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Credit Cards

Published on May 5th, 2017 | by Chuck


Chase Cancelling All Accounts of Recent Card Applicants who they Deem Risky

It always starts the same way: someone applies for a Chase credit card and is approved. Subsequently, they see their card isn’t working/activating, they are told the card has been closed by Chase. Soon after, they find out that all their cards have been closed out by Chase.

I’ve seen at least five recent data points with virtually this identical story (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 a friend). It seems Chase has a team review recent card applicants. This team works separately from the approval system; they look through recently approved cardmembers to see if any of them are ‘risky’ members. If they are deemed a risk, they shut down all of their Chase credit cards.

The following factors seem to be common among those shut down:

  • They had several new credit cards across various banks in a short timeframe.
  • They had numerous recent hard pulls showing on their credit report.

It does not seem to be MS related, just cards/inquiries related. In a lot of the cases, they had newish Chase cards as well (besides for the card they had just applied for).

Amex introduced a RAT team, well, maybe we should call Chase’s the BRAT team. Whatever.



Silver Lining

Luckily, we can end on a positive note. Most of the time, it seems that Chase agreed to reopen their accounts upon review when they spoke to the lending department. I’ve seen multiple such reports.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that there’s a new animal in the room. Before applying for a Chase card, make sure you’re report is relatively clean. When applying for a Chase card, don’t do other applications the same day, not for other Chase cards and not for cards from other banks. And try applying with a relatively clean report if possible, i.e. you haven’t applied for anything in a few months.

Remember also that card issuers soft pull our credit reports all the time, and it’s hard to say anyone is entirely safe. But the BRAT team seems to be reviewing specifically those who recently got a new Chase card, so that’s where we need extra vigilance.

See our follow-up post Chase Account Freeze due to Financial Review for some more information in the Chase shut down process. We’ll also add this to the list of how to Spare your Credit Cards from Shutdown.

127 Responses to Chase Cancelling All Accounts of Recent Card Applicants who they Deem Risky

  1. Alex says:

    Any idea how far ago they go and whether they look at recently denied applicants?

  2. projectx says:

    So… likely spelling the end of applying for WN Premier and WN Plus for the CP?

    • Chuck says:

      Well, I guess you can spread it out a bit. Also, one personal + one business might be better.

      • projectx says:

        Eh, I don’t know. My last experience trying to get a Chase business card resulted in several unsuccessful recon calls. Ended up getting two personal cards and transferring some hotel points to make it work.

    • DSP says:

      I wouldn’t go so far as to say that. If I read them all correctly, all of these DPs had more than 2 Chase cards in a short period of time. As long as you keep your Chase apps scarce leading up to and following the dual SW card app, I wouldn’t expect to have any issues.

  3. YRK says:

    What be considered new chase card? Approved CSP on April 6 inbranch.. Should i be worried?
    Last credit application b4 that was way back in august 2016

  4. HT says:

    Most likely a reaction on recent Q1 reports by several banks:
    “…American consumers are holding $1 trillion in revolving credit, mostly in credit card debt. So how well is this segment of consumer debt holding up?

    Synchrony Financial – GE’s spin-off that issues credit cards for Walmart and Amazon – disclosed on Friday that, despite assurances to the contrary just three months ago, net charge-off would rise to at least 5% this year. Its shares plunged 16% and are down 27% year-to-date.

    Credit-card specialist Capital One disclosed in its Q1 earnings report last week that provisions for credit losses rose to $2 billion, with net charge-offs jumping 28% year-over-year to $1.5 billion.

    Synchrony, Capital One, and Discover – a gauge of how well over-indebted consumers are managing to hang on – have together increased their Q1 provisions for bad loans by 36% year-over-year. So this is happening.

    Other worries about consumer debt in the US are piling up. The $1.4 trillion in student loans are already in crisis, though the government backs them, and they cannot be charged off in bankruptcy. Mortgage debt is still hanging in there, given the surge in home prices that make defaults unlikely. But of the $1.1 trillion in auto loans, subprime loans packaged into asset backed securities are getting crushed by net charge-off rates that are worse than during the Financial Crisis.

    • MSer says:

      Irony is that churners and MSers ALWAYS pay their bills, often multiple times a month…

      • Superchurn says:

        Its like the CC companies want financially irresponsible but also non-risky customers…customers who get deeply into debt but always pay on time.

