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xkcd0137 (@guest_1861545)
June 19, 2024 05:11

I have a Chase checking account + Freedom Unlimited cc. I opened the account in the branch and was not able to avail the $300 bonus mentioned here. I recently opened a Capital One 360 checking account for the $250 offer (which I haven’t received though).

I noticed that the 360 Checking provides some interest (albeit tiny) compared to NO interest on the Chase checking. So is it advisable that I shift all my funds to the 360 checking for some time, close the chase now, open the chase after 90 days to get the $300 bonus and then close the capital one for next offer cycle.

Aloha (@guest_1861358)
June 18, 2024 18:03

Existing Chase cc customer. Saw offer in the website, used that link to apply. Application ended with “We’re reviewing your application for Chase Total Checking and Chase Savings”. Around 24 hours later, “Your new Chase Total Checking and Chase Savings accounts are open and ready to set up”.

24 hours later, added an external account from within the Chase website (fully authenticated to the external institution using login / password + 2FA). Initiated a pull for 15K to the Chase savings. Transfer went to “under review”, and later “We rejected”. Accounts were still available and not locked. Went to branch and deposited check to fund savings.

Jason (@guest_1860615)
June 17, 2024 09:07

I made the excruciating mistake of accidentally funding savings with $10k and not $15k. Should I just call it a loss now that the 30 day window has passed or is it worth calling about it?

Yi (@guest_1860389)
June 16, 2024 18:56

I just tried to sign up but it says I can’t open an account at this time. Anyone know why? I applied a few times and my info was correct. Could it be my credit?

favo🔗 (@guest_1860425)
June 16, 2024 22:03

Maybe try a different browser?

jimbo (@guest_1860996)
June 18, 2024 00:50

same thing is happening for me

Zach (@guest_1860111)
June 15, 2024 13:39

Adding a successful DP to the mix:

This was my first bank account bonus, and I’m happy with how smoothly its gone so far

3/3/24 – Opened checking & savings using code from mailer (both with $25 initial deposit transferred from Ally)
3/15/24 – funded checking with $500 real employer DD
3/19/24 – received $300 checking bonus

3/29/24 – funded savings with $15,000 transfer from Ally
6/11/24 – received $200 savings bonus + additional $400 for completing both

6/15/24 – transferred money from savings to checking to maintain $1,500 minimum for no-fee, then moved all but $300 back from savings to Ally (keeps savings fee-free)

9/15/24 – will transfer rest of money out + close accounts

Ken (@guest_1861135)
June 18, 2024 10:50

Curious why keep the account open for the extra 3 months after bonus hits? Seems like there is not longer early termination.

PeteyPablo (@guest_1859795)
June 14, 2024 14:50

This was my first ‘churn’/SUB chasing attempt so the results aren’t 100% clear but hopefully can still help some

5/2 Opened Chase account
5/6 (BofA Business Checking) BUSINESS NAME SENDER PPD ID: XXXX
5/7 (Novo) Firstname Lastname XXXX PPD ID: XXXX
5/7 Square Inc Payroll PPD ID: XXXX
5/9 RaiseMarketplace RaiseMarke XX-XXXX CCD ID: XXXX
5/13 MONEYGRAM REMITTANCE PPD ID: XXXX (Did a SwagBucks offer for MoneyGram and sent an online payment to myself)

5/14 $300 Bonus posted

I obviously can’t say with 100% certainty which one worked for me because I was spamming deposits without any structure or discipline. I believe the ones that may still work are Novo, Square Payroll, Raise and Apple Savings.

I withdrew from Raise the day my gc sold and cleared and my Apple Savings had a 5 day hold on the money before I could transfer it out. The unfortunate part is that the 2 that most likely can still trigger this bonus posted on the same day.

BV (@guest_1859583)
June 14, 2024 01:14

3/20 – Account Opened
3/29 – Salary Deposit
4/2 – $300 Bonus received

3/20 – Account Opened
3/22 – Initial deposit $25
3/28 – Funded $15k through Discover

Called customer service, got confirmation that I am eligible for total $900 bonus. Waiting for 90 days completion.

Kevin F
Kevin F (@guest_1859301)
June 13, 2024 11:24

$2XX.XX push from Visions FCU set off the bonus tracker about 2 days after it hit. I typed “PAYROLL” in the memo field and it showed up in the deposit description.

Since this worked I won’t have to try Treas. Direct but if I need it for another bonus…. anyone know if sending in a paper bond for redemption and getting ACH back triggers DD requirements like the C of I ? All you need is the paper form and a copy of ID (notary needed only if over $1000). The form requests the routing and account numbers. Got a few old $50 paper EEs that are just a few years away from maxing out. Thanks!

Max N
Max N (@guest_1859263)
June 13, 2024 09:52 – $5.44 ACH payment triggered direct deposit! Sold an old gift card, triggered 2 days after transfer to the bank.

Ankur Paul
Ankur Paul (@guest_1858800)
June 12, 2024 01:30

I tried to open the checking + savings combo twice(online), but both the times bank closed the accounts. When I called the bank, they said that the bank has reviewed and cannot open the account. I have good credit score(over 700) and have never missed any payment. I also have credit cards with Chase. Has anyone faced this situation?