Posted by William Charles on November 16, 2017
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Published on November 16th, 2017 | by William Charles


If American Express Calls You About The Platinum, Listen For 25,000 Points

Reddit user shufflin_ reports that American Express called them out of the blue to discuss the benefits of the American Express Platinum card they hold. At the end of the call they said because they listened to the full call they would be receiving 25,000 bonus points. This was a manual non automated call. The reason I’m posting is because Reddit user assingfortrouble also received the same call and didn’t let them finish and received no points. Obviously there is no guarantee that they will even call you or you’ll get bonus points for listening to the call but it doesn’t hurt to listen to it for a chance of points I guess.

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I am pretty sure that they called me 2-4 weeks ago and cut them off now feeling bad about

“Reddit user assingfortrouble also received the same call and didn’t let them finish and received no points.”

Of course not. He’s assing for trouble.

Finally! Nice guy came first and no one gave him hard time for it.

Can I call them and ask my Platinum benefits? Maybe that could trigger the 25k points? 😛

I tried doing that for the points. The CSR politely shoo me away

What number are they calling from?

Amex does this to couple of folks @ \r\churning and all bloggers will pick it up. Then everybody will start hearing out Amex when they call. I say its pretty impressive way to get someone to listen to you.

I listened to the whole call, but wasn’t offered anything a few days ago. So your miles may vary.

I have that offer on my card account page offering an upgrade from Gold Premier to Platinum.

I called them about any retention “offers” and they detailed all the Amex offers available to add for the card. There was a moment of silence after she was done because I didn’t know how to respond. I then politely told her all of those offers are not available for my location and ended the call.

assingfortrouble made reading this thread worth it.

Maybe both shufflin and assingfortrouble are AmEx marketing employees — whipping blogger headlines out of thin air. Now they know that Rumor-to-Blogger route definitely works, and will game it for all it’s worth. 😀

Damn you 😉 …. I’m now answering phone calls from numbers I don’t recognize in hopes of an Amex survey and have had to listen to a DirecTV spiel about discounted movie channels and take an IHG survey that they wanted to turn into a vacation club offering!

Interesting market tactics; now you can expect more of the commando calls from telemarketers everywhere!

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