Amazon: $15 Credit With $50 Spend On Household Essentials

Update 7/7/24: Deal is back

The Offer

Direct link to offer (our affiliate link)

  • Amazon is offering a $15 promo credit toward a future purchase when you spend $50 on household essentials.

Our Verdict

As always with these deals, price compare price compare price compare.

Post history:

  • Update 3/25/24: Deal is back
  • Update 3/9/24: Deal is back
  • Update 1/2/24: Deal is back
  • Update 12/25/23: Deal is back
  • Update 12/10/23: Deal is back. It now comes as a $15 promo credit for future use. Updated below.
  • Update 12/3/23: Deal is back
  • Update 11/6/23: Deal is back (promo code F7CC19A5)
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Ymmv (@guest_1871892)
July 9, 2024 18:07

thanks i got more towels. no mention of the promo during check out but was part of the list of items.

barrytuneup (@guest_1871241)
July 8, 2024 16:06

You can get Arm and Hammer 170 loads per container for 13.99. WMart is the same for the sensitive skin. But the $15.00 off in 30 days with free ship,, it’s a deal. I will have a lifetime of laundry detergent. Just walking the aisles of Shoprite last week, could not believe the prices of detergent. WOW

randomguy (@guest_1870920)
July 7, 2024 21:20

Useful for people who don’t have a Walmart nearby

JasonTX 🔗
JasonTX 🔗 (@guest_1819695)
March 25, 2024 22:00

The items are so over-priced..even with the $15 dollar discount, it’s not worth it.
Angel soft TP: 5 packs for 16 rolls (80 rolls in total) = $47.45 (after $15 discount).
At Walmart, you can get 36 rolls for $17.96, which translates to 96 rolls for $47.45. So even with the $15 dollar discount, you still lose 16 rolls of toilet paper by buying on Amazon. This is just one example…every item on there is pretty much 20 – 30% more than Walmart. If it is a mom and pop shop, i will be willing to pay for to support local jobs. But not for amazon

sybloc (@guest_1871365)
July 8, 2024 20:58

While I agree 100% with your sentiment, before Amazon, Walmart was Amazon. 💩 is just getting bigger.

People should have been exclusively supporting local businesses since Day 1. Now it’s just way too late…

Mark (@guest_1819550)
March 25, 2024 16:34

Angel Soft TP is $12.49 for a 16-pack, which is cheaper than my go to Walmart after the $15 rebate. Limit of 3 so you need another $12.53 worth of other stuff

Poppy (@guest_1819443)
March 25, 2024 12:27

The list of eligible items is not very long and I don’t use any of those products. Mileage may vary with this promotion.

Courtney (@guest_1871366)
July 8, 2024 20:59

Same I still have a stockpile of stuff from when they did this last year. Seems like a ton of trash bags (my stockpile) oxy clean and dishwasher pods

P (@guest_1819442)
March 25, 2024 12:23

None of those items is saved in my cart so I can’t tell if any of them has gone up in price the past few days in preparation for this deal.

Max (@guest_1871041)
July 8, 2024 09:18


Courtney (@guest_1871367)
July 8, 2024 21:00

Always ask the camels when it comes to Amazon

Dirk (@guest_1811341)
March 9, 2024 22:46

Everything I looked at costs more, a lot more, on Amazon than walmart. I’m good

Frey (@guest_1811384)
March 10, 2024 04:03

Very true in a lot of cases but I also figure in that I get Amazon GCs at a discount so some things are cheaper than Walmart.

Dirk (@guest_1811387)
March 10, 2024 04:53

What are GCs

TRJ (@guest_1811405)
March 10, 2024 07:40

gift cards

TRJ (@guest_1811403)
March 10, 2024 07:01

I also get WM GC’s for a nice discount. I ordered a ton from Pepper when they were running the 10% back deal. In fact, Pepper just gave me another 10% back deal. There are also some “creative” ways to get WM GC’s at nice discounts if you want to work at it.

luvsdeals (@guest_1811649)
March 10, 2024 21:26

I just downloaded it and created an account from Pepper. What’s your experience with them and how were the gift card savings compared to other sites? Are they similar to Fluz where you put in the exact amount? I am curious as to the other creative ways to get the Walmart gift cards at discounts because sometimes I go there too.

Hubert (@guest_1819417)
March 25, 2024 11:21

Link to doctor of credit’s recent pepper post. Couldn’t find what “pepper” was easily from a simple google search

Anyone got update on Chase’s cashback working on Pepper? Is it still working and confirmed to be working for their merchant offers.

TRJ (@guest_1811305)
March 9, 2024 21:08

Great deal. Loaded up again!

beat2def (@guest_1781923)
January 20, 2024 11:53

Promotion has ended”