Amazon Prime: Discounted Giftcards For Prime Day (DoorDash, Chipotle, Lyft, Uber & More)

(added a number of deals)

The Offer

Direct link to offer (our affiliate link. Select giftcards in sidebar if it doesn’t work)

  • Amazon has a lot of different gift cards on sale:
    • $20 Amazon credit: buy $100 in DoorDash e-gift cards and get $20 bounceback credit
    • Old Navy $50 physical gift card for $39.50
    • $25 Krispy Kreme for $19.75
    • $50 Boscovs gift card for $40
    • $50 Build-A-Bear physical gift card for $39.50
    • 20% Off:
      • Golden Corral
      • Logan’s Roadhouse
      • White Castle
      • JCPenney
    • $50 for $39.50
      • Aeropostale with promo code AERO
      • California Pizza Kitchen with promo code CPK23
      • Famous Dave’s with promo code FAMOUS
      • Gap Options with promo code GAP23
      • Gap with promo code PRIMEGAP
      • Granite City Brewery with promo code CITY23
      • Old Navy with promo code OLDNAVY23
      • Panera Bread with promo code PANERA
      • Yankee Candle with promo code CANDLE23
    • $50 for $40
      • Adidas with promo code ADIDAS23
      • Bath & Body Works with promo code BATH23
      • Chuck E Cheese with promo code CHUCK
      • Fandango with promo code FANDANGO
      • Grubhub with promo code GRUB23
      • H&M with promo code HM23
      • Jiffy Lube with promo code JIFFY
      • JTV with promo code JTV23
      • Kirkland’s with promo code HOME23
      • Lyft with promo code LYFT
      • Pink with promo code PINK23
      • Regal Cinemas with promo code REGAL
      • Rubio’s with promo code RUBIOS
      • Spa & Wellness with promo code SPAWEEK
      • Victoria’s Secret with promo code VS23
    • Buy $50 card and get $10 Amazon credit
      • Chipotle with promo code CHIPOTLE
      • Choice Game & Grub with promo code GAME
      • Choice Thank You with promo code THANKS
      • Fanatics with promo code FAN23
      • Giving Good Feeding America with promo code GIVING
      • Topgolf with promo code TOPGOLF
      • Uber with promo code UBER
      • Choice Food & Laughs with promo code HAPPY
    • Buy $50 card and get $10.5 Amazon credit
      • Brinker with promo code BRINKER
      • Cinemark Theatres with promo code CINEMARK
      • Home Chef with promo code CHEF23

Our Verdict

You can only apply one code per order, so you’ll need to do seperate orders. I imagine some of these will sell out quickly (and sometimes on prime day deals you don’t expect to sell out quickly still sell out quickly) so I’d recommend buying ASAP if you’re interested in any.

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George (@guest_1652717)
July 12, 2023 22:32

These died in the past hour. Worked fine until then

Atme (@guest_1652759)
July 13, 2023 00:05

still alive but ok

game (@guest_1652597)
July 12, 2023 19:03

Don’t waste your time. These don’t work for most/all prime or not.

Ymmv (@guest_1652584)
July 12, 2023 18:42

Got the credit for chipotle order thanks

AlexMoney (@guest_1652265)
July 12, 2023 11:36

Can you get same gift card twice? Will the discount work? For example can you get Uber gift card 2 times?

TravelGeek (@guest_1652375)
July 12, 2023 14:20

I couldn’t even get it one. Ever accepted my code.

JD (@guest_1652221)
July 12, 2023 10:47

LYFT doesn’t work.

Amy (@guest_1652207)
July 12, 2023 10:29

Is the deal expired? DASH does not work.

andrew (@guest_1652194)
July 12, 2023 10:08
John Allenton
John Allenton (@guest_1652219)
July 12, 2023 10:42

I’d be a little careful- the terms still reference the $10 credit on the product page and it still says $50 if you read the terms on that landing page. You could probably argue with them to get the full credit if they don’t send it. It looks like this may just be a typo on their part.

ND (@guest_1652349)
July 12, 2023 13:37

I already did the $50 GC. Do you happen to know if we can do both $50 and $100 and get $30 in total?

lilurbanachiever (@guest_1652489)
July 12, 2023 16:26

It’s the same promo code. People say it works even if not accepted at check out but the “Prime Savings” message shows.. Let’s see if it does, I bought a 50 GC only.

lilurbanachiever (@guest_1653188)
July 13, 2023 15:34

Got the $10 credit, good enough for me. Thanks to whoever mentioned that it worked even if the code was not accepted the checkout.

northernland (@guest_1653788)
July 14, 2023 10:34

Same. The only confirmation I could see was “Prime Savings” so I only did $50 and got the email.

Wick (@guest_1652733)
July 12, 2023 23:10

Thanks, I ordered $50 GC yesterday, will do $100 as well since I see *Prime Savings* qualification

Melanie (@guest_1653385)
July 13, 2023 21:09

did this, it sent a $10 instead of the $20, but talked to customer service and they gave me an additional courtesy $10 credit

John Allenton
John Allenton (@guest_1652127)
July 12, 2023 08:36

FWIW I had the error saying it couldn’t be applied but went ahead with the purchase anyways figuring I could just reach out to them if there was an issue. But I just got the email now saying I got Amazon credits for both my DoorDash and Uber gift card purchases. I purchased both around 24 hours ago.

az (@guest_1652312)
July 12, 2023 12:38


Wick (@guest_1652027)
July 12, 2023 03:21

if you see “Qualifying Offers: Prime Savings” UNDER checkout, you should be good.

Guy who buys stuff
Guy who buys stuff (@guest_1651704)
July 11, 2023 17:36

Anyone used the Thank You cards to buy Chevron? How does that work? I know the usual mechanism of trading in these multi-option cards for eGCs like Lowes or Home Depot, but for Chevron, it seems like I’d need a plastic card for the pump.

Andie (@guest_1651963)
July 11, 2023 23:54

I haven’t, but from what I read in another discussion, you get e-gift card that you load into their app and use app to pay.