        I suspect churners cost them the most, because we don’t pay interest and take up an exorbitant amount of personnel resources with all the applications and recon calls 😀

        Reminds me to be responsible and pay off my $7k CitiDC balance before the 0% is up

        • cm says:

          No, the charge-offs is what costs them the most. That’s why on the grand scale of things they don’t worry about us churners all that much.

    • Patrick says:

      Chase has the lowest bad loan rate of any issuer.

      If they were doing it for this reason they’d look at utilization not opens/inqs.

    • Chris says:

      Interesting, because Citi and CapOne both just closed my accounts that were well over a year old and always paid off. My credit score is over 800 too.

      • Ell says:

        I suspect that Citi and CapOne closed uour cards due to suspected MS.

        • Chris says:

          Yea, they wouldn’t say why other than that the user agreement says they could stop doing business with me for any reason they wanted.

          I’d love to know what the real reason was. Probably just the volume.

  5. Justin says:

    Theres another DP in a city specific FB page of this happening as well. Happened after they put 1k spend on a new Hyatt card

  6. P says:

    I only apply for a chase card once a year because they’ve always needed to be manually approved for some reason. My oldest credit card is also with chase. Luckily they have the 5/24 since the last two years that has made me unable to churn their cards.

  7. AbelianGrape says:

    Were any of the shut-down DPs for CPCs?

    • Dan says:

      I haven’t seen any, personally. I’d think a client would be considered less risky if they have substantial funds parked at Chase.

  8. Ken says:

    Are these people with tons of Chase cards that are getting the ax?

    • MarcoPolo says:

      They look at ALL recent credit card accounts. If you have recently acquired a lot of credit cards (hence a lot of available credit) you are considered a “risk”. They are worried that you will accumulated a tone of credit card and won’t be able to pay it back and the whole “bubble” will burst and everyone (including Chase) will drown.

  9. Jordan says:

    It would be nice to know whether those people have Chase banking accounts.
    Having a checking/saving should prevent you from being shut-down since it more or less indicate your ability of repayment.

    • chaseaholic says:

      though you may think of that intuitively sifting through the FT dp’s indicates a pretty clear trend in a lot of people with chase checking accounts being shut down

    • Patrick says:

      I have a Chase account but I don’t deposit my payroll into it.

      They have other means of estimating your income.

  10. Vic says:


    Have you seen any recent success in reinstating account? Most of the reports I’ve heard recently all failed. (I’ve heard 3 so far, all reinstatement requests were declined after review by supervisor)

    • chaseaholic says:

      guy on reddit recently had his accounts reopened. I actually thought this post was what he was referring to.

      anyways it was somethign ilke 3 fresh cc w/ 1 chase opened in a month + 5/6k balances on multiple chase cards + a 6k then a 12k purchase on the latest chase cards -> shutdown

      • Vic says:

        Thanks Chuck.
        DP’s around me shows otherwise. I’ll e-mail you and Will my side of story after it settles down.

        It is too specific and easily-recognized (by Chase) so I don’t wanna share it here now.

    • Chuck says:

      Out of the 5 reports of shutdowns, I’ve only see two who asked and both got reinstated. My friend (DP# 5) also asked, pending a phone call so don’t know yet.

    • mortalwombat says:

      Did you apply for 2 cards the same day?

  11. MarcoPolo says:

    Happened to me about 10 years ago.
    I called chase to lower credit limit on one of my chase cards and the “Credit Ninja” went berserk for some reason and started looking at my entire credit history. He not only closed all my credit cards but also DW’s.
    I had 60,000 points which were forfeited. I complained to anyone/everyone on the planet after which they reinstated my account and I was able to cash out my points. But after few days they again closed them citing “soured business relationship” or something like that.
    I was Chase-less for few years but we started dating again,got married and are living happily ever after 🙂 with three credit cards.

    • Jane says:

      Curious, did Chase report the cards as ‘closed by issuer’ or something of that sort on the report? I heard that lowers your score and is seen as negative to future lenders.

      I opened 3 personal and 4 business cards past two months, including two chase one of which has not arrived yet, and feel like I’m facing a shut down soon by a credit ninja.

      • MarcoPolo says:

        Yes Chase reported the cards are ‘closed by issuer’. Didn’t affect my credit score/report as I had Citi/BoA and Amex credit cards with low utilization.

