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Published on April 28th, 2015 | by William Charles


Best Credit Cards For Amazon Purchases – Up to 5x Points/5% Cash Back

If you’re anything like me, you probably spend an unhealthy amount of money buying stuff from Amazon. I thought it was time to have a dedicated post on what the best credit card to use is for Amazon purchases. One thing that is worth considering is that most of the time is coded as a bookstore, so it’s possible to get a category bonus there.

Personal Cards

Citi AT&T Access More – 3x ThankYou Points, No Limits, $95 Annual Fee

This card earns 3x ThankYou points on all online retail websites. It should work on Amazon too.

There is a $95 annual fee, but you’ll also earn a bonus 10,000 points if you spend more than $10,000 within a card member year.

Citi Forward (No Longer Available For New Sign Ups), 5x ThankYou Points, No Annual Fee

This card card is unfortunately no longer available for new sign ups, and you can’t product change to it either. It earns 5x ThankYou points on entertainment purchases (books, music, movies, and restaurants).

Because Amazon codes as a bookstore it’s possible to get 5x points. Keep in mind marketplace purchases won’t code as a bookstore, but you can get around this by just purchasing Amazon gift cards.

VantageWest Credit Union Connect Rewards Credit Card – 5x, No Annual Fee ($15 Joining Fee), $1,500 Limit Per Quarter

Our review

Card lets you choose one category to earn 5x points in. Unfortunately there is a limit of $1,500 per quarter.

Chase Rewards – 3-5% Cash Back, No Annual Fee Or Limits

This card earns a flat 3% cash back on all purchases and is issued by Chase. There are no annual fees or limits.

If you have Prime ($99 per year), the card now earns a flat 5% back on Amazon purchases.

Amazon Prime Store Card – 5% Cash Back, No Limits, Prime Required ($99 year)

Amazon recently upgraded their Amazon prime store card and this now earns 5% cash back on all Amazon purchases. The only downside is that you must have Amazon prime which will cost you $99 per year.

U.S Bank Cash+, 5% Cash Back, Up To $2,000 Per Quarter, No Annual Fee

The U.S Bank Cash+ card lets you choose two categories that you can earn 5% cash back in. You’re limited to spending $2,000 in these categories per quarter. One of the categories that you can choose is bookstores, which will work for Amazon (remember to purchase gift cards to be on the safe side).

Honorable Mentions

Chase Freedom – 5x Chase UR Points, No Annual Fee, One Quarter Annually ($1,500 Limit)

Our full review of this card

This card earns 5x Chase UR points in rotating categories that change quarterly. You can spend a maximum of $1,500 in these categories per quarter. In 2013 and 2014, it was possible to earn 5x points in the fourth quarter of the year. In 2015, you’ll also be able to earn 5x points on Amazon purchases.

Discover It – 5% Cash Back, No Annual Fee, One Quarter Annually ($1,500 Limit)

Our full review of this card

Very similar to the Chase Freedom, this card earns 5% cash back in rotating categories and there is a $1,500 spending limit per quarter. 2013 and 2014 have both included online shopping/holiday shopping and Amazon coded correctly as 5% cash back in the fourth quarter. This trend will continue in 2015 with Q4 also being holiday shopping.

Another Option To Get 5x+

One of the good things about Amazon, is that Amazon gift cards are sold almost everywhere. Because these gift cards do not come with any fees, it’s possible to use a card that earns a category bonus at that specific merchant and get up to 5%.

For example, you could use the Chase Ink Plus to get 5x Chase UR points by purchasing Amazon gift cards at an office supply store. If you’re planning on going this route, you’ll find these links helpful:

It’s also possible to earn 5x UR points purchasing Amazon gift cards online from Paypal Digital Gifts and from Gyft.

Final Thoughts

I’m sure I’ve missed some cards that earn at Amazon at good rates, if I have let me know what I missed in the comments. This is an update to the guest post I wrote for Saving Advice last year.

Don’t forget to use a shopping portal.

It’s always possible to get additional cash back by using a shopping portal, check Cash Back Monitor to see who currently has the best payout rates.

57 Responses to Best Credit Cards For Amazon Purchases – Up to 5x Points/5% Cash Back

  1. MilesCollector says:

    You can also purchase amazon GCs at and if you pay via paypal with your chase ink plus, then you also get 5X points. The GC code is delivered instantly to your GYFT account and can be used instantaneously. You also can pick any amount starting from $10 onwards. So, you can figure out the purchase price and then buy the GC accordingly.

    • Dan says:

      First time Ive heard about Gyft and Ink, interesting. It codes as utilities?

      • MilesCollector says:

        Yes. It does. If you via ebates, you also get 1% CB. So, it’s a win win situation.

