American Express Gold 40k + $250 – Share Your Information

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American Express is currently offering a bonus of up to 40,000 Membership Rewards & $250 statement credit on Ticketmaster purchases on the gold card. Because self referrals no longer work. You need to be referred by e-mail and the e-mail needs to match when applying to be eligible. If you have the Ticketmaster offer and want to refer people, feel free to share your email. If you want to be referred feel free to share your e-mail as well.

  • Do not thread referrals, just leave your referral as a new line.
  • Leave your referral once.
  • We will lock comments in a few days

If you’re using a referral try to use a link from a readers name you recognize that provides helpful comments. You can click the i button next to their name to see their comment history.

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