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Manufactured Spending

Plastiq: Pay Bills with Mastercard with No Fee using Masterpass ($250 Limit Added, Previously Scheduled Payments Of Up To $500 Allowed)

Published on May 25th, 2018 | by Chuck

Pay bills with a Mastercard using Masterpass and pay no processing fee for the first $500 in payments. Payments higher than $500 will pay a fee on the portion of the payment above $500. It's a $12.50 savings on each payment if maxed out. Pretty incredible that they are allowing it to be used multiple times - really a useful offer to take advantage of. ... Read More

Manufactured Spending

Buy American Express Gift Cards Online with No Purchase or Shipping Fees

Published on May 14th, 2018 | by Chuck

Get shipping and purchase fees waived on an American Express gift card purchase online using promo code: AXPGIFT18 This offer is being sent out via email in relation to a class action lawsuit, but in reality it's just a regular promo code which waives the fees on the purchase or American Express gift cards online. It only works when purchasing lesss than $200 worth of gift cards (e.g. a single $100 gift card, or 7 $25 gift cards). ... Read More

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