Quizzle.com Review Scam or Legit Site For Free Credit Scores?


Quizzle is now dead, for more information go here.

Quizzle was launched in 2008 and is owned by Dan Gilbert (who also owns Quicken Loans). They claim to be the first consumer website to offer completely free credit scores (although Credit Karma launched one year earlier).

In this review we look to see if Quizzle is a legit site to get a free credit score and credit report, or if it’s just another scam site that’ll take your credit card details and charge you.

Quizzle Credit Scores

Is It Really Free?

Yes, the score they provide you with is free. There is no need to enter your credit card information, unless you want to upgrade to one of Quizzle’s paid plans (which we don’t recommend doing as they don’t represent good value for money).

The score is updated whenever you update your credit report (which can be done for free once every 180 days or you can pay to do it at any time)

Is The Quizzle.com Score Accurate?

The quizzle credit score (which is now V3 of the VantageScore) when compared with a FICO score is usually on the low side. For example my FICO score is 821 and my Quizzle (or VantageScore) score is 746 which is difference of 75 points. So if you’re quizzle score is quite low, don’t worry. It’s not a score lenders look at and most consumers have a score which is ~50 lower than their actual FICO score. If you are on the lookout for a new credit card, auto loan or mortgage or want to refinance it’s a good idea to know what you’re FICO score is before doing so.

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How Is The Vantage Credit Score Calculated?

This score is calculated by using 6 different categories: Payment history, Age & Type of Credit, % of Credit Used (also known as credit utilization ratio), Total Balances/Debt , Recent Credit Behavior and Inquiries Available Credit.

Our Thoughts

Overall the score they provide you with is pretty useless. It’s a VantageScore which is used by lenders, but not in many lending decisions. Because of the big differences that can occur between the scores, it can be extremely hard to compare.

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Quizzle Credit Reports

One great feature about Quizzle is that they give you access to two free full Equifax reports (unlike Credit Karma & Credit Sesame who only offer access to partial reports). One complete report is given to you upon sign up and then you can access your second report after a period of 180 days.

Quizzle Credit Tools

Quizzle offers a number of credit tools freely, which allow consumers to better education themselves on how credit scores are calculated and how to improve these scores.

Credit Analysis

credit analysisThe credit analysis tool shows a breakdown of your credit score, this shows both the positive and negative factors affecting your score. Areas that are effecting your score the most are highlighted.

It’ll also show you the potential improvement points you have in each category. For example, if you have a high credit utilization (e.g 80%) it may say you have a potential 30 points in that area and then tells you how to realize those points (in this case by paying off your credit utilization ratio to a more manageable level under 10%).

Click here for a sample screen shot of the credit analysis dashboard.

Credit Comparison

credit comparisonThis tool allows you to compare two credit reports to see the key differences and how these differences have affected your credit score.

It’ll also highlight each difference as either a positive or negative and explain why this is the case.

Click here for a sample screen shot of the credit comparison dashboard.

Credit Timeline

credit timelineThe credit timeline shows key events over your credit history and allows you to see if these events were positive (causing your credit score to climb) or negative (causing your credit score to fall).

This’ll only show major events that have caused a big impact (e.g applications for new credit, late payments, etc), but can be useful to see where you’ve had financial trouble and where you’ve had financial success.

Click here to see a full screenshot of the credit timeline dashboard.

Credit Trending

credit score trendThis allows you to see how your credit utilization, VantageScore, available credit & balances have changed (or trended) over time.

Click here for a full screenshot of the credit trending dashboard.


Credit Monitoring

credit monitoringCredit monitoring allows you to be notified by e-mail whenever a major change was made to your credit report (e.g an application for new credit, bankruptcy etc etc). This can be useful for watching out for credit fraud or identity theft.

Identity Theft Protection

identity theftQuizzle offers $1,000,000 in identity theft protection insurance for individuals on one of their paid plans. It should be noted that like most ID theft insurance policies, this only covers expenses that are incurred in recovering a stolen identity and not funds that were stolen due to identity theft.

