises DoC in my eyes even higher!!! Thanks a lot guys!

      • Saturn says:

        Man, I’m glad it helped you. Because I made up most of that shit!

        And now you’re putting us all in the shade around here.

        Flippancy aside, this card will go down in history as having the most unpredictable approval process. I’m really sorry for people with very good numbers being denied over haphazard rules that seemed pulled out of thin air.

        The Approved in Error affair will remain as the most galling memory. At some point I speculated that BofA handled the first stage of the apps but had to turn things to a dept. at ML in order to get the final decision. That may even be true, but in the end their decision-making stayed erratic and seemingly random.

        There will always be a subjective element to recon, naturally. But the fact that so many people were treated to such radically different experiences – and denial reasons – is pathetic. I hope your second HP will be removed at some point. You can certainly contact BofA to persuade them. In the end you actually have no right to demand that, unfortunately.

        That invites the segue to the other more problematic scandal with Equifax. But let’s not go there. Happy redeeming!

  17. captainsave says:

    Applied and went to pending. Just read about freezing EX, should have done it before applying over the phone. Whats the reconsideration number?

  18. Mike P. says:

    Worth burning a 5/24 slot for this card? Wife and I are 1/24 and 0/24, respectively; trying to keep our CRs clean for an upcoming mortgage application. Valuing cash back over travel redemptions with a baby on the way. Thanks in advance.

    • Saturn says:

      It’s your personal decision regarding 5/24. $500 cash back makes it effectively a 6% card, but one time only. You could ask your mortgage broker, but i don’t think another inquiry will really make a difference. The card itself may not show on your report until its first statement posts.

      • Herby Jerby says:

        How do you get 6%? My math is showing 17% back, 34% if you are magic and nail two exactly $500 flights.

        • VL says:

          It does not have to be exactly $500. Anythong above $500 gives you top resemption. You just will have to pay some oit of pocket too.

      • VL says:

        I am sorry, I think there is a mistake in your calculations or just a typo, or I did not understand what did you mean by “6% card” and then my apologies…

        According to my calculations:
        50K Bonus + 3K Spend = 53K points.

        If you cash it out then
        $530 / $3,000 = 17.67% cash back card

        If you spend it on Travel at best redemption value
        53K = $1,030 (as 3K points are always redeemed at 1 cent per point)
        $1,030 / $3,000 = 34.33% cash back card

        17.67% – 34.33% ranks it pretty high for me… with no annual fee means you can keep this card forever (which eventually will work towards increasing your credit score), no need to search for award flights… seems like a total winner.

        The only down side is 5/24, and it is a personal call if you go for it, but 1/24 is nothing, and I do not see 4 other non-business cards with better return at this moment. I am 4/24 (but pretty much worked through all UR Chase cards & Southwest) and still seriously considering it.

    • J says:

      I was at 8/24 (wife at 6/24) when I got my mortgage late last year (but didn’t get a credit card for about 5 or 6 months before I applied for my mortgage) my mortgage broker didn’t care about my credit card number. I asked them if it matters, they said it didn’t. Just matters that you are paying them off. Obviously this is a huge YMMV but that’s how it was for me. (First time home buyer as well).

  19. Mr G says:

    Card looks good but I’m still unsure on how to properly use the points. I’ve read you can only get a flight up to $500. Is it possible to apply points to a more expensive flight.

    Could someone please explain.


    • JF says:

      Yes, if you book a flight over $500 you just pay what’s left out of pocket.

      I booked award flights a few months ago and from what I remember you can also use points at 1 cent per point to cover the additional cost. So hypothetically you could book a single $750 ticket with 50,000 bonus points instead of (2) $500 tickets. If you book 2 flights that are $550 you’ll just pay the left over $100 out of pocket.

  20. Josh says:

    Wasn’t there some method to get $1000 effectively out of 50k points? Involving getting a flight as close as possible to 25000 points and then cancelling it and getting a gift card balance or something like that? I thought there was some method like that but I can’t remember or find a link.

  21. J says:

    Thinking about applying for this card for both myself and my wife. Is it possible to combine points with your spouse?

    • Saturn says:

      Not that I know of, and I don’t know what good it would do if redemption is best in 25k increments.

    • VL says:

      I agree with Saturn’s comment. Why would you want to do that? People are going through a dummy booking to separate 50K in their account into 2x25Ks… if you combine you may have to through that 2, 3 or even more times until you use them all up… I would prefer to have 2 accounts with 25K each instead of 50K 🙂

      P.S. Found one reason why one may want the points combined = you are buying 4 tickets at the same time, and really want them to be on the same itinerary… other than that you are better off with 2 accounts.

  22. LisaY says:

    I was approved for this card yesterday by freezing my EX and speaking to a senior credit analyst to ask them to pull TU. I have 2 Alaska cards currently and have lots of new cards/inquiries from asst banks over the past 12 months. They approved the card while on the phone with me and expedited the card. It arrived this morning and I used it to make some purchases. Shortly afterwards I received a call from BofA telling me the card was approved in error and it is cancelled. She said that they determined I already had enough cards/credit from BofA and their affiliates. I was extremely angry as I’ve been with BofA for a very long time. Planning to go within the next week and move all my banking over to a local credit union (something I’ve been meaning to do forever but this is the last straw). This is complete BS.

    • Captainsave says:

      Wow can they even do that after using ur card? Did they closed the account? Do u need to pay off the balance if they close it?

    • Darv says:

      Yep, this is how BofA rolls. Approved in error. I had a similar experience. They closed a BBR of mine too. I hit them hard for eight or so MLB cards. They still give me biz cards.

      To get even, consider opening biz cards and churn them, plus churn a personal and biz checking.

      I’m taking a break from them but will be looking to renew my relationship in the future.

  23. Cole says:

    Applied. They said the application went to review?(I’ve never not been instant approved) Is that a big deal? I think I’m only at 3/24 before applying.

  24. DubR says:

    Froze EX, but they still denied me for too many new accounts, citing 8 new accounts YTD. So locking EX didn’t really do anything, they could still look at new accounts, just not inquiries. Moving $100k in assets to Merrill obviously didn’t help either. With $160k income and 810 FICO, they said my current credit line of $7k across 2 BofA personal cards was “sufficient”. HUCA?

  25. JD says:

    I called and applied tonight. She asked for the offer code almost immediately. She indicated that the welcome bonus was 50,000 points. I did not get an instant approval. I don’t have any BoA cards now, and all three scores are around 800. I think I have only picked up 4-5 cards in the last 12 months, so this review period may just be a BoA rite of passage?

  26. bellevuemike says:

    This might be of use to some. Applied for the Merrill card 2 days ago. I currently have one and received the bonus. App went pending. Approved today. Confirmed will receive bonus for second time. No need to close first card.

    Here’s the interesting part……….I noticed that none of the 3 bureaus were hit. I asked why. They said that they used the hard pull from my Alaska Airlines visa sig from 8/10. Nice!

    By the way, the greatest value for my family comes from the the Alaska card combined with the Merrill card. We rotated these last year (wife AND me), and it worked like a charm. Goes like this. Get both cards, especially now since the Alaska card comes with a $100 first use credit which offsets $75 annual fee. Do the $1K spend and get 30K miles (which we hoard) and a companion pass for which you only pay the taxes on any paid fare. Once you hit the Merrill spend and see the 50K points, fish for ANY Alaska ticket near $1K on the Merrill site. Buy it with the 50K points. Wait 2 days and cancel the ticket. The full ticket value will deposit into your Alaska account to be used to go wherever you want whenever you want. Then you can use your Alaska dollars to buy a RT ticket from an Alaska origination, nonstop, to Hawaii or wherever. Those Hawaii trips are EXPENSIVE, around $1K, and get the second ticket for pennies using the companion fare. Last year it cost us $122 twice (full companion fare cost), or $244, for FOUR RT’s between Seattle and Kona. $244 for $4K of tickets (which would have been 320,000 Alaska points which I was unwilling to part with) Given that they’re waiving the nominal $99 companion fare cost if you get the Alaska and Merrill cards now, you can get $4K of tix for about $44 if play it right.

    • MarcoPolo says:

      Thanks for the great tips.
      Did you freeze your EX ?

    • VL says:

      Can you please elaborate a bit more on “Wait 2 days and cancel the ticket. The full ticket value will deposit into your Alaska account”. I was under impression that tickets are cancellable only within 24 hours (or until 23:59 next day), and the funds are deposited back to the original form of payment (points or cash)… seems like you are intentionally waiting for that grace period to be over, and… why are your funds are not gone, and instead deposited into your Alaska account?

      Thanks a lot for a great tip/hack…

    • VL says:

      You also stated “ANY Alaska ticket near $1K on the Merrill site. Buy it with the 50K points.”.. did you mean – 2 tickets close to $500 each? Thank you again!

      • bellevuemike says:

        Tickets are cancelable after 24 hours. You just don’t receive a refund. The money is then committed to be used with Alaska at a future date. I believe most airlines work this way. SW does for paid fares. If you cancel prior to 24 hours, the money goes back to Merrill in the form of points. If you wait past 24, I wait 48, and cancel, the FULL ticket value (2X the points) anchors in your Alaska account or “wallet”. You can then use the money for any paid flights, no restrictions. This same process is true for the US Bank Altitude card and its points. If you cancel prior to 24 hours, the points go back to US Bank. After, they are recognized as full ticket value cash deposited into your wallet for future use. And with the Altitude card, you don’t need to worry about $250 tranches or exceeding limits.As for the 2 tickets close to $500, yeah, as you mention, pick tickets (at doubled point values) that fit just under the Merrill limit. Hope this explains it.

