Posted by William Charles on October 16, 2017
Credit Card Offers

Published on October 16th, 2017 | by William Charles


Ask Discover For An Offer, Receive An Offer (3% Cash Back On All Purchases Or 0% APR)

The Offer

  • Discover seems to be offering some targeted offers (similar to what they offered back in 2015). You need to ask to receive one of these offers.  Easiest way to do that is by starting a live chat with them, then just ask if there are any current offers that can be applied for your account (if you don’t have any offers, move onto the next deal). Here are some of the offers people have reported receiving:
    • 0% APR for 12 months
    • 3% cashback for 6 months up to $1500.00 in purchases
    • 3% cashback for 6 months up to $2500.00 in purchases
    • 2% cashback on $7,500 spent in 12 months. This stacks with the quarterly offers of 5%
    • PR reduction lowered to the APR of the variable 16.24%
    • Looks like the 7% on the rotating categories isn’t being offered at this time

Our Verdict

Share any offers you have received in the comments below. Unfortunately I don’t think the method of checking for these offers online works anymore.

Hat tip to insidethevoid on /r/churning

175 Responses to Ask Discover For An Offer, Receive An Offer (3% Cash Back On All Purchases Or 0% APR)

  1. Evan says:

    I never have luck with these, but maybe I’ll give it a try.

  2. Fred says:

    I’m guessing that one’s chances of success with this are much lower if you’re already receiving your year of double cashback?

  3. JT says:

    Chat unavailable “due to high traffic levels”. So put me in the goddamn queue then. I hate Discover. They shut my deposit accounts down with no warning or explanation. Was hoping for a good deal.

    • Calm down, just wait awhile and try again. I don’t think it’s fair to get angry they are busy giving other people free money

    • Jenn says:

      I just refreshed the page and the chat became available

    • anthonyjh21 says:

      Discover is one of the best banks when it comes to dealing with customer service. If you hate them then I don’t want to even know what you think about outsourced help with most other banks.

      • Andy says:

        Not really, they freeze accounts without notice for erroneous reason, and let customers find out by having their cards declined.

        • anthonyjh21 says:

          I’m not debating that they don’t close or freeze accounts. I won’t use discover deals for cashback anymore. My point is that relative to the other options, unless you have a premium credit card support department you’re going to get shitty, outsourced service elsewhere.

          Any time I’ve had an issue, even if I didn’t like the outcome, I’ve been able to get answers. Maybe it’s just me but I put a premium on U.S. based support.

    • Gadget says:

      I’m surprised they kept your CC alive… they weren’t as nice to me, and all I did was transfer a lot of money and have a lot of external accounts.

      • JT says:

        Interesting. I haven’t been able to find much on DPs for other people getting shut down. I found out when I tried to open the AAA savings account a couple months ago. Is the too many accounts/transfers they reason they gave you? They refuse to give me a reason. I filed a CFPB complaint to try and get a reason. I know they are well within their right to cease business w/ me, but I’d like to know why.

        • JASON says:

          I opened the checking accounts a year ago along with two individual accounts for my parents. All accounts were shut down in a week after opening. $7000 funds in my account froze and I spoke with manager there he cited that all these accounts were open from one single I.P. address. This is the most stupid things I’ve heard. I told him we are family and that we use the same computer or even the different devices but on the same network so it would display the same I.P. address. They closed my account because they thought someone was opening multiple accounts of my family but they just being over smart in this sense. My account was re-open and shut down again and I called for the same issue and finally resolved and I’ve been using as of today. They shut down ppl’s account without any notice/email/mail and took me 3 weeks to set up one. I have their CC and max the deal in the past 2 quarters. But I mean, if someone tells me they have the best customer service what I can say is that, if they close account and that’s the way they treat customers I wouldn’t put too much money in it even though I continue to use.

        • Gadget says:

          Long story short, no they wouldn’t tell me why. I believe it was because I setup ACH to an account that did not accept ACH out, so the trial deposits failed. I figured out months later they decided to pull my CHEX without consulting me after the trial deposit failure, and that’s when they sent my closure letter. CC closure letter came about a month later.

