FAKO Score

FAKO score

FAKO score is a play on words, combining “FAKE” with “FICO” to come up with “FAKO”. A FICO score is the most commonly looked at credit score by lenders. A FAKO score is literally any score that is not a FICO score (although VantageScores are also called by name as well).

Companies providing “FAKO” scores (such as Credit Karma, Quizzle & Credit Sesame) almost never refer to the scores they offer as FAKO. They are usually referred to as educational scores or simply credit scores.

Is There A Correlation Between FAKO & FICO Scores?

Because FAKO scores are based on data found in an individuals credit report, there is a usually a correlation between a consumers FAKO score and their FICO score. But because FAKO scores aren’t regulated and can be created using any scoring criteria this is not always the case. Ofttimes there is a major discrepancy between a FICO and FAKO score.

Should Consumers Bother Finding Out Their FAKO Scores?

It may be worth an individual finding out their FAKO score for educational purposes, as it should indicate if their credit is on the rise or fall. Most companies offering these FAKO scores also include information such as how certain credit decisions will affect their score.

People developing FAKO scores are also trying to make sure their scoring models closely resemble that of the FICO model. Because there are so many FAKO scores out there, it’s important people keep a few things in mind when finding out their FAKO scores.

Consumers should ask themselves the following questions before signing up for a free FAKO score:

  • Is the company I am getting my FAKO score from affiliated with a credit bureau? If not, how will they access my credit history?
  • Are there any hidden fees? A lot of companies provide a FAKO score in exchange for signing up to their credit monitoring program, which includes a monthly fee.

Before making any significant credit decisions (such as applying for a new credit card) we advise that consumers find out their true FICO scores (here’s our guide on getting a free FICO score). This is also a good chance to see how accurate the FAKO scores really are.

Which Trust Worthy Companies Offer Free FAKO Scores?

There are three major websites providing users with free FAKO scores: Quizzle, Credit Sesame & Credit Karma. We look at what credit bureaus they pull their data from and the credit score ranges these scores have.

Credit Karma

  • Based on data provided by TransUnion
  • Provides three “FAKO scores”, Vantage Score (range of 300-850), TransRisk score (range of 300-850) & TransRisk Auto Insurance Score (range of 150-950)

Credit Karma is the only company that offers a free FAKO industry specific score (Auto Insurance Score) – get yours today through Credit Karma.


  • Based on data provided by Equifax
  • Score range of 350 to 850
  • Uses V3 of VantageScore

Get your free VantageScore from Quizzle.

Credit Sesame

  • Based on data provided by Experian
  • Score range of 360 to 840
  • Officially called a “Experian’s National Equivalency Score”

Get your free Experian’s National Equivalency Score through Credit Sesame

Which Company Provides The Most Related Score?

Anecdotal evidence suggests that Credit Karma provides the FAKO score closest to a consumers real FICO score. Usually it’s within 10% of the actual score, where as Credit Sesame & Quizzle are as much as 15-20% off. 10% may not seem like a lot, but it can be the difference between being approved for or denied for a loan.

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E. L. Adams
E. L. Adams

Absolutely cannot rely on these people at all. PLUS, EVERY TIME you want to check your scores, they want to CHARGE YOU A FEE FOR JUST LOOKING AT IT. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had to complain about that very thing. FAKO??? TRY F***O!!


Looks like credit sesame is powered by Transunion and Credit Karma by Transunion and Equifax. Who still provides a FAKO for Experian?