        • VL says:

          Understood. Thanks a lot! Does Alaska charges any fees for such cancellations? And do the funds expire? (SW as you mentioned keeps it for a year)…

          If you have done it with other carriers, do they charge fees for such cancellations?

          Thanks a lot for such usefull information! Now Alaska CC with companion actually makes some sense (without that 30K bonus was not something to write home about).

          Thanks again.

          • bellevuemike says:

            No cancellation fees and the funds never expire as basically you are loaning them your money at 0% interest. Other carriers don’t charge fees as standard practice, as far as I know until you start to get close to your flight date. I just pick flights many months out and then wait 48 hours.

  27. gene says:

    If I have a merill lynch card and got a bonus could I qualify for the new card if it has a bonus when it comes out later this month?

  28. Dave says:

    I mistakenly unfroze my EX ( for another app-o-rama with Amex) and then applied for this card a second time for myself and DW (closed the first round). Went pending and got declined 2 days later for both. Senior lending specialists are tough as nails and unwavering on my denial (didn’t call for DW yet). Kicking myself as I think I need to wait at least 30 days to reapply and by then the card will be gone. One rep mentioned that he can pull another CB during the reconsideration process, but I wasn’t sure if that would be enough for him to ignore my EX report.

    Anyone have any experience with that?

    • VL says:

      Dave, separate question to you, since seems like you are familiar with freezing/unfreezing. What do you use to do that? Do you just go to CR website, or use some 3rd party tools/services? What do you use to monitor the reports. Thanks in advance.

  29. Dave says:

    Just use the cb’s website. To monitor I use credit karma which shows me all the important things for eq and tu.

  30. Jan says:

    FYI- this call takes 22 minutes

  31. Mike B. says:

    Random data point: I applied for this card over the phone on 9/1, went pending for review by a credit analyst, then I checked online at BofA’s app status website about an hour later, and saw I that I had been approved. I have two old, essentially dormant credit cards with BofA, and do have some history churning credit cards (Hawaiian Airlines x2) and bank accounts (personal & business checking) with them, but nothing too crazy. I did have to provide the rep with the offer code (BAABZX) and he confirmed it was good for 50k. He also asked asked if I had an employee ID. I just said no, and it wasn’t a problem. Super easy process. Hardest part was listening to the rep read all the disclosures.

  32. Klad says:

    Applied Merrill+ on 06/24 and was approved same day.. just completed the MSR and 50k points should come in a day or two I believe.. EX was frozen when I applied, they were happy to pull TU, I removed the freeze after few weeks and now EX is unlocked.

    Can I apply for second one before this is discontinued? My stats are as follows FICO ~750+ across all three, Accounts 04/24 02/12 02/06, Inquiries EX 5 (2/12) EQ 6 (1/12) TU 3 (2/12). Also have Checking (8 months), Savings with 20K (1 month), Cash Rewards (2.5 years) and Merrill+ (since 06/24)

  33. Abhishek says:

    DP: I applied on August 29 through phone, gave the code provided by Doc, application went in pending
    Checked online next day, application was approved on August 30
    They ran experian and credit score came out to be 752
    Called on August 30, requested expedite shipping for $15
    Received the card very next day on August 31
    Spending countdown has begun

    • Klad says:

      Congrats.. BTW, I am little surprised you paid 15$ for expedite shipping. I mean all of us are getting for free, why pay it when you can get it for free.

  34. Stasington says:

    DP: Applied 9/2 on the phone and went into pending.
    Got a call this morning telling me that they couldn’t pull the report since I have EX locked and asked if they can pull from TU. I was on hold for 5 minutes and then approved.

  35. LnL says:

    Can folks explain why they are having EX locked? Is there an advantage to pulling from other bureaus instead?

    • SamSimon says:

      May be rejected!
      ” I consider this the crucial criterion: They prefer to pull your EX and focus on number of inquiries in the last 12 months (in most cases). If you know there are more than 5 hard pulls, it is a good idea to freeze EX before you apply. The good thing is BofA will simply ask you to use a different bureau, so pick the report you think looks cleanest.”

    • Klad says:

      To hide large number of inquiries on EX, and given that BOA is ready to pull another CB for you.. Also people ask if they can pull TU as it seems to least used CB among all three major CBs and hence comparatively lesser inquiries

  36. Dani says:

    So I have 2 cards and want to cash out but not sure if BoA will give me the extra 25,50,75% if I open a qualifying BoA checking account?!?

    Does BoA give the extra cash back with this cards bonus points?


  37. Ron says:

    Got one back in March, froze my EX and applied today and went to pending. Will wait a day or two and see if I can get approve or call them and ask to pull TU, hoping to get approve for a second card.

    • Lily says:

      I got one last Dec, and just closed it last month (before seeing this thread). I froze my EX and applied last Sunday and went to pending as well. Yesterday morning they called and told me they couldn’t process because of the frozen credit report so i told her to pull TU and she did right there and approved me. So happy! 🙂

      • Lily says:

        Oh, I have 10 inquires on Equifax (4 are not from cc) but only 2 on TU. Don’t know how many on EX. I meant to freeze Equifax but froze EX by mistake. Credit score in low 800.

        • Ron says:

          My TU has only like 5 inquires, mostly from Barclay. I’m tempted to just call them and say hey, pull TU since my EX is frozen.

          • Lily says:

            I’m sure they will call you anytime soon to ask you to permit them to pull another CB. Good luck and keep us posted.

        • SamSimon says:

          Lily, register on official Experian site for free and monitor your credit reports for free.

          • Lily says:

            Really? Thanks so much for the info! I’ve been wondering how to get the EX data (other than their FICO score through Amex). I tried to order my annual report from them online but they told me i had to mail or fax my IDs to them so i gave up. The last time i requested and received my annual report was over 10 yrs ago and i didn’t have to mail in anything so not sure why all this hassle now.

          • SamSimon says:

            Lily, they try to protect us from scammers (or them)
            EX site update info every 30 days, the free service, if you want updates daily – you have to pay! I found and corrected many issue on the report after i saw mine first time!

      • Ron says:

        Ok so here’s an update, called in today to 866-224-8555, they said my EX was frozen, of course it is. So I asked the lady on the phone to pull TU instead, boom approved for 5k, card is in the mail to me. Now let see if they will cancel because “approved in error” nonsense. Seems like my limit with bofa is close since this card is only 5k compare to the last Merril card and my Alaska airlines card. Oh well, planing to cancel my other Merril card anyway. Also I don’t know if being a preferred customer with bofa helps or not, just want to throw that out there.

  38. SamSimon says:

    OK, froze EX three days ago, applied two days ago, they just called, I said use TransUnion, after 5 mints on hold:

    sorry we cannot approve you for second card, you have sufficient credit limit (i only have ONE MERRILL LYNCH PLUS with $8,000 limit with BofA) with us right now. And also you recently opened Merrill lynch + on February, we want to see how you will perform with this card….

    Will try reconsideration.

    • CJ says:

      They denied me for the same reason. Let me know how recon goes for you!

    • Ferris says:

      What did you list as your Income?

      • SamSimon says:

        The issue not in income! The issue not in credit inquiries – I don’t have any on my TransUnion! Income might be a problem but not in my case – my income – $69,000, I think anything below $55,000 is not so good…
        I think main issue – that I didn’t used the card much after I got my bonus! So them saying “sufficient credit limit” is BS!
        CJ, do you use your M+ card much after you got bonus?

  39. ppsh says:

    12/24 Exp (3/12), 9/24 TU, 5/24 EQ. Gold Preferred tier, two personal and one biz CC with BOA. How are my chances? Do I need to pay $4.99 to freeze Exp, only to have them pull TU (which isn’t that much prettier)?

  40. ppsh says:

    12/24 Exp (3/12), 9/24 TU, 5/24 EQ. Gold Preferred tier, two personal and one biz CCs with BOA. How are my chances? Do I need to pay $4.99 to freeze Exp, only to have them pull TU (which isn’t that much prettier)?

    • Saturn says:

      If EX has the lowest number of pulls you should probably do nothing. I suppose your biggest risk would be 12/24, but you only have 3 cards with BofA now which eliminates another weak link.

      I would just try it if I were you, knowing that they are getting more discriminating with the recent onslaught of apps. If they deny you for “too many accounts” or “sufficient credit” you can try your luck with recon.

      • ppsh says:

        Didn’t freeze EX. Did proactively lower the CLs on my two personal CCs by 20k collectively about 20 days ago. Applied last night. Shows approved this morning, hopefully not “as an error”.

