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This site focuses on two main things when it comes to bank accounts:

We also have a page dedicated to hub accounts (e.g what account you should use for your regular banking) that lists limits and fees for the more popular accounts.

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Unlike other sites we take putting our readers first seriously. One of the ways we do this is by not using any bank account affiliate links, this means that unlike other sites we don’t get paid whenever we recommend a particular bank/account over another one. This means we can remain truly unbiased and only promote the best accounts to our readers, this is easily reflected by the fact the highest saving accounts rates we have published is 1.5% APY for a basic account and 5% APY for a rewards account. Significantly higher than other sites.

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I want to fund a Citibank a/c with CC– what works for points and mainly–what should I avoid?

Same question for US Bank

I was never a chase customer and I opened a checking with them in March. According to your page there was an offer where they should have given me $150 that was extended to April. That was never offered to me. Before I look like a fool calling them, is it correct that they should have offered me that.

I would like to open a Citibank so I can fund 10k+ w/ credit card is there any citi checking or savings bonus that I don’t need to be a credit card customer for? or is there any other bank that allows credit card funding on that scale? Also can citi bank accounts be churned?


I am looking for Chase checking account coupons with a direct deposit.. can you help me

Can you fund more than one Citigold Savings account with a credit card?

Hi Shan,
Transfer from Capital One 360 savings to chase is treated as Direct Deposit, CONFIRM.
I was also not knowing that uptill now. How I came to know…..let me explain it…….
I have checking a/c with chase which requires 5 debit card transaction Or 1 direct deposit of 500 or more, to avoid monthly fees around $6. So every month I do 5 debit card transaction to avoid the fees.
This month I transferred from capOne 360 Savings & it says in my statements that “you have direct deposit more than $500, so no monthly fees charged.”

Hardy – hello! Very good info about DD with Chase. Have you continued this since January 2016. I am writing in June and wondering if I open a Chase checking account this will still work????

Hi Shan,
Transfer from Capital One 360 savings to chase is treated as Direct Deposit, CONFIRM.

not sure where to put this – is anyone else having trouble getting a 1099 from PNC for bonus last year?

Wife & i both hit it for 400 but neither received bonus. Called in and they cannot verify me over the phone since my acct is now closed. They told me to go to branch. However, i live 2.5 hours from closest branch. So then they told me to send letter to their channel services.

This seems very excessive but maybe PNC does not report to IRS. I am having same problem with wells fargo but they are investigating & i had to go to branch for them too.


I bank with PNC off and on since 2012 and never get 1099 because 1099 never appeared in their promotion doc until this year. Not sure about last year. So PNC started to report 1099 .

Hope this help.

I can’t seem to comment on the correct page, but as a data point, I funded a new First National Bank checking account for $499 with an Amex SPG; it went through as a purchase.

Hey guys. What is the website r the real legal name of Alliant Bank, the one that offers free ACH. Thanks.

Phillip Dampier

Opened the account on the 23rd and they closed it a day later. Webster Bank now insists you have to live within 50 miles of a branch or they will close your account for being out of their service area. Being in western New York means closed account. An important consideration that should be noted in the promo details above.

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Hello guys. I live in Puerto RIco and I have been trying to open an account but it seems that a soons as I say I am from Puerto Rico I get denied, that or the options dont even appear in the selection. Is there any way I can bypass this? I have family in the states.

What about that $200 Capital One 360 non targeted offer for a checking account? I see no mention of it anywhere? it is on FW

Bank of American suddenly closed my accounts today (checking, saving, possibly credit cards). I called them but the customer service can only tell they decided to close my account but can’t tell me why. Is there any way I can figure out the reason? They also told me it’s a life time ban so I am won’t be able to use BOA within this life.

Can you offer any more details on this? Why do you think they did this to you?

The same thing happened to me…inexplicably.

They closed my $100 bonus checking account…”for business purposes”.

I can tell you, though, that I was able to successfully open 3 different BoA credit cards some months later. I haven’t tried to re-open any bank accounts, so that part might indeed be lifetime.

pretty frustrating when I literally hadn’t even used the account for anything yet, not a single transaction. they closed it before the initial funding deposit had even posted. no explanation.

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