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Published on June 13th, 2018 | by Chuck


Chase Freedom Q3 5% Categories will be Gas, Walgreen’s, and Lyft

Chase has revealed the third quarter categories for the Chase Freedom 5% card which will run during July, August, and September. These categories aren’t yet showing on the public site, but were released in a press release. We’ll add an image tomorrow or Friday when it’s showing.

  • Gas stations
  • Walgreen’s
  • Lyft

Gas is a staple, and some gas stations sell gift cards too. Walgreen’s sells gift cards. Lyft can be useful as well. Just keep in mind that some Walgreen’s locations won’t allow using a credit card for variable-load Visa/MC/Amex gift cards, or they’ll limit you to just one $500 card.

Not as good, in my opinion, as this quarter’s categories of Paypal, grocery, and Chase Pay (a few weeks left to take advantage of these!) but still useful categories. Gas in Q3 is actually a repeat of Q1 when the categories were gas, mobile payments, and communications.

Discover Q3 category will be restaurants, so I guess that’s nice to see Chase and Discover with differing categories to spread the wealth. Remember, these have a $1,500 limit per card. We’ll do a more complete roundup post on June 15th when all the category cards are live for signup.

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I already get 5% off Lyft, Uber, and other ground transportation with the US Bank Cash+ card, highly recommend that card to all.

Same here! It’s also good for 5% on cell phones. Too bad they got rid of the restaurant option.

No Chase Pay (so basically, Walmart) this time?

Basically WalGreens.

No, I did mean Walmart. You can pay with Chase Pay there, getting 5x in Q1/2.

This article is about Q3.
Q1 and most of Q2 are toasted for many of us.

Now if you want a useful Chase Pay that I would like to work next quarter as well as this one, See the DoC item:
Chase Pay: Save up to $7 at Shell with Fuel Rewards


man, you just don’t get the joke, do you? lol

Agree. No Lyft where I live. I rarely shop at Walgreen’s and if you can’t use cc to buy gift cards, useless.
I buy gas at Sam’s Club but nowhere near enough to hit max spend. They don’t have gift cards. The difference in gas price is huge, so I won’t go somewhere else.
Hope Q4 is way better.

Walgreens sells gift cards for different stores and restaurants. Amazon, target, starbucks, gap, old navy, netflix, hulu, bestbuy, etc.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think the gas category works at membership-type gas stations like Costco/Sams Club

Rahul Agarwal

Works in Costco.

Walgreens here limits “you to just one $500 card.” per day with ID shown.

Not unless you visit them 3x in the same day or 3 different ones in the same area roundrobin!

I can get OV VGCs at Walgreens… there’s just nothing to do with them.

Can’t OV VGC (old ones are $4.95) be used for MO at grocery stores?

Yes, there are plenty of places other than USPS to liquidate OV’s. I don’t get the negativity on this, seems like a quick & easy 7500 UR’s.

I think for the majority of people, it’s not possible, especially those on the coastal areas.

What are these many places? Where I live I only know of a grocery chain and they’re cracking down on that.

Same. Easiest quarter ever. 3 x $500 VVGC from WG to MO at local grocer. Easy peasy.

What’s the play here? $500 OV VGC and use for normal non cat spend? Or cash out to MO? If the later, what type of place issues the MO?

Sock drawer for the next quarter.

Yep, me too.

I love it. Back when Citi Dividend had drugstores as a category I found a Walgreens that was happy to sell me $500 Vanilla Visa cards. I just have to visit them three times to max out the quarter.

Why bother…

Looks like I’ll be hitting up Walgreens for my gift cards this quarter instead of Giant(grocery). I’ve been putting all my 1% category spending on my Amex SPG lately to finish up my spending on the signup bonus and will continue to do so until 8/1 when the point devaluation kicks in.

Gas isn’t as useful for me since I get 4% with Citi Costco card, but 5% is more than 4%.

Was really looking forward to Restaurants for Q3. Oh well.

Yeah they had Restaurants for Q3 the last two years. I was also hoping Chase Pay would continue to get 5x cash back, will have to look for grocery store gift cards at Walgreens now.

Blah I won’t use any of those categories. I never use lyft/uber, I have an electric car and no walgreens near me. Shame..

Also for those of you in the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic/Florida, it’s been my experience that Wawa and Sheetz locations that sell gas will code all transactions inside the store as fuel/gas. However Wawa does not let you purchase any giftcards with credit, only debit. The exception is Wawa gift cards. I always buy physical cards and load them onto their rewards app so I get 4% cash back(Citi Costco gives 4% on gas) on all my Wawa purchases.

This is NOT the case at standalone locations without gas, those are categorized as plain convenience stores.

Not sure what Sheetz rules are with gift cards as we do not have them in the immediate vicinity of Philly/South Jersey.

Wawa just started taking chip cards at one store I’ve visited. Maybe that will cause them to reconsider policy. It did with Wegmans.

Thank you. Always nice to have fresh updates.

I just now stocked up on exxon gift card via ebay via paypal to finish of this quarter. This category for Q3 is almost useless for me.

Kinda sucks that I burned my vanilla friendly grocery store simply by pushing a large volume of metas through. If I don’t ask for multiple swipes they usually don’t remember me though. 😀

another greedy person ruining it for others.

LMFAO how delusional.

Guessing it’s a Cub? I barely was going their to get MO’s for 2 weeks doing maybe 4K total over 2 weeks and bam they say we just got a memo no more VGC’s for MO’s. (This was back in June).

It was more expensive than WM but much closer an easier. 🙁

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