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Published on December 6th, 2018 | by William Charles


View Your Pre-Approved & Pre-Qualified Credit Card Offers

Most credit card issuers now allow you to view cards that you’ve been pre-approved for online. Here is a full list of issuers that do allow this, along with the relevant websites/contact information.

Being pre-qualified or pre-approved doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be approved.

Just because you’ve been pre-approved/pre-qualified, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be approved, credit card issuers will do a hard pull on your credit report before they approve you and if your circumstances have changed you might be denied for a card they’ve pre-qualified you for. Click here to find out what these terms actually mean.

For those just wanting the links, here is the short list. Keep reading on for more information on all of the pre-qualifaction finders.

American Express

You can find out if you have “any special offers waiting for you” by going to then clicking card offers and entering your full name, address and the last four digits of your social security number. You can view this page by:

  • Click “cards” in the top bar
  • Click “view all Personal and Charge cards”
  • Click “Check For Pre-Qualified Offers”

american express special offers

If you don’t see this promotion then it’s likely than you’re signed into your account. I’d recommend either signing out or using an incognito mode window.

It’s also possible to check for small business cards.

Update: I can’t currently get small business card pre-approvals to show up due to a new interface. If anybody knows please let us know in the comments.

  • Click “cards” in the top bar
  • Click “View All Small Business Cards”
  • Scroll to bottom of the page and then enter your information where it says: “See if you qualify for a special offer”

Bank of America

You can view what offers you are pre qualified for with Bank of America by clicking here. You’ll need to enter your full name, address, birth-date and the last four digits of your social security number. You’ll also need to let them know what type of credit cards you’re interested in and if you’re already one of their online banking customers.

You can view this page from the homepage of the Bank of America website by:

  • Click “Bank” in the header, then click “Credit Cards”
  • Click “Prequalified credit card offers” in left sidebar at the bottom

bank of america


Unfortunately Barclaycard have currently pulled their pre-approved checker.

To view your Barclaycard pre-qualified offers click here. You’ll have to provide your basic information (address, full name, social security number, how you rate your credit, what type of benefits you value most). If you see a screen that says “Congratulations” then you are pre-approved for those offers, if you see a screen that says “Recommended” then you have no current pre-approved offers from them.

barclaycard pre-approval success

Capital One

To view what offers you are pre-qualified for click here. You’ll need to provide your full name, zip code and the last four digits of your social security number. You also need to tell them your favorite credit card benefit and how you rate your credit level. To view this page from the Capital One homepage do the following:

  • Click “Credit Cards”
  • Click “See If You’re Pre-Qualified”

capital one

CardMatch by

The CardMatch tool was developed by in an effort to reduce the amount of websites you need to check for pre-qualified offers. They also sometimes run specials where the sign up bonuses are greater through their tool than elsewhere. You need to enter your full name and address, along with the last four digits of your social security number. Click here to check your offers with CardMatch. You can get to the CardMatch tool for the homepage of by doing the following:

  • Click the card match tool on the front page

credit cards


Chase Pre-Qualified Offers

You can also check to see if you have any pre-qualified offers from chase by clicking here. You’ll need to provide your full name, address, zip code, city, state and last four digits of your social security number.

You can also access this page from the chase homepage. To do so follow these directions:

  • Click “Product And Services” in the header
  • Click “Credit Cards” in the drop down menu
  • Click “All Credit Cards” in the side menu
  • Click “Check for Pre-Qualified Offers”

the credit card section of the chase website, this is the third link in the left sidebar (screenshot below).

chase prequalified offersCitibank

You can view all your pre-approved offers from citibank by clicking here. As always, you’ll need to enter your full name, address and last four digits of your social security number. You’ll also need to choose which credit card benefit is most important to you. To view this page from the citibank homepage follow these directions:

  • Click “Credit Cards” in the header
  • Click “See If You’re Pre-Qualified For An Offer”


Credit One

Credit One is a sub prime lender and as such most of their cards have high fees and interest rates. We’d suggest you look into a secured card instead of going with them, but they also have a pre-qualified card finder you can use by clicking here. You can reach this page from the homepage with the following directions:

  • Click “get pre-qualified” which is found in the right sidebar, second box down.

credit one


Finding out the offers you’ve been pre-approved for with Discover is simple, just click here and fill out: first name, last name, last four digits of your SSN and answer two simple questions.

You can also get to the above page by navigating to it from the discover homepage, to do so:

discover personalized offers

  • Click credit card home, which is the first link on the far left of the footer links (at the very bottom of the page)
  • Scroll to the middle of the page and click “See your personalized offer”
  • Fill out the information and view your personalized offers


Little bit different to the other card issuers here, as you need to be an existing member to qualify. If you are do the following:

  • Log into your account
  • Search for ‘offers’
  • Select ‘My Offers Page’
  • They’ll show pre selected offers here

You can find out more about USAA here.


