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Published on February 1st, 2017 | by sirtheta


[Expired] Ritz-Carlton Rewards 3 Free Night Landing Page Dead, but Application Link Works

Unfortunately it looks like this deal has now expired.

Around January 12, the Ritz-Carlton Rewards signup bonus was decreased from 3 complimentary nights to 2 complimentary nights, as we covered here.

The landing page for the 3 complimentary night signup bonus is dead, but the application link is still up for now. Direct link to offer.

Again, because this is Chase, there is no way to confirm the offer details once you’re on the application page. Chase does not re-use application links (and their associated offer codes), so the application link should give you the 3 night offer — and at least one DP from Reddit confirms that this is indeed the case.

We don’t know what kind of signup bonus Chase will offer in the future (beyond the current 2 complimentary night offer), but this is likely your last chance to get 3 complimentary nights for a while. As with the Fairmont application link that we covered here, this application link is not likely to last very long. (Unlike with the Fairmont card, the Ritz-Carlton card isn’t going anywhere).

Hat tip to u/physixfan on US Credit Card Guide

Small addendum for informational purposes, but not something I would suggest chancing: there is at least one landing page for the 3 complimentary nights offer that is still up. However, you will note that the deadline for applying (November 30, 2016) has already passed. That said, the application link for that expired landing page is still up. Again, Chase does not re-use application links so it is probable that this application link still gives you the 3 complimentary night offer, but I’m not sure I would personally chance it even if the above application link is taken down. YMMV.

55 Responses to [Expired] Ritz-Carlton Rewards 3 Free Night Landing Page Dead, but Application Link Works

  1. Abey says:

    Note: 5/24 rule does not apply to this card!

  2. Sam says:

    Is this card worth the AF? I have no hotel card and was hoping to be under 5/24 by Nov but I am sure these links will be dead by then. So the question is, is it worth burning one slot for this?

    • Mser says:

      Nothing Chase offers is worth worrying about their silly 5/24. You pass up significant opportunities by trying to stay under 5/24.

      The 3 nights are category-capped and also need to be used in a year, so only apply if you have something in mind.

      • Mike says:

        How so? Citi has churning rules, Amex one bonus per lifetime…,there’s not much left out there. Seems the best strategy is stay under 5/24 and only go for the absolute best offers.

        • sirtheta says:

          I’d say that signup bonus generosity trends downward over the long term. So, waiting for the absolute best offer which may never come along again might wind up meaning you miss the best current offer.

          Trying to stay under 5/24 forever would severely limit your options if you want to seriously churn. For example, even though signup bonuses with AmEx are once per lifetime, AmEx issues close to 30 personal cards with signup bonuses. It would take you quite a while just to work through all of those!

          That said, you have to do what works best for you — if that’s staying under 5/24, then that’s totally fine!

    • Elias says:

      Depends on you. I have used my 3 nights in the ritz laguna niguel (+$1500 and yes I would have paid that because it is one heck of a hotel and its for my anniversary) $100 visa air discount I have used it two times for personal and 3 times for business (I get reimbursed the full amount and keep the extra $100 for myself) ($500) used $300 in AA tickets last year and $300 in January already ($600) all of that with $0 AF is not bad 🙂

      • Sam says:

        I am planning to use Ritz at Half Moon Bay sometime in next 1 year, I have AmEx Plat & CSR so I have been using those travel credits. It is difficult for me to use the 100 visa benefit because I have been flying solo. How easy is it to redeem 300 benefit on Ritz?

        • Elias says:

          VERY easy to use the credit in my personal experience. Buy GCs or any AA charge for a ticket just say that part of it has a baggage or seat upgrade charge. 🙂

      • Arley says:

        $0 AF? Is the annual fee waived the first year? I don’t see that in the TC.

        • Sam says:

          I think OP was saying how the benefits he got covered the AF so practically all of it paid for AF. That is my guess

        • Elias says:

          Actually it is Thomas who is right. $0 AF 🙂

          • Jimmy says:

            Can you elaborate? Approved for this card, would like to save AF if I can help it.

          • Elias says:

            Send a SM to chase asking to reduce your CL to $1500 it doesnt matter when you do it as long as it is in the first year. You will get a $450 credit within a day.

