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Published on April 5th, 2018 | by William Charles


Chase Southwest Cards: Limit Of One Personal Card

Chase has added language to Southwest personal cards that states the following:

The product is not available to either (i) current Cardmembers of any Southwest Rapids Rewards® Credit Card, or (ii) previous Cardmembers of any Southwest Rapid Rewards Credit Card who received a new Cardmember bonus within the last 24 months. This does not apply to Cardmembers of the Southwest Rapid Rewards Business Card and Employee Credit Card

Chase offers two Southwest personal cards: Plus & Premier. Previously it’s been possible to get the sign up bonus on both cards within the same calendar year, this is enough points to get you most of the way towards a companion pass. This will no longer be possible, but it’s important to note you’d be able to still get one personal and one business. They put a similar policy in place for the Sapphire Preferred & Reserve card.

It’s worth noting that some links still have the old language, e.g this 50,000 Premier link & 50,000 Plus link.

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I predicted this when they did it with the Sapphires, next goes Inks.😭

Feel like they wouldn’t do this with Inks because the products are too differentiated. Ink Cash has no AF while preferred has AF and the categories are different for each. Maybe that doesn’t matter though.

Double dip!

Is this effective immediately? This screws up some plans

Expected but did not think this would happen so soon. Time to hurry up on Inks.

Oh and some may be forced to choose between double dipping CSR/CSP and Premier/Plus.

I bet they don’t roll this out for their business cards anytime soon (similar to how 5/24 didn’t impact business card signups for the longest time).

There also seem to be legitimate reasons why someone would want to have multiple Ink cards; perhaps one has multiple businesses.

Damn RAT’s, CAT’s & BAT’s etc
The days of churners are numbered.

You can blame the blogs (like this one) for that. A perfect, easy-to-follow blueprint for the RAT teams to read every day and follow.

Yeah but without these blogs we would have not known and only a select few would have taken advantage of all these deals.
It’s a CATCH22 situation.
Don’t give me the BS argument that a select few only deserved all this just like they used to do at FWF.


Similar 50k Plus link also still has the old language:

Dang!! They just killed the only reason to get southwest cc…
I got into the game a little too late

nobody is surprised. has anyone been to the airports, lounges, and WN terminals recently? wannabe globetrotters abound proudly talking TPG. give me a damn break this is what happens. RIP.

That’s cool. We can still apply for both cards on the same day like we do for CSP/CSR.

The question is not to get the card, but to get the bonus… So, if you acquired card illegitimately I would doubt you are entitled for the bonus.

Carl Pietrantonio
Carl Pietrantonio

I just can’t imagine why all these negative changes keep happening to all the cards we read about every day on so many blogs. It’s like the credit card companies read the same blogs too!

I know!!! Who could have imagined this would be the result?

This does not hurt nearly as bad as CSP/CSR change… never understood people consistently going for 2 personal cards instead of personal + business… why would you want another CC on your credit report when you can do without it? Unless you were planning to get all 3 of them to wrack up the points – not a big problem.

I think a lot of people get all 3. At least I got the business this year and was planning to double up the personals when my wife’s companion pass expired. Not surprised this happened though.

If that is the case then the disappointment is understandable, but I saw many people on other discussions just saying that they are not comfortable getting a biz card… now this change may push them, and be actually a positive one for them.

With CP and 120K every 2 years we have enough points for us. Certainly see the issue for travelers who has a chance to travel more often or has bigger families. Definitely not a positive move, but at least it does not kill the CP.

Chase biz cards were historically very hard to get IF you already have a Chase biz card, you’re applying for another one, and you don’t have high business income.

May be we were lucky… claimed very reasonable small biz revenue and income (decent personal income though): SW Biz, Ink Plus (closed by now), Ink Pref, Marriott Biz… usually required a call, and shift the CL (on the card 3 and 4), but I thought it is normal for biz.

Did the same thing (without Marriott) for SO – same story. Call, explain what the biz does, shift the CL (only if significant credit already extended).

Try it, HP is the worst that could happen to you (unless you already have many Chase cards and fear a review).

So to be sure I get it, no second personal card while you currently hold one, and no bonus for any personal card if you’ve already gotten a bonus with a personal card in the last 24mos, even if you have closed it by the time you apply. Aka similar to Citi 24 month language about product family?

Glad I got 1 personal and 1 biz last September, but sucks if we can’t go for the rumored new premium card bonus. Which is what I think is being said here.


I had a coworker apply for his second Southwest personal card yesterday evening. He already has a first one currently open. I’m pretty sure that he would have used a link with the new, more restrictive language in it, though I cannot confirm it for sure. He got immediately approved for the card, which is strange because the way I read it, it looks as if he should have been flat out denied. Do you all think the bonus will post?

When you follow the provided link, as least for the Premier card, the landing page has the old language. However, when you click through to apply, it has the new language in the fine print. Friend is debating whether to try it or not…

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