Posted by William Charles on November 11, 2018
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Published on November 11th, 2018 | by William Charles


Citi Ends Ability To Send Secured Messages – Existing Messages Now Read Only

It’s no longer possible to send secured messages to Citi. It’s not clear why Citi has removed this functionality, although it appears at least some things will be done via live chat instead of secured message. If you have existing secured messages it’s still possible to view those, but there is no longer a ‘reply’ option. I would back up any important secured messages you have, especially if those messages contain any promises (e.g ‘yes we will match you to that bonus or yes you’re eligible for that bonus’).

Hopefully they are just replacing secured message functionality with live chat and it will be possible to ask for matches via live chat (update: has been possible previously). I know a lot of readers prefer to just ask for these types of matches by text rather than having to call in.

Hat tip to bplturner

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Rip grAAvy match 🚆

Dang just got my AA matched to 75k couple days ago

Anyone matched via chat?

I tried but was told to call them instead.

Pour one out. Matching is now dead.

How do you know?

No!!! My matching to higher sign up bonus gone!!

incoming “what are citi AA mailers?” and “what do you mean match?” questions.


Sneaky bad deval

I’m curious how making it less easy to get heaps AA miles would be a devaluation.

“It’s not clear why Citi has removed this functionality”

It’s because Citi is garbage.

Was there a statement from Citi related to the removal of the functionality stating that the reason was because they are ‘garbage’?

So annoying. Bank of America used to have secure messaging, then removed it a couple years ago, with chat almost impossible. Helps distance them from customer service, I guess. Hope they add the chat, obviously – having stuff in writing matters enormously (besides avoiding waiting on hold, greater ease in communicating, and [in my experience] slightly more competent CSRs).

But they have that stupid useless robot now called Erica.

I would have thought it’s cheaper for them to keep secured message over having agent on phone calls

It’s not if no one can ever get through and customers just give up and eat a fee, don’t get more value, or in general let costly issues to themselves continue or decline to utilize benefits.

Email/secured message is the most expensive channel as it requires multiple touches to resolve a case. Chat is the most cost effective solution as an agent can have multiple chat sessions open, servicing multiple clients

I’ve successfully matched by chat about 2 or three months ago. There’s a few DPs over on r/churning of matching by chat as well.

Not sure why this thread has moved over to match stuff. But, as to secure messaging. When a company removes it, they are just downgrading customer support. One more reason to skip CITI. Chase is EXCELLENT with their secure messaging.

When Chase makes it easy to earn over a million AA miles in a year via sign up bonuses and match requests, please let everyone know.

But they’re also EXCELLENT keeping churner away… from their cards

Chase is the worst when it comes to disputing charges. Citi (and Amex) the best.

And miss out on the AA Miles Gravy Train™? Fuck no.

Reports just came in they spent over millions pts thru SM.

Venkatesh Palanisamy
Venkatesh Palanisamy

No it is still available. You just go through the credit card services tab, select credit increase and then choose email customer service. if you go through contactus then there is no option to send secure messages. Just send a secure message to match bonus offer on AA cards.

just tested this, and can confirm.

You both are awesome!

Got a reply from them?

Worked for me too.

Did you get a reply from Citi about the match?

Have you heard back about the match? I guess messages may still be able to be sent however nobody will check them anymore.

Citi being Citi. Also just tested, you can indeed get to the email option via the Credit Card Increase option, including “Send a New Message”. It’s just not the obvious route to get there. First they removed it from the header a while back, now they change the Secure Message Center to read only.

Thank you. However, did you get success in the match? I sent the message using your method successfully however haven’t heard back from the customer service for about 18 hours.

Any response. I want to try it out but not waste my time.

It’s been over 24 hours for me and it shows they read my message but no reply yet on if they will match it or anything

Well done Venkatesh! Thanks very much for the information. It worked to send the message and i’ll see if the miles post or I too get a call from a “very friendly CSA” 🙂

Wayyyyy over a million. I myself got over 100,000. More than me + 9 people have done that.

They match 20,000 at most for a card. So you’ve applied for more than five of their cards?

Back in the good old days you could get a sign up bonus every 3 months or so.

And in the good new days, you can get one every 32 days (if you can keep up the spend and mailers).

I’ve applied for a dozen of their cards this year, each with a match. And I’m small time compared to some people

they have been doing this slowly over the past year by product type. they did it to banking about 6 months ago, that way they can deny things since it wont be in writing

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