          • Sam says:

            Are you sure reducing the limit to 1500 can be done anytime during the year to not get AF charged? Doesn’t the AF get charged during the first statement? Can you transfer your limit to other cards if you don’t want to let go your limit?

            Also how would you do a min spend without having a limit unless you recycle your credit? I am curious and would love to have this card if I can get the AF waived?

  3. Mike says:

    the travel is not as easy to get as with amex plat, is it?

  4. JohnnyCat says:

    Confirmed: Received 3 nights bonus w/ $5000 spend using above link.

  5. robertw says:

    I am not a big fan of anything involving Ritz Carlton (like this card) They are notorious for making it near impossible to redeem any sort of promotion like 3 free nights. Many years ago Merrill Lynch dumped them over a free night program and I was told directly by Merrill it was due to the large volume of complaints. Basically Atlanta Buckhead and Cleveland in the winter were the sort of properties they wanted to offer for the free nights with many better properties blocked. Ritz pulled out from a special program that was pretty favorable from the redemption side of things, on other Chase cards. I know this product. If you can redeem the free 3 nights, great, but realize it is no easy task. I dont know how they allocate but on better properties I have called and gone virtually day by day for a year with zero available. If these come out of the points nights (availability) that is one thing. I am pretty sure when you call they will state (oh these are special) and only based on availability. That means January weekends in Cleveland, or Buckhead/GA. Oh sir I see one single night mid week. We cant to three nights, these are special .

  6. Jake N says:

    Applied for this along with BA (received last bonus 25 months ago) on 2/1. Had to call recon and they would only offer it to me if I decreased my overall CL with them, not just move it around. I was happy to do it and the card showed up in my account a day later.

    Called for BA and had to do some CL shuffling, but it was also approved.

    Well over 5/24.

    • Jake N says:

      Received the card today (it was expedited via UPS(. No mention of any offer in the mailer but upon calling in, the rep confirmed that they don’t include the offer language in the maker since it changes frequently. He did confirm the 3 nights after $5k and an additional 10k points with first purchase on an AU card within 90 days.

  7. Kneemuh says:

    Now that the above link has been taken down, has anyone chanced the application that expired on November 30, 2016? That one still seems to be functional…

  8. Brett says:

    Direct link is dead

  9. mmgfarb says:

    Another DP, applied on Friday, 2/3 and confirmed 3 night + 10k sign up bonus.

  10. mmgfarb says:

    Confirmed: old landing page is still giving the 3 nights + 10k points (the one that expired in 11/16- )

  11. Kneemuh says:

    Good news! I can confirm that the link that expired on November 30, 2016 ( still works! I have not received my card in the mail yet, but I did just get off the phone with my Chase Private Client banker and they confirmed that the offer on the account is 3 free nights after $5,000 in spend, as well as 10,000 additional points after adding an authorized user and making one single purchase (which does not actually have to be made on the AU card itself).

  12. Nina D Howell says:

    I just applied yesterday through the 11/30/2016 link, did not immediately get approved – and called to check today. They moved some CL around, asked me a couple of questions and approved me on the phone. In order to doublecheck the benefits, she connected me to customer service. I had to read the link (without mentioning the deadline) and she came back and read back the 3 night offer. I asked her if there would be any problem and if this was documented… and she laughed and said those benefits were linked to my card app and there would not be a problem.

  13. SPK says:

    Just applied via the link today. Immediately approved at 20k limit. Followed up with SM to confirm amount of charges needed for THREE nights. Received a SM back w/n 2 hours or so confirming in writing my THREE nights after spending $5000.

  14. Dave says:

    Used the link that expired in Nov. Confirmed 3 nights were deposited to my Ritz account a week after 5k spend was achieved.

  15. YoLaViajera says:

    Link seems to be dead now.

  16. Jake says:

    “Offer Unavailable” for me…

  17. Irshad says:

    Kindly requesting feedback on the two topics:
    1. Can we make a gift certificate reservation before we have them posted to RC account? some data point suggested we can do it. unfortunately, i cant find it now
    2. Anybody has info on whether we can modify a gift certificate reservation made 5 months from today

  18. Daniel says:

    Hey DoC, are there any DPs of extending the 3N another year?

  19. Angie says:

    Link dead?

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