Posted by Chuck on December 19, 2017

Published on December 19th, 2017 | by Chuck


Amex Offers: Sam’s Club Get 2,500/$25 with $45 Membership Purchase, Stack with $20 GC Bonus [Targeted]

The Offer

Check your Amex logins for this targeted offer:

  • Get a $25 statement credit by using your registered Amex card to purchase a new Sam’s Club Membership online at

The Fine Print

  • Expires 1/31/18
  • Offer valid only on a new Sam’s Club Membership (Savings, Business or Plus) purchased online at US website ( and not valid on memberships purchased in-Club, via mobile app or by phone
  • Excludes membership renewals, upgrades, add-ons or additional membership or any purchase of Sam’s Club Gift of Membership or Prepaid Sam’s Savings Membership

Our Verdict

I’d have preferred to get this offer on my points cards since 2,500 points is worth $31.25 for me; but I only found it on my Cash cards so it’s just $25 off. Remaining cost is $20 + sales tax.

However, we can stack the deal to make it better. There are numerous signup bonus offers from Sam’s Club to get a free Sam’s e-gift card for signing up. Here are the best offers:

Aside from that, you can use a shopping portal:

  • Topcashback is currently offering 7% back on Sam’s membership purchases; that’s another $3.15 back

I especially like that this deal is can be done completely online. I just did the deal using a new email address to avoid any doubts about it being considered a continuation of an expired Sam’s membership on my regular email address.. So far there hasn’t been any instant confirmations, not from Amex about the offer credit, nor from Sam’s about the $20 referral bonus. Hopefully, it’s just a matter of time.

It might be a good idea to immediately turn off auto-renewal in your Sam’s login in case you forget next year. Once you have Sam’s membership, you’ll be able to take advantage of a different Amex Offer to get 5x points for in-club purchases until year’s end.

Please do not leave your referrals here in the comments, head over to this dedicated page to do so. You can try forming a conga line there too since the referrer also gets a $10 bonus, just keep in mind these conga’s don’t usually work well.

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Do the referral + amex offer stack with cashback sites like ebates (3%)?

Don’t think there is an offer for points. My ED card shows $25 also

Got the point version on my PRG. (1/2 MR cards)

Interesting, I got the $25 statement credit offer on both my PRG and BCE (the only 2 Amex cards I have at the moment). I guess the MR cards can be either statement credit or MR.

I didn’t know there was a card for Erectile Dysfunction. Is there a sign up bonus? 😉

1) My membership is expiring. I’m guessing that if I simply leave it expire and buy again a few days later, it won’t qualify as new. Can we select a different household member as the “new member” and list me as the “complimentary household cardholder” to qualify for the new member deal?
2) If I create a referral link for that different selected household member and get both sides of the referral?


There is a “Spend $45, get 2,500 Membership Rewards Points” offer. Got it on Everyday and Ameriprise Gold.

Just bought a new membership with the amex offer. I did not get a congratulations email. Hopefully this is just a glitch.

i didn’t get email either.

On the Frequentmiler link – AA elites actually can earn 2,000 (Gold/Plat) or 2,500 (Plat Pro/Exec Plat) miles. As a Plat, and since I typically get outsized value for my AA miles flying up front on a partner, I find 2,000 AA miles is much more valuable than a $20 gift card.

The last time Sam’s club had an amex offer ($20 off $20) you could buy a $45 “membership”, which was just a $45 gift card that you could take to the store and buy a membership or anything else. So today, does buying a “membership” get you that same card ?

After I registered, I did not receive the e gift card. How long does it take for you to get the gift card?

“So far there hasn’t been any instant confirmations, not from Amex about the offer credit, nor from Sam’s about the $20 referral bonus.”


$25 student gift card came through. Still nothing from Amex.

how long does it take for your student coupon to come through? thanks.

Mine took about 30 minutes to show up in my email.

Is the student gift card an ordinary Sam’s Club gift card with no expiration date, or is it something else?

As far as I can tell, it seems to be a normal gift card.

eGiftcard worth $25, doesn’t say when it expires

Got this offer on 6 (4 mine + 2 AU’s) of the Amex Cards. Not sure how to take advantage on all cards.
Would have been good to see the spend offer on transaction.

last year i used this amex offer for a new sams membership and I did not ever get the statement credit. I don’t think it works when applied w/ another offer from Sam’s

ED has 2500 points. Green has $25. OBC has $25.

Hari Prakash Gurusamy
Hari Prakash Gurusamy

Anyone who registered through referral got both Amex email and also Sam’s $20 Egift card?

used student email to get $25 gc + amex offer. got the $25 gc email but no “congratulations” email from amex… go figure

Anyone knows how to stack it with Checkout or Ibotta offers?

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