        • ppsh says:

          fudge, get bitten by the “approved in error”… credit analyst agreed to overnight the card during app… UPS overnight package is delivered today, and the account showed up in my boa online profile during the day… but when I opened the package tonight, I found it contained two pieces of paper talking about the approval and my Exp credit score… tried to call cust serv to again get the card via expedited shipping, got bounced to “wealth management” after putting in the last four digits of the card, only to be told by the bot that the account is no longer active… logged online and found the new card has disappeared from my profile too… reconsideration is already closed for the day… ughhhhhhh

          • ppsh says:

            called recon and insisted on getting transferred to merrill, did a re-app (rep cannot guarantee it’s not another HP, given it’s within 30 days from my initial app, I decided to chance it), and still no go… seems the main hang-up is the new cash rewards personal CC putting me at 4 new cards in the last 24 months with boa, even though I closed 2 of the 4 months and reduced the remaining CL by 20k about 20 days ago… they want to see “history” (longevity) of the existing cards and the new 4/24 rule is pretty iron-clad… in addition, boa refuses to voluntarily remove the HP…

          • ppsh says:

            Well, aren’t they an adorable bunch at BOA/Merrill? Yesterday, I got a plain snailmail informing me of the approval, the exact same carbon copy as the one that was overnighted to me on 9/13. Today, I got another overnight UPS package, much to my surprise. As I suspected, it contains the full new card package for the Merrill+ card. Too bad when I try to activate it, the bot tells me it can’t service this card and I’d have to call customer service. I’d gladly take the cost of the two overnight packages as a statement credit or a cashier’s check.

    • ppsh says:

      Just lovely. So after overnighting me two approval letters plus the actual card, followed by snailmailing two “oops, approved in error” letters (citing “economy conditions going forward” among other reasons), today I got a letter from Merrill/BOA containing the benefits booklets and the PIN to the card.

  41. Josh says:

    Been in review now do 2 days. How long does it usually take?

  42. Anand says:

    I am thinking of applying today. My last card app was April this year (Chase BA) and December last year before that (Citi TY Premier). Total 2 card apps in last 1 year, and 3 or 4 over the last 2 years. Plat Honors with BofA and only one BofA card (Cash Rewards). Score between 780 and 810, depending on source used. Any reason to think I might run into a denial? I think those stats are not too aggressive.

    • VL says:

      In my oppinion they are not aggressive at all. You said it yourself. You are missing on some good new bonuses by not applying more often. You have a lot of room to play. I would consider business csrds – you have plenty of room on HPs, and they ususally do not show on your reports.

      Good luck.

      • SamSimon says:

        VL, hey, boss! What do you think If we applied and got one card M+ 3 months ago for one person, and another M+ for another account (another person) 1 month ago, do these people have chance to get the second M+ or almost no way? (pretty much nothing on EX, don’t apply much for credit cards, and with BofA only first and single M+ card)

        • VL says:

          This question is probably better to be addressed to @Saturn, who has vast of experience on BofA applications, and provided the GREAT comment with instructions.

          I am new to BofA myself… I just researched well the rules, and that is why I was able to answer your rule related questions… but in regards of tactics for BofA I am a no adviser.

          May I ask you a question… if you are under 5/24 for personal cards, why not apply for Chase UR cards? In my opinion they are a better value. CIP (Chase Ink Preferred) with 80K bonus is my first choice, CSP (Sapphire Preferred) with 50K+5K is the second… Also it is a good idea to diversify your assets. Obviously this does not apply to you if you already had them recently, or do not qualify for Chase. But I think in one of your previous comments you mentioned that you did not have much activity lately (please forgive me if I am mixing you with somebody else).

          If you are still to go for another M+ (in case if you value it that much) you may have a chance (as previous comments suggested), but be prepared to explain why you need the second one… Also, it is just another HP (which can be placed on a different report) in case if you do not get it, not the end of the world, although would be sad to waste it.

          Good luck!

          • SamSimon says:

            Yes, it’s me, I’m trying to gather as much info as possible!) Before another 2 people in my house apply again. And yes, I (we) don’t apply much for credit cards, I want the highest cash bonuses!
            Don’t you have to have a business to apply for (Chase Ink Preferred) I don’t have a business…
            Our second card was (Sapphire Preferred)
            We need to spend $5,000 to get $500 cash bonus MINUS $95 annual fee and for example opportunity cost of this extra $2,000 spending vs. $3,000 M+ (it’s minus $40 if count my store purchase/retailer stores – as $1 give me 2 points with double cash card – my first card opened 5 years ago)

            We don’t spend much on these to get 3 points back per $1:
            Chase Ink Preferred “Earn 3 points per $1 on the first $150,000 spent in combined purchases on travel, shipping purchases, Internet, cable and phone services, and on advertising purchases made with social media sites and search engines each account anniversary year”

          • VL says:

            a) Any type of small business will work. You can be a tutor, software developer with a gig on the side, any small business would do. And you apply as a Sole Proprietor listing your own SSN in EIN box, and in SSN box.

            b) If you are only after cash, then Ink Pref will give you ~ $700 bonus right now (80K bonus – non-waivable $95 AF) + at least $50 which will come from your spend. So yes, you need to spend $5K and get $750

            c) CSP has no annual fee first year. So it is pure 50K bonus + 5K for authorized user + 4K on spend. So it is $590…

            But I see, if you care only about cash and M+ is ending I can understand why you are after it… although that makes sense if you do not travel AT ALL… with any type of travel redemption you will be able to x1.5 or x2 your rewards.

            Good luck.

          • SamSimon says:

            VL, you are right, now I see it, I didn’t know that I can get $700 cash with Ink Pref, and forgot about + 5K on spend thanks for the tips! I will try to get few Chase cards after this one;)
            Do people also freeze EX before applying for Chase credit cards?

          • VL says:


            a) I have not heard that freezing Experian would help with Chase… I am not as knowledgeable in this respect, but I think they are not that flexible as BofA (which agrees to pull another CB). On the other side, most of my Chase HP hit Experian, and they were never concerned about the number of hits (I had at the time 5/12 and 8/24). They are mostly concerned about the number of opened accounts on your Credit Report in last 2 years. If you are 5/24 your choices are limited with Chase.

            b) Regarding Chase Sapphire Preferred. The spend is $4K (not $5), and annual fee is waived first year. So, you are looking at $550 cash (extra 5K points for AU) for $4K spend.

            Good luck.

          • SamSimon says:

            VL, Boss, I think you are right and Chase will force people to un-freeze EX.

            You stated before,
            “b) If you are only after cash, then Ink Pref will give you ~ $700 bonus right now (80K bonus – non-waivable $95 AF) + at least $50 which will come from your spend. So yes, you need to spend $5K and get $750”

            I replied;)

            “I didn’t know that I can get $700 cash with Ink Pref, and forgot about + 5K on spend thanks for the tips! I will try to get few Chase cards after this one;)”


          • VL says:

            My other comment was in response to your earlier statement regarding Sapphire Preferred.

            You said:
            “We need to spend $5,000 to get $500 cash bonus MINUS $95 annual fee”

            I just pointed out that the spending is less then you think ($4K), and no annual fee for year 1. So it is very close to what you are getting from M+ (cash wise)

            Also, if you get Ink Pref, you can also refer one of your family members, and currently referrals bring you 20K ($200).

            If you have no friend to refer you for your first Ink application, just find a referral link on this blog – support people here. Same bonus for you (80K). There was a higher in branch bonus some time ago, but it has expired by now. After your first Ink you would be able to refer your family members yourself.

            Good luck.

      • Anand says:

        Thanks for the opinion. Regarding applications, I want to be a bit conservative as I might be going in for a mortgage in a year.

        Anyway, called an applied and it is in review. Not sure if I should do something now or just wait.

        • Anand says:

          Just to offer another data point: I called their review department today and spoke with a credit analyst, who approved the app immediately. Visa signature and 25k CL. No trouble or push back. Asked for and received expedited delivery as well. Good overall and thanks to this site for pertinent tips.

        • Anand says:

          I do have another question for y’all: I am itching to close down the other BofA cash rewards card I have – don’t like too many cards lying around that I don’t use. I will only do this if (like Amex) they can close that account without it affecting the age of my accounts or showing up on my history in a negative way. Am I looking for something that doesn’t happen at all? That card is a very old card for me.

          • VL says:

            I would advise HIGHLY against doing so.

            Although this card (I am assuming it is a personal card, not business) will still stay on your CR for long time (I think 10 years) and will contribute to your average age of accounts (AAoA) this will definitely negatively impact your score!

            It will reduce your available CL, which will increase your utilization, and at the end of the day will also reduce the age of your accounts (longest and average).

            Keep your oldest cards, and keep them for as long as you can… (obviously I am assuming that you have no Annual Fee on it.. if you do try to product change it to a no AF card).

            There are a lot of info about it on this blog, I would recommend to do some reading before you make any changes.

            P.S. BoA may close it for you on their own if they see that you do not use it at all. That happened for me several years ago well before my new hobby days… Unlike Discover, who keeps the card for many years despite 0 utilization.

            Either way it is the best to keep it and may be even use for one transaction every year to keep it alive. I would not do it for all cards (if you had 20 of them), but for sure for the oldest ones.

            Good Luck

          • Anand says:

            A little confused about this. Looking at my report on Credit Karma, I have only 1 Amex account which is showing as opened 15 years ago. It is true that I opened that account then. I did also apply for a new Amex card 2 years ago and asked them at that time to close the old card without affecting my history. It appears they did so. My only Amex card account showing on my history is backdated all the way to the original card opening date, as you can see. So my number of accounts and AAoA are unaffected. My question is: does BofA do this? There should be no downside with this, am I right?

