PLUS Score

plus scoreThe PLUS score is a credit score that was developed by Experian’s decision analytics team. Like all other credit scores it aims to estimate a consumers credit worthiness (a higher score means a consumer is more likely to pay back their debts, whilst a lower score indicates they are less likely).

Unlike the majority of other scores (e.g FICO and VantageScore) the PLUS score is for consumers only, meaning that lenders NEVER look at this score when making a lending decision. Unfortunately this important distinction makes this score almost entirely useless, as even if they have a high PLUS score they might still be denied for credit.

PLUS Score Facts

natural distribution of PLUS scores

  • PLUS Score Range of 330 to 830
  • Median score of 724

F.A.Q’s About The PLUS Score

 What is a good plus score?

Because these scores aren’t used by lenders there is no cutoff point for a plus score (e.g the score point at which lenders will not approve you for credit). That being said anything over a score of 780 indicates a history of good credit and will likely result in you having a high FICO score (used by 90% of lenders) as well.

 Where Can I Get My PLUS Score From?

A lot of websites offer a free PLUS score when you sign up for their credit monitoring program. The most well known is

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