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Update 2/25/19: Just making sure newer users are aware of these reference pages. If there is a particular page you’d like updated let me know and I’ll do my best to update it sooner rather than later!

We post a lot of content about credit cards, often it’s for increased sign up bonuses or changes to the benefits/terms of a specific credit card. These posts quickly become irrelevant as the sign up bonus changes or the benefits/terms change. That being said, there are some posts that are timeless. It can be difficult to find these posts, so I’ve included all of them below to make it easier to find them.

If you’re new to this site, you might want to bookmark this page for a quick reference guide. I’d also recommend giving this list a read through even if you’re not new, I’d be surprised if you don’t learn something new that’s useful. If there is a page that you think should be including, or needs updating then please let me know in the comments and I’ll add it/revise it.

Other posts in this series:

After You Apply

Before You Apply

Behind The Scenes


Sign Up Bonuses

On Going Spend

Category Spending Bonuses

Card Issuer Specific

American Express

Bank of America


Capital One




U.S Bank

Wells Fargo

Things You Should Know About Each Card Issuer

Credit Limits

Payment Network Specific

Pre-Qualified Offers

Secured Cards/Bad Credit

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I applied and was approved for a Chase SWA RR Personal Visa on 9/15/20. It has a $2k spend requirement within 3 months to obtain a 65k points bonus. I called Chase today to confirm the date by which I must spend the $2k and was told 12/15/20. As the first statement was issued on 10/14/20, I then asked if a 12/15/20 purchase would then be billed on the 1/14/21 statement. The Chase rep said yes. I then asked when the 65k bonus would be issued, and the rep gave me a bunch of un-intelligible gobbledygook. Like she didn’t know, and was making up an answer too vague to commit Chase and/or SWA to anything! I’d like the bonus to be effective in 2021 because I also have a business card which can easily be bonus-ed in either 2020 or 2021. 2021 is preferable for both, making the companion pass good for 23/24 months. But if Chase and SWA combine to bonus the personal card in 2020, then I will also complete the business card spend this month and at least get the pass for 12/13 months. Can anyone help based on the tediousness of my dates (above) for the personal card?


It seems like chase no longer shows “United travel bank card” on its webpage.


please please update the Spreadsheet of Current & Recent Credit Card Signup Bonuses for Major Issuers
it is great, just a bit (lol) out of date


Cards that can be paid in cash at the store?

I have had a Citibank Sears card for years, always paying my monthly bill in cash at the local Sears or K-mart store…. As you are no doubt aware, many Sears / K-mart stores are now closing including all the ones in my local area….

Do you have a list of stores that issue Visa / MasterCard + store credit cards and allow holders to pay their monthly bills in cash at the store? William Charles


would be helpful to add this page on this credit card reference index page:


I would love to see all the “things you should know” pages updated (with a date at the top when they were last reviewed). It’s easy to stick in any number (even if wrong), google, and find the resource. For example, 25 Things to know about Citi, Chase, Capital One all pull up the article link.


It’s basically impossible to find these pages on your phone, any word when the new DoC design is gonna go live?

Also thanks for all the great work!


Would it be possible to add the Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU) and Alliant Credit Union “Things you must know” posts to this page under the Card Issuer Specific section? If there is a reason you dont want it there, feel free to ignore. but this is a good reference page to link to that info IMO


Hey Doc, could you update this page? Sounds like discover increased their rate, would love to see the most updated rates for others on this list as well