          • VL says:

            I am not familiar with that procedure. May be somebody else can explain it.

            The option 1 I could think of is that Amex “product changed” your old card into the new one.

            Another possible explanation: up until some point in the past Amex used to report all your cards with the Open Date of your very first and oldest account with them. If you applied for your card #2 before that rule was changed it would explain why the Open Date on that card goes back 15 years, but that still would not explain why the other card disappeared from your report – it should have stayed for another 10 years.

            Either way, keeping your old accounts open you are boosting your credit history big time. Read about how the credit score is calculated and you will see that AAoA and Credit Utilization are 2 major factors. By keeping your old cards open with $0 balance you are helping both factors.

            If you eager to get rid of the card – shred it, but keep it open. Or just put it away in a safety deposit bank… obviously the call is yours.

            Good Luck.

  43. JP says:

    I’m getting mixed results for recon number. If anyone can give me best number to call I’d greatly appreciate it

  44. JP says:

    So can we call recon and ask them to pull TU even in Experian is not frozen? That is if I wasn’t approved due to excessive inquiries on Experian

    • SamSimon says:

      JP, interesting, but I doubt it… I’m curious if after we apply we can call right away and ask to pull from TU even if Experian is not frozen…. or it will be impossible because they pull from whatever they want to pull from….

  45. tribeman55 says:

    Does anyone know what days/hours the department that you call and apply with is open?

    • Klad says:

      I believe application number is open 24/7. It’s just recon line which has restricted hours, I believe M-F 7 AM-7 PM or so..

      • JP says:

        I couldn’t reply to your reply.

        I meant when recon processes your app again doesn’t that result in second/third and so forth hard pull?

        • Klad says:

          No recon is all about having your application reconsidered which you recently submitted and was denied. They already have your report and using the report you have to convince them that you can be approved. BTW, BOA uses same pull for 30 days. Just call them and ask for reallocating the limits to see if they can approve you

      • VL says:

        The new application line is closed at midnight EST (or may be an hour later). Do not remember when it is open.

  46. Carolyn says:

    DP: Froze Experian on 9/4, applied for the Merrill+ on 9/4 and went to review. I tried calling and providing the reference number 2 times and each person said it was still in review and I just had to wait. Someone from BoA called me on 9/6 and mentioned my Experian report was frozen and asked if they could pull my TU or Equifax. I asked them to pull Equifax (it only has 5 hard pulls whereas Eq and Ex have 10) and he said sure. Easy as that. He put me on hold for maybe one minute and then came back to say I was approved. (For the sake of comparison, this is my first BoA card.)

  47. bellevuemike says:

    I spoke with the Merrill team to confirm my bonus structure from my app of a week ago that was approved. They confirmed.

    And then told me that 9/7 was the last day for new apps.

  48. bellevuemike says:

    Interesting. The agent first said that it would end mid Sept. He then put me on hold to talk to the Merrill team (not the B of A team), came back and said 9/7 was it. No new apps. I had my brother in law call after that call just to verify. He was told “not accepting new apps”.

    Weird. Hard to believe it’s not either all open or hard shut off.

  49. EA says:

    I saw the comments today about this ending yesterday (9/7) so I thought I would give it a shot today. Called to apply, was asked if I had a code I wanted to use and used the BAABZX code provided here, the rep didn’t say anything to me about no new applications. After completing and submitting application was told it went to review. I have about 740 credit score and 3 hard pulls on my EX account with income of $66K. First B of A card.

    I’ll check my application on B of A’s website next week and see if it went through and call recon mid week next week if I’m not approved within a couple days.

  50. Amy says:

    I called and applied 8/31, was approved the same day (not immediately, though–had to check the website to find out). They pulled Experian, who reported my credit score as 764. Salary and assets together total near but under 50k. I already had a BoA card–one of my oldest–and they reduced its credit line to give me one of $5,000 on the Merrill+ account. My card should arrive within the next few days.

  51. Al says:

    Just applied this morning, told them I wanted the Merrill+ card and agent went over the bonus (I didn’t need to provide offer code). Application went to review.

  52. Dom says:

    I applied today, 9/9, gave the BAABZX offer code, and the offer was confirmed to me. However, my application is under further review. I have 4 BoA cards (2 MLB, 1 Travel Rewards, 1 Cash Rewards) and a core checking account with a small balance.

  53. lorem ipsum says:

    Does BofA have a minimum time between apps? On 6/22, I got the Merrill+ and Alaska cards, and I recently met the min spend on both (received Merrill points already, Alaska miles expected a few weeks after the statement closes) .

    I’d like to get the M+ again before it is closed to new apps, but it’s pointless to apply if they have a 3/90 rule or something similar. I had 18K CL on each card, and I’ve lowered them to 12K each, as I’ll sock drawer them both. Hoping that if I am able to apply, they’ll see the 12K in CL I just freed up.

    • ppsh says:

      According to someone on reddit who got denied after getting four approved accounts in the past 24 months:

      CSR proceeded to tell me the policy is:
      No more than 2 new (BoA) cards in 2 months;
      No more than 3 new (BoA) cards in 12 months;
      No more than 4 new (BoA) cards in 24 months.

  54. Matt says:

    Applied today 9/11, did not have to supply the BAABZX off code and the 50k offer was confirmed to me. App is currently pending.

  55. Andrew says:

    Another data point:

    Applied for my first Merrill+ card in November 2017. Canceled it in late August in anticipation of applying for it again. Applied for my second card over the phone today (had to give the telephone rep the bonus offer code BAABZX). Got a call from BoA about 30 minutes after the application – the telephone number was 866-224-7710. I had frozen my Experian credit report, so they asked which other bureau to pull. I told them Transunion and after a brief hold I was approved. Card should arrive in 7-10 business days.

    Thanks, Doc, as always for this great website!

    • SamSimon says:

      “November 2017” “late August” how is it possible? opened 2016 and then august 2017 you close it?
      Please provide more useful details!
      Do you have cards with them? Accounts?
      Your score?
      Do you have many credit cards? Total more than $20,000 ?
      What are the Income and Assets that you told them?

      • Andrew says:

        Hehe, definitely meant November 2016. I have two other cards with them that I’ve had for quite a while – the total credit extended to those two cards is about $30K. My score moves around the 750-800 range. I’ve applied for probably 20+ credit cards in the past two years and have roughly 20-30 open at any given time. High income and assets

  56. Darin says:

    Interesting experience applying. I assumed I would have no problem eventually getting approved and did not freeze EX. CS is 800+, high income, only 2 HP’s in the last 12 mos on EX (5 in 24 mos). Went to pending as expected when I called in on Saturday, but when I checked today it was a denial. First time ever I have been outright denied.

    Called the recon line and they transferred me to a senior specialist. I was told it was denied for 2 reasons: sufficient credit already extended (and NOT BofA, as this would be my first card with them) and no existing relationship. I told her I have a mortgage with BofA but she said that won’t help. She was basically ready to hang up with me and apologized, but I asked is there was any further reconsideration I could pursue. She said if I’m asking for a reconsideration she will have to put one through and did I want to do that (she sounded skeptical)? Yes, please. Asked for verification of liquid assets, was on hold for some time and she came back, much friendlier than before, to tell me that she would be happy to approve my application and expedite the card. So happy outcome, but definitely took some persistence and cajoling.

  57. VL says:

    One more DP.

    Froze EX (by activating CreditLock, not requesting a Freeze, which is cheaper as it comes with the price of $4.95 for the first month of CreditWork or IdentityWork service… then you need to change membership back to basic before second month starts).

    Applied on Fri 9/8. The app went pending. Got the call today Monday morning. The usual, they told me my EX is frozen. I told, “Yes, now a days we need to be more protective”. He very politely asked if I can unfreeze it or if he can pull another report. I suggested he pulls TU or EQ (should have told them EQ as it has even fewer HPs). He pulled TU and after a quick hold approved me on the spot. I asked to expedite the card because we will be traveling soon, and he did it for no charge. The card should arrive in 2 days.

    The only down side is that they double-pulled TU… I have received 2 alerts from both CreditKarma and CreditWise… I have seen this happening with other people too.

    If anybody who dealt with double pulls can share their experience that would be great. Is there any way to fight it? Can I request them to remove a second HP from the TU?

    Thank you for your advises and good luck.

    • Trippy says:

      My hunch is that the 2nd one might disappear after sometime. Same thing happened to me when I was applying for housing.

      • VL says:

        Thank you! I will keep an eye on it and will update here. If has to contest it will post here as well. Have not seen that with other banks, but my experience is limited… may be TU will clean it up as duplicate themselves…

        How long did it take for you for the second one to disappear?

        Thank you!

        • Trippy says:

          I don’t remember exactly, I think a week to 10 days

        • tinytavosa says:

          Hey VL, did you end up having your 2 pulls on TU get combined?

          • VL says:

            Nope, just checked and it is still there. I can check one more time only in 7 days (CreditKarma rules). I am not going to demand it to be removed for now… I do not want to draw too much attention to my new account (although it is my only BofA account as of now, had some in the past)… but if needed I will call them in a month or so and will ask them if they can help me to get it removed. Not too much worried about it as only few issuers are using TU, and it does not hurt the score too much.. but I will try to get it removed.

