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creditxpertThe CreditXpert score is one that’s offered by a lot of credit monitoring services on the market today. It ranges from 350 to 850 and updates every 90 days, it’s based on the information found in a consumers Equifax credit report. According to David Chung, “CreditXpert is for educational purposes and is not used by lenders”.

Score Range:

Minimum ScoreMaximum Score

Score Breakdown:

CreditXpert don’t publicly discuss the breakdown of their score.

We use our own proprietary scoring model to generate scores and we do not disclose the intellectual property behind it. At a high level, it is based on the same fundamental risk assessment drivers that the most common scoring models use. David Chung, Managing Director.



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charlene adams
charlene adams

my husband and I use Itac Sentinel to monitor our credit. can you please tell me why, with scores over 700, from the 3 credit bureaus, that my husbands rating is considered FAIR by your company? I would appreciate a reply.

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