      • Ryan says:

        Having the notation of closed by issuer doesn’t lower your credit score, but if you apply for something in the future and it goes to manual review it may raise questions by the credit analyst. Your FICO score doesn’t take into account *how* an account was closed, but the closure can affect it in other ways like raising your overall utilization because you lost available credit.

  12. MarcoPolo says:

    ^^ This is the reason I am very careful of “churning” credit cards and don’t usually apply for a credit card unless it has at least $500 (or equivalent) in sign up bonuses.
    This keeps the number of credit cards low and rewards high 🙂

    • Superchurn says:

      I usually wait for at least $500 too…I try to put ALL my spend on bonus offers, and go for high spend requirement offers, so I tend to value 1 HP = $500 or more

  13. Frito Pendejo says:

    Any DPs for people who are just starting out and getting only chase cards until 5/24? My wife has CSP, CSR, Ink+, and hoping to get InkPreferred and then two more Chase cards to wrap it up. Now it sounds like we should consider spending all UR down before applying for each card…

  14. eclipsor says:

    I’m terrified. I got 4 new Chase cards over the past 60 days along with 2 other news cards on the same days. I’ve been going super slow with purchases and avoiding making large ones at once. Been with chase for over 4 years and on a checking account with a corporate employee though

    • eclipsor says:

      was hoping to get preapproved for the CSP in the future and the IHG later in the year but now I’m a bit paranoid

    • Ann says:

      “on a checking account with a corporate employee”

      As in you’re married (or whatever) to someone who works for Chase? I wonder if they go easier on their employees or not. Is he or she a cardholder on all your Chase credit cards too?

      • eclipsor says:

        sister is an employee and we have a joint family checking. not sure how they see it, but everytime they pull up my account at the branch they ask me if I’m an employee

  15. GPO says:

    Now, I’m worried. I chasing the Freedom for sometime and I’m very close to pass the 5/24, just waiting to get the card and them apply to 2 other cards (Aliant and BofA Better Balance) and make a PC from Double Cash to Citi Dividends. So, besides, hold a long time before apply to a new Chase card I have to hold after be approved (being optimistic) to avoid lost the card. Also seems unfair as most of the people know they combine inquiries made on the same day, but, you are in risk if you open more than one card.

    • sdsearch says:

      You can’t “wait to” get one card and “then” apply for the BofA Better Balance, because the BofA Better Balance about to be discontinued for new applications at the end of May:

      • GPO says:

        You were right… I applied just 2/3 days before they remove the card from BofA website. Tried Chase again, but, it was denied because they annoying 5/24 rule… with a AMEX closed account.

        I’m not a market specialist, but, I really can’t understand this rule. I had another BofA credit card 18K limit, I’m assuming if I’m not a good customer, BofA would not approve another card with 18K limit, while Chase instead, wan’t to keep me away from their cards.

  16. Dave C says:

    Just downgraded my IHG so I could churn 80k (24 mos ago). Guess I’ll just wait a bit, I need to cool off and focus on monthly MS with current cards anyways.

  17. Ben O. says:

    The common thread here seems to be applying for 2 Chase cards on the same day (outside of u/Tyber555 – but he didn’t provide enough detail).

    Chuck – did your friend happen to apply for 2 Chase cards on the same day as well?

    • Chuck says:

      My friend did. However, I found one report where there wasn’t a second Chase card involved, which is why I up-played the significance of HPs and numerous cards, and downplayed the significance of multiple Chase cards.

  18. Feng Li says:

    I applied CFU and freedom on April 14th, received 1 card on 22, turns out my account has been closed on 20.

    • eclipsor says:

      how many cards do you have with Chase and how many other new accounts?

      • Feng Li says:

        I got 1 year credit history. no chase cc before. only checking account. 3 cc in the 1 year, 1 cc in 3 month.

    • Feng Li says:

      I required for reinstate and it’s approved.
      I also received a new same CFU. including CVV, everything same.
      Anyone can tell me is it normal?

  19. Abey says:

    Terrifying post. I thought Chase and Citi are my walk in the park other then 5/24 and 1/8.
    Meanwhile minor typo “Before applying for a Chase card, make sure you’re (your) report is relatively clean”.
    Cant get a typo passed me. English is my 2nd language and i worked so hard on it. Any misspell screams with giant red flags. Lmao.

  20. Alex says:

    The most anoying thing in these case is that these morons dont even notify you that your acc is closed. How hard is it to send f ing email?