US Bank

US Bank recently re-added their pre-qualification checker, which you can view by clicking here. You’ll need to enter your full name, address and last four digits of your SSN. You’ll also need to tell them what you look for most in a credit card. You can find this page from the homepage with the following directions:

  • Click “Credit Cards & Prepaid Cards” which is the third link to the left in the header.
  • Click “Credit Cards” which is first link in the pop down menu
  • Click “Check for Recommended Offers” in the main body of the website

us bank


HSBC used to have a pre-qualified checker, but they have removed this. If they start offering it again, we will add it here.

Smaller Card Issuers

Here are the direct links for a number of smaller card issuers/store credit cards.

  • Milestone gold (this is another woeful credit card, which we wouldn’t recommend)
  • BBVA. You must be an existing customer, log into BBVA app and select ‘Add new account’ option will appear to pre-qualify for a card.

We hope you found this post helpful, if you did why not let our readers know which credit cards you were pre-qualified for? And also let us know if you know of any other places people can check for pre-approved offers.

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Great resource! I just did all of them (except CreditOne lol). The Amex link is broken. Thankfully they’ve streamlined. The Amex landing page used to be impossible to find!

The Amex link for personal cards doesn’t work the feature has been removed

falon patterson


I would like info too please

His name is Norman. The company name is Bonafide Funding…contact him at 866.441.0015

QuickSilver One true Capital One

I have the credit one card and honestly, I would highly recommend it, i have not any issues,already been given a small credit increase and customer service is great

I also tried most of them except for Credit One (lol) and I got the Congratulations you’re pre-qualified for the Barclay card. I accepted it and it was an instant approval of a very generous credit line.

I then got very excited and pulled the trigger on Discover and Citi. Discover was an instant approval but not so great of a credit line. Citi was what I thought a denial (can’t remember the wording exactly) but to my surprise I received the card in the mail with another generous credit line and a few days later another offer from Citi (different product though) which I haven’t yet applied.

So these links actually work and you get a soft pull on your credit report which only you and the credit reporting agencies can see!

May I ask what credit score range you are in to receive these responses? Please?


My Fico score is 800 + and received a pre-approval from PNC Bank
with 0 intro APR through 6/30/17.

Are u really serious you have an 800 score .. this is for people with 620,640. scores trying to get or reestablish them self’s…800 really you bragging about a pnc card .. 800 should get you American express … people here trying to ge any thing you got 800 score go sit down …REALLLLLY

I thought the same thing… lol go brag at the country club about ur ‘generous’ credit lines!

nicholas sean willie
nicholas sean willie

lol right with a 800+ they should be sending you cards by the truck load if you would like them to

Im sorry PNC and Amex are different how??
I have a 800 plus also and had an accountbwith PNC with tons of money in it and PNC was harder to obtain.
Maybe you should be the one to sit down and give your gums a rest.

no, really, this is not the place for you. take your country club credit and git.

No kidding seriously they should have unlimited credit


Thank you Roy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Exactly, how ridiculous. Gotta wonder if it is even true. Why would someone with an 800 score even be monkeying around on this site? An 800 score gets whatever credit card you want. I don’t believe what he’s saying. Some people get a kick out of posting nonsense on forums.

Not sure why you dont get it. I had a credit hiccup a long time ago and stopped using credit cards altogether. I had one with an ok limit. Here I am years later, having owned my home for 11 years, with great income and a high credit score. I hadn’t checked it in years and found out it was a 763. I decided that I wanted to get a new credit card with maybe a higher limit since I made more money and was more settled. The baddies had also fallen off. Hence I had a lower respected credit card with a low limit I and had a high credit score with a bunch of questions…..Just like her. I was in the exact same boat.

Facts. Thank u

lmao. Agreed!!

lol, love it!!

I have 3 Amex and my score is 667..

I have an US Amex, and my credit score is “300”.

I got my US Amex approved with my Canadian credit using the Amex Global Transfer program, despite not having a credit profile in US.

I am hoping to get the US credit profile establish to apply and get approved for other credit cards.

You might not get it but folks with great credit scores often need help with new credit. I didnt have a clue what my credit score was until Chase preapproved me for a Sapphire Preferred. I had no idea what it even was. I stayed away from credit cards as I had screwed up with a few in the past. I cleared those up and my score was great and I didnt even know, so give this person a break. Its possible to have a great score because you had established a little credit a long time ago that had built a high average age of credit. Thats just one way that can happen. I have an Amex Platinum now and a ton of other cards. I qualified for them apparently a awhile ago. I just didnt know that. Its nice to see that its fairly common.

