Posted by William Charles on July 20, 2018

Published on July 20th, 2018 | by William Charles


Daily Deals – Updated Constantly With New Deals

Update: One of the things a lot of people mentioned in our blog resolutions post was that some deals were too small and were cluttering the home page. I’m making much more of an effort to post those types of deals here instead of the home page and this page will be A LOT more active in 2018. Just reposting this as a friendly reminder to check this out regularly. I’ll also tweet out anything added to this page, so follow me to stay up to date.

There are often deals/discounts that I come across that aren’t worth a post of their own, but are worth mentioning. I thought I’d just put them in this post and update whenever I find one. Make sure you let us know when deals have expired/are no longer valid so we can update. Newly added deals will be added to the top of each section so you know what is newest.


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Note: This page will sometimes contain affiliate links, we will mark these links with a *. As always, make sure you go through a portal (check portal rates here) to earn cashback/miles – or use our links to support the site!


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SYWR shows this for me:

Sorry, your member profile settings indicate that you are not eligible to visit this section of the online Shop Your Way experience. For additional help call the Member Care Center at 1‑800‑991‑8708.

Should be a way to take advantage of the Amex offer of $25 off $25 at HULU and the $20 giftcard. Just haven’t looked to see how to maximize.

Free Roku Express + 4 months $29.99 – $25.00 Amex credit = $4.99 – $20.00 gift card = $15.01 profit. I have four Amex cards with the offer. Sell the Roku’s on Ebay for more profit.
Sound feasible?

How would you sign up for the Roku Express deal and the $20 one also? Seems you have to sign up through the relevant landing page.

I have the same question

I got excited when I saw the Sam’s Club deal only to find out it is for a Starbucks gc. I would add the word “Starbucks” so it’s not misleading.

Google Play is also offering .99 video rental. Found link on Fatwallet forums

Think HSN Visa Checkout deal is dead. It’s not on the website anymore.

Mozart in the Jungle from Amazon is great.

48 rolls of cottonelle toilet paper
For just $14.99

100 Maud’s K-Cups in a variety of flavors drop from $75 to $39 at Intelligent Blends.
Plus shipping is free.
That works out to $0.39 per cup

I am not seeing on the DD app where the free travel coffee mug is. Was it just for the 2nd?

does deliquent medical payments show up on your credit score

Teri L Booth, MA, LLPC
Teri L Booth, MA, LLPC

Yeah, they do. My dad has some on his, however, there are multiple factors to consider…it depends on the age. The current guidelines state that a recent medical bill can’t be placed on a credit report until after it’s 6mths old…this allows for slow insurance company pay outs, however, if the date of service was before 7/01/17…it may already be on there. The best way to check is to request a copy of your credit report, or, look at it online. Hope this helps you…love in Christ.

Swagbucks Hulu is dead :/

Ebay $15 off $75 today, CJANUARY15OFF

The Best Buy discount, is that a targeted email? Or is there something I can do to obtain it?

Panera free bagel everyday in Feb, probably highly YMMV but check your emails!

$5 Walgreens gift card when you buy two Visa Gift Cards. Says “Limit $500 load per card brand” – so I guess that means one $500 Visa and one $500 Mastercard.

Must have the Walgreens Balance Rewards card to qualify.

Here’s a marginally useful sideways picture of the in-store display:

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