            Another DP: a friend of mine did exactly the same thing I did, and did not get double pull from TU. So from people I know 2 cases of double pulls, and 1 case of single pull… no consistency in this world. 🙂

  58. Trippy says:

    Can anybody please check if the travel portal has Norwegian? Its a budget airlines and does appear in Orbitz.

  59. Kaung says:

    Another Merrill+ DP, applied today, Sep 11.

    – Froze EXP, called recon after 2 hours of applying and asked them to pull TU. Approved for 5k CL. Rep asked if I wanted a certain amount, I said I didn’t care. She said no charge to expedite shipping for 2 business days.

    – TU: 745 / no inquiries in over 2 years / AAoA 3 years 8 months / 4 new cards on report showing in last 3 months. Overall 6/24.

    – This is my second Merrill+. First was applied for and approved for $5k on June 12 (hence why I waited 90d until today to apply again to maximize my chances). Did not close it, and still put $10 on it a month.

    – Now I wait for a week to see if they approved me in error or not. My thoughts on this whole process is that the ones being denied have tanked their AAoA. I felt I was approaching that myself with all my new cards, but it seems over 3 years is acceptable for the time being.

  60. Amy says:

    FYI, the card arrives with an insert advertising the bonus offer (which may explain why some aren’t having to mention it when applying).

  61. JP says:

    Anybody waiting since applying on 9/8/17? Still says in review for my dads application.

    • DG says:

      I applied on 9/1 and it is still in that purgatory. Tempted to call the BofA “reconsideration” number to switch it from pending, but supposedly will get the decision any time now. (Supposedly 10-15 days worst case scenario.)

  62. John says:

    Does anybody know how long it take to get approve? I have CS of 800

  63. J T says:

    Can an airline loyalty acct be added to a Merrill portal booking after the fact?

  64. VL says:

    Multiple DP from my friends

    1) <5/24 HP on EX. CS 760s. Did not lock. Applied a week ago. Auto-approved

    2) 8/28 HP on EX. CS 770s. Locked EX (via CreditLock as a part of IdentityWorks on EX). Has another Merrill+ from long time ago (still active). Applied today. Received a call back shortly. Double pulled TU (as usual). Approved.

    3) <5/24 HP on EX. CS ??? (but should be good). Did not lock. Applied today. Auto-approved.

  65. ivy says:

    8/24. 4/12

    Do I need to freeze?


  66. Jay says:

    My Experian was 17/24 so I froze it. I currently have 1 ML+ card from February. I applied 9/12 on phone, they called me today 9/13 and I asked to run Equifax, which only had 2/12 and 3/24. I was approved on the phone after 1 minute on hold for my 2nd ML+ card. I still haven’t touched the points from the first card and had seen mixed opinions about spending them before applying for a 2nd, so I’m happy to be a positive data point in these last few days of potential apps.

  67. DCjoe says:

    Similar to others, bunch of BofA cards, most opened late last year. Had been cooling off because of how they seem to be cracking down, but figured it was good to take a shot at a 2nd Merrill+ as it is going away. Lowered credit lines on most cards to open up some breathing room. Froze Experian, applied, got the call a few hours later, pulled TU, got approved. Next day, card was in online system. Day after that, gone. Seems to be “approved in error”. It was worth a shot. Thinking about going after the AS business card now to see if I can combine the pull- thoughts?

    • DCJoe says:

      Followup- decided life is short so applied for the Alaska Business, as already have the Personal and chances of another one seemed low. After pulling TU for the Merrill+, they did another pull, this time on Equifax. Arrrgh! Whatever. Still no answer yet. I guess they combine pulls if both cards you apply for are personal, but not if one is business?

  68. Klad says:

    Applied for second one today, application declined.. called Recon and explained need to separate business expenses from daily spending and then transferred to some Preferred department.. They then told me they can go ahead and approve with the minimum 5K limit..

    Inquiries EX – 04/24, 01/12
    Accounts 04/24, 02/12, 02/06

    Relationship with BOA
    Cash Rewards 5.5K limit (2.5 years), First M+ 15K limit (since 07/24), Core Checking $1.3K balance (7-8 months), Regular Savings $20K balance (1 month)

    First one was applied and approved on 07/24 with EX Frozen.

  69. JP says:

    Asking this on behalf of my cousin. Opened account on 9/8 and as expected went in review. today is 9/14 and still status hasn’t changed. Called up recon number and was transferred to some “preferred” division as she is a “preferred” customer. she doesn’t even have a BOA acccount/loan or mortgage!

    rep didn’t budge and didn’t review app on phone. what are her options now. I think her app is either stuck somewhere or “forgotten”??

  70. SamSimon says:

    OK, Here my DP:
    If you have relationship with BofA, have at least one credit card (can be your first M+) which you are using (a lot), or/and checking/savings accounts…… you have real chances to be approved.

    In my (my friends cases) we all have only one M+ card, no debit accounts or other credits cards with BofA…. called reconsideration twice…

    Income, credit score, etc doesn’t really mater in this case.

    They want to see that your are really using their current card(s) with them…

    • SamSimon says:

      *THE key – we almost didn’t used M+ cards….

    • Klad says:

      I agree with you from my personal experience

      Back in 2015 applied cash rewards, did not use much. 3 months later applied Travel rewards and they could not approve me because of this reason.

      Yesterday I applied for second M+ and after a recon call was approved although my first M+ was only 50 days old.. But I spent around ~3200 on first M+, ~1500 on Cash Rewards and have Checking(1.3K-8 months), Savings (20K-1 month)

  71. Anthony says:

    Applied for a second M+ today. (1st approved 3/17 and still open).

    Frozen EX. Called and had them pull EQ.

    Denied for 9 accounts in the last year AND have a recently opened M+.


    I will try and use this pull for the Premium BoA Card when it drop!

  72. JP says:

    Seems like they axed my newly approved card. Is this what is called ” approved in error”?

    Recon approved me after I made three calls and today card is gone from online and got ebills has been cancelled email. Sigh.

    • DCjoe says:

      Yup, you got bit by the “approved in error” bug. Sorry. I think this is mostly a Merrill+ issue and will go away once the card disappears. Or I hope so. After just getting “approved in error” for a 2nd Merrill+ card, decided to take a shot at an Alaska business card and got approved for that. Will have to be much more thoughtful and careful with BofA going forward.

    • tribesman55 says:

      Was it your first M+ ? How many other BofA cards do you have?

  73. SamSimon says:

    My another friend applied – same answer they provided him. He opened 5/12 (5 new cards in 12 months)
    They said they want to see he establish relationship with these new card (in long term)
    And they want to see good usage of the cards (utilization.)

    Score 768, income $87,000. savings $40,000

    only one M+ card, no debit accounts or other credit cards with BofA, M+ which he didn’t use much, opened 6 months ago.

    Now they look at the cards recently opened and their utilization… and that how they come up with the decision – who is bonus seekers who is not 😉

  74. Gadget says:

    Taking another stab at this card. Had the Merrill+ earlier this year – used it, got the bonus, then closed it shortly after.

    Froze my Experian using the trial of the Experian credit services yesterday, and applied via phone today. Of course, because the EX CR was froze, I am waiting for the call to pick my choice of reports. No rush on this, and maybe if I wait I will get a “nice person” instead of the jerks it sounds like the proactive have been talking to by calling recon. I won’t cry too much if I don’t get it. My TU can take a inquiry.

    2 open BoA cards (MLB Cash Rewards, and BBR), 2 closed within a year-ish (2nd MLB & Merrill), very little utilization, a lot of cards opened in the last year (8? 10?). 790ish FICO. Income less than 50K, but almost no expenses and high savings.

    • John says:

      Applied yesterday with EX and EQ frozen, went pending as expected. Sure enough, called the reconsideration number proactively to authorize a pull on TU and spoke to one of those “jerks.” Reasons for denial were being 5/12 and sufficient credit allocated (across ALL banks). Also mentioned wanting to see a deeper relationship with BofA, although I have 2 personal and 1 business card with them already. Might need to move some money over there and try calling again, but it sure seemed like a firm stance on the denial from this particular rep, who was also very forthright about reminding me that I already opened this product once (first M+ opened Nov 2016) with them.

    • Gadget says:

      Got my call back from them today, as expected, saying that my EX report was frozen and I needed to unfreeze it. I asked and got told because the process had started on EX, I cannot switch. I am going to HUCA… If that is the case again, going to tell them to sheet-can it and I will call again and start a new application. I think the automated approval process would be more forgiving than manual.

      • VL says:

        Just call again.

        Myself and one friend of mine had no issues with asking to pull TU a week ago. As a matter of fact the rep has offered it himself (as for many others here).

        Another DP today had similar experience with yours. They wanted EX. Called back, got transferred to Merrill (not BofA) team member, and they were able to pull another report, and approved on the spot.

        So, just call back, and politely ask to escalate if the rep can not help you.

      • Gadget says:

        Decided to unfreeze EX and call them back, since I don’t feel like calling back again and again. Saw in the comments below that new apps/promo codes aren’t being accepted, so it was “do or die” time.

