Fidelity® Investment Rewards® American Express® Card Review

Update: Unfortunately the Fidelity American Express card is no longer available for new accounts. There is a new Fidelity Visa card instead.

Application Link

  • All money earned must be deposited into a eligible fidelity account, eligible accounts as follows:
    • Cash Management Account
    • Brokerage account
    • Fidelity-managed 529 account
    • Retirement account

Sign Up Bonus

?? – Current: $75 when you spend $500 within 60 days

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I had Amex Platinum 30+ years, monthly spending $10,000 every month worldwide and paid my bills every month fully. No problems.
Then when retired got this stinking Fidelity Amex/ FIA fake not real Amex card and have been harassed and INSULTED by the FIA idiots multiple
times. Every time if I buy item worth say $500+ or $1,000+ they deny the charge and I have to call them to be interrogated for 20-30 minutes if this is the valid card user. They have no brains to understand that store clerk can check my ID very easily.
I do hate to explain on the store floor for every charge I made during past week and I hate to talk with people with IQ lower than the room temperature.
So their “service” really STINKS.

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