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Published on December 11th, 2018 | by William Charles


Bitmo: Save 11% On Giftcards With Promo Code MERRY11 [1 Use]

Update 12/11/18: Promo code MERRY11 is valid for 11% off purchases. $100 max discount, can be used once. Hat tip to naftali

Update 11/26/18: Promo code CYBER15 is valid for 15% off purchases, $5-$100 any brand. Can be used once. Hat tip to DDG

Update 11/20/18: Promo code BLACKFRIDAY15 is valid for 15% off purchases $5-$500 on any brand. Can be used 3 times. Valid through 11/26.

Update 11/11/18: Promo code THANKAVET is valid for  for 11% off purchases of $5 to $100 on any brand. Valid today (11/11) only. Limit 1.

Update 10/26/18: Promo code FALLVIP15 is valid for  for 15% off purchases of $25 to $100 on any brand and can be used 3 times through 10/31. Suspect this isn’t available to everybody.

Update 10/24/18: Promo code SCORPIOSZN is valid for 10% savings on (1) gift card valued $5 – $100 from any brand in the Food & Drink category in app. Limit 1 per user while supplies last.

Update 10/17/18:  Promo code getyourfill is valid for 10% savings on (1) gift card valued $5 – $100 from any brand in the Food & Drink category in app. Limit 1 per user while supplies last.

Update 09/26/18: Some readers have been selected as VIP users for September and have been given a 15% off code: SEPVIP15. You should have received an e-mail about this if eligible, but try the code anyway and maybe it will work for you. Hat tip to reader J S

Update 09/22/18:  Bitmo is offering a $50 Lowe’s giftcard for $45 when you use promo code FALL4LOWES. They are also offering 10% off T.J.Maxx, HomeGoods, Marshalls, or Sierra Trading Post with promo code  FALL4TJX. Anybody know if these can be swapped for other cards?  (yes, swapping works fine) Thanks to readers David G &  contributor Don L

Update 09/16/18: New code is HEIDI20. Remember you can no longer exchange for Amazon. Hat tip to contributor Don L

Update 09/06/18: New code is TAKE20. Keep in mind you can no longer get Amazon. Hat tip to reader WB

Update 08/28/18: New code is SAVE20. Keep in minder you can no longer get Amazon. Hat tip to reader @itsbonniemac.

Update: Bitmo is no longer supporting Amazon gift cards.

Update 07/31/18: New code is back2kohls and gives you $100 Kohl’s gift card for $90. You should be able to swap this for an Amazon gift card if you want. Hat tip to @Milesnomics.

Update: 07/30/18: New code is BACK2STAPLES and gives you $100 Staples gift card for $90 Should be able to swap it for an Amazon gift card. Hat tip to @Milesnomics.

Update 07/24/18: New code is LEOLOVE, gives you a $100 AirBnB gift card for $90. Should be able to swap it for an Amazon gift card. Hat tip to @Milesnomics & Travel With Grant

Update 07/17/18: New code is PRIMEDAY10. Hat tip to JRM239 & @Milenomics

Update 06/12/18: Deal code is SAVEDAD. Thanks to reader Aks

Update 06/01/2018: Making a new post every time seems stupid, so I’m just gonna start reposting the same post and changing the promo code.

The Offer

The Bitmo app is another social gifting site. (iOS | Android | FAQ).

  • Purchase a gift card and get 10% off when you add promo code FLOWERBOMB31. Gift cards include Amazon (these are found under Shopaholic). Discount is on cards valued $50-$100 with a maximum discount of $10.

The Fine Print

  • First 150 people only
  • Requires a valid payment method.
  • Allow 1-3 business days for delivery.

How To Exchange Gift Cards

  • Wallet
  • Exchange
  • Select gift cards

Our Verdict

The problem with Bitmo is you need to use a bank account to pay, so you need to link your bank account. People successfully received their gift cards without issue last time. Really up to you decide if it’s worth giving over your bank details for discounted Amazon gift cards. They have these deals very often.

Hat tip to DDG

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Best thing to do is link a non-primary account with your non-primary bank who still utilizes Zelle. This way you can instantly transfer money into your account for just the right amount and purchase the GC. rinse and repeat every time these come up.

I thought zelle is for tranfering between accounts of different owners. Zelle would complain if you are trying to transfer money between the accounts under the same name,

I have been transferring money between my own accounts for months. Transfers exceeded at least $10k. I don’t why and how zelle would complain.

Exactly what I do. I was going to close Bank of the West account but decided to use it for bitmo. I keep about $300 in there and when it’s low just transfer from my primary. Having two kids (one with severe food allergies) means we’re using Amazon all the time.

I’ll happily welcome 10% for Amazon during Q2 when Amazon gift card deals aren’t usually that great.

Tried this, didn’t work, asked Bitmo, turns out you need twice the *value* of the gift card you’re buying in available balance for it to work. You can’t transfer exactly enough in, you need to transfer double that, before promos are taken into account.

Not true for me. I keep a few dollars more in the bank account than the face value of the gift card I’m buying, but that’s all.

I still haven’t received a response to the request for help I sent them about 3 weeks ago, so their customer service seems quite lacking.

What was the request for? I requested to cancel a gift card and they responded to me within hours

I ran into an error trying to sign up, needed help completing the process. We’ll see if my second message finally gets a reply.

Never got a response despite sending two messages about the issue (beyond the standard, automated “we’ll get back to you” reply). I’m done with these guys.

Just call raise or card cash and get matched and beat this deal! $500 amazon gift card for $400. You get 20% off

go on….

Why not match with raise?

cool I go it . Thanks Doc

Got it. Thanks

Used up.

Got it now at 12:37pm CST – thanks!

FYI, use a checking account that isn’t listed in when you set up your checking account (EG, memorybank). They then ask you to use routing/account number and I find that much better than username/password

Got it, thanks! I wonder how they make money on all of these?

Tried and got message all out

lol! $10 max discount for your bank account number detail that you give them is how they make 10 times more. There are sites where they pay $100s for bank account detail.

Is there app just that slow to respond? or is it my phone. I keep getting timeouts at every request. Enter in email, text code verification, login, add payment. Nothing is quick and easy with this app.

edit: It got a little better when I disabled wifi.

Do MB. Call and do MB. Get 20% off at raise and gift card mall meet and beat. No need for bank account danger. Just use your credit card

How you doing it? Do they even price match?

I just bought $100 Amazon for $90. Code still working.

New promotional code for 10% on any giftcard on Bitmo – SAVEDAD.
Promotion valid on the purchase of one gift card valued between $50-100.

SAVEDAD: “we are out of this code, try again tomorrow”

fyi. got email and used YAYSUMMER today.

I used PrimeDay10 and got my Amazon GC! Thanks Doc!

Thanks! It’s still working and just purchased it 🙂

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