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Gift Card Deals

Published on March 20th, 2017 | by Chuck


eBay: Save on AirBnB, Best Buy, Overstock, Gas, Toys R Us, Lowes, iTunes & Many More

eBay released another round of gift card deals today. A few of these might be the same deal as last week (can’t buy a second time), but most are new.

Remember to use INK for PPDG purchases and use a shopping portal for ~1% back in case it tracks (unlikely). The cash advance problem with SVM has been resolved.

You can find all gift card deals at this link (this contains our eBay affiliate link)




  • $50 Boston market gift card for $42.50 from SVM
  • 5% off IHOP gift cards
  • $100 Kansas City Steaks gift card for $80 from SVM
  • $30 Quaker Steak e-gift for $25 from PPDG
  • $50 Chili’s gift card for $42.50
  • $50 Spa and Wellness gift card for $40 from SVM
  • $50 Jiffy Lube e-gift for $40 from PPDG
  • $30 AMC e-gift for $25 from PPDG
  • $50 Children’s Place gift card for $42.50
  • $100 CVS gift card for $90
  • $100 Barnes & Noble gift card for $90

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30 Responses to eBay: Save on AirBnB, Best Buy, Overstock, Gas, Toys R Us, Lowes, iTunes & Many More

  1. Thomas Tullis says:

    How come paypal doesnt let me use CC for these purchases? I am only allowed to pay through paypal balance (or linked bank acct)

    • Marcus says:

      If you have a paypal balance, IIRC it won’t let you pay with CC. Try transferring your balance to your bank and then see if it lets you pay with CC?

    • Chuck says:

      Empty your Paypal balance into your bank, and then it should probably let you use a card.

      • Thomas Tullis says:

        Nope. Whenever I make a PPDG purchase it greys out the CC payment option. My paypal balance is drained… Anyone else experience this? Still worth the purchase for 15% off Overstock

        • 77jake says:

          Are you trying to use the direct CC payment option on ebay checkout or are you trying to use a credit card AFTER selecting PayPal on checkout? PPDG doesn’t allow direct CC. Only Paypal.

          • Deepak says:

            a quick question, if I did as you said, will that purchase, made with an amex card through PP, count towards my sign-up bonus (SPG in this particular case). I’m just starting to get into GC reselling so please pardon me if this sounds stupid. I read that Amex deposits into my serve card won’t count towards the bonus. Hence the question.

        • Chuck says:

          Thomas, Paypal is like that sometimes and limits your payment options to bank-only.

        • scott says:

          If you put your CC as your primary payment option in your PayPal account, then it will be like making a CC purchase when you check out with PayPal.

  2. Bob says:

    what are the limits for PPDG purchases? per 24 hours/week, etc?

  3. joE says:

    overstock will run out in about 30mins.

  4. Sid says:

    Any decent reselling oppurtunity?

    • Chuck says:

      Nothing easy, but totally depends on your reselling relationships. I’m eyeing the Domino, TRU, Overtock, iTunes, Best Buy, Cabela’s.

  5. Tim says:

    Is it possible to use more than one Airbnb gift card for a single rental?

    Also, are you foregoing any possible travel/trip insurance by using an Airbnb gift card as opposed to Sapphire reserve?

    • Dima says:

      Yes, you can use multiple GCs to cover a single rental. You always forego a layer of protection when paying with a GC vs CC.

  6. Deepak says:

    on a side note, does anyone else feel like Airbnb rates have skyrocketed over the last year or so?. It’s become so commercial that in some instances it actually turns out to be better value (not calling it cheaper necessarily but I’m comparing them on a cost basis here)

  7. Deepak says:

    *…to book a hotel

  8. farsighted99 says:

    wondering if you can buy other plastic gift cards with this Best Buy gift card? I know they do it, because that’s how I got some of my Best Buy gift cards stolen last September (someone hacked the numbers and bought gift cards with mine and some other people’s cards); but anyone have any luck recently?

    I don’t really need to spend $150 at Best Buy for awhile. I’d rather have the store’s card, or some other cards.

    Don’t like the fact the $15 is only good for two weeks either.

  9. ABC says:

    Is the $15 stackable? That is to buy (2) $150 and receive (2) $15 and use it in one transaction?

    • Chuck says:

      Yeah, pretty sure that those $15 cards function entirely like standard Best Buy gift cards, just with the time limit.

      In past deals, I’ve used them to buy third-party gift cards, and I’ve used multiple cards in a single transaction.

  10. Mike L says:

    Anyone else having a problem with PayPal just not processing the transaction on cards sold by PPDG? I’m about to give this up. Added the $100 Mobil for $93 (sold through SVM), the $50 for $40 Famous Footwear (sold through PPDG), the $50 for $40 (sold through PPDG) and PayPal only processed the card sold by SVM. I can’t seem to ever buy any cards sold by PPDG and PayPal customer service is useless.

      • Mike L says:

        PayPal Digital Gifts… sorry, though that was common lingo on here haha.

        • Chuck says:

          LOL, I meant to say that PPDG is always hard to understand. More recently, I’ve heard from others who are having your problem as well. Have to buy PPDG separately from other cards now.

          • Mike L says:

            Unfortunately when I try and do it separately I get the dreaded call PayPal customer service message. Since their customer service can’t really unlock anything, I find it futile. Oh well, no PPDG deals for me :-/

  11. joe says:

    For the PPDG Best Buy gift cards, how long does it take for the $15 bonus gift cards to be sent after you receive the $150 GCs?

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