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Published on October 9th, 2018 | by William Charles


Chase Marriott Premier Plus Upgrade Offers (Zero-50,000 Points) – [Higher Offers Showing]

Update 10/09/18: Readers are reporting seeing offers higher than they received before. For example one reader was previously offered 0 points and is now being offered 50,000 points to upgrade. Might be worth another look.

Update: The upgrade website will be down until July 9th for some unknown reason. You can still upgrade by calling Chase directly (use number on the back of your card and they will direct you through).

If you’re a Chase Marriott Premier cardholder you can now get an offer to upgrade to the new Premier Plus card. The annual fee is $10 higher at $95 instead of $85 and the card earns at a high rate as well, the following graphic does a good job explaining the differences. It’s important to note that the Premier Plus card will no longer offer trip cancellation or trip interruption insurance.

People are being offered anywhere from 0 to 50,000 points after a single purchase by 12/31/18. Because this is a product change and not a new account opening, you should keep your account history and credit age (this also means upgrading will have no affect on your 5/24 status). You can check your own upgrade offer here.

One thing that isn’t entirely clear is what happens the 15 elite night credits for existing Premier cardholders that upgrade to the Premier Plus. The Premier Plus won’t offer those elite night credits until 2019, so I guess people that upgrade will lose those but it’s not 100% clear. You can read a more dedicated post on whether upgrading is a good or bad idea here.

Hat tip to reader Abey & MH

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Wasn’t offered anything, card has been sitting in sock drawer since I met msr last year.

I was just charged my $85 annual fee last week. If I choose to take the upgrade offer (20,000 points) will I be charged $95 immediately or next time my annual fee comes around?

I just got the card in Feb. Think I will get an offer?

No harm in checking?

I got card in March and got 10k offer

When I saw the 30K offer, I got too intimidated to think it over and just accepted right away 😜
In theory could have closed card wait a bit for under 5/24 and apply for new card with 100K offer.

How long have you had the card?

I thought the new card isn’t under 5/24?

Well this is interesting. I canceled my blue plastic Marriott card via SM on Apr 28th that I had downgraded from the Marriott Premier in March. It is still showing in my account, and for giggles I plugged it to this in and pulled up a 20K upgrade offer. Hmmmmmm. BTW in April I re-applied for the Marriott Premier using SO referral and am currently working on MSR.

I didn’t know there was a no AF card you could downgrade the Marriott Premier to. What’s this blue plastic Marriott card called?

It’s called Marriott Rewards, and I think it is $49 yearly, not no-AF. I decided ton just cancel my Ritz instead rather than PC.

Hm I must have missed this post the first time around, but just saw that I had signed up for the regular ‘blue plastic’ Marriott Rewards card in Feb: Looks like it’s actually kind of hard to find now on Google.

Sad that does this mean I could’ve upgraded to the premier for a bonus and then now to the plus?

Anyway, do folks think it’s worth upgrading from blue plastic regular to premier plus? I just checked the link and it’s a 50k offer. There was also a note:

Upgrading will increase your annual fee to $95.
If your current Marriott Rewards credit card has been open less than 12 months and you are upgrading to the new Premier Plus credit card, we will issue a one-time annual fee credit of $95 to your account to cover your first annual fee membership.

So seems like it’d be free for a year, get the bonus, then just downgrade again? Is there a chance they would remove the regular product permanently so there’s nothing to downgrade to?

Does the new card no longer offer 1 elite night credit per every $3000 in spend?

Does checking commit you to anything.

Also, upgrading means losing the elite night/$3000 spend, right.

Post should say that 15 nights offered in 2019, not 2018.


Was offered 10k points for one purchase. Currently under first year AF waived with the 120k/12k spend promo MSR I already met. Haven’t spent anything on the card outside of that since Nov. The language seems to indicate I’d get a credit of $95 for upgrading, basically resetting the clock on my first year AF free. Correct me if I’m wrong.

That’s the way I read my offer too. 10k and $95 credit. I just hit my anniversary date the other day but have not had my AF post yet. I’m hoping my 15 nights post this week and then I can look at accepting offer.

I think I see the same term as you guys do. Note the “open less than 12 months” condition. If you reach your 1st anniversary, you may not quality. Paste the term as it is:
“Please note:

Upgrading will increase your annual fee to $95.
If your current Marriott Rewards credit card has been open less than 12 months and you are upgrading to the new Premier Plus credit card, we will issue a one-time annual fee credit of $95 to your account to cover your first annual fee membership.”

Both wife and I got 20k each. Not bad of an upgrade for $10 more.

If I upgrade now, does it reset the 24 mo bonus? Our cards are more than 2 yrs old. Thinking of closing the card after upgrading when AF is due next year Feb. That is also when we are under 5/24.

Also want to know if this upgrade offer counts as a sign up bonus. I’m 12 months in on my Marriott and plan to stay under 5/24, so I’d rather wait another 12 months for a full bonus if upgrade offer resets clock.

10k, but just got it in Jan via 120k/12k. Recently finished that. Meh offer on non-compelling card. Will probably cancel with next AF.

Just did the upgrade. I was just charged the AF yesterday, got the cat 1-5 free night about two weeks ago, here is to hope that I’ll receive another free night with the upgrade 🙂

@William, minor typo.
Elite night credit until 2019 instead of 2018.

How sure are you that it’s just a $10 fee for the difference. I thought it was interesting that it says accepting the upgrade may result in a change to the month I receive my anniversary certificate Here are the terms:

One benefit of your new Marriott Rewards Premier Plus account is an Anniversary Free Night Award e-certificate every year after your account anniversary, valid for a one night hotel stay at a property with a redemption level at or under 35,000 points, instead of the category 1-4 hotel e-certificate valued up to 20,000 points you received on your Marriott Rewards account. Please note that completing this product change may result in a change to the month you receive your annual Marriott Free Night Award e-certificate. Anniversary year means the year beginning with your account open date through the first statement date after your account open date anniversary, and the 12 monthly billing cycles after that each year. For the list of participating hotels where you can redeem the 35,000 points, log on to or call 1-800-321-7396. Please see your rewards brochure, which arrives within 7-10 days of your new card, for more details.

Got offer for 20k to upgrade. Opened card April 2017 and just got my anniversary cert. Hit the min spend and its been in the sock drawer ever since. Willing to keep it open one more year to see what a 35,000 point hotel looks like when all the Marriott & SPG hotels are assigned categories. Glad I didn’t cancel when the AF hit a week ago or else I would have missed out on 20k points for all of 10 bucks.

Yay, 20k after first purchase. Thank you DoC as always!

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