  21. Bouje says:

    Well I just applied for 2 chase cards yesterday. I already have a lot and a lot of other recent cards. Have a pretty long relationship with chase. Went pending on both, approved for one and reconned and moved credit on the other. Will let you all know if they shut me down.

    It is what it is but I got wedding expenses to pay!

  22. Max says:

    DP: this happened to me too. My history with Chase is: mid-April opened BA and IHG on same day. BA went to pending but quickly went to automatic approval, had to recon IHG. Before that I had opened Chase Hyatt on Feb 1. (And MS’ed 1.5K of that). Before that, AARP in September or August. Before that two older cards from two years ago, Amazon and Freedom.

    Same story as the reddit guys. All my accounts closed citing similar reasons. I also got my accounts reinstated.

    I haven’t heard any instance where Chase didn’t reinstate accounts.

  23. Danny says:

    Denied for the Chase Hyatt three weeks ago and called Recon line today. More questions than normal from them. Four separate hold periods for 4 minutes. Moved credit line around and was approved. Four months ago received an instant approval for Reserve card.

    I got the impression they were being super careful and then I just read this article.

    • Bouje says:

      I also thought that the holds were longer than normal with more questions. I think she also said she was finishing up her notes which is why it took so long. Also had to verify 1 chase account and 2 non chase.

  24. Billy says:

    I’m going to speculate and say that this is broader than just new cards and broader on what is considered “risky”. Last month I had to spend and hour on the phone with the Chase fraud team because the phone number and contact name on my account had been changed. It was changed to a number that had the same area code and prefix as my cell phone number but I didn’t recognize the name. I think someone in Chase India brought up the wrong account when someone else probably legitimately called to change their phone number.

    There was absolutely no other evidence of fraud on my account. No fraudulent charges and no fraudulent attempted charges. The phone number change had taken place 3 weeks prior to my calling in. I received no messages from Chase that I needed to call in. I thought I had been the one to fraud lock my card after buying $500 VGCs at drugstores for the promo. That’s the only reason I called in.

    Chase closed my Freedom and reissued a new card. Two weeks later I got a message that they were shutting down my Amazon card permanently and I would not be able to reopen it. Granted, I hadn’t had any charges on the Amazon card for many months, possibly a year.

    I’m also on a 90-day high-alert fraud watch with Chase so everything I do is extra scrutinized. I couldn’t even change my online login password after the call. That ended up locking my online account and I had to show ID at a branch to get it unlocked. Doesn’t seem very smart on Chase’s part for them to say “we think there might be fraud on your account but we don’t want you to change your password”.

    • Ann says:

      “I couldn’t even change my online login password after the call. That ended up locking my online account and I had to show ID at a branch to get it unlocked. Doesn’t seem very smart on Chase’s part for them to say “we think there might be fraud on your account but we don’t want you to change your password”.”

      Meanwhile, Chase has forced me to change my website login password twice so far this year, supposedly due to excessive failed login attempts (which I’ve never had one of myself). Never happened before in the decade I’ve had an account there. :-S

      • Nick says:

        Someone might have found out your user name and is trying to brute force their way in.

        I had the same thing happening to me earlier this year, account locked and forced PW change due to ‘ excessive failed login attempts ‘.

        Fortunately it is very convenient to change user name on chase website and after that I’ve not seen another occurrence.

  25. tassojunior says:

    Once your credit line reaches a certain level (and perhaps on other triggers), Chase gets reports from ARS and/or Sagebrush on you. Those minor credit bureaus have a lot of “different” information, often not correct.

    After my CL across several Chase cards reached a certain level they pulled ARS on me and because of ancient incorrect non-credit related information they closed all my Chase cards and I had to fight in small claims court to get my 240,000 UR points redeemed. I froze my ARS and Sagebrush after that and after a year and a half got off Chase’s blacklist and am back with Chase cards.

    • Ben O. says:

      Did they tell you they pulled ARS? When was this? If this is something new, it may be worth freezing ARS and Sagestream for reasons other than applying for US Bank cards (which was the previous CW).

  26. Loren says:

    Are there DPs of shut down for personal spend on chase ink preferred? If they catch you what will they do? Can you just tell them won’t happen again?

  27. Ferris says:

    I was approved for:
    Wells Fargo World Propel
    Ink Preferred
    US bank business

    Within 10 days of each other, in that order. Have not gotten any shutdown yet, not at min spend on bottom 4 yet though.

