Recap: Wells Fargo Firings, Dynamic Hotel Pricing & More


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Windbag Miles

The weird thing about the Hyatt pricing is that it’s not predictable whether multi-day stays will be more, less, or equal to the per-night average based on individual stays. I was able to find all three, which I wasn’t expecting. It would make more sense if it were always more expensive for the reasons stated by previous commenters.


> Staples have added a $500 daily limit on iTunes purchases thanks to reader Andrew S.

What did Andrew S do to warrant a new daily limit at Staples?


I think the pricing is often different because rooms are different for each reservation. E.g., they may only have queen readily available during the week, whereas weekend has only king. When you make a single reservation, they have to guarantee that it’ll be the same room, whereas if there are two, then they are free to substitute more easily.


Is that $500 limit on iTunes gc at Staples actually enforced? They added it to their website a couple months ago but it wasn’t enforced at the time.


Regarding Hyatt/Dynamic Hotel Pricing – yes I’ve noticed this for a long time. Book a stay during the week and its $X. A Friday or Saturday night added is much cheaper by itself. But book the whole thing continuous and its $X every night. Often much cheaper to book things night by night when the stay includes weekends.


Regarding Wells Fargo, two C-level execs have been sacked and penalized financially. It isn’t only mid-level execs.