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Credit Card Offers

Published on October 16th, 2017 | by William Charles


Ask Discover For An Offer, Receive An Offer (3% Cash Back On All Purchases Or 0% APR)

The Offer

  • Discover seems to be offering some targeted offers (similar to what they offered back in 2015). You need to ask to receive one of these offers.  Easiest way to do that is by starting a live chat with them, then just ask if there are any current offers that can be applied for your account (if you don’t have any offers, move onto the next deal). Here are some of the offers people have reported receiving:
    • 0% APR for 12 months
    • 3% cashback for 6 months up to $1500.00 in purchases
    • 3% cashback for 6 months up to $2500.00 in purchases
    • 2% cashback on $7,500 spent in 12 months. This stacks with the quarterly offers of 5%
    • PR reduction lowered to the APR of the variable 16.24%
    • Looks like the 7% on the rotating categories isn’t being offered at this time

Our Verdict

Share any offers you have received in the comments below. Unfortunately I don’t think the method of checking for these offers online works anymore.

Hat tip to insidethevoid on /r/churning

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I never have luck with these, but maybe I’ll give it a try.

I’m guessing that one’s chances of success with this are much lower if you’re already receiving your year of double cashback?

Chat unavailable “due to high traffic levels”. So put me in the goddamn queue then. I hate Discover. They shut my deposit accounts down with no warning or explanation. Was hoping for a good deal.

I just refreshed the page and the chat became available

Discover is one of the best banks when it comes to dealing with customer service. If you hate them then I don’t want to even know what you think about outsourced help with most other banks.

Not really, they freeze accounts without notice for erroneous reason, and let customers find out by having their cards declined.

I’m not debating that they don’t close or freeze accounts. I won’t use discover deals for cashback anymore. My point is that relative to the other options, unless you have a premium credit card support department you’re going to get shitty, outsourced service elsewhere.

Any time I’ve had an issue, even if I didn’t like the outcome, I’ve been able to get answers. Maybe it’s just me but I put a premium on U.S. based support.

I’m surprised they kept your CC alive… they weren’t as nice to me, and all I did was transfer a lot of money and have a lot of external accounts.

Interesting. I haven’t been able to find much on DPs for other people getting shut down. I found out when I tried to open the AAA savings account a couple months ago. Is the too many accounts/transfers they reason they gave you? They refuse to give me a reason. I filed a CFPB complaint to try and get a reason. I know they are well within their right to cease business w/ me, but I’d like to know why.

I opened the checking accounts a year ago along with two individual accounts for my parents. All accounts were shut down in a week after opening. $7000 funds in my account froze and I spoke with manager there he cited that all these accounts were open from one single I.P. address. This is the most stupid things I’ve heard. I told him we are family and that we use the same computer or even the different devices but on the same network so it would display the same I.P. address. They closed my account because they thought someone was opening multiple accounts of my family but they just being over smart in this sense. My account was re-open and shut down again and I called for the same issue and finally resolved and I’ve been using as of today. They shut down ppl’s account without any notice/email/mail and took me 3 weeks to set up one. I have their CC and max the deal in the past 2 quarters. But I mean, if someone tells me they have the best customer service what I can say is that, if they close account and that’s the way they treat customers I wouldn’t put too much money in it even though I continue to use.

Long story short, no they wouldn’t tell me why. I believe it was because I setup ACH to an account that did not accept ACH out, so the trial deposits failed. I figured out months later they decided to pull my CHEX without consulting me after the trial deposit failure, and that’s when they sent my closure letter. CC closure letter came about a month later.

I did not file a CFPB complaint. Technically, I did not suffer any damages, and I figured they within their rights.

Long story here:

Having a lot of external accounts are OK, but if transferring a lot of money this would automatically have your account flagged and under review and cause a shutdown. They’re too sensitive to the number of transaction even in small amounts just like paypal.

I once visited Manhattan and had to stop by a few places in a Saturday afternoon, been using my debit card to pay the meters, i think after the 4th or 5th time paying meters, they blocked my card. I once went to NJ some amusement park and tried to pay $3 parking and was also blocked. Had to message them.

I mean if for that small amount of money all I have to deal with is that much of hassle that’s just waste of my time. I wish they could simplify this by texting me an authorized yes 1 or no 2 to confirm my transaction rather than blocking my card right away. Not my favorite bank. Let’s see how they do when they end the 1% debit card cash back.

I just checked and my offer was 0% APR for 12 months. Better than nothing so I took it.

They also mentioned Ihad the following other choices: 3% cashback for 6 months up to $1500.00 in purchases or an APR reduction lowered to the APR of the variable 16.24%. I went with the 0% for 12 months.

no luck in live chat

Live chat: “I’m sorry, not all accounts may have the same promotional offer. I don’t see an offer on your account at this time. We do have the 5% quarterly promotion that i see you are enrolled into.”

I have 103 credit cards and none of them are from Discover. Why? No sign up bonus…

get the discover it with a referral link = $50 bonus (x 2 for first year so $100)

+ the profit you can make from this Q alone doubled… 10% on Amazon is pretty solid, let alone the potential for the other option.


Isn’t there a $75 bonus? It’s even listed on the top bonus:

With double cash back the first year, it could be useful (10% revolving categories the first year is pretty hard to beat)

103? I’ll try to believe you.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people in this cc churning community tend to lump their spouse’s cards too. So 51 cards for each person wouldn’t be that hard to believe. There’s some blogger with 66 of them.

Good point, people pull that more often than they should. I’d call lumping them without clarification a clear misprotrayal. I also play the two player game, but if I wasn’t trying to be cool, I wouldn’t throw triple digit goodies out there.

If you have 103 open credit cards – and all received bonuses – you must be paying some hefty annual fees (since we KNOW you didn’t open that many in the last year). Sounds like you might need to re-evaluate your holdings and what your returns really are. Sounds like just a little bit of a stretch to me. Just sayin’

I have 103 active, all in my name. Including 27 store credit cards.
And im not paying big annual fees because theyre mostly downgraded.
For example, I have 31 Citi Credit Cards, 17 of them are now Citi AA Bronze with only 1K left on each. (All were downgraded from AA Executive, Platinum and Gold).
Citi just kept approving me for AA Platinum and Gold so i kept applying.

Abey such a gangsta

So how big were the sign up bonuses on those store cards?
Why would you keep all those Citi cards open? \

¡Ay, caramba!

Free $2 per month with Discover adds up…

Got the 3% for 6 months up to $1500, I wanted the 2% + 7% in rotating categories.

Just did it and received a promotional annual percentage rate (APR) of 0.0% on purchases made between tomorrow and 10/16/2018. This will last until 11/25/2018; after, the standard APR applies 7.99%.

Thanks. Here is what I have:

“you would earn 3% cashback bonus on up to $1500.00 in total purchases over the next 6 months. “

thanks Doc! got the 3% for $1,500/6 months

Got offered a rate reduction on future purchases to 19.24% — My God! What was it before? Asked for spending bonuses instead, was told nothing available. This was my first card some years back, credit line still only ~$4K, never paid any interest so never paid any attention to the interest rate. Also had to refresh page for chat to open. No harm, no foul, no score.

When I asked the following offer:

“Receive 2% cash back on all purchases and 7% cash back on the 5% rotating categories”

Agent said: “That is a false offer being circulated online, it is not a valid Discover offer.”

So I took:

3% cashback for 6 months up to $1500.00 in purchases

No offers via live chat

took two tries. got 0% for 12 months. had to talk about other features of the card before I asked for the promotional offers. Gotta prod them a bit.

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