Nationwide Specialty Consumer Reporting Agencies

Nationwide Specialty Consumer Reporting AgenciesNationwide specialty consumer reporting agencies (sometimes called NSCRA’s) are defined under the FCRA as consumer reporting agencies that maintain/compile files on consumer data on a nationwide basis that relates to one or more of the following:

  1. Medical records or payments
  2. Residential or tenant history.
  3. Check writing history
  4. Employment history
  5. Insurance claims

There are currently over 400 NSCRA’s in operation in the United States.

NSCRA Requirements

  • Must provide a toll free number that consumers can call to request their free report
    • Number must be published in every telephone directory
    • Number must be clearly visible and prominent on a companies website
  • Must provide consumers with clear and easy to follow instructions on how to receive their free report
  • Must have adequate staff to fulfill consumer requests for reports
  • Must provide the free report within 15 days of receiving the request

List Of The Major NSCRA’s

Below is a list of some of the bigger NSCRA’s in operation in the United States. Along with how to get your report from them. This list is by no means exhaustive as there are over 400 agencies in the US. The links below will provide you information such as the toll-free number that they must display and if it’s possible to request the reports online or by snail mail.

CFPB 2012 Warnings

In 2012 CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) issued a warning to NSCRA’s that they needed to provide a streamlined process for consumers to access their credit report for free once per twelve months as obligated under the FCRA. The full warning can be read by clicking here.

A warning letter was sent to NSCRA’s that weren’t following this regulation. A sample of this letter can be viewed by clicking here.

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