Posted by William Charles on March 12, 2018

Published on March 12th, 2018 | by William Charles


Amazon Wants To Launch Business Credit Card

According to Bloomberg Amazon is in talks with credit card issues to launch a co-branded credit card for small business owners. The card will offer rewards for purchases and they hope to eventually add offerings such as business insurance through a portal. Amazon currently issues a co-branded credit card with Chase and a co-branded store card with Synchrony. Amazon is also in talks to offer a co-branded checking account.

I can’t see the business card offering more than 5% back on Amazon purchases, so I think it will be of limited use to most people but we will have to wait and see.

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Years ago, they offered a co-branded Chase Visa that was similar to the consumer card. Since I’m not the primary Prime member, I get Prime benefits but only 3%. The stopped offering the Chase Business Amazon years ago but left my card alone.
There were some Synchrony-issued business accounting nets, but I haven’t seen them advertised lately, and this rumor/news would make sense.

If it’s a Chase card that offers UR points, I’m all in. Saves the hassle of buying gift cards through Gyft or Staples. Probably won’t happen, but Won can hope, right?

I haven’t used my amazon visa except to keep it active since 2014. I don’t purchase much from amazon and don’t generally Value prime membership because of my location. And I can get more than 3x rewards from other places when I want an amazon gift card.

This card has to offer better rewards than the personal one for me to apply and use it.

Let’s just hope it doesn’t show up on personal credit reports. Sign me up if it doesn’t.


If it’s only Amazon purchases, that’s not too exciting. Amazon offers a lot of services that small businesses can use, and if they gave cashback for those that would be great. The main ones are probably Amazon Marketing Services and Amazon Web Services.

The Chase Amazon card doesn’t get 5% cashback for these, and the CIP doesn’t get 3x points. I’m not sure what they code as for bonus categories, but they don’t code as ads or internet services right now.

It is going to be American Express

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