Posted by William Charles on December 7, 2016

Published on December 7th, 2016 | by William Charles


Samsung Pay: 20% Off Select Gift Cards (AirBnB, Southwest, Overstock & More)

The Offer

[No direct link] Find the Gift Cards tab in the Samsung Pay app to get this deal. You can choose to buy it for yourself or to gift it to someone else.

  • Samsung Pay have added more gift cards that are now on sale for 20% off. They’ve added the following gift cards (resale rates via GCW in brackets):
  • $100 gift cards:
    • Southwest (80%)
  • $50 gift cards:
    • AirBnB (N/A)
    • Overstock (80%)
    • Gap (70%)
    • American Eagle (65%)
    • Barnes & Noble (74%)
  • $25 gift cards:

Note this list might not be exhaustive, let us know if we are missing any.

The Fine Print

Our Verdict

These do not earn 3% back on the Citi AT&T card and Chase Ink cards do not work as Chase Business cards are not supported by Samsung Pay. Samsung Pay also has their own rewards program and I assume these purchases would count as a transaction. I think gift cards from the previous deal should still be available as well. Southwest & Overstock are both break even before taking into account credit card rewards, shame about the low volume limits!

Hat tip to reader Keith M

20 Responses to Samsung Pay: 20% Off Select Gift Cards (AirBnB, Southwest, Overstock & More)

  1. SteveX says:

    Lookks like also..

    Toys r us
    Famous footwear
    Crazy 8

  2. Nick says:

    Your details are a little off. The Southwest card is $100, not $50, so slightly more scale-able. Also, the daily limit is $200 or 2 gift cards, whichever comes first. Finally, remember to space your transactions at least 5 minutes apart to maximize Samsung reward points.

  3. billy bob says:

    cheapest way to get a samsung pay capable phone anyone? (iphone user here…). i’d sign up for a free ringplus+ plan with it, thus i need a cheap compatible phone.

    • Raul says:

      Not gonna be cheap. Ur looking at spending some 300+ if ur lucky. Has to at least be a galaxy note 5, galaxy s6 or newer phone, so looming at $300+

  4. Judy Jones says:

    My Galaxy Grand Prim does not work for this on Cricket 🙁

  5. Sam says:

    How would this work if you buy SW with AmEx Platinum? Would this qualify for 200 credit?

  6. Eli says:

    Fine print is showing a maximum of $500 worth of gift cards can be purchased during the promotional period (12/8-12/31).

  7. Tan T says:

    DP: buying gift card from Samsung Pay is coded as 2x AMEX Small Business.

  8. Keith says:

    Anyone else getting this error?

    “We’re sorry, the transaction could not be completed at this time. Any charge to your card will be immediately refunded. Please try again later.”

    I’ve been getting that since yesterday.

    • Magesh Govindan says:

      I got the same error message, they have limited my account to $500 for Gift card purchases.

      • Keith says:

        I’m well over $500 of gift card purchases too. You might be right that they are limiting us.

        • Tan T says:

          This morning I tried another Southwest after receiving that message yesterday. It went through. But when I tried another one, it told me to contact customer service. Looks like I am stopped from buying gift cards in SS Pay for at least 48 hours (the duration they said needed to look into my “problem”.

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