          I did not file a CFPB complaint. Technically, I did not suffer any damages, and I figured they within their rights.

          Long story here:

      • JASON says:

        Having a lot of external accounts are OK, but if transferring a lot of money this would automatically have your account flagged and under review and cause a shutdown. They’re too sensitive to the number of transaction even in small amounts just like paypal.

        I once visited Manhattan and had to stop by a few places in a Saturday afternoon, been using my debit card to pay the meters, i think after the 4th or 5th time paying meters, they blocked my card. I once went to NJ some amusement park and tried to pay $3 parking and was also blocked. Had to message them.

        I mean if for that small amount of money all I have to deal with is that much of hassle that’s just waste of my time. I wish they could simplify this by texting me an authorized yes 1 or no 2 to confirm my transaction rather than blocking my card right away. Not my favorite bank. Let’s see how they do when they end the 1% debit card cash back.

  4. I just checked and my offer was 0% APR for 12 months. Better than nothing so I took it.

  5. rob says:

    no luck in live chat

  6. Jenn says:

    Live chat: “I’m sorry, not all accounts may have the same promotional offer. I don’t see an offer on your account at this time. We do have the 5% quarterly promotion that i see you are enrolled into.”

  7. Abey says:

    I have 103 credit cards and none of them are from Discover. Why? No sign up bonus…

  8. Chris says:

    Got the 3% for 6 months up to $1500, I wanted the 2% + 7% in rotating categories.

  9. moofdawg says:

    Just did it and received a promotional annual percentage rate (APR) of 0.0% on purchases made between tomorrow and 10/16/2018. This will last until 11/25/2018; after, the standard APR applies 7.99%.

  10. Daniel says:

    Thanks. Here is what I have:

    “you would earn 3% cashback bonus on up to $1500.00 in total purchases over the next 6 months. “

  11. Jeff says:

    thanks Doc! got the 3% for $1,500/6 months

  12. Mike says:

    Got offered a rate reduction on future purchases to 19.24% — My God! What was it before? Asked for spending bonuses instead, was told nothing available. This was my first card some years back, credit line still only ~$4K, never paid any interest so never paid any attention to the interest rate. Also had to refresh page for chat to open. No harm, no foul, no score.

  13. Kane says:

    When I asked the following offer:

    “Receive 2% cash back on all purchases and 7% cash back on the 5% rotating categories”

    Agent said: “That is a false offer being circulated online, it is not a valid Discover offer.”

    So I took:

    3% cashback for 6 months up to $1500.00 in purchases

  14. James says:

    No offers via live chat

  15. JP says:

    took two tries. got 0% for 12 months. had to talk about other features of the card before I asked for the promotional offers. Gotta prod them a bit.

  16. Vikraman Ramalingam says:

    Got the 0% APR for 12 months. Thank you

  17. catcat says:

    got 3% cashback for 6 months up to $2500 in purchases.

  18. Yu says:

    No luck, no offers

  19. Kane says:

    Got “3% for $1,500/6 months” Thanks.

    Agent said 2% extra is not valid.

  20. Redbluefire says:

    From the CSR, after he asked me where I heard about offers and I told him that I heard from a friend.

    “Ok just curious there, we had quite a few people today asking for offers and was just wondering if people were telling each or if they heard it from a site.”

  21. rct12345 says:

    Tried multiple times but no dice.
    They were curious as to why I’m asking and what kind of offer I’m looking for.
    But no targeted offer on my account and I’m free to check again in future.

    • rct12345 says:

      After trying multiple times on chat and not getting any offer, I tried calling.
      CSR wouldn’t offer anything and asked to transfer to supervisor.
      Got 3% deal for $1500 in 6 months.
      I think this does 3% extra on all cashback but not sure…

  22. Aggie12 says:

    got APR reduction to 19.24% as well.
    Rep insisted that this is the only thing that he could apply.
    I guess it’s better than nothing

  23. Bob Rick says:

    This is a false site that does not offer any benefits. Discover card or any credit card for that matter is not just offering deals like this.

    • That explains why other readers have received offers. I never said it was a guarantee you’d get anything.

