American Express Transfer Bonus: Up To 25% To Flying Blue (KLM/AirFrance), 1:1.25

The Offer

  • You can currently receive a transfer bonus of 25% when you  transfer American Express Membership Rewards points to Flying Blue. Normally you can transfer 1,000 MR points and receive 1,000 Flying Blue miles, during this promotion you’ll receive 1,250(1:1.25).

The Fine Print

  • Valid until November 30th, 2019

Our Verdict

Here are the previous transfer bonuses American Express has offered to Flying Blue:

Targeted Bonuses

As you can see all of the recent bonuses have been for 25% so this is basically as good as it gets. You can view a full list of historical transfer bonuses by clicking here. Keep in mind that Flying Blue has monthly award sales, but taxes & fees are usually quite high.

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Dick Bupkiss
Dick Bupkiss

Too bad this didn’t start one week ago – before Flying BLue did their “Promo Award” deal. I transferred a pile of Chase URs to FB to redeem on that…oh well.


I did the same to get a jump on the deal. No luck with the redemption either.
Just an annoyance. I’ll take what I can get…


How can i use this Bonus deals to transfer my points and get a Deal to fly to India?

I want to visit India once, and fly in either Business or First class…..But Enormous taxes ($600 to $800) with Flying Blue program or Aeroplan almost kill the deal compared to Lower Taxes with United/AA which are less than $100.