The Axe is Falling on Duplicating Amex Offers

Based on many people’s experiences, it appears that Amex has begun limiting us to savings offers via Twitter and Facebook to just one offer per person, even across multiple Twitter accounts. The good news is that the multi-tab trick still works for now.

Duplication is Dead via Twitter

I initially started noticing a week or two ago that my offers were not being saved on all the accounts. Most of the Twitter account got the ‘You’ve already enrolled’ reply, despite the fact that I hadn’t enrolled and despite the fact that it’s clear in my Amex login that the card is not enrolled. I tried contacting @askamex a few times, with no successful takeaway.

Today, I was having the same issue with the #AmexJet offer and many others mentioned the same problem. Also, people are noticing Amex taking longer to reply and confirm the offer; previously the replies came within a minute and now it’s taking like half an hour.

My friend Daniel from Demflyers also tipped me off to this issue today and explained that they’ve likely added an extra step to the computer system which scans Twitter for tweets and replies. Rather than tweet back immediately, it seems like the server is looking up the card details and only responding if it finds the person has not previously enrolled in the offer. This explains both the lag and the fact that people who tweet from multiple Twitter accounts are getting blocked from enrolling more than one card.

Key Details

Based on numerous accounts, it appears that these are the key details:

  • This limitation is tied to the name on the card, not the SSN. If you have one card with the name Jacob and another your nickname Jack, it will probably allow one for each name, despite the fact that they are both under your SSN. (Note, however, if you just drop one letter from the name it will be considered one name, e.g. Jacob and Jacb.)
  • The limitation is across all of your cards, including AU cards under someone else’s primary. For example, if you saved the offer on a card that you are primary, and then you try saving it on your AU card under your wife’s primary account, it won’t work. And the same thing if you do the reverse order; it will only save on the first one.
  • If you have a card with the name Jacob and an Authorized User (AU) card under the same account with your SSN and the name Jack,  it will go through once for Jacob and once for Jack.
  • Serve cards and subaccount are included in this limitation. If you have an Amex card with your name and a Serve account or even a Serve subaccount under the same name at the same address, it won’t allow the offer on both.
  • The limitation includes third-party Amex cards as well, such as Fidelity and BBVA. If you already saved the offer on one Amex card, you won’t be able to save it on your third-party Amex card.
  • My experience indicates that even across multiple addresses you can not save the offer to two cards in the same name and same SSN. Although different spellings of the same name with the same SSN are allowed, as noted above, same name and same SSN seems to be limited even across separate addresses.
  • Changing IP addresses does not appear to help, but I haven’t tested this enough to say for certain.

I do see one anomaly where Twitter allowed two cards under the same name, address, and SSN to both get the offer (AU cards under my primary account). Apparently, the system still has kinks.

Just to reiterate, there is no problem ‘trusting’ the Amex reply. If the system tells you, ‘Thanks for enrolling,’ you’re good to go. But you’ll likely see, ‘You’ve already enrolled’ when trying to save on multiple cards via Twitter or Facebook.

Important Note

Under the new rules, having Twitter setup to tweet automatically is to your detriment. Without Twitter, you’ll be able to manually add it to all accounts using the multi-tab trick, but if one account gets it added via Twitter it will disappear, and there will be no way at all to add the offer to multiple cards.

And it may be useful to stagger names, nicknames, etc., to be able to save offers on more cards.


Update: Offersbot on Twitter (1, 2) has a different theory that the Amex Offers application is now being limited in how many tweets they can send out. For this reason, they delay responding until they have available bandwidth, and this is somehow also causing the ‘You’ve already enrolled’ glitch. We’ll have to wait longer the find out what is going on.


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I can confirm, twitter is not working for me anymore, i got 1 /5 and SO 1/2 and for all others you are already enrolled message 🙁 🙁


Could someone explain to me what is duplicating tweet deal is all about? I got the offer to spend $50 and get $20 back. I am so lost and confused! Thanks in advance!


The axe does seem to be falling, indeed. I have a Costco card and two Serve accounts with 4 subaccounts each, for a total of 11 cards. Noticed Offersbot wasn’t working correctly so I used Tweetdeck to tweet all my 11 accounts at the same time. Amex responded within a minute saying that all my accounts had been added. However, I only have the offer on my Costco account. Don’t see it on any of my Serve cards. So I’m 1/11.


Seems like on twitter @offersbot has a theory. I assume what hes getting at is that so many repetitive posts are occuring that twitter is delaying posts and that us consequently messing up confirmations and registrations.

That would almost make a lot of sense in why this is effecting people somewhat randomly. If amex is working as it used to, but twitter is delaying or not correctly posting all tweets, amex may not be handling and registering them correctly..

Anyway, maybe you can Direct Message offersbot and get some clarity on their theory. Id do it, but doubt theyd reapond to me. Lol

I know since the #AmexDD offer its been somewhat random. And i dont think the rules you defined matched what occured with my accounts, yhough i definately had issues similar.


no problem to sync 10 cards, all shown under saved offer


I used tweetdeck like I have been previously, and indeed got ‘already redeemed’ tweets for some twitter accounts, but also got the usual message of ‘offer added’ as well for those accounts. The rest of the accounts did not have the ‘already redeemed’, and only the ‘offer added’. YMMV. 😉


Not having any of the problems you are reporting.


I think it might be a glitch.

I tweeted all 5 of my cards to enroll and got no response, then received a positive response on ONE after half an hour. After that, I went to the Amex site and the offer appeared on ALL cards – even the one that had supposedly been enrolled via Twitter.

Time will tell.


I have a lot of cards, and the Jet offer was on all of them except Costco.

I got it on all the cards enrolled.

If they are really going to implement this, well, I’ll cut down on the number of cards…


I think it is just buggy, I got it on 8 of 16 on the first tweet, and 5 got already enrolled and 3 got no response at all. Second tweets led to an even larger % of no responses (with a few you already are enrolled). So if it is intentional it is rolled out super poorly.