    • Leo says:

      You really should request your money back. Better yet, why don’t you ask your credit card for a refund of your Doctor of Credit annual membership fee… oh that’s right – you’re reading it for free. If you don’t get benefits out of the site then move along now. But I’d bet you’re back here tomorrow looking for another handout, right?

    • Andrew Piccirillo says:

      I’ve made/saved an immense amount of money off of information from this site (50k from deals directly from this site 100k+ from similar activities I have found on my own). So this comment is pretty funny.

    • Justin says:

      DoC is a fake site!! Get the pitchforks!

    • Matt says:

      I got the 3% on $2500. I blame DOC. LOL

    • ppsh says:

      Surprised by no mention of “fake news!” yet.

  24. Jason Hsuing says:

    3% cashback bonus on up to $1500 in total purchases over the next six months.

  25. VJ says:

    called customer service .. rep said no offers.. asked her to connect to supervisor… supervisor said they are slowly rolling out the offer so reps may not have access.. she was able to offer me 3 % upto 2500 for 6 months… so 3 +5 = 8 % for and target purchases.. I ll take it 🙂

  26. Glum says:

    Got jackshit. They kept asking me where did you hear about this because no offers like these exist from Discover. I mainly wanted the $10 bonus :/

  27. Gus says:

    I bookmarked this link once. Not sure if it’s relevant. For me it only shows the standard 5% cashback offers, but maybe it sometimes shows other offers

  28. Joe says:

    Called in and was offered 3% cashback for 6 months for purchases up to $2500. I would have liked the 7% categories though!

  29. Scott says:

    I was told “That is not an offer Discover has available. I appreciate your loyalty and I’m sorry that you were given incorrect information.”

  30. Davezilla says:

    So is this right for a first year IT cardholder?

    5%back – $1500 max in categories per quarter doubled right?? So %10 back

    Soooo $600 in your pocket max if you hit all category spends each quarter???? Is that right?

    • Eric says:

      Yes, technically you can “double dip” a quarter and get a maximum of $750. Say you applied for the card in mid November 2017; you can get the cash back in the last quarter (rest of November and December) of 2017 AND in October and first half of November of 2018.

    • Leo says:

      Yep – but Abey won’t apply because she isn’t getting a sign up bonus.

    • Information Booth says:

      Even more if you use discover it “discover deals”. Some of the options are 5% back, and then doubles at end of first year, from,, and I’m at the end of my first year and I’ll be getting about $800 back. Try to beat that! 🙂 Hope this helps somebody. Love in Christ.

  31. Dan says:

    I am all for this, but Discover… is just too good already.

    Ain’t doing this shit to them.

  32. Trippy says:

    No offer when I asked through chat. I guess I will try after a couple more days.

    Back to the sock drawer it goes. I like the card, but half of the places here don’t take it so difficult justifying keeping it in wallet.

  33. Andrew says:

    I also got the 3% for $1500 offer.

  34. Drivesabrowntruck says:

    I think a lot of people are having a hard time getting excited about these offers when the epic Apple Pay double cash back for the first year stack promotion netted some of us $1000’s of dollars.

    • No good reminiscing about deals that don’t exist anymore. That Discover Apple Pay deal was fantastic, but it’s like finding a massive nugget of gold. Can’t expect that every day

  35. Chris says:

    Maybe people should just ask if there’s any special offers available for them. I remember other people doing something similar for other cards. Don’t specifically say something like “Can I get 7% cash back on revolving categories?” because the offer might not appear on their computer for your account and you’re probably just confusing them.

  36. Allen says:

    Thanks. I just got 0% APR for 12 months.

  37. Abey says:

    After reading the comments
    I guess its time to apply for discover, 3% cash back is really good if you pay bills with Plastiq since you only pay a 2.5% fee.

    • Information Booth says:

      Go for it! If you need a referral, LMK in the comments and I’ll send you one. If you do that, you’ll get $50 after you make your first purchase and then it will double at the end of your first year. I wish I’d have known that when I applied a year ago. Love in Christ.

    • Bo says:

      Does that net you only a .5% benefit? I thought the primary reason for using plastiq is to fulfill the credit card spending requirement.

