Posted by Chuck on September 18, 2015

Published on September 18th, 2015 | by Chuck


$100 Off $100 on Orbitz with Masterpass

We just posted about a deal of $50 off $100 on Orbitz when paying with Masterpass using promo code: MASTERPASS. They seem to have updated the terms of the deal and are now offering $100 off $100. The rest of the details are all the same, including the link.

Direct Link

Thanks to reader LiteSalt and to Dansdeals for pointing this out.

The best deal here is obviously to try finding a room which costs ~$100 exactly, either with a one-day stay or a multi-day stay. It won’t end up being totally free after taxes, but it will be pretty close. If you don’t already have an Orbitz account then consider using our referral link as you’ll get $25 in Orbitz credit for your first hotel stay.

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I registered with your link, where is the 25 dollar credit?

posts after your first stay

ok, I have booked hotels, hopefully can get the $25 after my stay

I signed up through the link..but if you read correctly, “you’ll get $25 in Orbitz credit for your first hotel stay.”

so I believe , you need to book and stay in that hotel first.

Wow..for once, jumping early on a deal came to bite me on the behind. Wish I didn’t book my upcoming stay when it was only $50 off.

Maybe you can still cancel those stays, check!!

My searches in asia only turn up eligible rooms that are 200+ a night. promo is a joke. Also, now getting a message saying travel must occur between sept 18-30th. that must be a joke.

A joke? Hardly. I just booked a $100 room in downtown St. Augustine, FL for $10 in taxes & fees. Thanks for the tip, Chuck!

The promo code you entered is only available for certain travel dates between Sep 15, 2015 and Oct 2, 2015. Please check the promo code rules.”

I’m still not sure why you think it’s a joke. I just successfully booked a room for $10. What is the joke? Just book a room using the eligible travel dates. If that isn’t possible for you, it doesn’t mean that it’s useless for everyone else.

I never said it was useless.

$200/night in asia is bad
travel must occur within two weeks = weak

Your reading comprehension has become “the joke”. Glad it worked for you.

Your last insult was unnecessary. Why are you being so negative? So this deal isn’t helpful for you. I’m grateful to the folks who run this site, and even though I don’t find value in every deal.

If you have relevant information to post, then by all means, share it, but there’s no need to complain. (e.g., “availability seems to be poor in Asia” = relevant; “promo is a joke” = not relevant). Orbitz doesn’t owe you a thing. Good luck on the next deal.

No, you are a JOKE, Jack.

Just because it does not work for YOU in ASIA, does not make the promotion a joke.

You are the joke since you think the world revolves around you and your needs.

It doesn’t.

So, get a life.

It worked for me, perfectly fine, withing those days I was able apply 5 times, Thanks, Thanks, Thanks

That just means you need to adjust your travel plans. I just booked a one-night in central London for $22 and two nights in the center of Istanbul for $16. Give it another try, searching for stays between now and the end of the month!

I tried to book a night for 10/2 but it wouldn’t work, so I guess they mean travel ending 10/2. Oh well.

How to Join MasterPASS? When I go to Website, its showing only limited number for bank cards are eligible.

Can someone enlighten me?

Google masterpass. You’ll find their site and you can sign up. Then on Orbitz it will let you access it.

Got it thanks. This stupid kept taking me to their Singapore website!!! I was amazed to see banks whose name I never heard off..!

Thanks for suggesting google, Right there- 1st listing. 🙂

Thanks so much. I just booked 6 hotels my next week’s Colorado road trip for less than $200 (would have been $800+).

Awesome! Wish I had more than a weekend to use this deal on!

Yeah really this just came up out of nowhere!

holly moly…….i just realized that 10 of my cards are all visa. any way i can use visa or master card gift card to sign up for masterpass??

It doesn’t matter which card you use!

While not a “joke,” I have found the pickings slim. LivInns, Red Roofs, Grandstays are about all I found were eligible.

I saw a number of Extended Stay properties in the low $100s in various areas.

I won’t be able to use it myself, but the promotion is certainly great, but of course, it is only for those who are traveling on short notice within this month.

Do we have to have Masterpass as payment to get the bonus or any random credit card would work?

Had some upcoming travel I was going to use points for, but I ended up with two nights at a well-reviewed Red Roof for under $35.

<$20 a night for budget accommodation is pretty good in my book- thanks for the post!

Deal is dead…. Rats. deal was “no joke” — I had scoped out several nights in Daytona at about 1:30 a.m., had the discounts applied, ….. but waited to pull the trigger til I could check w/ spouse in the a.m.

Lesson learned…. never hesitate. Nail it, ask questions later.

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