Posted by Chuck on March 22, 2018

Published on March 22nd, 2018 | by Chuck


[Expired] Earn 15% eBay Bucks on Purchases $150+ [Targeted?]

This offer has expired, click here to view current eBay deals.

The Offer

Try this link to see if you are eligible

  • Get 15% eBay Bucks on purchases $150+
  • Get 8% eBay Bucks on purchases $50 – $149

The Fine Print

  • Must activate first
  • Offer ends 3/23 at 11:59 pm PT
  • Qualifying purchase excludes all items in the following categories: Classifieds; Business & Industrial, but only for Heavy Equipment within that category; Real Estate; Gift Cards & Coupons, including eBay Gift Cards, Gift Cards, and Digital Gifts within that category; Bullion within the Coins & Paper category; and all categories in Motors, except Parts & Accessories.
  • Rewards are capped at $100 per transaction and $500 per Earn Period.
  • Purchases must be completed during the Promotion Period and paid for with PayPal before the Promotion ends.

Our Verdict

I don’t usually get Bucks offers, but I got this one, maybe everyone got it? If you did get it, this is an excellent offer. In a way it’s better than the 15% and 20% coupons that we’ve seen since this offer works on a whopping $3,333 worth of purchases ($500 earn), so long as you split them up to earn less than $100 per transaction.

This Bucks offer will stack beautifully with a 20% off coupon at select sellers.

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I don’t usually get targeted either since I did a lot of the offers from last year, but I did for this one.

eBay must be having a rough quarter. We’ve seen 3 insane coupon / eBay Bucks offers in the last 10 days where there’s no fathomable way eBay is making money. With average eBay fees around 5%, the math really doesn’t work. They must really be bleeding financially and starving for customers to be running so many promos like this.

I didn’t get it. So, yes, targeted.

Stacks nicely with coupon code PRETTYDAY 20% off of specific items:

Interesting thing I noticed with stacking the coupon is that you earn the eBay bucks on the amount before the PRETTYDAY coupon is applied, even after applying the coupon. For e.g. a $150 purchase comes to $150- $30 (PRETTYDAY) – $22.5 (eBAY bucks) =$97.5.

I saw that! Cool!

This looks like a decent deal together with the ebay bucks. Its sold through ebags which also has a buy 2 items get 1 20% off. Tax kills this for me though

Item (1) $349.95
Shipping Free
Sales tax $20.12
Gift cards, coupons -$50.00
Order total $320.07

You’ll earn $52.50 in eBay Bucks

I got it! Thanks DOC. Is the 15% for 1 single item that’s >$150 or does it apply if I buy several things to make it >$150?

When I added 2 $100 items to the cart, it gave me 15% instead of 8%. So it is apparently based on the order total, not per item. But I did not actually complete the order.

do you earn eBay bucks on purchases made with eBay GC’s?

I only got this on one of my ebay accounts

It’s a better deal assuming you can find that much stuff you want to buy. Also, a discount is better than eBay Bucks since it comes off the top.

The direct link didn’t work for me but I had the banner on my homepage and could activate it there. Nothing about the 8% bucks, though… just 15%.

Looks like there might be multiple offers, meaning multiple direct links. Here’s the one for 15% bucks only

got the email 15%

don’t Ebay bucks expire in a short time?

Can we buy gift cards with ebay bucks?

ebay bucks expire within 30 days of quarter end when they given. So they would expire beginning of May and you could use them beginning of April. You can buy regular gift cards but not eBay gift cards.

I was considering ordering a tv and then add a hue motion controller and 2 hue dimmer swtches. The ebay bucks at 15% would only apply to the tv. The additional items in the same cart were at the measly low eBay bucks amount it usually goes for. 🙁

dammit dude! i got this stupid crap:

Earn 15% eBay Bucks!
Spend $150 on Collectibles or your other favorite categories to earn extra cash.

hmm. is this the same thing? not sure. dummy purchases dont work.

PS. some crap i bought during the other promos are now exactly 15% marked up higher. fucking wack. i knew that shit would happen. not on all items obv but still. i checked target and Best Buy items too. some are same and some are slightly higher. depends wat u buy.

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