        • Dan says:

          That is awesome, thanks for sharing. I was banned from buying from PP Digital Gifts (Paypal support is unhelpful and wont explain) so having another easy way to get 5x for Ebay GCs is great. Just checked and it looks like Topcashback gives 2%

          • MilesCollector says:

            I had the same situation. So, had to figure out an alternative way and I accidentally ran into this. One thing to remember is TCB does not give CB on ebay GCs, so while ebates guarantee 1% on all purchases, TCB is selective. So, use TCB with caution. I would rather have 1% guarantee than have to take a guess on 2%.

          • Ugly says:

            Gyft stopped paying out commissions on eBay GC earlier this month, along with several others including Amazon. The clicks track in TCB, but no earnings.

          • Dan says:

            Thanks again for the heads up. I see they sell their own gift cards. Could theoretically purchase Gyft cards with TCB then use those cards to purchase Ebay. Might be excluded from TCB as well, I’ll put in a test to see.

    • arbi says:

      Thanks, blabbermouth. This one will go the same way as GCM…

      • Dan says:

        Is it not hypocritical to call out people for sharing information when in all likelihood, the information you have was via sharing? Or did you personally come up with everything you know?

        • arbi says:

          Well, there is sharing, and there is shouting it from the rooftop every. single. time. someone brings up gift cards on a blog. Someone wants to be seen, or owns stock in said company, or something…

          • KP says:

            Close your ears (to be inferred as so testing blogs) if you don’t want to hear the person shouting from the rooftop.

            All deals will die someday, and you did not find each and every deal that is out there. The sooner you realize that, the happier you would be.

  2. DrForce says:

    You missed U.S. bank cash+ when one of the categories is set to bookstores.

  3. MilesCollector says:

    GYFT does pay out comissions via ebates with 1% CB. I bought $350 worth of ebay GCs yesterday to buy the discounted babies r us gift card that went on sale yesterday. After few hours I got ebates confirmation email for $3.50 CB earned. Also, I bought $10 amazon GC for a smaller purchase and got $0.10 CB confirmation email after few hours. As I said CB via TCB is questionable, but so far Ebates seems to be working.

  4. Chucks says:

    Citi Forward+ Prestige= 8% back on when redeemed for AA/US flights

  5. Dubs says:

    For those who know they will spend a lot at Amazon (no time limit), TurboTax adds 10% onto any portion of your tax refund that you turn into an Amazon gift card. This may not be for everyone but may be valuable for some people. We are Amazon Mom and prime members and have reaped large benefits to those memberships. In addition, we have basically gotten $200 free (10%) of the $2000 of our tax refund we have applied to Amazon gift cards over the course of the last two years.

    Again, not for the hardcore points and miles junkies (since this doenst earn any points) but if you are not a hardcore traveler in this hobby and value cash as well, this is a good strategy (if you buy a lot at Amazon).

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  8. dbeach says:

    For me the Freedom Q4 bonus is enough. I just build up my gift card balance in October and use that over the course of the next 12 months.

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  13. Ruby says:

    Does gyft payment through paypal using ink still give 5x?

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  16. Mr. PTM says:

    Speaking of buying Amazon GC, I use the AmEx Blue Cash Preferred to buy Amazon GC at the grocery store for 6% cashback. The category bonus is limited to $6k in spend/year, but that’s my best deal for cashback.

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  35. Marge says:

    @William, how about including a suggestion that people who have Prime check whether Amazon sells gift cards for their grocery store? If so, they should be able to get unlimited 5% cashback with a no-annual-fee card. (Plus JetBlue points?) Of course this will only work for actual grocery spend, since grocery stores are unlikely to let you buy gift cards with their gift cards.

    If anyone tries this, I’d recommend first reading the reviews on Amazon to see whether people are having trouble redeeming the specific type of card. I know that with Safeway, the e-mail gift cards are a lot of hassle and aren’t worth it IMO (must print out, can’t use self-service checkout, cashiers get confused, some people ended up not being able to redeem at all), but the physical $100 gift cards work like a charm and in my area, Amazon even has free one-day shipping on them — which can be a nice way to meet the $35 minimum to get free shipping on other items.

    (I haven’t tested buying grocery store gift cards with an Amazon credit card, but the Chase Amazon T&C say that all purchases on count, including Amazon gift cards, and at least currently Amazon allows you to buy other companies’ gift cards with Amazon gift cards.)

    • Marge says:

      (Accidentally posted this in this thread, rather than the “best grocery card” thread as I’d intended. Will repost it there, feel free to delete it here. Sorry!)

  36. Chris says:

    The Barclaycard Sallie Mae card has been discontinued

  37. graffiksguru says:

    RIP Sallie Mae 🙁

  38. Jeremy says:

    The downside of using gift cards is you lose the ability to receive an extended warranty or price protection offered by a credit card. Chase has quite good insurance on their cards. Anyone who buys a lot on Amazon would likely be best off with this card for that reason (in addition to 5%). Also, DOC, you should update, the beloved forward card only gets 2x now.

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