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Airlinecheckins: Unlimited Inflight Wifi For €9 Per Month (Gogo, Panasonic, Deutsch Telekom)

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • is offering their plus service for €9 per month when you enter the promo code ‘earlybird10‘. Plus membership comes with iPass, iPass offers free unlimited WiFi (must be using Gogo, Panasonic or Deutsch Telekom). To get this rate you have to purchase three months at a time

Our Verdict is owned by Lufthansa, so I don’t have any concerns there. It can also automatically check you in for flights the moment the flight opens, I’m not sure if it actually works on Southwest or not (I suspect it doesn’t as Southwest usually threaten legal action for any service that offers this. Update: Works fine with Southwest.). You can set your seat preferences as well. They also talk about airport lounge discounts, this is handled via Loungebuddy but they don’t actually say what the discount is.

Some people might find the discounted WiFi offer useful. Personally I like to just relax when flying, when I have WiFi access I feel like I should be working

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It’s really weird, I registered and then when i come to sign up for the Plus plan, it ask for your address (NY, USA for me) and the promo code. Afterwhich it asks me to put my credit card info and pay this:

Net Price: 25,20€ (-25,20€)
VAT: 0,00€ (0%)
You pay: 22,68€

Anyone know why?

Gotta buy 3 months at a time

And it appears that it expires automatically after 3 months.

I think you don’t pay the VAT since you are based in the USA (& paying with a USA credit card). The 10 euro/month headline price includes VAT. The promo code gives you an extra 10% discount.

This is a great deal – I signed up since I will have at least 2 international flights in the next 3 months and would have paid more than the 23 euro cost for this subscription.

Also, reports are that this works for Southwest check-ins. That is the only airline I would use this check-in service for. I’m curious if this will get me a better boarding group number than my usual manual checkin!

Datapoint for my credit card USD conversion: “A $25.92 transaction was made on your Citi account.” For three months it equals $8.64 per month with the promo code.

Delta (which uses gogo) isn’t on the list of airlines provided on the website for WiFi. Is it possible that this iPass does not include gogo? I believe some other providers of iPass to the public do not include gogo either.

Most likely because only a portion of Delta’s wifi fleet use gogo. So they dont want to say Delta and then people complain about not been able to use it.

That’s incorrect. Their entire fleet is GoGo.

That makes me very curious…

This seems too good to be true. Goge is like $50 or $60 per month on AA. What’s the catch?

So let me get this right; you are giving your login data to the daughter company of an airline for them to automatically check you into a bunch of competitor’s websites. In trade for this login, you pay a token €9/month, and get WiFi that the company gets a wholesale rate.

Your login contain your entire booking history, status, hotel affiliations, including receipts for previous and future flights. The CEO of Lufthansa Innovations Hub GmbH, Dr. Christian Langer, is a pretty bright guy.

But they say on their website that our data is safe with them. Exactly what BA, Cathay, Newegg, Experian and everyone else say. What could possibly go wrong?

Good one Alan 🙂

I have used it successfully for southwest check-ins. Works like a charm. From researching online, some blog also confirmed that it had southwest’s blessing.

Do you get better spots?

I usually get late A’s to early B’s which are good enough for a window seat and overhead bin space (which is pretty much all I want)

Can anyone confirm that this does work on Delta? That’s a big selling point for me.

I bought this a few weeks ago and wasn’t able to get it working on my AA flight with Gogo. Troubleshooting is tough in the air as obviously you can’t look up anything with wifi, but I did try and use my 30 mins free w T-Mobile and even then it didn’t work. Check the FT link for more info

So, this does NOT work on United’s Panasonic flights. I called iPass and they have not rolled it out yet. Total waste of money for me.

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