        So, today, the first guy I speak to does nothing other than tell me I am getting transferred to the “preferred credit department”, or something like that. Next guy I speak to is an underwriter. Underwriter says – were you able to unfreeze? I said yes, a few moments pass and then he says he has a copy now, and will need a moment to review. While I am on hold, my e-mail starts blowing up with credit notifications from CreditKarma, WalletHub, and Capital One. They pulled TU… rolling eyes.

        Guy comes back on phone, says card approved, 15k limit, and I asked it to be expedited. Should have it two days.

        So, as soon as I hung up, I logged into my EX and re-froze it and waiting to see if any more notifications appear. As I recall, EX is usually instant notification, and seems like EQ takes a day or two to show up, sometimes much as a week, but I expect it to be there because of my self-imposed fiasco. Others have reported when they pull TU, they do EQ too. Will report back if that is the case. There is no recourse if they did, so doesn’t matter at this point.

        tl;dr – probably dodged an EX pull, but ate a TU and EX pull. Can have very little utilization and multiple inquires/new cards and still get approved. Oh, and people that already have way to many CC’s, can still get more, even if you closed the same card immediately after getting the bonus within the same calendar year. Churning isn’t dead.

        • Gadget says:

          Card arrived a day early. Activated, then called to lower CA limit to $200, and was able to set my own PIN via online banking. PIN selection screen can be found by clicking Merrill+ from your login, then “Information & Services” tab, then “Manage card settings” link near bottom of the page, and “Create or Change PIN” link.

          Ready to Rock n Roll. In a separate UPS envelope was the “Your credit score…” report. Pulled Transunion.

          So, freezing EX was a success for me, other than being told I had to unfreeze it to continue the app. It appears they did not pull EQ, or try again to pull EX, which is awesome.

          Looking forward to a snail mail rewards program letter, and I believe that will have the flyer with the 50K points bonus info. Just to give me a warm fuzzy that I am enrolled.

        • Gadget says:

          And just like that, my fairy tale went and turned into a horror story.

          Got an odd e-mail this morning at 5AM from BoA stating that my e-bill service has been cancelled for my Merrill card. OK, no big deal, because I don’t use the BoA bill pay anyway. Then, I tried to use my card for breakfast, to break in the new card for the first charge. Declined. Logged into BoA – card has disappeared. Nowhere to be found.

          So, I am pretty sure I am going to get the “Approved in error” speech. I will call Merrill, and maybe the BoA recon line later, but I have a feeling I am done. Not even sure it’s possible to recon something they have already issued, then snatched back. Funny thing, if I check my application status online, it still says I am approved – LOL.

          I have to eat my words – BoA churning is dead (for me).

  75. SamSimon says:

    I think to freeze EX is not a good idea, will not help at here, maybe before it worked, many people got second card pretty much auto, because their EX was not frozen and they had 8/24, 6/24 cards….. and they recently got first card! So people do what your guts tell you to do 🙂

    • Gadget says:

      Yeah, you might be right. But, I didn’t want any more inquires on my Experian. I am going to take the outlook that yeah, they might have auto-approved me if EX wasn’t froze, but might have ended up closing it with the “approval in error” BS.

      Haven’t heard anything yet. Fighting the urge to call.

  76. Ferris says:

    Spouse & I were both approved.
    #1: Opened ML+ 11/16, Closed 6/17
    #2: Approved 9/15

    #1: Opened 4/10/17, CL lowered to minimum 9/1/17
    #2: Approved 9/14/17

    No other personal BOA CCs, both accounts have 1 Business CC

    • Ferris says:

      Thought I should add:
      Top account was 3/24
      Bottom account was 8/24

    • SamSimon says:

      most important question – do you really utilized 1 Business CC? I think if you do – this is the main reason to approve you.
      And did you freeze EX? if not, this is the second reason, auto approval….)

      • Ferris says:

        I don’t use the business cards. I think it is a good idea to keep them. I may periodically apply for new BOA business cards, cancel them and keep the long-term one. I did not freeze any bureaus. Approval is never automatic with this card.

        I should clarify, I double checked figures:
        Top account was 6/24
        Bottom account was 9/24

        • SamSimon says:

          it’s not automatic, but i think it’s better not to freeze EX (if you don’t have more than approximately 8/24) as I see based on data, they go easy on you – if you didn’t freeze it 😉

  77. tinytavosa says:

    Better late than never… I called today and confirmed I can apply still, so FYI to anyone still interested.

    Few questions, would love help.

    For inquiries I am
    I am 0/24 Equifax, 3/24 Transunion, 5/24 Experian.

    For new accounts (on all reports, obviously but minus Business since they don’t show) I am 1/24..

    For scores I am Equifax 810, Transunion 796, and Experian 758 [ 🙁 ]
    Can someone give me some advice on Freezing Experian or not? I would much rather have them inquire on Equifax/Trans. What will happen on the phone call if I apply with an agent and know my Exp is frozen? What are my chances of approval, no BOA previous relationship ever.

    I also have my GF who is gonna apply, not sure if to freeze her’s too?

    Her info is Score/Inquries and New Accounts:

    Eq 763 & 0/24
    TU 762 & 1/24,
    Exp 743 & 6/24
    New personal accounts she is 5/24 on all.

    Anyways, sorry for the long post, but anyone got insight on if freezing is worth it/the negatives of it if any, etc? We can freeze for the $5 trial with Experian, so I am not worried about the cost. I would love for them to inquire on Equifax honestly, because particularly mine, looks pristine (probably a lot of yours look good too lol)

    • Saturn says:

      In your case a freeze seems overblown. I would not bother. Your friend has 6/24 on EX and not many new accounts. She should be fine too, but since the cost of the freeze is minimal I would do it just in case.

      My feeling is that it is completely up to the credit analyst who happens to look at the stats. If something bothers them they will home in on it which makes it seem random. This can be having no relationship with BofA, or AAoA, or possibly bad weather.

      Your numbers look good. Know your personal income + liquid assets. Know the code and claim to know someone at BofA. If you freeze EX the app will go pending. If they don’t call you, you can call and tell them to use the bureau of your choice.

    • SamSimon says:

      I would tell you – don’t freeze, it will not help based on all data here!
      Worse case scenario – you will call reconsideration – and they will approve you or not (50 50 chance)

    • VL says:

      I locked on EX, but I had fewer more HPs on EX than you. The only thing you are loosing locking EX is $5 amd the chance of auto approval (few friends of mine with low CC activity got it not instantly but without talking to anybody)

      You gane no extra EX HP and also with that membership you will get to see your real FICO scores from TU and EQ (EX real FICO you get with free EX membership if you opened your account via You most likelt will be given option which CR to pull when they call you. If they do not you call them. Tell them specifically EQ. If you give them option they will pull TU and good chance double pull (happened to me, one friend pf mine and saw other reports).

      Either way your chances look good. As Saturn suggested you probably do not have to lock EX, but I did and it went very smoothly. I have more new accounts tgan you.

      • tinytavosa says:

        Well… I hope they will still take an application tomorrow (Sept 18th) because I called earlier today and they said “we are open 24/7” and then I just called (10pm EST) when I got time tonight, and they are closed! I should have known better listening to that rep. She was instantly snappy when the chat began. Some CS reps… smh.

        Will update tomorrow if it is still available.Thanks for the good info peeps.

  78. lorem ipsum says:

    Tried to apply today and got pretty far into the application (was giving my email address) before the line went silent. I didn’t get a dial tone or any indication that the call had ended. I didn’t have time to call back till now, only to find out they’re closed for the evening.

    Will try again tomorrow.

    • lorem ipsum says:

      I just got off the phone with BofA and found out that I had essentially competed the app yesterday, but it had been cancelled. So I wasted a HP. I was offered a choice of reapplying or waiting a few days to see if whatever caused the cancellation resolved itself. I didn’t want to wait and chance that they stopped taking apps in the meantime, so I applied again today. I was willing to take one EX HP and wasn’t thrilled to have another, but I had little choice unless I froze EX and called BofA back to apply. Too much hassle. Pending 30, as I expected, especially because I had gotten a M+ and an Alaska card on 6/22.

      • lorem ipsum says:

        Still taking apps as of 11:45 pm EST, 9/18/17. Finally got Mrs. Lorem Ipsum to pull the trigger. 30 days pending, as expected

  79. tinytavosa says:

    Just applied by phone – 9-18-17 at 8:30am EST. Took 20 minutes, frozen Experian so went to pending of course. Will call recon in a few hours. Will report back then!

  80. Nina says:

    Applied last night without freezing EX, went to pending anyway. I was @ 7/24. Called the recon # 800-356-0966 and got approved with 18K CL. I already have 1 cash rewards and 1 M+ (opened in March 17). The specialist offered to expedite the card.

  81. tinytavosa says:

    Heads up… told them to pull my Equifax and they ended up pulling Equifax AND Transunion without saying she was going to… wonder if this is an automatic thing since people keep reporting double transunion pulls.

    Sigh, that frustrated me. Why do they need approval to pull another report if they just pull whatever they want lol… and then it turns out freezes are free for people in Indiana. Lesson learned, freeze 2 of 3 going forward!

    • tinytavosa says:

      Oh, also, was approved for $5k, no prior BoA history, 1/24 new accounts, 0/24 inquiries on EQ, 3/24 inquiries on TU.