      • Sarah says:

        If you live somewhere like San Diego, San Jose, NYC, DC, etc your rent could easily be over $2,000 a month, that’s a free extra $120+ a year, not even considering other spending.

        I would never pay 2.5% to fulfill the credit card spending requirements.

        • Abey says:

          I pay $1,500 rent in Brooklyn and by paying with plastic i usully break even with my credit card. But i get 7 weeks free of rent because it takes 4 weeks for the statement to close and 3 weeks until the due date!

          • Leo says:

            It’s bit 7 weeks of free rent, since you still pay for all 52 weeks if rent in the end. It’s 7 weeks of interest-free float.

  38. Bo says:

    None of these offers looks as good as the one we had from maybe 2 years ago when we can double dip. A lot of us ended up getting 800+ in cash back. But still better than nothing.

  39. MZ says:

    A bit confused…if your next 1.5k happens to be all in the 5% category, with the 3% offer it’s 3%+5% = 8% in total cb right? Why is the 7% offer better?

    • MZ says:

      Rep confirmed that 1% and 5% transactions become 4% and 8% respectively (though IMO that’s not as convincing as actual T&C’s)

  40. Sin says:

    DP- I was able to enroll in both 0% Apr & 3% cb on purchases upto $2500.

  41. KP says:

    I just tried by SM. They retired my Miles by Discover a couple months ago and I chose the Discover It card and I swore the email said something about a special offer. Might just be my imagination, but I used it as leverage point regardless. We’ll see how it goes! I’ll report back once I hear back from Discover.

  42. Nick says:

    Was offered 3% cash back on $1,500 of purchases. Not sure if it will affect my usage since I already have USAA Limitless (only 0.5% difference and much greater acceptance), but didn’t hurt to accept.

  43. Carl Parkins says:

    Took some probing including quoting the actual offers listed above and mentioned I had friends that were able to get some of those offers…after I did that the csr came back and offered me the 0% for 12 months. Cool beans…thanks DoC 🙂

  44. Tyler says:

    They asked if I wanted a cash back offer or APR offer. Asked for APR and got 0% for 12 months on new purchases.

  45. Aaron says:

    I contacted Discover via Live Chat. When I asked about targeted offers on my account, the rep asked for specific promotions that I was seeking. I asked for an additional cashback bonus beyond the 1% and quarterly 5%. She did not see any such offers and referred me to Discover Deals. I then asked about any 0% APR offers, and she offered me 0% APR on purchases for 12 months starting tomorrow. I passed on this offer.

  46. Rye says:

    got the 3% up to $2500.

    Does this stack with the 5% categories making it 8%?

    • Kyle says:

      I think it will make it 7%. see close to 5% rotation you will find out it is actually 4% additional rewards toward 1% regular

  47. TheOtherCarl says:

    0/3 this time.

  48. JL says:

    Got the “3% Cashback Bonus when you spend up to $1500 over the next 6 months” offer. Thanks!

    Super easy. Now I know where to put my unbonused spend for the next month.

  49. D says:

    Chat didn’t work for me – I called, didn’t have an offer by frontline rep. Supervisor was able to get the 3% back on $1500 offer for me. Only had reduced APR on my second discover card.

  50. Rajv says:

    Success! Got 0% APR for 12 months.

  51. Avi says:

    No luck! Tried twice since the morning – first asked if there are any offers at all and then if there are any cashback or APR offers… I’m just sad.

  52. Josh says:

    No luck, no offers in live chat. I’ve had the card 13 years, $7900 CL

  53. Ender says:

    Just chatted with Discover. First asked for CB offer and said got nothing. Then asked for 0 apr and I was offered 0% apr for 12mos or 3% CB for next 6 months, up to 1500. I picked the CB offer.

    Thanks Will

  54. JASON says:

    “At this time, these offers are not available on your account. They may become available in the future.”

    Not for me.

  55. Bruce says:

    I did not find a promotion to earn an extra 3% Cashback Bonus for six months. Please keep in mind not all promotions will be available to all accounts or at all time.

    no luck

  56. Brooke says:

    Took me two tries through live chat to get an offer. First rep said nothing was available, even after I probed with offers posted. Second rep offered 3% Cashback Bonus when you spend up to $1500 over the next 6 months (after I said a friend was offered the 3% on 2500). Thank you and good luck!

