Best Credit Cards For…

The best credit card will depend on what you want the credit card for, we’ve listed some of the most common scenarios below along with lots more information on some of the best credit card sign up bonuses for different circumstances.


Best Credit Cards For Ongoing Spending

Best Sign Up Bonuses

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Which CC would give access to lounges for the largest number of people? I need a card which would give access to lounges for me and my four guests (or me and AU + 1-2 guest/each).

Does card like that exist? I’m planning a trip for us and our parents and I’d love to show them the “lounges world” (they’ve never had access to any lounges in the past but did extensive travel). I can’t justify paying for 5 people with cash. I applied for 5 CC in the last 3 months (5/3, 5/12, 5/24).

Here is an answer i found, if someone else is looking for the same information:

Hi, I just noticed that the SPG personal credit card through Amex has an offer for 30,000 points after spending $3000 in 3 months, as opposed to the usual 25,000 points. Has anyone else seen this? Does anyone else know if they will honor 30,000 points if you signed up for the 25,000 offer?

Need another category here ” Best Credit cards for earning airline miles” 🙂

Is there a best card (preferably mastercard) for utilities?.

Coming 2Q2018 it will be USBank Cash+ Visa .

My daughter just completed Undergraduate degree. Wants to establish her own credit history. For last few years she is using our credit cards as authorised user. Her FICO scores are around 780. What are the best credit cards for long term (probably to have for rest of her life) ?

Hey Will, do you have a page that lists “best credit cards for travel spend?”?

I know the definition of travel can vary wildly amongst issuers, so it might be the easiest comparison. But would still be interesting.

There should be a category for “Best Credit Cards For Travel”

Why isn’t this sporting goods category on the list? And maybe the store card list as well?
Why isn’t this sporting goods category on the list? And maybe the store card list as well?

Is there a best credit card for medical expenses?

I think it would just be an everyday card.

We need a updated list of best 0% no fee balance transfer credit cards. Every list I see online gets outdated fairly quickly.

I’m looking to pay off mu current credit card with a interest rate of 24% with a balance transfer to a card with a much lower interest rate, Any suggestions??

any particular reason Chase Slate?

I don’t do a whole lot of research of credit card APR, but that one is known for balance transfers. Looks like it has 15 month 0% APR. I’m sure there are many other cards too with various promotional offers.

thank you. I don’t plan to continue to accrue debt. just want to pay off with lower rate.

I think Slate has 15 months with 0%. So that should work out well especially if you plan on paying off within 15 months.

Can you also create a list of Credit cards with $0 annual fee and No Foreign Transaction Fee.

Here’s my contribution to that list ->

Amazon Rewards Visa
Barclays Uber Credit Card

Entry level Hilton Honors Card.
PenFed Pathfinder Rewards

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