However, the Jose guy could have an 800 score with only two accounts. A person may have just one car and an Amazon account paid on time. Or, even if there is just the car, even better because there isn’t anything to compare it to. The drawback would be the credit reviewer, he, she, or it may deny an application for having not enough credit.
Another way of hitting your mark is by having a few credit accounts at once with little or no balance. Say you have a total of $5000 of credit on 3 cards or open accounts. If your balance across the 3 accounts is only $550, that is a sweet spot. You will see a your credit and Fico scores shoot up as long as you continue to pay in time. When I say accounts, I am also referring to stores like Fingerhut, Amazon, and PayPal. All three report to credit bureaus and extend credit even if you are recovering from bankruptcy. These are lifelong well respected stores. Therefore, their credit opinions are trusted buy other credit companies. Hope this helps.

Yes you right i havea725and receive American express with a high credit limit 800 you can get a card anyone 800 is excellent credit!!!!!!!!!!

Just because that person has a high credit score, that doesnt mean she has the knowledge about what cards she could or should have. She has a knowledge deficit and is asking for help. Dont be such a D-bag because youre butthurt about having a low score. You can not know about card strategies at any age. Try not to shut folks down when they ask questions. Your questions are no better than hers. Youre just more bitter. Hers are valid too. She didnt brag, she was asked what her score was and she responded appropriately. Jealousy is a nasty beast.

[Comment has been removed due to insensitive racist remarks]

Race don’t have shit to do with this conversatiin!!!!!

Whitney J Bender

This was racist as hell. But soooooo funny. I laughed out loud lol

We are all in this together, whatever our names or nationalities.

I respectfully request DoC to remove the hurtful post.

Thanks for the links. I did CreditOne and got approved. I tried Discover and the did a hard pull. It is reporting on my equifax report. I on the phone with them now to see why and get it removed.

Just got off the with Discover, they are removing the credit pull.

Are you sure about that? I have never heard of a hard credit pull being reversible.

It cant be done…

Everybody can get a creditone card cmon now


Not everyone :/

Hahahaha No thank you.

The Chase link isn’t working, but this one does:

Barclay’s appears to have taken their prescreen page down as well.


Regarding Barclay’s / Lisa’s post, yes, the pre-approval area is gone. Anyone have an updated link or know if the CreditMatch ( takes this card into account (or which cards/companies it uses)?

CreditMatch sucks. All very basic offers. I tried multiple names, all with excellent credit, and it only came back with sophomoric offers. Save your time.

The Chase link is no longer working. Can you update the link please?

Beware of applying for Cap One cards, because it’s reported that they do a hard pull for all three agencies.

These offers don’t seem so good as the ones that the bloggers find…and I almost always get approved for those.

Which offers are you speaking of that the bloggers find?

For AMEX, it seems like they’ve taken down the link. 🙁

Are all of the prequals soft pulls? And it’s a hard pull of applying? Are any of them soft pulls for applying?

Pre approval is a soft pull. The credit application itself is a hard pull.

so weird, cardmatch showed me some good cards (AMEX). but when i go to amex directly they are showing no prequal offers at this time. so there is a discrepancy between cardmatch and the direct card website’s prequals

Cardmatch showed me a offer for a Chase Sapphire, but chase declined me for derogatory items on my credit report, so I dont know how much they are worth.

Which CB did Chase pull?

Because I received an annoying amount of credit card offers, several years ago I opted out. Since then I don’t receive any. How can I cancel that opt-out? Thanks.

If the result is no offers, does that mean you should not apply to that bank?

I’m assuming these pre-qualified offers do not mean actual approval for the credit card

For Chase I’m pre-qualified for the Preferred, Slate, and Freedom. I already have the freedom!!
But with Chase, they denied my application for the Hyatt Visa saying my too many credit card with them. I only have amazon and freedom. It’s kind of a trap that they say pre-qualified but you might actually waste a credit pull.

That’s for Damn Sure! Same here!

The Discover prequalify tool is totally bogus. You can enter in a fake name and SS # and it will spit out a ‘personalized’ offer. Tried Bank of America’s prequalify portal and it just gives you ‘recommended’ cards which I guess means you’re not prequalified. CardMatch I feel just pushes cards that they get affiliate commissions from. It always recommends the same Capital One and Chase cards (I currently have 2 Cap One cards so maybe they’re accurate in that regards).

Just called and confirmed at least with Discover and they do a ‘hard pull’. on your history.

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