      Glad I got it, but really do hate double pulls! Chase has been getting me on TransUnion and Experian for Biz apps.

  82. J T says:


    Merrill+ opened Nov ’16.
    Froze EX (8 inq) and applied 9/14, credit monitoring indicated attempted EX pull.
    Followed up 9/15, authorized EQ (3 inq) pull, denied for sufficient BofA credit & 4/24 BofA cc accts.
    Closed 2 most recent BofA cc & moved CL to remaining card.
    Called recon 9/18, offered to move existing CL, denied for sufficient credit vs income & 15/24 new cc accts across all issuers.

    I’d like to salvage the hard pull and apply for the Alaska card, would be my first & with specific redemption in mind, but seems like my chances for any BofA card are not good right now.

    • J T says:

      Called recon again today to confirm HH income and assets, long time on hold but denied again for essentially the same reasons: sufficient credit across all issuers and 10+/24 new accts.

      Still possible to recon if applied before today, but BofA is looking hard at number of new accts in last 2 years.

  83. Rob says:

    Still alive as of 5:15pm EST – just got through a phone application. Went to pending so I’ll call recon tomorrow at some point.

    • HarryTheFirstHarry says:

      Yes I can confirm as well. Family member applied just now around 5 EST (15 minute call). I do not think you need to call recon just because it went to pending. They all go pending with very small number of direct approval DPs. Just wait the 24 hours and you should see the approval.

      Also not sure if this agent was nice but allowed household income to be used instead of personal income as has been suggested above.

      • VL says:

        Re: household income

        Now a days it is a law. You have a right to use the combined income of yours and your spouse (if it is formally available to you to pay your bills). You have a right to list combined income.

    • Rob says:

      Called in to the recon line today at 4:30pm EST and was approved after a few minutes.

      STATs: – Did not freeze Experian report
      – Six HP’s showing/Five were credit card related
      – Experian report shows I’m 1/12 and 2/24 because all others were business cards
      – One existing BAC card opened back in 2007

  84. Matt says:

    Applied ~2 weeks ago and was denied. I have good credit and no new cards in last 6+ months (5/24). No BOA history.

    Worth calling for recon? Anyone had success with this?

  85. V says:

    It is still available on the phone, my wife called at about 830pm ET, application went to pending. She is at 0/6 months, 9/12. Will apply for the BoA Premium cards now and will call recon for Merrill+

  86. Jacob says:

    Still available at 9pm ET. Just applied.

  87. CM says:

    Any idea whether you could choose to pull TU/EQ if EX is not actually frozen?

    • You could ask, not sure if they would allow it

    • VL says:

      The price of locking it (not freezeing, but locking, which works the same) is $4.99 for first month of service, and you get your real FICO scores from TU and EQ in addition to free EX FICO and all reports… Easy, 10 min of your time (or less if you already have account on Experian/FreeCreditScore).

      If you want them to pull TU/EQ, then it seems to me a very reasonable option.

      • Gadget says:

        There is a free 1 month trial of that service, vice paying the 5 bucks. You just have to click the right link and not try to sign-up from your Experian login. That’s what I did.

        • tinytavosa says:

          Do you have more info/a link? I already paid the $4.99 but surely others could benefit. Thanks.

          • Gadget says:


            That link should show a free trial of either IdentityWorks service, plus or premium, and since each was free, I went large (premium). The premium option does have the ability to lock your EX report, but I assume the “Plus” plan does too. A couple points:

            1. If you are already logged in to your, it will try to force you into paying the $4.99. That goes the same for or freecreditreport, I believe. So, I’d recommend “incognito”, or cleaning your browser cache.

            2. When you signup, don’t select “have a login already”. Fill the entire sign-up form manually. Once they process the application, they automatically get rid of your old login. The entered info on your IdentityWorks application will be your new Experian login. YMMV. It’s what happened to me.

            3. They will do a $1 charge to your credit or debit card, and will show as pending immediately. I imagine it will clear after a couple days. Good luck.

          • Trippy says:

            Thanks Gadget, signed up for this

        • VL says:

          @Gadget, thank you! Great info. I did go for $4.99 myself, since I did not know about that option.

          One important question I have:
          To get that month free clearly you had to sign up directly on (not via The language on suggested that Free product they offer will not give you your Free FICO-8 score, just the report. Now you obviously have your score (along with TU and EQ) since you are signed up for IdentityWorks Premium. The question is, will you still have the access to your Free FICO-8 when you downgrade your account to IdentityWorks Basic?

          Please let us know when you do.
          Thank you very much!!!

          P.S. Although you can see your real FICO-8 EX score via some credit cards (for example Amex has that feature) it is convenient to get it straight from Experian itself…

          • Gadget says:

            Not sure, yet. What I can tell you is… originally, about a year ago, I signed up for, and found out right away it didn’t have the score. I found a way under the settings to deactivate the account, deep in the settings – I think in my profile, membership link. Then, when I tried to signup at freecreditscore, it “found my account” and I was reactivated under Others have been able to do that by calling, too. So, worst case, I believe I will be able to do that again.

            Not sure why Experian hasn’t just merged it all into one site. Glad I could help, even tho this is slightly off topic.

          • VL says:

            I did not know that is also a part of Exeprian now, but sure thing it looks like it. Thanks for that too.

            It is entirely possible that if you sign up directly on for their Free product you still will be able to see the score, but the verbiage from the home page suggested otherwise, so I decided to not risk and signed up via…

            All-in-all the application on is identical to the one on It has the identical design and identical look (colors, etc..) So I assume it is the same.

            If you could post here your results (do you still get to see your score every 30 days) when you downgrade that would be great.

          • Gadget says:

            Yes, Experian bought up and score, fired the singing guy, and gave them a better reputation instead of a money-grubbing one. I assume I will just end up converting back down to freecreditscore. Anyway, I will update in about 3 weeks.

          • Gadget says:

            Cancelled the service last week. Premium coverage stayed until yesterday. Got an e-mail today saying:

            “Your Experian IdentityWorks Premium benefits have ended. Continue to make the most of the strong credit you’ve built by checking your Experian® Credit Report & FICO® Score for free. Experian CreditWorksSM Basic gives you the tools and resources to help you take your credit further.”

            So yes, Basic does provide a FICO 8 score, updated monthly I believe – mine says tomorrow’s date.

            All my other scores are still present in the Experian mobile App, but they were updated last week. (like 7 different versions of FICO’s -FICO 2, 3, Auto, Bankcard, etc – for EX, and FICO 8’s for TU & EQ, but last two were updated when signing up for the premium service.)

          • VL says:

            Yep. Seems like you are going to see them forever (or as long as any of those reports show your history). Technically you paid for them (4.99 membership for the first month). You are not going to get the updated scores, but the ones from your month 1 you will.

            FICO-8 is free with that subscription, so you should keep getting updates on it every 30 days, but only when you log in (if I understood correctly)

  88. Jeff says:

    Applied Monday last week. Denied Tuesday due to too many inquiries and having enough extended credit across all my cards (have 25 credit cards). Recon’d Tuesday and was asked about assets outside BoS and offered to move $5k credit from existing BoA card. App sent back in with “recommended approval”. Approved Friday.

  89. Sara says:

    Applied a few days ago, and it went into pending. Called recon today and was told it would be denied for sufficient amount of credit across accounts and for not having enough assets across accounts (or maybe she said deposits?)

    When I asked to reallocate my credit, I was told that she couldn’t do that without being approved first (???). She said I could call back after lowering my credit limit on my other cards, which I did, so I’m gonna call back tomorrow.

  90. NBG says:

    Just applied and went to pending. Should i call recon tmrow or wait it out?. I am 5/24 and 1/6.

  91. Davezilla says:

    Still ticking at 10:45 Central time 9/18/2017
    Just applied w/ frozen EX. I have 780 credit, high income, and large-ish liquid assets, & 15+ year history w/ BOA. I’m about 10/24 with 2 Alaskas currently in play. Went to pending. Surely I can sweet talk this eh???

    I plan on trying to parley the pull with the new card tomorrow AM. I should have got on my horse and taken care of this today!! dangit.

  92. charles says:

    8am CST, dead for me.

  93. NBG says:

    Called recon today at 8:10 and got it approved (applied yday night and went to pending) after being offered to move CL from my other BoA card. I had 4 BoA cards prior to applying with 65K limit across.

  94. HolyTiger says:

    I applied my wife and myself. Hers is pending due to experian freeze, will call to have TU pulled. Mine is pending and the app status has no record of my application. I called in and was told since my app was in the system but since i used the referral code it was going through a different review/approval process. Anyone else get that?

  95. HolyTiger says:

    Wife pending due to EX freeze, will call tonight.
    I used the offer code and the app doesn’t appear on their application status page. Called in and was told that since i used the code, i was in a separate pending que and would be a few additional days to show up. Anyone get that too?

  96. Jeremy says:

    Just tried, asked if I had a priority code, I gave the code, and she said it wasn’t working. Didn’t know if I should have given code, asked for the 50K offer, said not available. Not sure if she was confused…anybody still have it working? Tried at 12:25 Central Time

    • Ron says:

      I called around 11am CST. The rep said the 50k Merril+ card is still available and he was not sure if there is any deadline for applying for the card. I didn’t apply but plan to call back after work.

