Posted by Chuck on January 9, 2018

Published on January 9th, 2018 | by Chuck


$10 off Uber Ride for Existing Users [Won’t Last, YMMV]

Via VFTW, there’s a promo code which is currently working to get $10 off an Uber ride to be used anytime before May 1, 2018. This won’t last.

Promo code: localfavorite

Worked for me at 5:07 pm ET.

Update: worked for me and for some, but others are getting “already used this product” error message. Might depend on home state or some other factor.

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It said “You’ve already used this promo.” If I have, it wasn’t recently.

Same message for me.

Same here… Not sure if I actually used it though.

I got the message “you’ve already used this product.”

I don’t remember using this code. Thanks for sharing DoC

Worked at 5.11pm

worked at 5:12pm


Thanks it works for me
something’s telling me it’ll only work in select areas

Worked for me. Thanks!

5:23 pm EST worked in MIA.

Worked as of 2:21 PST for me, thanks Doc!
Location: LA Area

Is it showing you $10 off when you try ordering a ride?

Thanks worked for me!

Worked for me just now. Thanks!

Worked for me too.
Thanks Chuck

Worked for me at 5:32 PM

Thanks. Worked for me 2:35 PST

Worked 5:35

Worked for me, 2:38pm PST, SF Bay Area

Thanks. Got it

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