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Published on November 17th, 2017 | by Don L


Bank Account Quick Reference Table (Spreadsheet)

Originally posted on June 27th, 2017. Reposting on November 17th, 2017 as the spreadsheet is now completely up to date. This is one of the best resource pages on this site, so big thanks to Don for keeping it updated. ~Will

Quick Summary

Bank Account Quick Reference Spreadsheet  [Link to Google Spreadsheet]

This spreadsheet can be thought of as another way to view the big DoC Bank Knowledge Base.

Reposting due to updated information, added functionality.

Spreadsheet Value

Perhaps you evaluate bank deals as they show up in your RSS reader, or use (Google) search to find them.

A spreadsheet is a nice additional tool because it allows you to sort and filter on multiple dimensions.  For example, you might want to see all active, local, soft pull bank bonuses of a certain size.

You can add your own personal filter views to the spreadsheet.  The following are a few sample filter views already added:

Active Filters

Post Last 30 DaysBank Bonuses posted/updated within the last 30 days
Not Expired (with Date)Unexpired Bank Bonuses (not including those with unknown expiration dates)

Credit Card Funding Filters

CC Funding (Sorted)Sorted by potential credit card funding size
CC Funding – AmexAmex CC is allowed on initial account funding
CC Funding – Soft – MichiganMichigan Banks that do a soft pull and accept credit funding on initial deposit.
CC Funding – Soft – USA v2.0Banks/Credit Unions available nationally that do a soft pull and accept credit card funding.  (A work in progress – national availability data is not complete)

Some More Example Filters

[Location Filter] MichiganLocal and Regional Banks with a presence in Michigan.

Every state has its own column. “*” indicate bonus available in only specific regions of the state.

[Bonus Size Filter] BB $250+Bank Bonuses greater than or equal to $250
Hub Account ProspectHub Account options based on a number of dimensions

More Details


Drill down from column headings or cells for more detail.

Location Description
RowsOne row per bank (financial institution)
Column HeadingsLink to the consolidated bank resource page

(e.g. Is Opening a Bank Account a Soft or Hard Pull?)

CellsLink to a position within the bank resource page

But may link directly to:

  • a detailed post on the item, or
  • a data point (if limited data is available)

“*”s and colors attempt to highlight addition details or exceptions

I would always recommend drilling down to the resource page:

  • The spreadsheet may get out of sync with the source data (update times are shown in spreadsheet tab)
  • You’ll get a sense of the quantity and quality of the data points supporting the determination


(In addition to all the standard disclaimers,) this resource is incomplete and filled with errors.

It is an attempt to summarize and categorize rules inferred from community data points.

Please share your data points and ideas to help improve the table.

Final Note

Big thanks to Will’s tireless effort to generate hundreds of bank bonus posts per year and the thousands of datapoints provided by the DoC Community.

All the best!



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What a great resource, thanks Doc!

William Charles

Thanks goes to Don for putting this together!


I’ve done 25K of CC funding on 1st United CU (in one go).


Jaw drops : ]


Awesome DP, thanks. I tried to open an account last week, but didn’t have a funding option, at all. Got approved for a savings and gave them a call.

They said the system for online funding for opening deposits had been “down for weeks” and that I’d have to go inside a branch to fund with cash or check.

Curious when you opened your account? Was the funding option after entering your personal info?


Damn this is awesome! I love you guys!

Yet Another Redditor

amaze balls


Thank you so much guys!
I love your website!
U guys honestly have the absolute best credit card website out there.
Im doing CC now for 6 years.
I have yet to see a better site then that.
This post is just another reason to love this site!


Great work Don


Awesome !! Really helpful, thanks!

William Charles

Wow, Don! I knew you were working on making some changes to this but this is seriously incredible work. Readers as always if you appreciate this sort of stuff make sure you bookmark it and also share it to get the word out.


holy crap this is amazing. Don is the man

William Charles

For easy reference I’ve added this to the top menu under bank account bonuses.

I HATE you!!!!
I HATE you!!!!

Sh*t. This will bring about the end of all good things.

PLEASE stop trying to make every single exploit spoon-fed-easy for lazy, greedy noobs – the more you expose things like this, the quicker they die. These are usually VERY fragile, and all the attention this will drive will surely cause many good options to become massively hit and quickly killed. Please stop ruining everything!!!

William Charles

Serious question, when did you start doing bank bonuses?



I’d say don’t feed the troll William.


Thanks Don and all involved.

For the “CC funding USA 2.0 soft” filter, noticed it includes many banks/credit unions that are not available nationally. For example, OceanFirst and Westfield are both restricted to their local areas only. Is this something that can be revised? Or is the filter intended to mean something else…

Adam L
Adam L

This is a really valuable resource. I only do a few bank bonuses per year, but this will be great the next time I’m looking to do one! Thanks Don and DoC!

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