  28. kingfisher says:

    Was shut down completely by Chase, too. Had 3 personal and 1 one business card prior 2017, added one personal in March and one business as well as one personal in April (auto-approved with my highest CL ever…).

    10 days later a sudden closure of all cards. Call to risk department wasn’t helpful – will try a supervisor now.

    • mortalwombat says:

      What was your total credit limit with Chase? And both accounts in April were the same day?

      • kingfisher says:

        CL was about 30K, last approval had it jump to 50K. No, first card was early April (Ink prefered) and second around ten days later (Hyatt). No new accounts at other issuers since a year. I suppose surge in spending to meet minimum spend triggered the review.

    • Bouje says:

      How much did you spend and how quickly? Any MS?

  29. all45 says:

    Now I’m worried this might happen to me. I applied for CSR and CSP on the same day mid-April to combine hard pulls, and was instantly approved for $30k EACH. I also have $30k limit with Capitol One that I got last year, before I found out about churning. I also have no prior relationship with Chase, so I worry they’ll see my 2 cards on the same day, with nearly $100k in credit limit and decide I’ll default.

  30. Bob Loblaw says:

    I was approved for the Ink Preferred Biz card last Monday and no sign of the new account in my online banking profile as of yet. I opened two personal cards in the past month, one Chase and one Amex. I wonder if I am going to have an issue here

    • BFred says:

      I also got approved for the CIB a couple weeks ago. Since it is a business card, it will not show up since your account is considered “non-business” by Chase. Once I got my card, I actually had to call CSR and create a new online account for my CIB, then they let me like my personal cards to the business account. Also, get ready to go back to the awful old online interface.

  31. CGID says:

    Is there any way we can get an update on this story a week from now? (Or perhaps two?) Posted at the top of the article? It would be interesting to find out if the five cases mentioned were just the beginning of hundreds, or whether it was just a handful of outliers.

    It would also be interesting to see (when he does that update) if the commonality identified by Chuck could be fleshed out a bit more:
    They had several new credit cards across various banks in a short timeframe.
    They had numerous recent hard pulls showing on their credit report.

    Curious to hear more about what several and numerous and short and recent might mean for these people. For example, does numerous/recent in the second bullet mean (in most cases) 6+ inquiries in the last month? Is Chase ignoring Auto and Mortgage inquiries (which can often lead to dozens of hard inquiries in a short time frame)?

    Also curious (as were a couple other people) about how many of these victims of Chase’s zeal had money in checking and savings accounts.

    PS. Great piece! I alerted the folks over at myFICO as soon as I saw it.

  32. Charles says:

    Would you make any changes to your “Chase Focus Strategy” based on this?

    Spouse has strong credit file and has kept her report inquiry free for the past couple years and then got the CSR and CSP in January. (3 Chase cards total now.)

    – Maybe this is “silly”, but this makes me wonder if there is any benefit to keeping our Chase Checking Open to buy some “Goodwill”. – Although considering their recurring Checking bonuses, this could be some pricey Goodwill.

  33. BFred says:

    DP: Opened CIP on 4/28. Then I opened the Altitude Reserve card on 5/1. No issues so far with either Chase or USBank (at least as of this morning, lol). If it matters, I was approved for CIP the morning after I applied for 7k (I have a CF w/ 2.9k already). I was instantly approved for AR for 8.5k. Both pulled TU.

    Before I applied for CIP, I opened an Amex card in July 2016. Shortly after, I opened the USBank Cash+ in August. No other activity in between.

  34. CGID says:

    Any news on this as a developing story? Have we seen many more cases come to light this week?

    • Haven’t personally heard of any additional reports as of yet.

      • B says:

        Just got closed out of Sapphire and Freedom. Sapphire was opened last year. That application took me over 5/24. Freedom was a conversion from another card that I have owned for 3-4 years.

        Used Sapphire on normal spend with MS only for the first 4k. Freedom I used for MS on the quarterly bonuses.

        Any write up on how to get the accounts reinstated?

        • Chuck says:

          People have had success calling in. There was a phone number in one of the Reddit threads.

        • Lc says:

          This seems diff than other dp. Being these accounts are not recently opened. Anything else you think got you shut down?

        • Mimi says:

          did you do any of the following:

          a. deposited MO to a Chase checking acct that you pushed as payment to your CCs;

          b. paid via CFP at WM or other stores?;

          c. sent MOs as payment using their postage paid envelopes?

          d. all of the above


          • B says:

            I did e. None of the above.

