transunionTransUnion is the third largest credit bureau in the United States (legally known as Consumer Reporting Agencies under the FCRA), it had revenues of over 1 billion in 2010.

TransUnion was the first of the three credit bureaus to offer free FICO scores based on their data through the FICO open access program. Despite these scores being given away, TransUnion still makes money on these transactions as they are selling the underlying credit reports that these scores are based on.

TransUnion Contact Information

We attempt to update the contact information found below as regularly as possible. If you find an error, contact us. You can also always check out the TransUnion contact us page on their official website.

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 6790
Fullerton, CA 92834

Phone Numbers

The quickest way to get onto a human on TransUnion is by calling 800-916-8800 and then pushing 3 followed by 2 at the next prompt. The average wait time is 3 minutes according to GetHuman.

  • 877-322-8228 (credit reports & scores)
  • 800-916-8800 (credit disputes)
  • 800-680-7289 (fraud and identity theft)
  • 888-909-8872 (credit freezes)

E-mail Addresses

  • (fraud department)

Social Profiles

Web Addresses

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