    • Ian says:

      I had almost the exact same experience. I chatted with one rep and got an almost immediate response that no offers were available on my card. I closed the chat box and started another one, specifically stating that I heard a “3% Cashback Bonus when you spend up to $1500 over the next 6 months” was being offered on Discover cards and that I was wondering if I could apply it to my card. The rep was silent for about two minutes, and then he came back saying that this offer was indeed available on my card starting tomorrow (October 19, 2017). He was able to apply it to my card immediately and said a written confirmation would be sent by mail or email within 72 hours.

      I’m curious if I had asked about the $2500 offer whether I would have gotten that lol.

  57. Syam says:

    Only one offer.

    new purchases to a 0% promotional rate for 12 months

  58. Rye says:

    My 1 card got the 3%. Thine on I’ve used the $1500 5% at Target though statement has not closed.

    For those that got the 3%, have you used the 5% for this quarter?

    2 other cards I manage did not receive the 3%, I was wandering if it’s because I have not used the 5% this quarter.

  59. jill says:

    +1 for 3% CB up to $1500. thanks, doc

  60. LeoM says:

    Got the 0% for 12 months. Thanks DoC!

  61. miles says:

    Got 3% cb up to $1500 spent. Thanks DoC!

  62. dis says:

    Got 3% cb up to $1500 sepnt in 6 months!

  63. Superchurn says:

    Discover WILL lower their balance transfer fee if you ask. I told them a 3% fee was too high, and they offered to lower it to 2%, so don’t hesitate to ask.

    I opted for the 0% APR for 12 months offer with my new 2% transfer fee…don’t know if i will actually use it or not

  64. kerrigjl says:

    Thank you! I was able to review your account and I show that you have already enrolled in all your available Cashback Bonus promotions at this time. To be alerted when there are new Cashback offers and promotions available, you can enroll in our free alerts! To do so, please click “Manage” from the navigation bar and, under the communication select ”Account Alerts”. From there, click “Rewards & Offers” and enroll in your desired alerts. What else can I assist you with today?”

  65. Jeff says:

    Just a note after talking to a rep: the extra 3% stacks with 5% categories, so this quarter is 8% CB at Amazon and Target. Just be aware those purchases eat into the $1500 max as well. Also, since we have 6 months, might be interesting to wait and see what 2018 Q1 categories are – because those will be 8% CB as well until you max out the $1,500 total. The 6 months will end in April.

  66. K says:

    Got 3% up to $1500/ 6 months

    1. Tried online chat twice (no luck)
    2. Called (no luck)
    3. Called and transferred to a supervisor. (Got the deal instantly)


    Did you guys got any confirmation( e-mail or something to check)?

    Is the special categories become 5%+3% = 8% or just 5%?

  67. Ozzie says:

    Got the 0% for 12 months. No CB for me. Didn’t get it the last time around either on either card.

  68. Arley says:

    0% APR for 12 months

  69. Mike says:

    No CB offer for me via chat. Have the card since 2004.

  70. Jay says:

    Got offered 2% cashback on $7,500 spent in 12 months. This stacks with the quarterly offers of 5%. No other offer was available to me so I accepted.

      • Jay says:

        Here’s the email confirmation that I received…

        Thank you for continuing to make Discover® card your card of choice. We are pleased to confirm that you will be earning 2% Cashback Bonus® for up to $7500 in purchases. That’s up to $150 in Cashback Bonus®. This promotion will apply to new purchases starting tomorrow and will expire on 09/30/19.* Please know your promotional reward is in addition to the Cashback Bonus® you earn on all your purchases.

  71. Sluce says:

    0% for 12 months for me. Thanks Doc!

  72. Enrico says:

    I only got lowered standard APR to 13.99%,which I gratefully declined since there is no point. Who pays 14% anyway? The guy I chatted with claimed that special offers would be sent to me. And there are none available besides what is published.

    Should I try again and maybe the next guy offers me something better?

