Discover IT Miles Referral Page – 5,000 Bonus for Each

It’s now possible to refer friends to the Discover IT Miles card.

  • Get 5,000 miles ($50) for referring someone to the Discover Miles card
  • New member also gets 5,000 miles ($50) for signing up with a referral link after they make a purchase within three months; this will be doubled at year’s end to become $100

You can read our full post on this here.

Referral Rules

Feel free to leave your Discover IT Miles referral here, but be sure to follow these rules:

  • Only leave Discover IT Miles referrals, not Discover IT Cash Back referrals (those go in their dedicated thread)
  • Double check your referral link first to make sure it shows Discover Miles and not Discover Cash (some people are having problems with the link showing properly when not opening it directly from a referral email)

Now, here’s how to leave your referral:

  • Retweet this tweet 
  • Leave a comment with your referral link and your Twitter handle. Alternatively, you can leave an email address for someone to contact you and get a referral in place of the referral link.

Do not add other extra info at all. Here is how the comment should look: OR


I expect lots of people to be using these referral links since that’s the only way to get a bonus, hopefully lots of you will score!

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It is me, Alex. I assime the reader is me!,,,😁
Discover it miles refer link. Thanks for using my link and get 10K miles!

Not sure if anyone used my link. Just to let you know, I get two more space available. Make sure to contact me before you use my link.

Thanks Chuck,


$100 for you and $50 for me. Thank you if you use my link!

I used your link… and was approved..


Thanks a lot for using my link!


Thanks everyone for using my link!

Oops, it looks like I copied the wrong link



Thak you so much!

This is NOT a MILES card.

PLEASE use my link and get $100

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