American Express Secured Credit Cards – Do They Offer A Secured Credit Card?

A lot of people want to find an American Express secured credit card, as American Express are known for their rich rewards. American Express are both a card issuer and a payment network, they do not issue a secured credit card currently. But other financial institutions do offer a secured credit card that runs on the American Express payment network. In addition to this American Express do offer an alternative to a secured credit card. Let’s take a quick look at both options.

Secured Credit Cards That Run On The American Express Payment Network

There is currently only one secured credit that runs on the American Express payment network, keep in mind that this card is not issued by American Express (much like cards that run on the Visa payment network aren’t issued by Visa). This card is the USAA Secured Card, you can read our full review here.

American Express’ Alternative To A Secured Card

Instead of offering a secured card like other card issuers, American Express offer a number of prepaid cards. These cards do not build your credit history like secured cards, but they do have lower fees than some other secured cards. Here is a list of the reloadable prepaid cards American Express does offer:

Other Options

Instead of getting a secured American Express card or a prepaid card, I’d recommend a different secured card instead. The card that I’d recommend is the Discover it Secured card (it’s rated as our top secured card). It has no annual fee and the best rewards structure of any of the secured cards on the market, you can also build credit history with it unlike the prepaid cards American Express offers.

Also keep in mind that unlike other sites we do not use affiliate links, so you can trust our recommendations as we don’t receive financial compensation from the credit card issuers like other sites.

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Can you apply for the USAA American Express credit card even if you’re not a military member?


To use USAA, you must be military, Veteran, family member (son or daughter), or married to a Veteran or service member.


USAA is not the only secured Amex Card. FNBO offers a secured Amex Card through

Michael Smith
Michael Smith

USAA seems to be the only one I can find. The Savingstar site is a coupon type site where I could not find any FNBO Amex link on the entire page! 🙁