  73. GuessWho says:

    First shot on chat pointed out just the 5% I’m already in rolled in. I’ll wait a couple days and try the call in and ask for a supervisor.

  74. Johnny Tran says:

    3% cashback for 6 months up to $1500.00 in purchases

  75. Tara says:

    No offers for me. Been a member since 2005.

  76. Craig says:

    Got through to the APR specialist department and after a fairly lengthy hold was told they were not able to provide any cashback spending offers. Rather just focused on rates.

    I’m wondering if the ship has sailed on this one.

  77. Roger says:

    No luck with chat. Called in and rep stated no such offers. Asked to be transferred to supervisor, who was very courteous and offered the 3% CB for 6 months up to $1500.

  78. Mimi says:

    Regarding the 3% CB on up to $1500, can you spend $1500 per month and earn $45 CB monthly for six months?

  79. Tim says:

    Have two Discover Cards. On first (more heavily used) card got shot down in both chat and phone. On second (rarely used) card, got 3% for 6 months on first try in chat. I asked directly for that specific offer and got it instantly no hassle whatsoever.

    Re-encouraged, I plan to try again with card 1 soon.

  80. Aks says:

    I was told by phone CSR that the 3% cashback for max purchase of $1500 offer will be available
    on my account on 15th Nov. Asked me to call back on 15th.
    above information was not shared by chat CSR.

  81. Alin says:

    The rep asked which promotion I’m looking for and I mentioned 3% cashback, but no luck. Also asked the rep to check if there is any targeted offer to my account but no.

  82. Steve says:

    Called in just now and asked about offers. He said only the 5% offer is on my account. I then asked about 3% back for up to $1,500 and he didn’t seem to know anything. I asked for a supervisor and he said he was going to put me on hold for a moment and look into stuff.

    He comes back and states that he does indeed see info on the 3% offer. He stated that it starts on October 23 and there will be a TV Commercial about the offer. Puts me on hold again and looks up more stuff. He then says I’ll need to call back on Oct 23 to make sure I’m part of that 3% offer.

  83. culinarykid92 says:

    Potential data point. I am currently under a 0% APR offer they gave some time ago. I’m wondering if any such offers block other promos from being offered. Anyone else got any info?

  84. Kris says:

    I received an email from Discover regarding this promotion. Here is the text from the email

    “Thank you for continuing to make Discover® card your card of choice. We are pleased to confirm that you will be earning 3% Cashback Bonus® for up to $9999999 in purchases. That’s up to $45 in Cashback Bonus®. This promotion will apply to new purchases starting tomorrow and will expire on 09/30/18.* Please know your promotional reward is in addition to the Cashback Bonus® you earn on all your purchases.

    *We are not responsible for merchant delays in processing transactions. Promotional rewards will be applied within 2 billing periods. See Cashback Bonus program terms and conditions for more information about your rewards.”

    The $9,999,999 is obviously a typo. They state that it’s up to $45 in cashback, which means that it’s valid up to purchases of $1500. I’m surprised that it states that it’s up to 9/30/18, since many have stated that theirs is only for 6 months.

  85. Information Booth says:

    Does anybody know if you open a second account will they match the cash back at the end of the year on that as well? Thanks in advance.

  86. Called in today to try and get the 3% offer, rep asked me where I heard about it because they were only told about it this morning and it will be available to all new accounts and some existing ones starting the 23.

  87. GR says:

    I asked nicely over chat, CSR checked what kind of offers I was looking for, I said “Oh my friend got xyz 3% cashback”, he checked offers and apologized…. the only offer available was 2% :’) just received a confirmation email and this is 2% IN ADDITION to the standard 1%. SO, really, 3% CB, up to $7500, valid for the following year. Incredible. Discover’s customer service has always gone above and beyond.

  88. Leonardc2 says:

    Also got 0% for 12 months!

  89. Asked via chat if there was an offer available on my (discover it miles) account as I was looking for a card to put some holiday spending on.

    Immediately offered to lower my APR to 16.24%. Asked if there were any bonus mileage offers but advised there was not. I took the lower APR, but never carry a balance.

