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Published on December 6th, 2016 | by Chuck


The Underrated Amex-Plenti Transfer Bonus Ends 12/31

Just a reminder that Amex is offering a 50% transfer bonus from Membership Rewards to Plenti. The deal started in July and is slated to end on 12/31/16.

Available Redemption Options

Plenti points can be used at four partners: Exxon/Mobil, Macy’s, AT&T, Chili’s Bar and Grill and Rite Aid.


The most obvious use for many people is to redeem for gas at Exxon – if their price is good in your area. If it’s not a good price, you’ll have to do the math and decide if it’s worthwhile. 

Max $25 can be used in one transaction at Exxon/Mobil.

  • Exxon is more expensive in my area. In other areas I’ve visited they are competitive.
  • Not always useful for me since I often have gas points to use at Shell. And there are sometimes Amex Offers at gas stations or discounted gift card deals.
  • My biggest gripe is that it doesn’t always work properly for me at the pump; I’ve had many successes but some failures.  Others haven’t had any problems redeeming at Exxon.
  • I’ve always wanted to try using Plenti on an Exxon gift card at the Exxon convenience store, but reportedly it doesn’t work. It works on other items inside the convenience store, though reportedly not on tobacco.


For AT&T users, this could be a good option. Unfortunately, it can only be done at an AT&T store.

Some people have had success buying an iPhone or other large purchase at AT&T using Plenti points. At one point, the AT&T system limited how much could be used in a transaction, but that was fixed and you can now do many hundreds of dollars of Plenti in a transaction. (See also this post).

  • Personally, I’m paid out on my AT&T bill way into the future due to this Amex Offer.
  • Since Plenti can only be used in-store and only on the amount actually due on the account (from what I’ve read), this isn’t scalable.
  • Could be a good deal for buying a new phone.
  • I wonder if it’s possible to buy AT&T gift cards or prepaid cards in-store with Plenti points.

Rite Aid

Does not work on any gift cards. Should work on prescriptions or anything else.

  • Very easy to use at Rite Aid.
  • I’ve used occasionally for small purchases. I find Rite Aid to be expensive so I don’t shop there often.


This is the only option which works online.

One person bought a $1950 Macbook Pro at a 33% discount using Plenti at the Apple shop in Macy’s in NYC. Wow! If I needed a Mac and was in NYC, I’d totally do this.

  • The online system does not allow Plenti points to buy gift cards. Not sure about in-store.

Final Thoughts

This deal is certainly not worthwhile for everyone – it depends on what other redemption options are available for you and whether you spend money at Plenti partners.

For some, this Plenti deal is a straightforward way of cashing out MR at 1.5 cents per point which isn’t bad. I find MR easy to earn due to frequent signup bonus offers, yet redeeming them doesn’t come as easy.

If you are considering taking advantage of this bonus, it’s worth testing the waters to see if the redemptions work for you before locking up lots of MR points in Plenti. Some people are transferring out thousands of dollars worth to Plenti to use on gas for the next couple years. There are still a few weeks left to decide!

21 Responses to The Underrated Amex-Plenti Transfer Bonus Ends 12/31

  1. Frank says:

    MR is good for international award ticket redemption, especially premium class (AC, ANA). Hotel redemption is generally bad, that’s why that’s hard for many people who don’t have a decent demand of international traveling to earn a good value out of MR.

  2. Gerald says:

    Mobil is competitive in my area, but I have tons of discounted Exxon/Mobil gift cards from back when you could get eBay bucks for gift card purchases and you could use eBay gift cards to buy them. Rite Aid has frequent deals where you get back a substantial portion of your cost in Plenti points, so I get and use Plenti points almost exclusively there. To me, MR are valuable for travel because they have lots of airline partners that Chase UR doesn’t.

  3. iahphx says:

    Thanks. I was wondering about why no one was talking about this: I thought that maybe somebody thought it had to be a “secret.” 🙂

    I was most interested in gift card buying at Rite Aid. But, from your research, that apparently doesn’t work.

    Without that, it’s kind of a boring offer. Boring but potentially valuable: 1.5 cents in value is nothing to sneeze at if you would otherwise be buying these products.

  4. Victor says:

    I did all my Christmas shopping at Macys using Plenti points. I have been using it for months now. Their (Plenti’s) online deals are just useless. Just like AMEX, they have hidden clauses which makes sure you don’t get a better deal out of them. I bought two iphones using Plenti portal to go to ATT, The deal was for an eligible purchase, I called them and they told me if the site says it, it wil be delivered. However, I got 0.3x total for only the purchase, forget about the bonus offer of 2700 points. Only 1.5X offer is the best. Macys workers always ask me how I got so many points (80k +).