            I did:

            a) MS on Freedom at Sams’ Club. Which flagged my card when making 3*$500 purchases. I think since the Freedom was dormant card for so long that may have flagged my account. Despite the fact I called in and told them I was going to make those purchases.

            b) Paid the cards via money order directly. Walked and paid the balance via MO. But I also paid via online pay for the leftover balance.

            Opened up 3-5 cards this year. The CSR was opened last year when the card came out.

  35. PandakA says:

    DP: I opened my freedom card in 2014 and then 3 more cards between 4/16 and 1/17. Logged on to my account this morning only to find that my credit on all my cards was slashed to the bare minuimum. One card went from 20K to 3K, another from 15k to 2.5k. I called the lending dept and was told I was spending too much on my cards overall, I had to explain why that was the case, and they restored my limits. I had made a large purchase using my Amex Card, I think that’s what triggered a review. YMMV

  36. high end hobo says:

    All my accounts were just shutdown.

    Read my story here

    • artgriego says:

      “asked chase executive to look into my account and reopen it. They asked me how I got their number ‘for statistical purposes’ I told them Google.”

      I have not laughed that hard in a while; thank you!

  37. why did i apply for more cards :( says:

    DP: Opened first Chase last year and subsequently opened 4 more throughout the next few months. Got shut down last month and called in. I got yelled at and cussed out, which helped my case because it was all recorded. I filed a CFPB case and cards were reinstated. I then applied for a 6th card (I’m stoopid) and less than a week later, my accounts were all closed again. In process of another CFPB.

    • Wong says:

      How did they yell and cuss at you? That’s very unbelievable considering a Chase CSR would be recorded by the supervisor.

      • Why did i apply for more cards:( says:

        I know right. Lady’s name was bianca i think from lending department or portfolio risk. Went along the lines of “there is no way in hell you are getting your accounts reopened. And no i will not give you a reference number or my employee id or my last name or get my supervisor on the line”…this was later reviewed during the CFPB case.

        • Wong says:

          That is such juicy information 🙂 I wonder what kind of ass-whopping “Bianca” got from her supervisor when they were reviewing the case.

  38. jack says:

    They just shut me down. Can’t Say I’m surprised. Blatant MS for Years! On both my Pers. & Business Cards. Oh well, I expected it anyway LOL. I was mailing 30 Or So Money Orders to them per Week! LOL

  39. Step says:

    Got shutdown back in April. Called the lending team and they yelled at me and all said my account would not be reopened due to too many inquiries. I made like 4 in a day to 4 different banks and called Chase recon 3 times. Had about 26 inquiries on my EQ. 5 total Chase cards gone. Filed a CFPB case and accounts were reopened. I reconed again and they opened a 6th card. I put 8k ms on the new card and was shutdown again after 11 days. Filed another CFPB, all 6 were reopened today.

    • Felix says:

      Wow, that’s interesting. So, maybe the best idea is to just file the CFPB without even calling in? I’d rather not be yelled at by a CSR. How long did it take for your accounts to be reinstated after you filed? Also, what exactly did you write in the CFPB?


      • Step says:

        That’s what I did the second time. The first time, I wasted like 1.5 hours on the phone and got nowhere besides a “you inquired too much and we gave you too much credit.” Funny thing was they did an automatic CL increase totalling like 20k across all of my accounts. I told them they could just lower my CL instead of closing and they just said nope. Second time filed a CFPB and less than 3 business days later my cards were all open. Didn’t even get the official letters of closure in the mail yet lol.

  40. Jem says:

    This definitely happened to me. I wasn’t even app. I had my business bank account, regular checking savings and credit card for a few years. They not only shut my account down, when I called to find out what happened and what I did wrong, they refused to speak with me and told me that was the end of our business relationship- that I have no one to speak to me. It was so bizarre and unreasonable. I never bothered with them again. I give Bank of America all of my business now

  41. dan says:

    Just happened today – Looking to do CFPB, was it worth it to call in? Just got hit with at least one annual fee in the last month too – want to make sure they don’t kill my 200K points / free nights/ etc.

  42. Kalei says:

    If you don’t use all your cards on a regular basis, how do you know if they’re shut down?

    Just applied for hyatt and waiting for that to come
    But I’m nervous now because I just got an Amex Hilton 3 weeks before

  43. Don't Close Me Chase says:

    To the people shutdown for high spending on other accounts, did your statements close with high balances? Did you have >20% utilization?

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