  90. O says:

    I asked Discover for an offer via chat. I was asked first if I had a particular offer I was interested in. I indicated I was interested in a 0% APR for X months. Moments later my wish was granted for 12 months. Thank you!

  91. card guy says:

    asked for 0 percent for 12 months got 0 percent till 12/10/2018

  92. YB says:

    They only offered me 3% cashback on up to $1,500 in total purchases over the next 3 months. Don’t really care that’s it’s only 3 months I’ll probably just use staples/OD offer to max it this week 😀

  93. Hanna says:

    Chatted today (no luck)
    Then called (no luck)
    Asked to talk to supervisor (he also said no!)

    I am still in my first year, so I’m getting the CB match. This was cited as the reason that no offers were available to me.

  94. Harry says:

    6% cashback for next 3 months on up to $2.500 in purchases. Not bad at all. Thanks DoC

  95. PJ says:

    Unfortunately I was not offered any extra cash back (I have an old More card and I only use it for quarterly bonus spend). I was offered the 0.00% purchase APR however. “The promotional rate of 0.00% will apply to new purchases starting tomorrow through 10/24/2018 and will expire on 12/17/2018. After that, the standard APR of 12.24% will apply”
    I will take it; it will allow me to buy a few things here and there that I can make payments on. Thanks for the heads up!

  96. martina says:

    Got 3% cashback for 3 months on up to $1500

    • Kasey says:

      That’s what I supposedly got today, too, but I haven’t received anything from Discover to confirm it. Did you get an email from them with terms and conditions?

  97. Lee says:

    Got 2 offers, went with the former. Thanks doc!!

    “I can give you a 0.00% for 12 months on future purchases or I can lower your APR to 17.24% variable on future purchases.”

  98. Alicia says:

    I just did the chat and got the good one 🙂

    Thank you for waiting. I see we can offer 3% cashback bonus on up to $2500 in total purchases over the next 6 months. Would you like me to enroll you in this today?

  99. Devon says:

    I wonder if they are changing their tune on these. Chatted on both mine and my wife’s accounts at different times today. Both agents had what I what characterize as a rude tone as if I was dumb for asking. Both stated this word for word “You will always be notified of any special offers for your account without needing to contact us.”

  100. zap says:

    Got the 3% CB 1.5k for 3 months offer on two cards. No confirmation email received, in spite of promise by the Discover rep. Called today again to confirm the 3% CB. Then took a detour to one of several Target stores within reach, with the intent of getting the $206 VGC. Pleasantly surprised to find not one, but two stacks of $406 VGC that were not there before during previous visits. Got the spend done on both cards, after some “fraud prevention” broohaha with Discover.

  101. Raj says:

    i was offered nothing….

    “At this time I show that you are signed up for all of the Cashback Bonus promotions that are available on your account. You are always more than welcome to go through Discover Deals to earn additional rewards, and you can always check back in for future promotions! Was there anything else that we could look up today?

  102. CBM says:

    Got 3% cashback on $1500 for next 6 months today via chat just now. Yay!

    A week ago I got 0% APR for 12 months until December 2018 and lower APR %13.99 via chat. I attempted twice via chat to get the 3% but was turned down, except today – today I chatted at the evening, instead of two times before in the morning.

  103. J.M. says:

    Just looked at my statement and I got way more cash back this month than I can figure out where it came from.

    No matter how I calculate (1%, 5%, 1+2%, 1+3%, 5+3%) I can’t seem to back into how Discover dealt with the bonus 3%.

    And I don’t even have that many charges

  104. J.M. says:

    OK – I think I deciphered it.

    I got 1% of all charges that weren’t Amazon or Target on my statement

    I got 3% additional on EVERY charge made after I requested the promotion (around 10/16), including a charge that is not yet posted on my statement but has a transaction date prior to the statement cutoff. This means Amazon & Target purchases are receiving 8% back.

    I got the normal 5% on Amazon & Target charges that had transaction dates prior to statement cutoff, regardless whether they had posted to the statement yet.

    • J.M. says:

      I also think I got the cashback for the everyday transactions (1%) that had transactions dates prior to statement cutoff but not yet posted.

      Bottom line is the 3% promo gets applied to every transaction after you requested it.

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