Tool Overview

This tools can be useful in educating yourself how certain credit decisions affect your VantageScore, but as we discussed previously most lenders don’t use the VantageScore and as such most of the educational value is worthless.

Other features such as identity theft protection are only available to those on the Quizzle paid plans and don’t provide the protection you’d expect.

Our Final Thoughts

It’s worth signing up to Quizzle purely to get access to the additional two Equifax credit reports they provide you with each year. We’d suggest skipping their over priced paid plans though.

The credit tools they provide are much better than those provided by Credit Sesame, but not as robust as those provided by Credit Karma.

At the end of the day, it’s another free credit monitoring service that doesn’t require a credit card to join and provides you with another two free credit reports which can be extremely useful for those trying to repair their credit.

Click to sign up to Quizzle. 


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Cornelia Szofal
Cornelia Szofal

I just want to put out an alert. My identity info was stolen (from the theft of a laptop from my doctor’s office) and the DAY that someone started to open credit cards in my name, the THEIVES pulled my Quizzle report — so they can check my credit worthiness before they began to open cards in my name!!!!! I did have credit monitoring and received alerts immediately and also by the good graces of kind and honest people (God bless them), the theives were unable to open accounts and I was able to freeze my credit reports and stop it — but not before QUIZZLE handed it to them. But I only saw this inquiry after Equifax had to provide a WRITTEN credit report to me after my credit freeze was placed from my police report. Quizzle showed up as a soft inquiry that I did not ask for — I did not even know what it was. It was not on the online version of my credit report from Equifax (which I find very disturbing), but Equifax, unlike Experian, does not give you that soft inquiry info. HOW can you prevent an unauthorized person from requesting your report? How many other companies are out there doing this? They do not know it is not me, but my credit report was pulled by CRIMINALS and Quizzle just handed it to them so they could see my credit score and that it was worth it for them to continue (I have spotless credit.) FREEZE your info so Quizzle (or anyone else) cannot pull it! Has anyone else ever thought of this problem — besides identity theives?!


My identity was also stolen and I just found a quizzle request on the report that Equifax has given me. I tried to contact quizzle, but there doesn’t seem to be any good way to contact them. Have you been able to get in touch with them? I’m guessing the thieves also need to know my email address, because it said “welcome back” and I’ve never been to the site before. I would appreciate your thoughts on this.



Hi. I have phone numbers for Quizzle. Their main phone number is 313-373-3900. They will not reply to your email which you probably already know. They are a subsidiary of Quicken Loans and you can try to get someone through them which was how I got there. I was directed to a guy who is their “investigator” named Nick Bayko. His phone number is 313-373-4071. I spoke to him early on after, like you, I “discovered” this soft inquiry on my credit reports. (It doesn’t show up as a hard one so you have to really look to find it.) He basically patted me on the head and told it will “all be fine.” That he will do an investigation and get back to me. My quizzle access was frozen — it still is — you can’t enter my info to set up an account. But I will tell you Quizzle will do NOTHING. They have NEVER called me back. Not once. I have been calling this guy every week or two for the last 6 months to find out what they are doing. He doesn’t pick up the phone ever now — maybe he has blocked my number even! — I leave a message and he never ever called back, not even once after the initial call. I have reported Quizzle to the FTC and to the ConsumerFinance.gov. I am now submitting a complaint to my state attorney general. I am so sorry and I know what you are going through! It is disgusting to know 15 months down the line there has been no change. It just confirms that of course, I was not the only one. This must be a common approach for thieves and I am guessing they can still use Quizzle as they have NOT changed their practices and they are easy and free to *everyone* with your information!


Quizzle looks great but I’ve never been able to use it. They asked security identification questions from before I was in the country of which I chose “none of the above” and it didn’t like that despite it matching the credit report.

Account is stuck “Unable to verify identity”, Quizzle won’t budge and reps just point their fingers at Equifax. Equifax isn’t aware of locks that prevent Quizzle from retrying verification.

Linda G Sheppler
Linda G Sheppler

Same for me. What a waste.