    • MarcoPolo says:

      Looks like it’s dead. The code is probably expired.
      That’s why CSR can’t find the offer.

  97. Fripp says:

    Applied at 11 pm EST yesterday for my second Merrill+. App went pending – all credit bureaus frozen.

    Called recon this morning, unfroze & had them pull Transunion while on the phone – immediately approved.

    1st Merrill+ opened ~6 months ago and still open.
    Currently ~20/24 but 0 inquiries on Transunion until now.

    • tinytavosa says:

      Can you tell me how fast TU can be froze/unfrozen? My GF already applied with EX frozen and I want to freeze her TU too because they pulled both my EQ and TU when I had EX frozen yesterday and got approved. I don’t want her getting another TU pull. On that same note I want her to apply gor multupule cards today so we will need to unfreeze quickly. Just curious if its a delay of some sort when’s freeze/unfreezing on TU site or what 3rd party you used maybe? EX was instant via their monthly charge service.


      • Fripp says:

        Freezing & unfreezing occurred instantly. Literally while on the phone with the rep.

      • VL says:

        @tinytavosa, before you start planning the whole procedure for you GF check that it is still available. There are several DPs showing that it is gone now… which corresponds with new BofA Premium card being released yesterday… 🙁

  98. Davezilla says:

    FYI – if you’re still trying to recon, I almost got denied because my BOA relationship was not showing up and was quoted 10/24 and 5 inquiries. I said, I have XYZ liquid assets and 15yr history. I was put on hold and was approved based on my BOA relationship. Hope this helps those still trying to recon

  99. Trippy says:

    Got approved for the card today after lots of recon time, and they agreed to do rush shipping (still said 3-5 business days). Seems it was a difficult approval so I am keeping my fingers crossed and won’t celebrate just yet.

    Had applied on Friday (same day when I applied for Arrival+, so this report showed only 2 accounts, both early this year) and was denied after recon twice. The main issue seems to be that they needed at least $5k CL for it being Visa signature and that they couldn’t do. Decided what the heck let me try again today and after 20 minutes on phone got approved with the min $5k CL I have a Checking account with my payroll (for the $100 bonus, which also appeared today).

  100. Jeremy says:

    I applied last night and was put on pending. I was approved this morning. I applied for BOA Premium TR to maximize HP. I was approved for the later instantly.

  101. R says:

    Just got my third M+, all currently open, after recon this morning. Thanks DoC for convincing me to try for one more.

    I didn’t freeze anything, but I only have four personal apps over the last year as I am trying to get back under 5/24.

  102. Ad says:

    I called right now and was told the card was discontinued this morning. Anyone else heard otherwise?

  103. Mike M says:

    Just called myself and was told the same thing as Ad. This morning was the deadline 🙁

  104. SamSimon says:

    who can tell – is it true that they cannot relocate (split/shift) credit limit from one Merrill+ to new one? For example, my friend have Merrill+ with $14,000 and he asked to relocate the limit to get second new Merrill+. Recon said it’s impossible. Is it?

    • Gadget says:

      Seen mixed reports on that. Might be a HUCA? Some reps might be more apt to get applicants approved than others? Or, maybe they can only reallocate from a different BoA card?

    • LISA says:

      My 2nd Merrill+ from 9/18/17 was approved by splitting credit limit from my 1st Merrill+. They had to move $5k out of$12k for approval.

  105. HarryTheFirstHarry says:

    Dang have to eat my own words…family member (2/24, 780+) who applied yesterday evening got denied today. Given that they are no longer accepting apps, does anyone know if recon still possible after today? Also anyone know if they there is a recon number that works past the 7A-7P EST hours?

    • SamSimon says:

      I guess – no new apps, but we have 30 days if they performed credit check on your submitted app or if you submitted it before the deadline and it’s pending!

    • Gadget says:

      Can’t hurt to try recon, well, other than mixed reports of getting more hard pulls. I would think the promo info is still in their system, just can’t take new apps. The number I got given was 1-866-434-5389, but I am not sure that was a “recon” number, or the exact hours.

  106. HolyTiger says:

    Recon’d was told could not issue two of the same card to me. Mentioned i wanted to separate costs for a new venture and she told me “well you currently can do that with your Merrill and Alaska cards.”

    Thanks for your consideration. Have a nice day. Goodbye.

    shot down lol

  107. NBG says:

    Does MS work for this card?. Or do they have RAT like teams?.

  108. Craig says:

    Has any one used this card with Plastiq? Planning to meet the MS with rent payment.

  109. Rob says:

    Will anyone who applied under the wire on the 18th or 19th share if their online status changed? I applied in the 18th, called into recon the 19th and was approved, but the card still hasn’t shown up in my online account nor has my application status changed.

    Not sure if it’s worth another call to see if something is wrong or not.

    • Trippy says:

      I applied on 15th, got approved on 19th, the status changed to approved within a couple of hours and appeared online after midnight.

    • rudayo says:

      Actually applied on the 15th and status just changed to denied today. Called recon directly, got transferred to “preferred” team, and had them pull EQ since i froze EX due to number of pulls and got approved.

  110. Rob says:

    Thanks for the DP Trippy! I went ahead and called into the recon line again to see what my status actually was. Turns out I was approved on the 19th but there was a security alert on my application (likely my address since I recently moved). Answered a few questions to confirm my identity and was also able to get free expedited shipping during the same call. Online status changed to approved about 30 minutes later.

  111. M.A. says:

    Does someone know if you can spend 3000$ on something that would trigger the bonus and that return the item?
    Also turns out those 90 days start counting as soon as you get approved for the card and not when you activate it which was the case I thought…

    • SamSimon says:

      “that return the item?” what do you mean?
      gift cards?

      • M.A. says:

        No, anything. I can go to Saks and get a suit, jacket or whatever…But Ferris is sayimg that this is considered fraud so I guess it won’t work.

        • tinytavosa says:

          It will work just fine, don’t let him scare you… but yes you may get blacklisted and it could hurt your future relationship with BoA/they could attempt to make an issue of it. Saying this is fraud is stretching the term. While I agree it’s definitely a moral line, let’s not try to scare people into thinking the Feds will be showing up at their door, as though anyone can prove that the return was an intent to “commit fraud” when doing such activities is only against the “in good faith” of the issuer’s TOS… not a legal situation punishable by jail time such as stealing credit card information, false reports of credit card fraud etc.

          My purpose of this comment is to say two things: don’t scare people, don’t give your opinion, give the facts, when the facts are the question – for example “can it be done?” and to you MA, people have tried, people have thought of, and people have done this. It’s definitely not a new topic. 🙂 good luck. If it’s not obvious, it’s ideal to not use this approach. It does normally bite you in the butt.

          • M.A. says:

            Thanks for the answer. I most probably won’t do it but now I just wonder how they can prove you did it intentionally…I mean if I buy only 1-2 things for 3k and nothing else, yes it would be very suspicious….but if keep using it for a longer time and buying smaller things spread in time I don’t know how they can accuse me in that case.

        • VL says:

          Agree. It is not a fraud for sure… but if you spend $3k, get the bonus, and then return goods on $3K (or as a matter of fact any amount bringing you below $3K)… and intend not spending more at all, then keeping the bonus may be a problem.

          They may take the bonus back (if you have not spent it already). For example, Amex is actually doing that with MR. There are reports showing that Amex takes the bonus back if a given transaction (even the small one) which has triggered the bonus (the one which was the “last drop”) is returned. People managed to get the bonus back, since they spent more after that within required time, but that required calls, and account reviews.

          BofA is not known to use such practices though.

          Bottom line, you can definitely do that, but you may loose your bonus, or as @tinytavsa said ruin your relationship with a given bank… and I would advise against doing so, not only because good faith, but also because it may cost you more at the end if you loose any future opportunities with BofA.

          Good luck

    • Ferris says:

      This is considered fraud and is illegal. There is a line, and you are crossing it. You could get blacklisted if you don’t use the card again after this as it would not be considered “in good faith” by the CC issuer. Plus, it’s not worth the time of buying a few large ticket items and going through the hassle of returning them. Customer Service lines can often take 15-30 minutes.

      • M.A. says:

        Thanks for the input. I could buy only one item so the hassle of returning is a silly argument.
        And what do you mean not using it after this? Many people get this card only for the bonus and they shut it down after they get it or never use it again after they make the 3000$ spending…

        • SamSimon says:

          oh, now I see, what M.A. wants to do…
          I won’t judge him or anyone else – only banks can judge!
          I can say that if you spend $3,000 bank make little money of it a least (on fees) otherwise it will lose a lot of money.
          Small purchase if you really need it ($400) to reach $3,000 within 90 days I think is ok (to return later) but nothing more then that….

        • Ferris says:

          I mean that in a court of law, not spending after your bonus and returning the large item(s) you purchased proves you did not act in good faith and engaged in fraud. The bank could go after you legally and win. You could get a big fine and possibly go to jail.

  112. JP says:

    anyone who was “approved in error” got Merrill to approve card second time successfully?

  113. Ron says:

    I’ve got a second card and finished my spending requirement, got 53k points ready to spend. I’ve got 3000 points left from my other Merrill card, anyone know if we can combine these points or no? What am I going to do with 3000 points from my first Merrill card? Any idea?

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