    • Kurt says:

      Plenti points at Macy’s has been an absolute bonanza for me! We own a few short term rental properties and the combination of 1.5x for the original redemption combined with great holiday sales on a wide variety of housewares makes me feel I stretched those MR rewards to their limit!!

    • Austin says:

      For Macy’s, if you know what you want buy it online through a portal. Ebates and shopathome have worked for me, even when paying with Plenti points

  5. Eric says:

    Is there a decent change this offer will be extended? Does anyone know if Walgreens will be taking Plenti points if/when the purchase of Rite Aid goes through?

  6. Mark O says:

    Never used Plenti before but the wife is going to NYC in a few months so may have to look into it. How do you redeem them – do you have a card they swipe and then take the points off of it? Could she use my plenti account if I got one or do they check ID etc?

    • Victor says:

      No ID check required. You can have the card ready or they can look up for you using the registered phone number. It’s easy peasy.

    • Rene says:

      I just use the phone number, but you need to make sure to setup (and remember) a PIN to redeem the points. PIN required no matter if you use the card or just the phone number.

  7. Austin says:

    I’ve been loving this deal as well. $250 of free gifts from Macy’s, and free cell phone bill. It’s great to cash out at 1.5c for something I already have to pay for

    I want to transfer over a lot of MR (~100k) to use on cell phone bill and future gifts, but I’m nervous about them nerfing the program, particularly at AT&T…

  8. Austin says:

    Also, for those looking to cash out – Macy’s has Apple Watches online, which you can buy with Plenti points. You could easily flip one locally or online to cash out at a pretty decent value. Not the full 1.5cpp, but maybe 1.2-1.4cpp

  9. JJJ says:

    Rite Aid is worth shopping at if you only purchase sale items. IE, once a month theyll have a buy one get one free for many items.

  10. Rahil says:

    Plenti is also available to be used at Chili’s Bar and Grill. Please edit post.


  11. Spencer says:

    Sometimes saving real money, right now, is the best option. Comments above from those buying holiday gifts for friends and family is nice to hear. It can be hard for some people to understand this hobby, but the benefits of it can be shared in numerous ways. It does not always have to be travel.

  12. Austin says:

    Also, if you use Plenti points online at Macy’s, portals should still pay out. I’ve used Ebates and shopathome successfully.

  13. Mikey says:

    I have gotten so much value from redeeming Plenti points at Rite-Aid. Everyone needs items from a drug store. With the 50% bonus transfer rate from MR you are already getting 1/3 off before you’ve even started shopping. Frequently vitamins are buy one, get one free. Then you add manufacturers and digital coupons. In some cases, you actually earn more Plenti points. And a well-kept secret: you can earn points on purchases made with points, occasionally getting items completely free.

  14. tinker25 says:

    I called Louis Vuitton at MACY’S HERALD SQUARE a few days ago, the rep said they take Macys GC, but not plenti points. Now that seeing Macys Apple can take Plenti, wondering if the rep did not give the correct info on the LV bags.

    Can one buy Macys GC using plenti points (then buy LV bags).

    Trying to burn some MR via Plenti by Dec 31.

  15. jf says:

    made a decent run buying burts bees products, $10 kits, and when you choose reg shipping, you get $10 macys cash. So in addition earn 8-10% cash back on ebates. Can use the $10 macys cash up to 5 times in an order which is fabulous. I will say it seems pretty much dumbed down to get amex MR points, so why have a ton hoarded up, that money isnt earning you any interest, instead do your xmas shopping but make sure you do it when its on sale and get price adjustments accordingly.

    However if you are in the intro period on discover IT, its basically 5% quarterly plus 10% deals portal, so 15% back now, then doubled in a year, so 30 pct…..and also its not that hard before holiday time to get steeply discounted macys gift cards….

    I was also able to get a retailmenot rebate across a few computers. They had $55 urban decay eyeshadow palettes on sale for $27, well if you spent 50 you got $10 off, so just by finding a good filler item that was for sure in stock, you would get $20 back by paypal in cash!!! Not too shabby!

    I think their electronic sections are a little overpriced and go in and out of stock frequently. They did have the samsung level U bluetooth headset in the colors we needed so I was able to stock up on those and get $3 cash back per pair for 2k MRs… not bad!

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