I got a head scratcher. My Credit Karma score is 769. My Quizzle score is 701. My fico score from from one of my credit cards is 712. My fico from another CC is 757. The fico score I actually paid 7.95 for is 671. My credit has never been below 750 and needless to say the 701-671 made me a lil weary. I don’t know what to believe. I guess I can just say it’s between 671-770. Not good when your trying to purchase a house in the next 2-3 months.


The only score that matters is the one pulled by lenders, which is never the same as the ones we can pull ourselves. Only a lender can let you know what the true score is. HTH

Good luck 🙂

Tedra D


Discover card says my fico is 757. Citi bank card says 712. The one I paid for (7.95) was from equifax. It was the lowest at 671. I don’t know what to think. So, I have 75% utilization on both of these cards and I’m going to pay them off Friday this week. How much can I expect my score to rise??? That’s the biggest thing all the sites say to do is get my CC below 30% utilization and my score will go up.


Im very upset with Quizzle because i upgraded to pro+ for 15$ cause their website states that ill be able to view all three reports with scores and be able to dispute things on my report but thats not true and i paid to upgrade to see my reports cause there’s more then a few things i need to dispute and want to clean my credit up but instead i feel i got ripped off and want a refund but all i get is that quizzle wont charge my card next month and i want a refund cause upgrading for 15$ is a rip off seeing im not getting what i paid for.


I put in my information. I’ve know exactly who I am for 29 years now. I answered all of their security questions to verify my identity. It locked me out of their site and said I didn’t answer them correctly. Um, hello?! Yes I did! Furthermore they now have my ssn etc and I tried emailing them (like they suggest you do when you have a problem, or want to delete your account) and they NEVER EVEN RESPONDED!! My only option is to hope and pray that they don’t steal or lend out my identity. All I wanted to do was see my freakin’ credit score for free because I was applying to a few different places for an auto loan and wanted to know how my credit was. I feel so sick and stupid now, this is such a scam. I should have known better.

-They wont even respond to people (or even on this site) after they have obtained your most sensitive information, that should tell you something people!!!! You have been warned!!!


Finindg this post. It’s just a big piece of luck for me.

joe widere
joe widere

I got involved w/a quizzle offer that costs about 5 bucks a month; however, their website is loop-designed. There is seemingly no way to cancel it. very clever on its part, but I think it’s sleazy. how can I cancel out?


Thank you for some other informative web site. Where else could I am getting that
type of info written in such an ideal way? I have a challenge that I am just now
working on, and I have been on the look out for such


I use quizzle, karma & sesame & several cc’s provide my fico. I’ve learned there are many scores, fico included, & that it also depends on the report date/version the lender is viewing. I appreciate them all. They get me in the ballpark of where I am, between 763 & 802, which provides a guideline to follow. The whole system is quirky, but that’s the way it is. Learn & enjoy the process. Sign up for all 3 & get the free reports. That’s where the real answer is anyway of what one needs to do.


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about this topic. You realize a whole lot its almost tough to argue with you (not that I actually will need to…HaHa).
You definitely put a brand new spin on a topic which has
been written about for decades. Great stuff, just wonderful!


This is for everyone. If you want to clean up your credit, then go to Lexington Law web site. It is not expensive in comparison to all the others. You will not be disappointed.


Received a text message this morning thanking me for subscribing to Quizzle. I never heard of the company and did not subscribe to it. The message said to unsubscribe – send a text stating ‘STOP’. I did so and was charged £4.50 for the privilage. Premium text message. No mention of this charge in text.

Judge for yourself if this is a SCAM


This happened to me as well. 4.5gbp to stop or they will take that amount every week until all the money in my pay phone is gone. Anyone know how I got targeted?


Sign up and get SPAMmed from every corner of the universe for life

Colin Wright
Colin Wright

I want to why you have charged me I don’t want or need your service, I have tried 2 stop this as advised but 2 no avail,, PLEASE REFRAIN FROM CHARGING ME FOR SOMETHING I DON’T WANT,,, THANK YOU,,,!!!

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