Egifter: $100 Lowe’s E-giftcard for $90 (Promo Code LOWES421)

Update 4/15/21: Available again with promo code LOWES421

The Offer

Direct Link to offer

  • Egifter is selling $100 Lowe’s e-gift card for $90 with promo code  LOWES421

The Fine Print

  • Limit of 5 cards per customer
  • Offer Ends 4/30/20 or while supplies last.
  • Digital Cards Only
  • Promotional and Bonus Gift Cards do not earn eGifter Points and are not eligible for Swaps.

Our Verdict

There are a few other gift card deals from Egifter at this link as well. Not sure if the .75% from SBC portal will stack with the discount.

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Is e-gifter a good seller? Any problem such as stolen gift card (zeroed out before use) …


Promo is back along with other brands.
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-Buy a $100 Lowe’s Gift Card for $90! Promo Code: LOWES1220
-Buy a $50 Old Navy Card for only $42.50! Promo Code: NAVY1220
* Limited offer. adidas offer ends December 15, 2020 Promo card expires March 31, 2021, Aéropostale offer ends December 15, 2020, Bass Pro Shops offer ends December 15, 2020, DSW offer ends December 21, 2020, FandangoNOW offer ends December 31, 2020, Domino’s offer ends December 31, 2020, GameStop offer ends December 15, 2020, Gap Options offer ends December 26, 2020, Lowe’s offer ends December 15, 2020, Old Navy offer ends December 25, 2020 or while supplies last. Points are not earned on promotions. Limit of 5 of each promo per customer.


I ordered two the other day, Went back for more today and appears they have ended the deal early (code no longer works). Thanks Chuck for the deal!


Does BoFA generate 3% on egifter?


Has anyone actually got these to work from egifter? All the comments I’ve been seeing are just problems with them.


Yes, I bought five. Got the order received email immediately and three minutes later another email with a link to the GCs. Had a fraud alert on the card I used to purchase, but confirmed it was me and it went through fine. Have already redeemed them, so yeah they work.


Not I. I tried Paypal and a credit card and both times I received an email from Egifter within 5 minutes stating my transaction was declined. I read their “help” pages that indicate your contact information must match exactly, which mine does, so I am unsure of the problem. Oh well, no business for them. I’ll wait for the next PPDG Lowe’s card.